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Air Travel with a Toddler


Scheduling your flights:  nap time/bed time, early morning, non-stop

Selecting seats:  Aisle seat vs Window, back of plane

Security considerations:  Video for kids

Umbrella stroller, kids under 12 keep shoes on

TSA traveling with kids

Pre-check,  fruit packs/liquids – vapor test

Board early? vs waiting, travelling with someone else – let them go ahead and follow last minute with child

Car seat vs harness vs nothing – turbulence

Checking car seat & stroller

Use flight attendants



food: mini sandwiches, cut-up veggies, string cheese

hand sanitizer

extra wipes, diapers

extra outfit

extra shirt for mom

birth certificate


sippy or straw cup

guava travel bed

gate check bag


dvd player/tablet

umbrella stroller


comfy shoes

boogie mist?

compression socks


Ear pull method for ear pain, yawning


– Airplane safety harness
Cares Airplane Safety Harness
– Comfort toys/lovies/blankies
– New toys
crayola color wonder
– DVD player/tablet
bluetooth kids headphones
– Snacks, snacks, snacks! sippy & snack holder
– Umbrella stroller – esp if layover

CARES Safety Harness

LilGadgets Headphones

Crayola travel set


Snack holders

Compression Socks

Boogie Mist

stroller bag

carseat bag


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