A Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Manners

A Beginners Guide to Everyday Manners2

Everyone loves the child who says please before every request and thank you after it’s complete. But kids aren’t born knowing what’s polite and what isn’t.  One of your many jobs as a parent is to teach your children how to act in certain situations. In other words, you need to teach them some basic manners! Once your child is old enough to talk and observe the world around him or her, it’s time to start with the basics. Follow our guidelines and you’ll have the most polite kid on the block!

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Exclusively Pumping: Breastfeeding Through a Bottle


For many moms breastfeeding is a dream come true. But for others, it’s a dream never realized. There are many situations that may arise that can prevent a mom from breastfeeding her baby. And, there are some moms who want their babies to have all of the amazing benefits of breast milk but who are simply not comfortable breastfeeding.  Luckily, there’s another option: exclusively pumping your breast milk and bottle feeding it to baby.  Read on for more information about how to be successful exclusively pumping!

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New Breastfeeding Mom Gift Guide


New Mom Breastfeeding Gift Guide

You’re pregnant and you’ve made the amazing decision to breastfeed your baby, but you don’t know where to start. From breast pumps to breast pads, bras, tanks and covers there are limitless options available to you and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Well you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to help take the guesswork out of the equation and leave you feeling nothing but excitement to begin your breastfeeding journey.

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Fighting Thrush–and Winning!

Fighting Thrush and Winning

Thrush–it can be one of the most painful and long lasting problems you will deal with as a nursing mom.  The symptoms can appear in the baby, the mother, or both.  Thrush, like mastitis, can be so challenging that it has been known to shake even the most devoted breastfeeding woman.  This article will highlight just exactly what thrush is, how it looks and feels, and highlight the steps you can take in order to kick it to the curb for good.

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Simple Ways for Moms to Turn a Bad Day Around

simple ways for moms to turn a bad day around

Being a mama is hard, no matter what. Whether you are a working mom and it’s the weekend or a stay at home mom, being home all day with the kids can be trying, even for the most creative mothers. On these long days where there is little reprieve from the chores, whining, crying or running around, small things can start to snowball into bigger ones and suddenly a good day can become a rotten one. Trying to balance kids, homework, soccer practices, swimming lessons, playdates, and work (or if you have babies- the crying, naps, marathon nursing sessions and those piles of dirty diapers) all while keeping a clean house and healthily fed kids can be daunting; then throw in some whining, fighting, crying, messes that just keep appearing and knowing you still need to work out- and that’s a recipe for a meltdown!

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Breastfeeding WITH the Stars!

breastfeedingwiththestars Celebrities sometimes get a bad rap when they take glamorous photos of themselves breastfeeding. Even those celebrities who seem to share photos of themselves nursing in more personal and candid moments sometimes are mocked for being too out of touch, too beautiful, too publicity hungry, or even offensive to “regular women” who also breastfeed. After reflecting on our own nursing journeys, the ups and down, the struggles, and triumphs, we at Daily Mom have decided to pay tribute to these celebrities by making our OWN gallery of photos. Now that we’ve gotten your attention with our own version of a glamorous nursing shot, a tribute to Natalia Vodianova, read on for our more lighthearted take on what we think breastfeeding is really like for most of us.  Daily Mom presents: Breastfeeding with the Stars!

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Homemade Postpartum Essentials

Homemade Postpartum Essentials

As you prepare for your baby’s big arrival, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the information concerning what you will need and what you will not. Your baby’s clothes may be in order, diapers ready, blankets and other essentials freshly washed and ready to snuggle into, but something that can easily be  forgotten is that mommy will also need special care after baby’s birth. If this is your first baby, you may not feel prepared for the aches and pains that may accompany your healing process, not to mention the hormonal and emotional changes that can occur. Don’t worry, here is a compilation of some soothing postpartum essentials that can make your recovery much more comfortable and give you ideas about what you may find useful in your first weeks after giving birth.

If you prefer to purchase each item instead of making it yourself, there will be a link for equivalent products.

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Supporting Your Nursing Partner: A Guide

Breastfeeding may be a natural function of the female body, but it is not easy. It takes time, practice, and sincere dedication to really get the hang of it. As the partner (or even friend/family member) of a nursing mother, the importance of the emotional support that you offer during this time could never be overstated. It is your job to be the cheerleader. If you offer encouragement and appreciation, Mom will be more likely to hang in there through the rough parts. She’ll remember you were there for her when she needed you.

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Homeschooling Curriculum Options

Homeschooling Curriculum Options 2

Perhaps you are considering or have made the decision to homeschool, a choice you and your spouse or close family probably thought long and hard about. Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute describes homeschooling as “the fastest-growing form of education.” (1) Making the decision to homeschool is only the first step– next you need to select a curriculum that best accommodates all educational aspects for your child. Read on for an overview of the potential options to choose from!

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Lactation Cookies

Looking for a way to help boost your breast milk supply? Sure, there are herbs and teas you can try, but wouldn’t it be awesome if eating cookies could make you more milk? Well, they can! Packed full of healthy ingredients that are shown to increase breast milk production, these yummy cookies will not only make you smile, but will keep your baby happy and satisfied as well.

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First Foods You SHOULD Be Feeding Your Baby

5 First foods you SHOULD be feeding your baby

There is so much recent controversy regarding what and when you should feed your baby their first “solid” foods. While the choice is very individual based on the baby, their cues, and your feelings, it cannot be denied that a baby was not meant to survive on rice cereal alone. We’re here today to bring you 3 recipes featuring first foods for babies that aren’t rice, that you can mix into their early diet- and are packed with good vitamins to start them out on the path of healthy eating from the get-go.

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Juggling After School Activities

School is almost back in session. You pull out your calendar, wistfully flip past the empty summer months pages, and get ready to fill up your days again. You know that even when the school day is over, your day is far from over. Once you hustle the kids in the door from the bus, grab them a bite to eat, and make them do a few pages of homework, next come the piano lessons, soccer practice, and Boy Scout meetings. Take a deep breath Mom. Let’s start the school year off right by learning how to juggle those after school activities with ease!

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Sweetie Pie Organics Fruit Snacks Giveaway

Sweetie Pie Organics Giveaway

School time is here and moms all over the place are thinking “what can I pack my child for snack that is healthy AND fun?” When you peruse the grocery store, the shelves are filled with lots of colorful eye catching options- that are also full of preservatives, artificial colors and tons of sugar. These are not the best snacks for your kids, especially during the school day, since we know that kids that are pumped full of sugar and artificial ingredients during the day may not be able to function to the best of their abilities academically or socially. It’s so important to give your kids wholesome and filling snacks that not only taste good but are also good for you! So, what’s a parent to do?

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