5 Types of Stores Open on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, for many, is spent with family and friends around the dinner table. The house is filled with laughter, a large meal is shared, and except for maybe playing a game of flag football or participating in an annual Turkey Trot, many spend the entire day at home. But if you’re spending the holiday alone, or need to take a break from the 14th time your Uncle Gary has told the story of his ‘good-ole-days’, you can head to the following 5 locations whose doors will be unlocked and open on Thanksgiving this year. So get prepared with your Turkey Day plans (or escape route) now!

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Grocery Stores

No matter what grandma says, you can’t show up to Thanksgiving empty-handed. And, if you are busy like most people, the plan to bake a homemade pie just didn’t cross your mind. So it’s the morning of Thanksgiving. What can you do now? Hit up the grocery store and pick up a pie from the bakery in a pinch.

Or, better yet, be a bit more creative and grab a jar of pumpkin butter, a package of brie from the cheese section, and a box of water crackers. When you get to your destination, sneak into the kitchen, and bake the brie in an oven-safe dish at 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes. Carefully remove the dish, pour some of the pumpkin butter on top, and serve with crackers. Not only will you not be empty-handed, but your family will be impressed.

You’ll be able to get your ingredients at any of these chain grocery stores on the morning of Thanksgiving this year:

ACME – Stores are open on Thanksgiving, but hours may vary depending on location.

H.E.B. – You can get grandma’s pies 6AM until noon.

Kroger – Many stores are open 24 Hours, while others will be open from 6AM to 1PM.

Safeway – Open from 6AM to 6PM.

Sprouts – Stores are open 7AM to 4PM.

The Fresh Market – Stores will be open from 8AM to 3PM.

Whole Foods – Many of the stores are open for modified hours on Thanksgiving. Check local stores pages for details.

Stores like Walmart, Target, and Aldi are closed on Thanksgiving to thank their employees, so definitely check the hours of your local grocery store for details.

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Gas Stations

Before heading off to grandma’s house, the first stop many will make is a gas station. Whether it’s filling up on caffeine for the long drive ahead or filling up the family vehicle with fuel for the road, many families will make a stop at some point.

Thankfully, many gas stations are open 24-7, even on holidays like Thanksgiving. Of the top ten gas station chains in our nation – ExxonMobile, Shell, Chevron, Speedway, Love’s, Sunoco, 7-Eleven, Sheetz, Circle K, and Kwik Trip – almost all have some hours open on Thanksgiving, some still being open 24-7 on holidays. That said, many corporations leave it up to the individual location owner so it’s best to check beforehand.

Also, many of the smaller gas station companies, run by locals and small business owners, may not be. So if you’re in a rural area make sure to fuel up the day before if you’ve gotta make the trek over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house.

Alcohol Sales Locations

What would Thanksgiving be without booze? For some, pretty scary. So, if wine, beer, or a bit of spirit are needed to help everyone make it through a few hours with extended family, it’s best to make sure the local bottle shops are open on Thanksgiving and stocked at full capacity. We can’t be running out of that chardonnay, can we?

Many states allow their liquor or package stores to be open on Thanksgiving, however, some are limited to beer and/or wine, so you may wanna stock up before November 24th this year.

Alabama – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

Alaska – Yes

Arizona – Yes

Arkansas – Yes

California – Yes

Colorado – Yes

Connecticut – Some sales; Package stores are closed.

Delaware – NO

Florida – Yes

Georgia – Yes

Hawaii – Yes

Idaho – NO

Illinois – Yes

Indiana – Yes

Iowa – Yes

Kansas – NO

Kentucky – Yes

Louisiana – Some parishes restrict Thanksgiving sales. Check your local stores.

Maine – Yes

Maryland – Yes

Massachusetts – NO

Michigan – Yes

Minnesota – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

Mississippi – Some sales; Package stores are closed in Cleveland County.

Missouri – Yes

Montana – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

Nebraska – Yes

Nevada – Yes

New Hampshire – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

New Jersey – Yes

New Mexico – Yes

New York – Yes

North Carolina – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

North Dakota – NO

Ohio – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

Oklahoma – NO

Oregon – Some state-owned liquor stores are closed on Thanksgiving

Pennsylvania – All state-owned Liquor Control Board-owned stores are closed on Thanksgiving

Rhode Island – NO

South Carolina – Yes

South Dakota – Yes

Tennessee – Yes

Texas – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

Utah – NO

Vermont – Yes

Virginia – Beer and wine, no liquor on Thanksgiving

Washington – Yes

West Virginia – Yes

Wisconsin – Yes

Wyoming – Yes

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daily mom parent portal open on thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is all about coming together for a meal right? What better place to do that (and forgo the clean-up) than at a local restaurant? Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving, with some even offering catering for the big day for takeout.

If you’re looking to celebrate outside of the home, look no further than these well know restaurants for delicious eats without all the defrosting, mixing, baking, stuffing, and dish-washing.

Applebee’s – Select locations will be open.

Boston Market – It’s like Thanksgiving year Round.

Cracker Barrell – Like grandma’s cookin’.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Start off the busy day right with a large coffee and donuts.

Fogo de Chao – Fancy dinner without all the cleanup.

Golden Corral – What’s better than a buffet? Or get your holiday feast to go!

Macaroni Grill – While you can get the regular menu, they’ll be offering a special Thanksgiving three-course meal on Nov. 24th.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Celebrate in their restaurant or take their version of Thanksgiving home.

daily mom parent portal open on thanksgiving

Black Friday Shopping Starts

What happens after the meal? Well, Christmas shopping of course! Many stores will offer many awesome deals online starting Turkey Day (some even prior…). So once dinner’s done, it’s time to hit the computers and phones.

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But if you’re looking to get a head start on all your gift shopping in person, you may be surprised to find out that unlike in years past, many stores won’t be opening their doors after dinner. Still, looking to get away from Aunt Roberta’s cheek squeezing? Slip those sweatpants on and hit the town as these shops will be open on Thanksgiving for Black Friday Shopping:

ACE Hardware – Independently owned, check store locations

Best Buy – 5PM-Midnight

Big Lots – 7AM-Midnight

Dollar Tree – Open

DSW – Opens at 5PM

Game Stop – Special Holiday Hours

Macy’s – Special Holiday Hours

Michaels – Open 6PM-10PM at most locations

Old Navy – Special Holiday Hours

This Thanksgiving we hope you get to enjoy the day with your family and friends eating Turkey and taking the time to relax. But if you need to run out for a few forgotten ingredients, or want to get a kick start on the holiday shopping, know that these locations are open on Thanksgiving day, ready to help!

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daily mom parent portal open on thanksgiving



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