With motherhood comes new pressures, habits, and stress. How you manage those stressors can often define who you are, both internally and to those around you. Before kids, you may have said “I’ll never do X” or “I can’t believe Suzy does Y”. We’ve all met moms who have become stereotypes, but few people intentionally want to embody those roles.

The quick infographic below demonstrates some of the most common stereotypes mom’s interact with. Is there anyone you recognize?

How to Avoid Becoming a Cartoon of Yourself 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Mom Types by Thoroughly Reviewed.

Being a mom is all about finding what works for you. Follow our quick tips below to avoid becoming a caricature that your pre-kids self would have made fun of.

Find your Mom Tribe

How to Avoid Becoming a Cartoon of Yourself 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Whether you connect online with ladies across the country or offline at the playground, having a community of support can help you stay well rounded and provide additional perspectives that can keep you balanced. If your tribe just happens to be an entire crew of Sports Moms, so be it. You’ll be able to share the role of loudest screams from the bleachers and hopefully power in numbers will keep the umpire from kicking you out of the stands.

Rely on your Support Group

Outside of your tribe of moms, you need people who can help you at a moment’s notice. Too busy at work to make homemade cupcakes for the class party? Call your spouse / a friend / grandma / the nice barista / etc. who’s willing to run by the grocery store and pick up a set already made. No one will tell Pinterest Mom if you don’t.

Strive for Organization

How to Avoid Becoming a Cartoon of Yourself 3 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Having a calendar of your commitments can help prevent pulling you in one direction or another. It’s easy to become focused on one aspect of life and allow that to spiral into an identity. If you feel like the only activity you have outside of carpool is spin class, sign up for a photography class at the rec center and make a note to get a manicure. Staying organized can help you remain well rounded!

Connect as a Family

Pay attention to your children, partner, and those around you. Everyone wants their children to get straight A’s, but knowing when to put the Tiger Mom hat down will help boost their confidence in the long run. Try out new activities and find things that you can enjoy together! Board games and trips to the zoo or museum are fun ways to connect and spend time away from the things that might make you feel overwhelmed or stereotypical.

No matter what type of mom you want to be, being the best mom you can be is always the most important thing you can do.

Looking for ways to build a tribe without having to meet face to face? Read our post on why moms are always on their phones.

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How to Avoid Becoming a Cartoon of Yourself 4 Daily Mom Parents Portal