The 411 on GMO’s and Kids

Much of the food we eat today is laced with high risk food ingredients. GMO’s are no stranger to most of society’s diets, yet it seems the real risks associated with consuming GMO’s are unknown to many of those who consume them. 

Today we discuss everything you need to know about GMO’s including what to avoid and how to minimize the dangerous exposure of GMO’s on our children. 

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Make your own baby food: No special equipment required

What do you do when you had your heart set on making your baby’s food at home, but you didn’t get that fancy baby food maker you so eagerly put on your registry? 

You make it anyway. No special baby food making equipment needed! 

Today’s tutorial for making your own baby food utilizes single foods that are best steamed prior to puree: carrots (one of our favorites), squash, broccoli, spinach, greens, whole peas, green beans and so many more. Read on for all the details!

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Fostering Grateful Children in a Me, Me, Me World

It’s nearly impossible not to spoil your children. There’s always a toy they’ve “got” to have, and when you agree that toys these days are pretty cool it’s hard not to give in. Every day there’s a new app for the iPad that you excuse because it’s a “learning” tool. And the list of experiences that you can enjoy all for the sake of creating memories and having fun is endless.

In the midst of trying to be doting parents, your children can easily lose the ability of being grateful: Grateful for material things as well as for adventures that you think of as commonplace, such as trips to museums and parks. And it’s not only all the stuff; it’s easy to take even the necessities in life for granted. It’s hard for children to understand that others may not be as blessed as they are, and that there are people in your own towns and throughout the world who don’t have your advantages.

In that vane, and seeing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we’ve come up with some simple ways to help your children gain appreciation for their plentiful world.

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How to Pack an Amazing Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox

‘Tis the season when we’re all searching for ways to involve our children in giving back to the community. Christmas is, after all, the perfect time to start meaningful family traditions that reflect the desire to embody gratitude for our blessings while at the same time showing empathy for others. 

There are Angel Trees, where you can choose an “ornament” from the tree that names a specific item that a child in your local area might need or want for Christmas that otherwise they wouldn’t receive. There are food pantries and soup kitchens who need volunteers to stock shelves and assist with serving or delivering food to hungry families. There are families that churches or schools may “adopt” for the holiday season and assist with making sure they can feed their families as well as enjoy gifts. And there are homeless shelters who desperately need blankets and coats to give to folks who cannot afford to stay warm during the winter months.

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10 Crafty Uses for Kraft Paper

Here at Daily Mom, we love multi-purpose items that can be used for a variety of things. That’s why we are declaring our love for kraft paper today! This humble brown paper may not seem too exciting, but within each roll are endless possibilities for crafts, ingenious uses and household hacks. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to put this perfect paper to use.

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Man Up for Movember

Ladies, are you wondering why your man has developed a scratchy face or a silly mustahce? Men, are you looking for a good reason to stop shaving or get that beard going to keep your face warm this winter? Fear not! Movember is here! What is Movember you ask? Movember is a men’s health awareness movement that takes place in November and yes, it involves facial hair and lots of it.

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10 Tips: How To Live With Your Kids – Again

Remember when your children were young and you did everything to prepare them to be on their own one day. The leaving of the nest per se. They did leave, they were successful on their own and you finally adjusted to the empty nest. Yet for a number of different reasons, you get the call, “Dad, Mom, can I move back home? Just temporarily. I promise, it won’t be that bad.” As their parent, what can you say, you want to help your children out. So you agree. This time though it isn’t just your son or daughter. It may be their spouse, their children and even their pets. Your empty nest has become full again. Except this time, you are older, wiser and physically more tired. Your energy levels are not what they were when you were younger, and not only are they moving their physical bodies back home, but a good portion of their belongings too. More bodies equals more, well, everything! 

So how do you all survive? Here are 10 tips on how to live with your kids — again!

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10 Tips: How to Live with Your Parents – Again

Chances are, you flew the coop a while ago. Whether it’s been 15 years or 15 months, that time of living with your parents is gone. You grow up, freedom becomes yours, and you’re either eager to leave or you’re pushed out the door. You never really think a time will come again when you’re knocking on that all too familiar door, suitcase in hand, butterflies in your stomach, ready to tell the ‘rents that you’re back. No matter what the reason for your return, if you’re planning on living with your parents again, either on a short term or long term basis, there are ways to help make the transition and the long days of living there more bearable, if not a tad bit enjoyable. Here’s how…

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10 ways to avoid the Dad Bod

The Dad Bod is all the rage! You haven’t heard about it yet? Well Dad, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon, stop going to the gym and start hitting the 12oz curls. After all, your wife will love the way your new body moves to support her head during movie night. Watch the spare tire gently begin to roll in as you voluntarily let the chisel fall off. Burp.

Until it dawned on you that being unhealthy isn’t your cup of tea. Admit it, you kinda like the idea of walking up to school to pick up your daughter when a few of the teachers and even your daughter’s friends stop and giggle as the Fit Dad walks by. Perhaps you just like the idea of doing everything in your power to not just be alive, but able to physically run and play with your grandchildren. The Dad Bod just isn’t in your lexicon, but how do you stay trim and present for the family?

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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Library Visit

In this digital information age, many people may dismiss the advantage of library attendance. Clearly, hopping on the internet for information while in your pajamas sounds much more appealing than wrangling everybody into clean clothes and dealing with wandering children in a public place. But there are still benefits to reap from your local library! Read on to see how you can make the most of your library visits.

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Teaching Children Self-Control in a World of Immediacy

We know it by many names: patience, discipline, reserve, restraint. When children exhibit self-control, we often note how well-behaved they are, what good manners they possess, and what great parents they must have. However, in today’s world, with everything available at their fingertips (not to mention sensory overload) and the fact that their peers are constantly downloading, upgrading, and advancing at lightning speed, it’s becoming increasingly harder to teach children that good things come to those who wait. Depending on your child’s age, there are some things you can do to reemphasize the value of patience and ultimately, self-control.

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“Everyone Wants to Quit in November and February” Time Management Tips (for homeschoolers and more!)

While this post is geared towards scheduling for homeschoolers, don’t click away if you don’t homeschool! These tips are useful for anyone wanting to improve their time management skills.

If you’ve been homeschooling for any length of time, you’ve probably heard that “Everyone wants to quit in November and February.” While Susan Wise Bauer may have quipped this during a live seminar, her blog actually says, “My mother [Jessie Wise] always says that everyone wants to quit home schooling in November, February, and May.”

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Teaching Our Daughters to Be Assertive

As parents, it’s important for us to teach our daughters to be assertive. Being assertive means being honest, direct and clear while maintaining mutual respect. A girl can speak her mind and still be respectful of others at the same time.

Studies have shown that assertiveness training can significantly increase girls’ self-esteem, confidence, independence, motivation, and future success. It’s so important for kids, especially girls, to learn how to speak their minds. Girls are still often taught to be nice, sweet, and quiet, while boys are encouraged to speak up and go for what they want.

With that in mind, today we’ll discuss six ways to teach our daughters to be assertive.

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