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As a parent, one of the most exciting milestones to witness is our child taking their first steps. Ikiki shoes for toddlers are an adorable shoe option for new walkers. We encourage them with outstretched arms and feel so proud when they finally get the confidence and balance to move their feet on their own. Once our littles gain their mobility, it usually leads to the following thought — we need shoes, but which ones should we get? A good shoe is essential to the development of good walking habits and with so many options out there, some parents don’t know where to begin. We’re taking the guesswork out for you with the adorably fun ikiki shoes and we’ll tell you why.

daily mom parent portal ikiki shoes

The idea behind ikiki toddler shoes was born when the creators tried to find shoes for their own kids. What they came to realize is that most kid’s shoes are just adult shoes shrunken down, and they thought toddler shoes should be more than that. ikiki re-imagined kid’s shoes and came up with a smart design to make walking fun and help reinforce walking habits.

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daily mom parent portal ikiki shoes

Each shoe features its own fun character, complete with a name, life, and story — a fun element to an already fun shoe. Your kids will fall in love with characters like Dr. Owlivia Hoot — an owl who “loves science and medicine, and puts that love to good use by helping all of her animal friends when they are sick or hurt. She is kind to everyone, even the smallest of mammals, and is always on the lookout for ways to help others.” 

ikiki shoes also offers a unique squeaker design. There are other toddler shoes out there with similar squeaking capabilities, but none are quite like the ones ikiki offers. Other shoes have a removable squeaker which can pose a choking hazard and makes it hard to keep track of. ikiki shoes give the option to turn off the squeaker with the flip of a switch, so it’s quick, easy, safe, and you won’t lose it. The squeaking feature is designed to encourage heel-to-toe steps, and when your child hears the noise, they’ll want to keep taking steps!

daily mom parent portal ikiki shoes

Features of the Ikiki Shoes You Will LOVE

  • Wide opening to get little feet in easily
  • Velcro makes fastening shoes a breeze
  • Breathable fabric ensures little feet won’t get too hot
  • High top shoe allows for ankle support without limiting mobility or flexibility, or causing any discomfort
  • Kid centered design featuring fun characters
  • Adjustable squeaker that encourages heel-to-toe steps for new walkers
  • Antislip rubber sole for safety and flexibility
  • Comfortable insole that offers support
daily mom parent portal ikiki shoes

Perfect For Crawlers and New Walkers

ikiki offers shoes that kids want to wear — an important aspect of new walking shoes. Some toddlers don’t enjoy wearing shoes, so it can be hard to put them on and keep them on if they just prefer bare feet. Not only are ikiki shoes designed to be comfortable, made from the best materials, and foster good walking habits, kids actually want to wear them! If the character isn’t enough to make your child fall in love with them, the squeaker will seal the deal.

daily mom parent portal ikiki shoes

ikiki toddler shoes will take care of your shoe needs and help your child learn how to walk while having fun — it’s as simple as that! You can search their website to see all their adorable shoe options as well as beanies and baby booties. There’s something for everyone, and we know you’ll find something perfect for your little one!

Dr. Owlivia Hoot | Princess Sakura
ikiki | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Ikiki Shoes For Toddlers


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