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You’ve been given the okay from your doctor and you are ready to get back to the gym, your yoga class or maybe you are ready for that half marathon you have always wanted to finish. You are so excited to start fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes but also a little worried about how exercising will effect nursing & your milk supply. We have some simple tips & tricks to be sure that you can work on getting back into that bikini while also keeping your sweet baby’s belly nice and full!

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This is the most important thing to remember as a nursing mom and even more important when you are going to begin exercising. We found that it is extremely helpful to have a water bottle that we love and to keep it with us at all times. Drink water before your workout, during your workout and after your workout!

2. Remember to feed yourself!

As a new mom it is so easy to get so caught up in caring for your precious new baby that sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. Bring on those calories, Mama!

3. Eat and drink to boost your supply

4. Find a comfortable sport bra so exercising is not painful

5. All about timing


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