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It is no secret that we love to travel here at Daily Mom. New destinations and adventures are always calling, and we absolutely adore raising our kids to take on all that travel has to offer with enthusiasm and excitement. If you are ready for your next getaway and want something more natural and adventurous, check out all that Gulf County Florida has to offer.

Why Gulf County?

Gulf County Florida is made up of 43 miles of pristine, untouched coastline in the Florida panhandle. What makes Gulf County so special is that this area of the world has been preserved in its natural, small town state. Gulf County developed naturally. It wasn’t suddenly overdeveloped and overpopulated for tourism’s sake. This coastal area is made up of locals who are passionate about the natural state of the environment and preserving the cultural identity of the area. The people of Gulf County crave time outdoors and love the quiet pace of life in their little part of the world. You feel like you are part of the neighborhood in which you are staying and many visitors come back to the same vacation home year after year because of this. The love for nature and the culture of real community creates a vacation experience that will leave you happier, calmer and more relaxed than you have ever been.

A New Tradition

Start a new tradition with your family with your first of many trips to Gulf County Florida. Visiting this sweet little part of the world will make your life better. Just look through Serenity Beach Rentals and find a house that suits you. Your family will develop a love and respect for nature as you all experience the wildlife and diverse geography in Gulf County Florida. For example, you won’t just visit the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. There is also St. Joseph Bay, Indian Pass Lagoon, Gulf County Canal, Intracoastal Waterway, Apalachicola Bay and river basin, and the freshwater of the Dead Lakes and Chipola River. You won’t find diversity like this anywhere else in the Panhandle! All these different areas in Gulf County provide different adventures. Through excursions and new experiences, your family will have an active vacation full of learning and excitement. You’ll find all you need at Sierra Trading Post.

Find Your Adventure

There are so many activities to choose from in Gulf County FloridaNo matter what neighborhood you stay in, adventure is always within 15 minutes of you. You can go kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, bird watching, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, ecotouring, boating and horseback riding. Find Your Adventure‘s website recommends places like Daly’s Watersports that will help you find the best places to go. The best part about the adventures awaiting you here is that they all involve nature. No noisy arcades full of ringing bells and flashing lights. No waiting in long lines. No big crowds. Just you with your beautiful family, enjoying the natural and pristine state of Gulf County. When you return year after year, you can go on new adventures or choose the ones you have loved in the past. Every experience will be new since every experience is natural.

For an upcoming Daily Mom trip to Gulf County Florida, we chose two adventures using the Find Your Adventure Guide to share with our kids. Since Editor Elena and Writer Kristen are traveling with their preschoolers, they wanted activities that they could easily share with their younger kids. First, kayaking on St. Joseph Bay seemed perfect to allow the kids to experience a natural setting different than the oceanfront where they are staying. Kayaking with a guide is also perfect because the kids can safely ride along in their life jackets while the moms do all the paddling. For their second adventure, our Daily Mom team is going horseback riding on the beach! Again, this activity is something that preschoolers will enjoy and can participate in safely. Mom and child can ride double and take in this classic beach adventure together. These adventures will be the icing on the cake for an already picturesque weekend on the shores of Gulf County.

With a love for preserving nature, a classic culture of neighborly values, the geographically diverse area that is Gulf County is something you need to experience. Find Your Adventure and let us know what you choose. Stay tuned to Daily Mom for more on our Gulf County experience and adventures.

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