New Year Best You: Health Coaching Series

Have you spent the first weeks of 2015 wondering if this is the year? YOUR year? Every year people all across the world set goals or resolutions for the upcoming year, some may be realistic while some could be completely unobtainable, even for the most determined of personality types. Oftentimes these resolutions include getting fit by summer, cutting out sugar or fat for 6 weeks or embarking on the newest dieting fad to lose those last (or those first) five pounds. Many times these goals are related in one way or another to your health or nutrition. This time around, instead of beating yourself up over unfinished resolutions how about you choose to become the Best and Healthiest version of yourself. Daily Mom is officially launching our Health Coaching Series, designed specifically with OUR READERS in mind.

What is Health Coaching?

Now, if you’ve never heard of health coaching before, you may be wondering what a health coach is, or does. A health coach is a supportive mentor or a guide who empowers clients to take responsibility for their own health and cultivate positive lifestyle choices. A health coach is there to educate their clients in many areas including but not limited to weight management, understanding food cravings and learning about new foods, increasing energy and reducing mental fog as well as exploring self-sabotaging living and eating habits. When a health coach works one on one with a client they work together to set and achieve goals by establishing healthier lifestyle routines and providing motivation.

Our Coaching Series

We want to help you make this YOUR YEAR. Not just the year that you lose weight but the year that you get healthy, clean up your diet once and for all, stop fixating on the number on the scale, and develop a healthy relationship with healthy foods. Though we cannot personally coach each of you one-on-one (trust us, we wish we could) we have put together a series to help you through some of the major steps, as well as provide education on key issues to taking charge of creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself, and your family.

What to Expect?

First and foremost, if you get on board with our series, you can expect for 2015 to be one of your best years ever. It is an amazing and gratifying feeling to take control of your body while establishing a healthier lifestyle. It can will be hard, but it will be the best choice you have ever made. It truly will affect every aspect of your life. We are ready to help you take control of your own body, your own health, your nutrition and ultimately your life.

What You Can Expect to Learn/Experience:

  • Getting Started on this Journey
  • Setting and Sticking to Goals
  • Cleaning out Your Kitchen Cabinets
  • Navigating the Grocery Store
  • Healthier Food Options
  • Everything you could ever want to know about Clean Eating
  • Cutting out Processed Foods
  • How to Stop “Dieting” and Stay Healthy
  • Eating For Energy
  • Emotional Eating
  • Craving Control

And so much more!

Stay Tuned: Keep your eyes peeled for our Clean Eating Challenge, coming soon!

Daily Mom is here to motivate you. We don’t believe in the motto “New Year, New You” because we know that you are already great. However, we want this to be the year you work on becoming the best, healthiest version of yourself and we want to be beside you through that journey. Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, or below in the comments and let us know how we can help you.

Out for a run? Cooking a new healthy dinner? Working on making better nutritional choices? Questions about what you are eating? Whatever is it you’re doing be sure to post about it and hashtag it #newyearbestyou so we can all be apart of this journey together.


Prevention is People taking Care of Themselves

While you are waiting for the first part to our Health Coaching Series be sure to check out our Healthy Living and Fitness Categories!

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Jessica is a holistic health counselor and work from home mom living in the middle of nowhere USA with her sweet little boy! She suffers from a serious case of compulsive globe-trotting and is always counting the days until her next move or adventure. You can often find her trying to get in her exercise in by lunging through the park while chasing after her very energetic little boy! She is constantly fueled and energized by her love for healthy eating and occasionally copious amounts of caffeine.

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