Beacon40 Personal Therapy Lights Giveaway

Win an amazing non-invasive light system that may help protect your loved ones from mental decline! Read more about the system or scroll down to enter right now!

BEACON40® is a safe, non-invasive wellness device created to promote brain health by improving mental acuity, memory and attention. Through delivering pulses of 40Hz light, BEACON40® stimulates the brain’s activity and revitalizes healthy gamma rhythms.

Beacon40 Personal Therapy Lights Giveaway

Designed for daily use in the office, kitchen or bedroom, BEACON40® provides an easy-to-use nurturing light to improve brain function and enhance cognitive health without interfering with your daily routine. Easy to set-up, this light can be set to your preferred brightness, tone and timing using a remote control. The decor design fits into any home or office, making it easy-to-use and comfortable to compliment wellness routines to rejuvenate brain health and cognitive function. BEACON40 Personal Light Kits have a $399 MSRP. 

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Fits seamlessly into personal spaces like your office, your dining or your living room. BEACON40® Personal fades into the background while stimulating brain function and mirroring healthy brain waves.

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HomeoLux‘s cause is to aid in the care of Alzheimer’s disease country-wide by providing light that stimulates and enhances brain function and health by mimicking healthy brain waves. Alzheimer’s disease is referred to as a family disease because of the toll it takes on surrounding family members as their loved one’s health declines throughout the course of their disease. This was the reasoning behind the invention of HomeoLux, as it aims to focus primarily on the needs of family members and caregivers.

Beacon40 Personal Therapy Lights Giveaway

Their first product, the BEACON40®, is a flickering light system that was designed specifically to aid in the stimulation and improvement of brain health in specific areas such as memory, acuity, and attention. Research from MIT neuroscientists searching for an Alzheimer’s cure discovered that flickering light can alter the brain’s gamma rhythm to function at a healthy speed. The BEACON40® is the first of its kind in the hopes to get one step closer to ending Alzheimer’s. HomeoLux is trusted country-wide by healthcare workers, therapists, and loved ones of those with Alzheimer’s or similar cognitive conditions.

From BEACON40 website:

“In 2015, neuroscientists at leading institutions on brain health ran a study on light therapy—where a 40Hz flickering light shined into the eye induced healthy gamma rhythm in the brain. The research showed that hippocampal levels of beta-amyloid proteins in mice fell by 40-50 percent after only one hour of exposure to 40Hz light.  Healthy brains feature brain waves or gamma rhythms that oscillate at roughly 40Hz. These gamma frequencies are associated with higher-order cognitive function. In the Alzheimer’s brain an unusual buildup of amyloid plaque inhibits brain waves and disrupts function. Just the way plaque builds up on the arteries and can cause heart disease, and plaque buildup on teeth and can cause gum disease, the buildup of plaques in the brain cause cognitive decline and dementia. The researchers noted that the 40Hz light flicker stimulation triggers a tremendous microglia response. Microglia are the brain’s immune cells that clear cell debris and toxic waste including amyloid plaques. They are known as the brain’s natural cleaners. Microglia function is impaired in Alzheimer’s disease, but 40Hz light seems to restore their abilities. This study represents the first scientific findings offering noninvasive treatment for Alzheimer’s. It provided a flicker of hope to the HomeoLux team.

Beacon40 Personal Therapy Lights Giveaway

About Homeolux:

HomeoLux® is a health and technology company that designs wellness products based on cutting-edge scientific research. While comprehensive clinical studies are still currently underway on humans, HomeoLux understands that families battling cognitive decline are running a race against time. Their mission is to fast-track scientific research to bring safe, easy-to-use wellness routines for brain health.

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Beacon40 Personal Therapy Lights Giveaway



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