Freshen Up With 13 Of The Best Personal Hygiene Products As You Head Back to School

It’s vital to take care of your health and hygiene. Always protect the skin you are in and take care of your teeth; that’s why having the right personal hygiene products can make a world of difference in your family’s health and well-being. Almost everyone, especially the young generation, is very conscious about themselves now. To help with your daily caring routine, check out this list of essentials that everyone needs as their personal hygiene products.

Biotrue ONEday®

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Some major milestones just call for special celebrations – heading off to middle school or high school, for instance. So what’s the best accessory for any glasses-wearing teen looking to stand out (or blend in)? Back to school contact lenses! Trust their eye health to the experts at Biotrue ONEday®.

With Biotrue® ONEday Lenses – you guessed it – you’ll open a fresh pair of lenses each day! No worrying about lenses losing moisture. Forgot about trying to remember how long those monthly lenses have been in use. Lost a lens? No problem – just pop a new one in. Let’s face it, teens are still learning and practicing responsibility with personal hygiene products. We can’t think of a better way to let them rock contact lenses for the first time this fall than with the flexibility offered by Biotrue ONEday.

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Another nice perk is much clearer vision for the upcoming fall sports season. It can be tough to wear glasses under a helmet, and it’s even tougher to do it while also wearing a face mask. No more damaged frames, special sports goggles, or fogged-up glasses with Biotrue ONEday Lenses. Keep your eye on the ball this fall and beyond with Biotrue ONEday, one of the greatest personal hygiene products out there!

Biotrue ONEday Lenses
Biotrue ONEday | Facebook | Instagram

Brush Buddies

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This year, everyone deserves a fresh start. This includes your little ones’ teeth! Give them the best start at oral health this school year with Brush Buddies. Here you will find the characters your kids love with the quality oral healthcare parents seek. Whether manual or electric toothbrushes, Brush Buddies has the best of the best in personal hygiene products.

For example, keep everything sparkling clean with the Soniclean Ultra. A two-minute timer helps your child stay on track with their brushing time while 30-second intermittent pauses help to keep her eye on the prize. Available in all of your favorite colors, children will actually look forward to brushing twice a day! Featuring four different brushing modes, you and your child will have a blast figuring out which one is her favorite. Fading bristles help her to stay in control of her oral health and acquiring new brush heads is as easy as a few clicks online.

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For the younger ones in your home who aren’t quite ready for the big bristles quite yet, the Soniclean Pro Fashion is the best choice. This brush holds a charge for several days of brushing but, unlike the other brush, there are no distractions of having different modes to choose from. This is a fantastic way to introduce your younger child to healthy brushing habits with electric toothbrushes. As an added bonus, this toothbrush comes with a cover so even if the toothbrush “travels” (whether it’s from room to room or you find it in his backpack) the germs will stay away.

Everyone needs a break from electricity sometimes and when this is the case, you don’t get much more adorable than the Blippi Manual Toothbrush Cup Set. Everyone’s favorite TV personality is here to show them just how much fun brushing can be! Complete with a soft-bristled manual toothbrush, a brush cap, and a rinsing cup, your little ones will have everything they need to be entertained while keeping their teeth clean with these personal hygiene products.

Soniclean Ultra | Soniclean Pro Fashion | Blippi Manual Toothbrush Cup Set
Brush Buddies | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Tom and Sheri’s

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In the mornings the last thing we want to deal with is a wrinkled dress shirt or blouse – especially if you’re crunched on time and it’s the perfect outfit. We all hit that snooze button one time too many and now, you do not have any time to iron. Thankfully Tom and Sheri’s Products Iron in a Bottle The Ultimate Bundle has got your back.

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In three quick and super easy steps, your crinkled shirt or blouse can be smoothed out and wrinkle-free within seconds! With a spritz, shake and pull, you are now perfectly ironed out, no heat necessary.

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Iron in a Bottle The Ultimate Bundle is recommended for a wide range of fabrics and is a versatile tool for the on-the-go worker. This amazing product is cruelty-free, plant-based, and made in the USA, so you can add it to your collection of personal hygiene products. Spritz and spray knowing this product is chemical and BPA-free for a naturally wrinkle-free day!

Iron in a Bottle The Ultimate Bundle
Tom and Sheri’s | Facebook | Instagram

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It’s that time of the year again when students will soon be packing up their belongings and getting ready to set up their college dorm room with new accessories and saying hello to a new semester of classes. Leaving the comforts of your childhood bedroom may be difficult, but it means creating your own new college dorm room filled with school life essentials and memories. When planning what to buy for your dorm room, the 5 Liter Pedal Trash Bin should be at the top of your list of personal hygiene products.

The stylish five-liter trash bin is ideal for humid areas, small spaces and is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials. This garbage has a non-slip base and is also scratch-resistant. The lid is odor-proof and softly opens and closes at a light tap of your foot. The inner bucket is removable and easy to clean. This trash can is environmentally friendly, with 40-60% made from recycled steel and 100% recycled polypropylene.

The 5 Liter Pedal Trash Bin will keep your room tidy while you cram for exams making it a perfect accessory for any dorm room. For all your back-to-school needs, you can always trust Brabantia.

5 Liter Pedal Trash Bin
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A garment steamer is a great addition (or alternative!) to a traditional steam iron for quickly removing wrinkles and freshening fabrics. It works wonders on clothing made of soft or delicate materials, like flowing skirts and silky shirts, suit jackets, sequined tops, and other difficult-to-press items. CHI’s innovative line of steam products is designed to make life easier. The portable and lightweight CHI Handheld Garment Steamer is ready to steam in 35 seconds and can steam multiple garments fast without waiting for water to reheat, so your clothes will look their best even when you’re traveling or in a hurry.

If you’re looking for an efficient steamer that removes all the wrinkles from your clothes quickly, then CHI Handheld Garment Steamer is the perfect addition to your collection of personal hygiene products.

CHI Handheld Garment Steamer
CHI | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


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When you’re living on campus, you can’t always rely on your Mom to do your laundry or shop for your personal hygiene products! So you need a proper laundry detergent that’s quick and easy and won’t hurt the environment with toxic chemicals. Blueland is a sustainable cleaning brand that offers innovative cleaning tablets with reusable bottles formulated without harsh chemicals.

Save money and space without the plastic waste with the Hand Soap Duo. The soap is made without parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalates. This brilliant soap will wash away dirt and grime, leaving your hands smelling fresh and feeling clean. The vegan foaming hand soap duo includes two reusable 9oz glass bottles and six foaming hand soap tablets, which come in 3 scents (Iris Agave, Perrine Lemon & Lavender Eucalyptus).

The cruelty-free Laundry Starter Set is tough on stains and is free of PVA/PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol), so you can care for the planet while caring for your clothes. This starter set includes one forever tin, 40 laundry tablets, and the refills are packaged in a compostable paper pouch. The plastic-free laundry tablets will become your go-to laundry companion. Blueland personal hygiene products are designed in tablet or powder form and are mixed with household tap water – saving consumers money and space while also saving the planet.

Laundry Starter Set | Hand Soap Duo
Blueland | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Oral health is very important, especially for your young child as they get ready for school in the morning. AquaSonic Brush Monster is the perfect toothbrush that pairs an app on your phone with the toothbrush. The four-step vibration settings go from very weak to very strong that provides a professional clean. Augmented Reality brings the Brush Monster alive with text, graphics, and audio in real-time to help give your child tips on how to properly brush their teeth. Make brushing your teeth fun, easy, and efficient with these personal hygiene products from AquaSonic.  

Brush Monster 
 AquaSonic | Facebook | Instagram

Smile Direct Club

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Does your child have braces? Brushing and flossing effectively with braces is a challenge, but this compact Water Flosser from Smile Direct Club can remove 99% of the plaque between teeth and below the gum line, where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach. Even if you don’t have braces, we find that it is at least 50% more effective than string floss when it comes to improving the health of your gums. It’s easy to use and a single charge lasts a full month. You can even floss while you shower since it’s water-resistant. This is a must-have in your collection of personal hygiene products.

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When heading back to school you will also want to make sure you’re not rushing your morning dental care routine. The Club Edition Electric Toothbrush plus Aligner Brush Head by SmileDirectClub is a battery-powered electric toothbrush with a clear aligner. This toothbrush has all the bells and bristles to make sure you get a deep clean before you step out for school, college, or university. The patent-pending aligner cleaning brush head has been designed to fit into the nooks and crannies and uses non-abrasive bristles for a thorough clean.

Don’t forget to purchase the Electric Toothbrush Brush Head and Battery Refills. A new brush head is key for keeping your SmileDirectClub electric toothbrush in tip-top shape. It even includes a new AAA battery to keep the good vibrations going. When it’s time to shop for all of your personal hygiene products, always choose SmileDirectClub.

Water Flosser | Club Edition Electric Toothbrush plus Aligner Brush Head| Electric Toothbrush Brush Head and Battery Refill
SmileDirectClub| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Mom Remedy

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Staying clean and keeping your area clean is still at the forefront of everyone’s minds. So when it comes to carrying your personal hygiene products with you on the go this fall, we fell head over heels in love with Mom Remedy. How many times do you end up at the store or at a playdate and the first thing you wish to do is wipe down the surfaces? Raise your hand, because we’ve all been there. With the convenient 3-pack option, the MomRemedy Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes do all the dirty work against stains, grime, dirt, and odors. We can’t get over that they are wonderfully made with just four naturally derived ingredients!

Oh, and let’s not forget the personal hygiene products we need that are conveniently stored in a diaper bag, purse, briefcase, or glove compartment. You’re just a few sprays away from a germ-free clean while traveling with the MomRemedy Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Travel Size 3-pack. Fight off the stains, germs, and icky stuff with the non-toxic hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner. So, rest easy, clean conveniently, and stay safe!

MomRemedy Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Travel Size | MomRemedy Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes 
Mom Remedy | Facebook | Instagram


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After a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is come home to a sink full of dishes and spend hours cleaning. Everyone wants products that do the job efficiently without using harsh chemicals. Everplush produces environmentally friendly microfiber cloths that are soft, cozy, and reliable. The kitchen and foodservice Commercial Grade Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are non-abrasive, lint-free microfiber cloths that will not scratch any surfaces, paints, stainless steel, or clear coats. The super absorbent commercial quality microfiber absorbs eight times its weight in water and dries faster than other towels. These are perfect for cleaning up quick messes in the kitchen, and a great addition to your home and personal hygiene products.

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When it’s time to clean the dishes, there is no better sponge than the three-piece Microfiber Cotton Foaming Kitchen Sponge Set. This versatile set features small sponges for everyday dish care and an oversized sponge pad that works great for large cookware and utensils. The brown and white terry fabric is the real gem in this sponge set, mixing super soft white cotton terry loops with white loops of terry microfiber. Plus, the backside uses a signature mesh for scrubbing and quick-drying (for the sponge) with all the great features of microfiber cloths but extra foamy for hardcore dish cleaning. For all your cleaning needs and personal hygiene products, always think Everplush!

Microfiber Cotton Foaming Kitchen Sponge Set | Commercial Grade Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 12 Pack – Green for Kitchens & Food Service Environments
Everplush| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Tao Clean

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Frequent sanitization of toothbrushes guarantees the safety of your teeth. For proper sterilization of toothbrushes, get a Germ Shield UV Sanitizer by Tao Clean. This travel-friendly universal cleaning station is battery operated and can accommodate all manual & electric toothbrushes. Tao Clean creates designs that instill exceptional cleanliness habits. They firmly believe that every object must deliver an outstanding user experience from start to finish. It must be built with a distinctive aesthetic design, combine useful, innovative technology, and be both easily and seamlessly entwined with your routine.

Its patented design, the Germ Shield, encloses your toothbrush and gets to work, zapping the germs on your toothbrush head. The powerful Ultraviolet-C rays kill 99.9% of germs while your toothbrush is not in use. Keep your oral health in check with personal hygiene products like the TAO Clean Germ Shield UV Sanitizer.

Germ Shield UV Sanitizer
Tao Clean | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Indigo Wild

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If there’s any upside to doing loads and loads of laundry, it’s the clean, fresh-smelling clothes you will have to show for it. For many people, the scent has the ultimate association with clean laundry. Indigo Wild makes Zum products, which is a trusted name in cleaning and personal hygiene products. Zum Clean Laundry Soap comes in a variety of aromatherapy scents. The Zum Clean is a plant-based liquid laundry soap paired with Sweet Orange essential oil, which keeps your clothes, towels, and sheets clean and smelling fresh. This sweet soap will not only keep your clothes clean but will brighten up your day with its sweet lingering scent.

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The laundry soap contains baking soda, a natural stain and odor tackler, and high-quality vegetable glycerin, which provides natural emollients to help soften fabrics. You will praise the Zum Clean Laundry Soap for its cleaning performance and how refreshing your clothes smell after each use!

Zum Clean Laundry Soap
Indigo Wild | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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Did you know over 27,000 trees are cut down daily to make toilet paper? What if there was a toilet paper company that could provide a tree-free solution and environmentally friendly personal hygiene products? The answer is Reel.

The Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is sold in Target, and it is the first completely plastic-free, tree-free bamboo toilet paper. Every purchase of sustainable toilet paper will save 16 pounds of wood and 108 gallons of water. Reel’s Zero Tree™ toilet paper is 100% bamboo and free of inks, dyes, and BPA, thanks to their expertise in sourcing and engineering Reel Good™ materials, made from rapidly replenished resources that have a low impact on the Earth’s natural endangered forests. By purchasing Reel toilet paper, you are supporting their mission to provide access to clean toilets to those in need worldwide while also giving American households a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Reel has provided clean sanitation to over 7300 people in Haiti and built over 1,200 toilets through its partnership with SOIL. If you’re looking for high-quality personal hygiene products and plastic-free toilet paper that helps the environment, then Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is the perfect brand for you.

Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper
Target| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

There is nothing more important than your health. So today, whether you want softer skin, whiter teeth, clean clothes, or a well-groomed body, these personal hygiene products will help you achieve these individual care goals. Starting your day off with these products makes you look and feel great, no matter what comes your way!

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