When it comes to reading books to toddlers it can be a little frustrating. Most of the time your little ones don't have the attention span to get through an entire book. But never fear, we have put together a list of our household favorite short, yet attention- keeping books for toddlers, that they (and you!) will want you to read over and over again.

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Dinos To Go

Dinos To Go is a great book in every aspect. It is made up of 7 short stories in one hardbound and very durable book. Sandra Boynton has this amazing ability to write children's stories that make the parent talk and sing very silly like which makes the children laugh and really get into it. Your little one is bound to love Zoomer and even Dozy and will ask you to read it every day! There are a couple more Sandra Boynton books further down the list; stay tuned.

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Bedtime Peekaboo

Bedtime Peekaboo is a night time routine favorite in every house. Especially because the child is at the stage of toddler-hood when the fun game "Peekaboo" is the best thing ever. As you read the first sentence your child will already be wanting to flip the flap to get you to say peekaboo! The makers of this book have it in quite a few themes. They are all bound to be household favorites!

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My Little Animal Book

This one is a fantastic first birthday gift! As your child grows and learns leaps and bounds he or she will start learning animals and sounds - this book becomes more and more of a favorite. It is also very durable so it can be wiped off with a damp cloth and withstand those toddler throwing spells that we all know nothing about, right?

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See The Sea!

Right now See the Sea is the ultimate winner. Your child will have you reading it repeatedly all day! We think it has something to do with those funny looking googly eyes that really make the book come to life. Who doesn't love googly eyes?

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Let's Look! (Baby Einstein First Look and Find)

Let's Look! is another great birthday pick. 18 months is a great age to start looking at this book and getting your child to show where something is. All the Let's Look! books are great! If you have a character lover, click here for the other look and find books.  18 Books Your 18 Month Old Will Love 6 Daily Mom Parents Portal

You Are My Baby - Ocean Edition

This one is simple yet beautifully illustrated.  You turn the main page for the mama animal, then the middle of the book is a smaller page so your child can turn it to reveal that mama animal's baby. It is really great to involve your child in the reading process - and this book hits the nail on the head with that. They have many themes to this book so you have plenty to choose from.


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A Potty For Me!

Lift the flap books are a major hit at this age but this one really helps them grasp the concept of the potty. Also, 18 months is a great age to introduce potty books! Author,  Karen Katz produces some fantastic books that are colorful and beautifully put together.

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Who Do You Love? A Touch and Feel Book

This one has different textures and fur to feel. It is a giggly favorite because of that. It is a very sweet book and especially perfect for families with multiple children.

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Rock-A-Bye Baby

Rock-A-Bye Baby is a beautiful and light-hearted version of the classic nursery rhyme. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and soothing to the eye. When you start to read it you may catch yourself singing it instead.

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Tickle Time

Tickle Time is a great book to read anytime of the day. It has made up words that will have the whole room laughing. It is fun and short and will make you laugh and laugh, tickling each other when it says "gitchy goo" (which is A LOT!).

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Snuggle Puppy

This book is more for the parent even though your child will love it as well. It is about a mommy dog and her puppy making cookies and she is telling her how much she loves her. But the twist is that it is a song. It is so fun! You can learn how to sing it here.

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Love You Forever

This one is an oldie but a goody. It is the inevitable tear-jerker that every mom reads to her children at least a hundred times, and cries even harder every time it is read. This book was actually supposed to be sung. If you would like to hear it, click here.

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Are You My Mother?

Eighteen months is the age where animals and sounds are of real interest. Are You My Mother? is about a sweet little baby bird that hatches as the mom is out finding food - he falls out of the nest and starts to look for his mommy. He comes across a few animals and non-animals thinking they are his mommy, but is reunited with her at the end, of course.   18 Books Your 18 Month Old Will Love 14 Daily Mom Parents Portal

The Foot Book

It can't be a complete list about kid's books without at least one Dr. Seuss book. The Foot Book has lots of tongue-tying sentences that will really catch your toddler's attention.

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Llama Llama Nighty Night

What is fantastic about this series of book is that there are tons of Llama Llama books about every occasion you could think of. You will end up collecting them all! They are just the right length to keep an 18-month-old's attention and satisfies the need to be read to!

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Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

All children love animals.You may feel like you have every animal book known to man, but this is a top 5 that every house should have. It incorporates the lifting of the flaps to make them feel involved. Also, the flaps help them remember what is going on in the story and helps them anticipate what is coming next.

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Guess How Much I Love You

Who doesn't love this book!? It is so sweet and we love that it is a daddy and son. It is refreshing to see the daddy taking care of his Little Nutbrown Hare. These last two books will be the husbands' favorite to read.


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is another oldie but a goody. It incorporates the life cycle of a butterfly into the story, which is great!  As is teaching children about nature. The little holes in the book where the caterpillar is eating through everything holds your child's attention. This is one of those books you should take your time to read - because you can have fun pretending to have tummy aches when the caterpillar eats all the junk food it shouldn't have.

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