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re you addicted to Starbucks coffee? Don’t be embarrassed, most Americans have fallen prey to this particular form of addiction because it is so tasty. You might be worried about what these high calorie drinks are doing to your diet and wish there were some lower calorie alternatives. We don’t think you should have to drink plain black coffee if all you want is a dynamically flavored drink! At Daily Mom, we understand your dilemma and have brought you 7 drinks that won’t ruin your diet!

Iced Coffee

90 calories

When you order a grande iced coffee you are getting 16 oz. of smooth, lightly sweetened flavor. Since this drink costs you only 90 calories you aren’t put out for the day by your morning drink!

Caffe Misto

70 calories

This drink is made with brewed coffee and steamed milk. When you order a grande caffe misto with nonfat milk you are rounding out at only 70 calories. If you choose soy milk you are still at a mere 100 calories per 16 oz.!

Iced Skinny (Caramel/Vanilla) Latte

80 calories

Do you prefer a little flavor in your coffee drinks? We love this iced latte, at 16 oz. and using nonfat milk, you are at only 80 calories!

Skinny Mocha 

140 calories

A grande skinny mocha has a lovely flavor and squeezes into your skinny jeans at merely 140 calories!

Light Java Chip Frappuccino

200 calories

If you are in the mood for a milkshake-like consistency with icy sweetness AND coffee you can reward yourself with a grande light java chip frappuccino! It is made using coffee, mocha sauce, milk, chocolate chips and ice and is 200 calories. While that is certainly at the upper end of our low calorie register, it remains about 80% fewer calories than a regular milkshake from anywhere else.

Tazo Refresh Brewed Tea

0 calories

We recommend this tea if you have had a sore throat or just enjoy a nice, hot peppermint tea for sipping in the winter chill. Not only is it our lowest calorie drink (at 0 calories) it is also one of the least expensive on the Starbucks menu.

Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade

130 calories

While this drink’s name is quite the mouthful, it is this writer’s favorite beverage! You can order it as simply a “grande passion tea lemonade.” The barista will ask if you’d like it to be sweetened (with a no calorie syrup) or for it to be left unsweetened. Whether you would prefer the lemonade to do the sweetening, or you want to add the syrup, this drink is a mere 130 calories.

Editor note: I like to ask the barista to add a few pumps of orange-mango (used in the Orange-Mango smoothies) for an extra-refreshing summertime beverage!

Enjoy one of these low calorie drinks on your next Starbucks run and let us know in the comments which Starbucks drink is YOUR favorite!

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