Ways to Maintain a Sustainable Lifestyle

As awareness of the dangers of our environment and climate rise, it has become evident that the changes towards improvement can be minuscule and start at home. The word “sustainability” looks to protect our environment and health. It continues to lead innovation in a way that will not compromise people’s way of life. Although, it may sound intimidating it is actually quite simple to start living a sustainable lifestyle and become part of the change our environment needs. Here are some things we cand all do for the environment and the world around us.

Eco-Friendly Products for a Sustainable Home

There are great sustainable products for the home that won’t feel like a major lifestyle shift. Reusable bags are great. Instead of having a cabinet full of plastic bags keep a drawer full of tote bags. For one, they are convenient, sturdier and easy to maintain. Just wash the totes when needed and reuse them. Plastic bags release a toxic chemical when they breakdown and it is not only harmful for the soil but, for animals as well.

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Ways To Maintain A Sustainable Lifestyle
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Glass storage containers, reusable or compostable straws are other products that help maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Anything that can be reused or compostable is nontoxic during the use and breakdown of the product helps the environment. The less trash in the landfills the better and if everybody maintained these simple habits it would really make a difference. Using parchment paper vs aluminum foil is another great tip because when the aluminum foil gets hot it seeps into the foods. Same goes for aluminum pots and pans. Perhaps opt for ceramic. Instead of Ziploc bags use Stasher Bags. These bags come in many different colors and sizes. Stasher Bags are reusable and dishwasher safe.

Some of the popular brands for a sustainable or eco-friendly home are Honest, Mrs. Meyers and Dr. Bronners. Buying fair-trade goods is another great habit for a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability in Fashion: Popular Eco-Friendly Brands

Everlane, Reformation, Rawly Bold, and Mate the Label are a few brands that will guarantee a sustainable lifestyle and wardrobe. All of these brands do a great job showing the transparency of their products and manufacturing process. Reformation sends out email updates on their manufacturers and materials. Rawly Bold does awesome empowering graphic apparel that is hand-printed using non-toxic water-based ink. Mate the Label purposefully manufactures their products close to their office so, they can keep close tabs on the entire manufacturing process. Everlane works with ethical factories to ensure well-made fashion at a reasonable price and good for the environment.  Many may not know that fashion is one of the largest contributors to pollution. Clothes end up in landfills and in some countries clog sewage systems. The chemical in the dye of the clothes not only affects the environment but, is harmful to humans once it gets on the skin. Some sustainable habits in fashion to consider are buying less, re-wearing outfits, shopping better quality, and purchasing second-hand clothes.

Ways To Maintain A Sustainable Lifestyle
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Maintain a Sustainable Lifestyle and Create Habits With Food

It’s important to know where your foods are coming from, how they are prepared for sale and how they are cleaned. The goal is to obtain clean food with no pesticides or chemicals that will have negative effects on the body. Food is for nourishment although; in many cases, some use it for profit. Unfortunately, that’s when unhealthy ingredients are used. They are used to preserve food, to enhance the taste and how the food looks. As many became more aware of the negative effects caused by certain chemicals in food organic and clean foods began to “trend.”

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To practice a sustainable lifestyle with food aim to reduce waste with food. Eating less meat and dairy is a sustainable habit believe it or not. Doing so results in less butchering. Be conscious when food shopping and buy seasonable foods. If buying seafood ensure that it is wild-caught, not farm-raised. Who knows what the farmers are giving the salmon which has it looking the size of a baby shark.  All in all, the fewer ingredients and chemicals the better.

Some of the popular sustainable friendly stores are the following: Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Wholefoods and Erewhon. Be sure to read the labels of all the foods and if there are words that one doesn’t understand take time to look it up. This will help one understand what’s going in the body. Another tip is if there are too many ingredients it is probably not the healthiest.

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Ways To Maintain A Sustainable Lifestyle
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How Not Living Sustainably Affects the Environment

Global warming and climate change are dangerous effects caused by the lack of environmental sustainability. Toxic chemicals have lasting effects on people’s health and the environment. The drastic changes in weather have led to severe storms and the like. Issues regarding the climate become more exaggerated and it should be concerning to all. The severe wildfires around the world affect our oxygen. The pollution in the air caused by toxic chemicals then leads to people becoming ill. The current changes have been confirmed by scientists with the potential to get worse. The plastic found in the oceans have affected sea life which affects our food. Electric cars have become more popular and help the environment. Other forms of transportation that are environmentally friendly are bike riding, walking, skateboarding, skating, or getting together with a buddy and carpooling. It is a domino effect and with simple changes towards living a more sustainable lifestyle together, people can make a difference.

This is not to intimidate but, simply to share how people can do their part to preserve the environment for generations to come. Healthy habits are always great as longevity is almost certainly a goal for everyone. How great does it sound to use sick days for a vacation instead of actually being sick? How great would it be to have seasons without the severe storms? Think about it. How many records have been broken due to climate alone? The largest wildfires, the strongest hurricanes, the landslides, and floods. We can impact our environment in a positive way and it starts by developing healthy habits and a sustainable lifestyle.

Ways To Maintain A Sustainable Lifestyle



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