The Future of Thrifting Clothes: How Big Brands Participate in Resale

It’s no secret that shoppers are growing more attentive to the “why” behind their spending. Sustainable shopping practices like thrifting clothes and reusing containers is gaining more traction in recent years. More than ever, a brand’s mission statement or ethical practices can make or break its bottom line. In recent years, sustainability and environmental impact have been a huge component of the customer’s decision-making process. This is why thrift shopping has become so popular. Buyers are looking for more ways to support a cause they can get behind – especially if it’s environmentally friendly. 

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What Big Brands are Doing for Sustainability

It’s not enough for brands to say they care about the environment –  they have to do something to show it, too. What better way to show their support of sustainability than by maximizing the trend of thrifting clothes? Our favorite big brands are starting to show they’re true to their values by putting resale plans into action.

Aside from the bragging rights that come with saying “I thrifted it,” buyers are leaning towards thrifting and vintage shopping for various reasons. With the high-value society puts on self-expression, fashionistas love the uniqueness and rarity that thrifting clothes provides. In addition to thrifting clothes for their individuality, shoppers also consider the cost-effectiveness of buying pre-worn items. It’s much less expensive to buy used than new. 

But, finding the brands you love in resell shops or thrift stores can be challenging. That’s where the big brands come in. Large retail companies we know and love are now helping us streamline the hunt for thrift finds by offering used items on their website. These listings use words like “pre-loved” or “like-new” to indicate their condition and offer items only in single quantities – often with no returns or exchanges. For example, Patagonia has a section called “Worn Wear” and LuLulemon calls theirs “Like New.”  

This strategy is a win-win for brands and customers. On the one hand, shoppers are provided the opportunity to trade in old items and often get discounts or store credit for shipping used items back to the brand. On the other hand, the brand then wins by incentivizing brand loyalty and keeping shoppers on their website to explore more avenues of shopping.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Thrifting Clothes
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How to Get Started with Shopping Retail Resale

Thrifting clothes doesn’t have to be a hit-or-miss experience when you can go directly to your favorite places to shop for used items. The new way big brands are participating in resale provides shoppers with more avenues to live sustainably while supporting their favorite, trusted brands. Plus, the resell market is a great place to find unique and one-of-a-kind items. This is because people are always selling off their old clothes, furniture, and other belongings. Get started by checking out your favorite brand’s website. Here are some additional brands that are currently offering retail resale options:

Get shopping retail resale today to save money and get a start on sustainability. When you buy resale, you’re giving a second life to an item that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This is good for the environment and helps to reduce waste. Keep an eye out for all your favorite brands as this style of shopping becomes more popular.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Thrifting Clothes
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