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A mattress is a huge purchase. It is one of those household items that you have for years on end. You use it for one of the most important things vital to your health and wellness: sleep. You want to be sure you find the mattress that is perfect for you and your family. Not only is the comfort level important but so is the healthiness of your mattress. Healthiness, you say? Of a mattress? We say yes-your mattress is something you use every single day and is touched by every area of your body. We are so careful to what we put into our bodies, why shouldn’t we be mindful of what we sleep on?

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5 Reasons a Natural Mattress is the Way to Sleep

Throughout the day our bodies come in contact with countless chemicals and toxins. They are hard to avoid when out in society, even when we try our best to avoid them. Despite eating healthy, organic foods, and using natural body and home products we still come in contact with different toxins throughout the day- and at night. A regular, commercial mattress is made with synthetic materials and fibers, and is often treated with flame-retardant chemicals. This means that each night when you sleep, you are breathing in those same chemicals despite having mattress pads and sheets covering it. Here are 5 reasons you should consider making your next purchase one that is vital to your health and your sleep:


Your typical mattress contains so many difficult to pronounce chemicals that it’s hard to keep up. Most of them come in the form of flame retardants added to the mattresses to prevent the spread of fire in your home, but some also come from the synthetic materials used to make the mattress and the springs. Some of the most common chemicals in regular mattresses include: aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, borates, paraffins, organohalogen compounds (National Institute of Health).

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Mattresses, like the one from Avocado Green Mattress, are made from sustainable, natural materials like bamboo, cotton, latex, and wool, all of which are often 100% organic. This means that your mattress is not filled with chemicals but is rather made from the stuff of the earth.And shouldn’t that be what you’re laying your weary head on instead?

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According to studies conducted by the National Institute of Health and Office of Environmental Health Hazard, chemicals found in traditional mattresses can be harmful to one’s health. Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBRE) is a common set of compounds found in flame retardants and has been linked to infertility, thyroid disruption, learning and memory delays, and early on-set puberty. Other types of flame retardants contain Tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (TDCPP) which have been linked to cancer.


Since organic mattresses are made with sustainable materials, they leave less of a footprint on our environment. Although these mattresses are good for your health, they eventually wear down as do all mattresses. When you throw your organic mattress away, you can be confident that it will naturally bio-degrade instead of fill up our landfills for years to come. Most companies, like Avocado Green Mattress, also produce their mattresses using eco-friendly and sustainable processes giving you the confidence that your mattress is doing good before it even gets to your door.

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Most natural mattress companies cut out the middle man. Their production is completed here in the U.S. so that mattresses aren’t exposed to outside sources of chemicals while in transit. They also are often sold online, cutting out the need to head to a mattress store and deal with swindling dealers trying to make an extra buck off the top. “Natural” usually equals “more expensive” but when it comes to mattresses, you may find yourself saving time and money since you can order online.

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Your health is important to you. Every day you wake up, use your charcoal toothpaste, wash your face with all natural soap, and make healthy eating choices throughout the day. Why should your sleep be any different? Getting 8-10 hours of sleep (if you’re lucky, amiright parents?) is a check in the wellness box for everyone, but sleeping on a bed of yucky chemicals takes that away. Go green- even in your sleep, by making the leap onto (and into) a natural mattress.

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