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It’s time to convert…convert to a physical reminder of why we take all these photos with our phone with a print custom calendar! Sure, they may be Instagram worthy, but not everyone and their grandmother are on social media. This year, we love the idea of reminiscing each month with a Motif Custom Photo Calendar that allows you to print custom calendars that takes our favorite moments and turns them into a giftable year to remember.

You can give 2021 a fresh start, beginning with any month you choose, using your most cherished family memories, best motivational quotes or favorite travel photos to fill out each month. And don’t forget to mark all your special occasions – from birthdays to anniversaries to personal goals and more! Just add text or images directly to the date box to make these special days stand out. 

Did you know that for over a decade while Apple offered printed photo products, Motif was the one who printed Apple’s photo books, cards, and print customer calendars?! Now, you have access to Motif for macOS, their latest and innovative smart technology to select the very best photos on your device to create memorable keepsakes in various layouts, colors, themes, and textures within your print custom calendar.

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Print Custom Calendar Made Easy

Now, you get to experience a chance to have your very own Motif Custom Photo Calendar during their 2021 Giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive one free custom photo calendar with free shipping! You’ll be provided with a promo code to use on Motif’s iOS or macOS app to create your calendar using your own beautiful images for the perfect keepsake calendar.

Need a print custom calendar that is super easy, prints perfectly, and combs through 1000s of photos to pull out the very best? Enter the giveaway today and win your very own Motif Custom Photo Calendar!
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Key Features

Motif uses advanced machine learning combined with time and location clustering to comb through thousands of photos. The resulting special trips and memories become albums that are perfect starting points for printed photo books.

The app reviews your photos for composition, clarity, and duplicates before presenting the perfect layout from more than 80 professionally designed options. It picks the best combinations of vertical and horizontal compositions, and then correctly centers and crops images to fit the layouts.


Motif’s technology selects only photos that will print perfectly. The app takes into account focus, clarity, people, faces, image orientation, panoramas, and more to recommend your very best images.


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2 Winners Will Win A Print Custom Calendar: Motif Giveaway!