Coffee Station Ideas

Coffee stations. They’re a piece of paradise that should be inside everyone’s home. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. A coffee station doesn’t have to take up much space. All of the coffee station ideas presented below can work with your existing space. Really all you need for a coffee station is a coffee maker, coffee filters, and….well….COFFEE! Check out these coffee station ideas for inspiration in your home.

Coffee Makers

Because you can’t have a coffee station without a coffee maker, we’ve got you covered. Just in case you’re looking for a change, here are three different coffee makers for your new coffee station.

Coffee Station Ideas

Drip Coffee Makers

An oldie but still a goodie. Drip coffee makers have been around for decades. Their sizes vary from five cups to twelve cups and most of the new models allow owners to program the coffee to brew at a specific time. The only thing these coffee makers won’t do is add the coffee and the water for you. If you’re looking for a new coffee maker, check out this one by Cuisinart.

This self-cleaning, programmable, 12-cup coffee maker with a very attractive stainless steel carafe is one of the highest-ranking drip coffee makers available on Amazon with over 11,000, 4 1/2 star reviews.

One Cup Coffee Makers

Coffee Station Ideas

Keurig has become a household name over the last few decades. Although we don’t understand the concept of “just one cup of coffee,” we recognize that there are people out there who restrict their coffee intake. And for those people, we’re recommending the Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker. This single-cup coffee maker is capable of brewing hot coffee as well as iced coffee. And it has one more fascinating feature.

Coffee Station Ideas

The on-demand hot water feature can be used to make instant oatmeal, tea, ramen noodles, or any other quick treat that requires hot water. There’s no need to wait on your microwave or tea kettle with this fantastic feature.

Pour Over Coffee Makers

If you’re looking for contemporary coffee station ideas, consider getting a pour-over coffee brewer. And if you’re wondering why pour-over coffee makers have been all the rage in recent years, The Daily Meal has your answer. According to an article they published, pour-over coffee makers will yield a stronger flavor than classic drip coffee makers because it takes the water longer to pass through the coffee grounds allowing more flavor to be extracted. There are a ton of pour-over coffee makers on the market but we recommend this one by Chemex. Its sleek, classy design is the perfect look for anyone seeking contemporary coffee station ideas.

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For anyone who has the counter space, we recommend looking into a tiered tray to ramp up your coffee station. The StarPack Farmhouse Style 3 Tiered Serving Tray – featured above – is perfect for anyone looking at farmhouse coffee station ideas. But if the metal used for this tray isn’t your style, tiered coffee trays come in a variety of other materials and colors. Use this tray to store a couple of coffee mugs, cream, sugar, and any other accessories required to make your coffee station ideas a reality.

Tray Decor

Speaking of accessories for your tiered coffee tray, check out these fun ideas brought to you by Etsy. The coffee decor featured above is courtesy of Melanie L. These adorable decorations are the perfect touch for anyone’s coffee station. They vary in price from $10 – $15. And if the tea towel ladder featured in the photograph above strikes your fancy, you’ll be happy to know that both Amazon and Etsy have a ton of options for you.

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Coffee Station Ideas

Since storage is a common battle fought by many households, we have a couple of different options for how you can store your coffee mugs. The Coffee Mug Rack featured above is courtesy of Schmidtfer Homes on Etsy. The wood used for the shelf is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize this accent piece to your home. But if you don’t have the wall space for this and you desperately need the cupboard space, we have a few other storage ideas for your coffee mugs.

Hook racks are an excellent way of creating more space in your kitchen. The LEVOSHUA Mug Holder featured above, is designed for 12, large or small, coffee mugs. But our favorite hack with these hooks is that they hold more than mugs. They can also be used to hold cooking utensils like spatulas, whisks, and more.

If your friends and family have forbidden you to use tools of any kind, the 6-Hook Under Cabinet Mug Hanger featured above is the perfect solution. The number of mugs these hooks can hold will vary depending on the size of your coffee mugs. These hooks can hold either six small mugs or three large mugs.

Coffee Station Ideas

Last on our list for storing coffee mugs is this MyLifeUnit Mug Holder Tree, perfect for anyone who has the counter space. This mug holder can accomodate six mugs, depending on size. And because there are never too many life hacks, this mug holder can also be used for drying bottles.

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Additional Coffee Station Accessories

Coffee Filter Holders

For most people, storing coffee filters isn’t an issue. However, if your coffee station ideas include a fancier, more effective way of storing coffee filters, we’ve got you covered. Check out these storage ideas.

Coffee Station Ideas

Cone-Shaped Filters

For storing cone-shaped coffee filters, we like the ARGENTA Walnut Cone Coffee Filter Holder, featured above, for one very important reason. It’s designed so that it can be mounted to either a wall or a magnetic surface. Both the magnetic backing and damage-free adhesive patch are included with the purchase.

Basket Filters

Confession time! The Boston Warehouse Coffee Mug Keeper, featured above, was actually designed to hold K-cups. But when we checked out the dimensions of this super-cute basket, we found that it could actually hold most of an entire package of 8-12 cup 600 Melitta Coffee Filters. Definitely add this to your coffee station ideas!


If you’d like to store your coffee in something a little prettier, we have a few options for your coffee station.

Coffee Station Ideas

If your list of coffee station ideas calls from something simple, check out this Food Storage Jar. It’s airtight and can hold 18.6 FL ounces of ground coffee, coffee beans, or your favorite snack item. Plus, the fact that it’s clear will make it easy for you to know what’s in it.

Coffee Station Ideas

If your list of coffee station ideas calls for something a little spicier, we recommend this Kitchen Canister set by Creativity Happens on Etsy. Each of these canisters can be purchased individually or as a set. The coffee canister is 8″ x 6.75″. The sugar canister is 6.25″ x 6″.

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Coffee Station Ideas

Remember, a coffee station doesn’t require a lot of space and there are plenty of storage ideas to help you free up counter space so you can make room for some fun conversation pieces like a tiered tray or tea towel ladder. We hope our list of coffee station ideas inspired you. If you happen to use any of our suggestions, feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see your masterpiece!


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Coffee Station Ideas

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