The Mom Workout

Are you an overwhelmed mom with no time to workout?  Do you feel like you’ve finished off one too many of your kids leftover chicken nuggets and now your backside is paying the price?  Do you want to workout but are trapped in the house by one, two or three raging maniacs??  Then this is THE workout for you! We have come up with the perfect workout for moms (or even dads!) that are stuck in the house all day with the kids. This way you can turn all of the whining, fighting, unlimited snack requests and messes into an excuse to get your fitness on.

So print this out, hang it on the fridge, and get to it! With the way most of our kids behave, you’ll be fit and buff in no time!

The Mom Workout

* We suggest wearing some comfy clothes all day for this….because you know you were going to anyway but now you have an excuse because “you are working out.”

    • If your kids wake you up before you want to: get the blood pumping with 25 jumping jacks

    • For every bite of wasted food your kids leave on their plates, avoid eating them and instead: do 5 crunches

    • Every time a child asks to watch tv: do 20 squats

    • Every time a child cries: do 20 jumping jacks

    • For every mess you have to clean up in the kitchen: do 10 lunges

    • For every mess you have to clean up in the bathroom: do 10 push ups

    • For every mess you have to clean up in a bedroom: do 10 squat jumps

    • For every mess you have to clean up in the living room or playroom: do 10 high knees

    • Every time you have to put a kid in time-out: you take the equal amount of time for a rest (because otherwise no kid would probably be put in time out)

    • Every time you fill a juice/milk/water cup: do 15 wall-push-ups

    • Anytime anyone calls you “mean” or “unfair”: do 5 burpees

    • Each time you have to get someone a Band-Aid for a real or imaginary boo-boo: run in place for one minute

    • Every time you have to vacuum or mop because someone spilled something: do 20 bicycle crunches

    • Every time two or more kids fight with each other: do 20 mountain climbers

  • Each time your kids make you feel like screaming, don’t and insteaddo a 30 second plank

  • Every time a kid whines: do 10 side lunges

Success!! You did it!!!  Now get those kids in bed and pour yourself a nice glass of wine…each time some one comes out of their rooms for a ridiculous reason, take a sip and think about how buff you are going to look.

Looking for more mommy humor? Stay tuned to our new LAUGH category to keep you chuckling though out your day.

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