• Wild & Crazy Drinks For Spring Break

    At Daily Mom, we know that "alone time" is few and far between, as is the idea of a vacation or letting lose. But we also know that sometimes, it's just gotta' happen! If the kids are home for Spring Break, use it as an excuse to clock out a bit... read more

  • Defending Your Green Lifestyle

    We’ve all been there, the invasive questions people think they deserve to ask when you have children. Is he circumcised? Did you have a natural childbirth? Will you vaccinate? Do you give antibiotics? Most people mean no harm but inevitably, some people get offended...read more

  • 10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling

    You’re expecting another child and, understandably, you’re concerned with how your older child will adjust to the new baby. It’s never too early to start preparing them for what’s to come. An easy place to start is with books!.. read more

  • 10 Beauty Myths Busted

     You've heard it, in fact we've all heard it. You know those random "beauty secrets" that have no basis to them, yet you follow them because somehow, someone you trust has told you about them? Those secrets are so bogus that we'd like to call them beauty "myths".. read more

  • Baby's Oral Health

    It’s a big milestone when your little one gets his or her first tooth. It means that adorable little toothless smile you’re so used to seeing will soon be gone. It means that your baby is growing. It also means it’s time to start caring for those little pearly whites!.. read more

2 Classic Cupcake Recipes: Chocolate & Vanilla

Whether you are baking cupcakes for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower or just for yourself, it is essential to have the perfect chocolate and vanilla sponge recipes. Cupcakes are notoriously hard to get right because they are small and have the tendency to dry out, collapse, spill over or burn. If you want perfect chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, then follow, save, Pin and share these two recipes!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Manners: Thank You Notes

A Beginners Guide to Manners Thank You Notes

In the digital age, where emails and texts are commonplace, it can be hard to stress the importance of a handwritten thank note to your children. But expressing thanks is an important part of being a polite and courteous human being, and it’s a skill kids need to be taught. Sure, a thank you text is nice, but nothing beats a personal, handwritten note of thanks.  If you’re wondering about the basics of Thank You Note etiquette and how to get your kids involved in the process of writing thank you notes, read on for some helpful tips!

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Summer Fun Must-Haves

Summer Fun  Must Haves 2

It’s summertime and parents are racking their brains for new ways to make the outdoors even more exciting.  Keeping kids’ imagination alive even when you set them free in the outdoors is important.  Kids want to be in the outdoors soaking up the sun, while parents want to keep them cool and safe. Outdoor play centers and interactive toys make a great addition to any yard and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to keep your kids having fun summer after summer.

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Welcome Roman!

Welcome Roman Michael

Since Daily Mom’s launch, we’ve had quite the baby boom and recently, the 8th Daily Mom baby was born! Writer Ariel gave birth to her third child, Roman Michael, on June 30, 2014 at at 8:50pm. Roman was 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches long. He was welcomed into the world by his loving family: dad Andy, and older siblings Leila and Landon.

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3 Dairy Free Ice Cream Recipes

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! The sun is out and everyone wants ice cream, including the kids. Here are 3 dairy-free ice cream recipes that all have one astonishing ingredient, bananas! Frozen bananas whipped in a food processor make the creamiest ice cream. These dairy-free, gluten-free, low-sugar and vegan ice creams are the perfect healthy alternative and they are easy to make! What’s not to love!?

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Top Tips for Sleepover Success

top tips for sleepover success

One of the rights of passage for young kids is getting to that sleepover stage where they are old enough and ready for sleepovers. For some kids this transition is natural and is anticipated, but for other kids it can be a mixed bag of excitement and nerves. We, as parents, all have those fond memories of sleepovers as kids: eating pizza with friends, playing games, talking until wayyyyy past bedtime and giggling in the wee hours of the night. We all want our kids to have these memories too and there are some simple ways that you can be sure your child is set up for sleepover success!

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Ways to Beat Food Cravings

ways to beat food cravings

It’s 3 pm, you have a craving. Usually it’s for something sweet-chocolate or a cookie. Sometimes you indulge, but often you find that it doesn’t satisfy the urge. Then you want more. You can become obsessed. Before you know it, you’ve eaten junk you don’t need, you feel lousy and guilty.

Sound familiar? When we continuously give into those cravings the result will lead to extra calories and pounds.

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Keeping up with the Baby Book

It’s on every baby registry checklist. Everyone tells you to get one. So you do. You sit in your new plush glider, the smell of freshly painted walls engulfing you, turning the blank, crisp pages of the most beautiful baby book you spent five hours researching. You have every intention to fill up that book until it’s bursting at the seams. One month later, you’re sitting in that same glider, with puffy, sleep-deprived eyes, spit up stains on a shirt that hasn’t been changed in three days, holding a screaming newborn, with the treasured baby book shoved in the back of a closet, all good intentions long forgotten. There’s hope Mom! We’re here to help make your dream of having a full, up-to-date baby book a reality.

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Breastmilk Oversupply Problems & Solutions

Breastmilk Oversupply Problems & Solutions

If you’re one of the lucky women that produces too much breast milk, you know that this blessing can sometimes be a “curse,” from painful ducts to constant leaking. This post is designed to educate you about oversupply, as well as offer up some ideas of products or home remedies that can help you manage your supply and bring comfort to painful, swollen breasts. Read on!

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10 Tips: Bath Time Fun for Everyone


Bath time is an essential part of any child’s routine. While some kids just love splashing away, others are more hesitant. And of course, since kids are kids, they may love washing up one night, and hate it the next. Daily Mom has rounded up some tips, tricks, and gear for making your next bath night one to remember!

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5 Tips For Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits Early

Most parents have one common question and a common goal when it comes to feeding their children, “How can I raise my child to be a healthy eater?” While some children may seem like they were naturally born to be healthy eaters others may seem to hate every food you put on their plate. Before you throw in the nutritional towel (or give them sweets just to see them eat) read on for 5 tips to encourage your child to grow into a healthy eater! The great news is that it is NEVER too early to encourage healthy eating habits and the better news is that it is NEVER too late to start implementing these practices. Always remember that healthy eating starts at home!

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