Decoding Your Baby’s Cries

Decoding Your Babys Cries option 1

Many of the early days with your newborn are spent shushing, rocking, and swaddling in order to calm your sweet baby’s cries. There are so many unknowns when it comes to caring for a baby. Are they hungry? Are they tired? Do they have gas? Well, what if all the mystery in figuring out what a baby needs is unveiled to you in a simple concept known as Dunstan Baby Language. Let’s explore 5 common needs of a baby and how to decode those needs by listening to your baby’s cry.

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Holiday Baking: Montessori Style

Holiday Baking Montessori Style

Holiday baking can be difficult to accomplish while trying to keep your toddler occupied at the same time. Thankfully, you can make it into a fun and educational activity for your toddler by including them in the baking process. You can present the cookie baking as a string of Montessori activities. Not only will this enable you to get your baking done, it can be a very fun and educational experience for your child. You can discuss the steps together and make it a sensory exploration. Plus, the cookies will taste better if little hands help prepare them! 

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Money Management for Kids: Save, Share, Spend

As adults, the topic of money is often seen as a highly private, overwhelming, and misunderstood area. There is so much to learn, so much to control, and so much to mess up. That’s why a lot of Americans are in debt, foreclosure, or living paycheck to paycheck. As with anything worth learning, the best and most well-received knowledge comes to us when we’re a child. Let’s help prevent our children from making the same mistakes we have by simply educating them (and possibly ourselves) on the basics of good money management; beginning with the concept of save, share, and spend.

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Gifts For The Home Chef

Do you know somebody who can never seem to get out of the kitchen? The bakers, cooks, chefs, even just the weeknight cooks are always wanting and needing some new kitchen gadgets. From gadgets to kitchen supplies that make your life easier ,to actual cookware, we have rounded up an awesome selection that is sure to please the cooks on your list. You may even consider surprising them with their gift a little early, so they can use it to whip up some holiday decadence!

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Fight Off Germs: Elderberry Syrup & Gummy Bear Recipes

It’s that time of year where the illnesses start spreading like wildfire! We are bringing you a simple, natural and effective way to help ward off those nasty germs. We are even adding in a flu busting gummy bear treat. Black elderberries have been shown to prevent the flu and cold and speed up the recovery time in those who are already under the weather. It can be a little pricey to buy so fortunately we have you covered with 2 simple and awesome homemade recipes for the syrup and some great gummy bear treats.

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A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft

By now you’ve heard of it and if you have kids over the age of 6, you could quite possibly be living it: MINECRAFT! It’s everywhere and all of the kids are talking about it. It’s by far one of the hottest games right now, available on all platforms from tablets, to the Wii, Playstation, Xbox and on your PC. By February 2014, Minecraft had been downloaded over 35 million times total: that’s a lot of blocks! If you are new to this world, you may be wondering “what is this game??“, “is it ok for my child to play?” or “I don’t get it!!” We have been there and are here to send a little rescue boat made of cubes to help steer you to shore and explain this wild world that your children are OBSESSED with.

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5 Benefits Of Cacao: Food of the Gods

5 Benefits of Cacao

An excuse to eat chocolate? How could we pass this up! As you know, chocolate is made from the cacao plant, specifically the beans found in its fruit. The use of cacao and the first chocoholics date back to 1800 B.C. by the Olmecs and Mayans. It was named Theobroma cacao or the “Food of the Gods because the benefits of eating or drinking it were unsurpassed.

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10 Yoga Poses: From Zapped to Zen

As busy women and moms, we know all too well how the daily stresses of life can zap all the energy out of us. We end the day exhausted, with a cluttered mind and a sore body. We long for relaxation and peace, yet have a hard time fitting it into our modern lives. It’s time to focus on you now. Take a moment to breathe, meditate, and stretch. Here are 10 poses from the ancient practice of yoga. Each one is designed especially for a woman’s body.

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Give Your Kids The Gift of Gratitude This Holiday

Do your kids become completely different humans in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Do they turn into greedy little grinches who write lists miles long and constantly barrage you with what they “need?” It’s so easy for kids to get wrapped up in the materialistic society we live in, especially around the holiday season. They are constantly surrounded by media, pop culture, and their peers telling them what they have to have this year to be cool and look cool. Kids’ (and face it, adults) natural selfish tendencies show their head in full force this time of year. Let’s help turn that greediness into gratitude by teaching our kids (and possibly reminding ourselves) that the holiday season means more than just acquiring the latest “stuff.” We’re sharing a few simple ways you can instill the gift of gratitude in your children; a gift that will hopefully remain with them forever.

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Hold The Sugar: A Healthy First Birthday Cake Alternative

hold the sugar a healthy first birthday cake alternative

Many consider the first birthday cake to be a rite of passage into introducing your baby to her/his first taste of sugar. There are many reasons, however, to hold off the sugar for at least a little while longer. Though, just because you have decided to delay introducing sugar to your child, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the popular smash cake photo opportunity and experience. We’ve come up with a delicious no sugar added cake recipe, perfect for your little one and health conscious adults alike.

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On the Go Toddler Puree Snacks


Are you among the many of us who have purchased a baby food processor during your child’s first year of life? Is it gathering dust because you don’t know what to do with it? Break that baby out! It still has great utility. It can save you money, help you “go green,” and let you tailor your child’s snacks to fit their needs and tastes by making your own easy puree snacks.

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Hold the Guilt: All Natural Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

   PB Choc Fudge

Fudge. An ultimate chocolate fix. You may love it and hate it at the same time because fudge is usually made with ingredients that aren’t the healthiest. [cue heavy sigh] Well, that is about to change. With this peanut butter chocolate fudge recipe you get multiple sources of raw nutrients from super foods while also getting your chocolate fix. But, we have to warn you: this is a dangerously delicious and shamefully and ridiculously simple recipe. In fact, we dare you to only make it once.

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Know Your Breastfeeding Rights

Know your breastfeeding rights

Breastfeeding can be hard enough without the external pressures that can sometimes creep up on a new mother.  The news is full of stories of women being asked to leave public places or told to cover up for simply feeding their baby.  Having a basic understanding of your breastfeeding rights will help you become more confident and knowledgeable when faced with tricky situations.

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