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When you think of popular places to visit in the United States, New York City, Las Vegas and Orlando probably come to mind. All three cities are very unique from anywhere else in the world and all three cities have more to see and do than anyone could ever take in during one trip. Your itinerary in any of these destinations will vary based on who you are traveling with, your travel preferences and the time of year you are visiting. New York City, Las Vegas and Orlando are all wonderful family destinations in their own ways. You really need to visit all three with your family to take in the best of each city. However, all three of these popular travel destinations in the United States have a “must visit” attraction that you have to get to with your whole family: M&M’S World!

Celebrate with M!

This year M&M’S is celebrating its 75th year anniversary! You need to get down to an M&M’S World to celebrate. They are celebrating all year so you still have time to plan a visit to party with the M&M’S. As part of the celebration, they’ve brought back the vintage look of the original M&M’S branding on 75th Anniversary shirts and ornaments. Ornaments are a great souvenir to purchase because they remind you of your amazing vacation every year when you decorate for the holidays. Your whole family will get a kick out of seeing how the life-like M&M’S characters you all know and love looked when they originally burst onto the scene 75 years ago. Put on a party hat and join in the celebration at M&M’S World Stores. Share your experience with #CelebrateWithM! 

A Colorful Experience

One of the characteristics of M&M’S that makes them so overwhelmingly popular throughout the world is their bright colors. If you think a bag of M&M’S is colorful, you have no idea how colorful they really can be until you visit M&M’S World. The sweet treat is available in more colors than you thought imaginable and there are so many different flavors to choose from as well. You can even pick the color M&M’S to match your mood with the Color Mood Analyzer. The M&M’S World Stores in New York, Las Vegas, and London have a Personalized Printer, which allows you to create customized M&M’S in about two minutes. Go beyond choosing your favorite color or flavor combinations at M&M’S World New York, by printing a picture of your own face on an M&M!

Take Home Sweet Memories

We all love M&M’S as a treat every now and then. A couple of M&M’S will bring a smile to anyone’s face. You can bring home the whimsy of the M&M characters by picking up some swag for the whole family. You will find apparel, candy dispensers, drinkware, and accessories. This summer M&M’S World Stores released their new Americana collection. Get some personalized M&M’S® in your favorite colors and flavors. Treat yourself!

Our Visit to M&M’S World Orlando

M&M’S World is a must-see attraction. The experience at the M&M’S World Stores is so special that there are only five in the entire world! The M&M’S World locations are: New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, London, and Shanghai. These are some of the greatest cities in the world, and it is not a coincidence that these incredible places are the locations for M&M’S World. When traveling with your family, you want to really live it up and experience as many unique things as possible. You want to see attractions that will excite everyone. M&M’S World is all that: unique, attractive, and exciting. Fill your vacation with a little color by visiting M&M’S World and taking some time to Celebrate with M!

Our visit to M&M’S World in Orlando was a blast of colorful fun from the moment we arrived. One of the most loved characteristics of M&M’S is all the bright colors. Many of the colors come with their own personality and everyone has their favorite M&M. M&M’S World Orlando is the place to celebrate all the classic M&M’S colors you love and explore some new ones you didn’t know existed. There is an entire area where M&M’S of every color imaginable are distributed through giant tubes, like an M&M’S laboratory. Even the ceiling is full of M&M’S!

We had so much fun exploring every inch of M&M’S World Orlando. Everyone’s eyes just light up in this place. Fill up your own container of M&M’S to take home with you to enjoy for a little treat when you need one. We love sharing M&M’S as a family because we can all enjoy a couple of them every now and then when we want something sweet. 

Orlando is pretty close to Daytona Beach, home of the world famous Daytona 500. The M&M’S NASCAR, driven by Kyle Busch is on display in the store. Your family will love seeing this colorful race car in person!

We did a little souvenir shopping and were impressed with the selection. There is something for every M&M’S fan, including Star Wars items! The colorful socks and hoodies were our favorite though. 

Odds are that you will be visiting one of the M&M’S World cities with your family in the future. Now you see why you must add a visit to this attraction to your family travel itinerary. Get to one of the M&M’S World Stores and you can Celebrate with M like we did. 

Photo Credit: everyavenuegirl

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