Want the Best Sleep of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom a Makeover with Happsy Mattress

Think back to your youth. If you’re like us, you completely underestimated the value of sleep. You may have even neglected it entirely – stayed up too late, ate all the wrong foods and didn’t give any thought to where you were sleeping. But, now that you’re considered middle-aged, you find yourself shockingly tired all the time. Okay, no one is really all that surprised. Our bodies have been through a lot, but it would be really nice if we could get a solid, peaceful night of true rest.

So, where do you start? A good night’s sleep starts in the bedroom, right? In fact, your bedroom should be the coziest and most relaxing room in your home. Sleep should be a given. Unfortunately, background noise and light pollution from outside, among other things can impact how restful your sleep actually is.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

Even those elements that we can control such as how we decorate a room or the textures we use on our bed can either induce or deter us from having a restful night. While having the right mattress is crucial, we’ve found that by addressing the entire room as it relates to sleep has made a huge difference in our ability to wind down at the end of the day and get the best sleep.

With that in mind, we’re excited to share a few subtle changes that you can make to the bedroom, including upgrading to a Happsy Mattress, so that you too can finally get the best sleep of your life!

Turn Out the Lights!

Light plays a huge role in our wakefulness. As the sun rises, our bodies and minds are naturally stimulated to feel awake and alert. The light energizes us. On the flip side, the absence of light creates Melatonin, a hormone produced in the brain’s pineal glad often called the “sleep hormone.” Melatonin sends a message to our brain that it’s time to rest. This signal helps your muscles relax, your body’s temperature to drop, and the feelings of sleepiness to set in.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

However, light exposure at the wrong time (a light in the hallway, nightlight, your cell phone or the sun) can alter our body’s internal clock that regulates our sleep-wake cycles, making it not only more difficult to sleep, but cause us to wake up more frequently during the night. Therefore it’s crucial to keep your bedroom as dark as possible when you’re trying to get some rest.

Managing light exposure is relatively simple. Start by closing any doors that may inadvertently allowing light into the room. For example, if your bedroom has an en suite, moonlight may be coming in the bathroom window and disrupting your sleep. Curtains or shades on windows can prevent outside light as well, but make sure that any window coverings you use are heavy enough to fully block the light. You might even use blackout curtains that are specifically designed to protect against unwanted light.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

You can also create darkness by dimming the lights to gradually darken your sleep environment. We often do this with our children by turning off overhead lights and using a bedside lamp for storytime; but you can do the same by adding a dimmer to your light switch or installing low-watt, dimmable bulbs in your lamps. Alternatively, you can wear an eye mask at night to achieve ultimate darkness and block out any intrusive light.

If you do need a source of light during the night (to use the restroom or provide a safe walking path for your child as they find their way back into bed with you), nightlights with a red bulb are shown to be less disruptive to your sleep than other light wavelengths.

That said, the real key to the best sleep ever is avoiding screen time an hour before bed. This means turning off the TV, computers, and devices. It also means retraining your brain NOT to scroll through social media (looking at you TikTokers) before attempting to get some shut-eye. The light from these digital devices is known to have high concentrations of blue light which not only can create long-term vision problems but can negatively impact your sleep.

Quiet the Space

If you’re a parent, then you know all too well that complete silence isn’t required to fall asleep. In fact, many of us have passed out in the middle of utter chaos. Granted, we were exhausted, but if you’re truly tired, you can fall asleep just about anywhere. That said, if you’re able to rest in a “quiet” room, you’re much more likely to get a good night’s rest and recharge for the next day.

Quiet doesn’t necessarily mean silence though. It simply means that you’re able to block out disruptive background noise such as traffic, noisy neighbors, or the television in another room. Many people find that playing some sort of ambient noise (the most popular being “white noise”) all night is helpful in covering up all the sounds that would otherwise keep you awake.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

While you can certainly purchase white noise machines, it’s not necessary. If you have a smart device such as Alexa, you can just ask her to play white noise or any other sound that will help you drift to sleep. Alternatively, you can wear earplugs.


Clear the Clutter

Did you know that clutter in your bedroom can affect how well you sleep? In fact, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between a heavily cluttered room and sleep deprivation. Interestingly enough, our brains register a cluttered space as a job undone, so when you are trying to rest, your brain is still working on a conscious and subconscious level to declutter that space even if we’ve lived our entire lives in disarray. While you don’t have to become OCD in order to get a better night’s sleep, it does help if you tidy your space before turning the lights out.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

For starters, start your morning off each day by making your bed. While we didn’t find much in the way of scientific research, there does seem to be anecdotal evidence that suggests the practice of making your bed each day has incredible mental health benefits including a sense of calm and relaxation, enhanced executive function skills, improved focus during the day, reduced stress and better sleep. One could assume then that those who live in a messier space might experience the opposite effects.

As such, we suggest investing in storage options to keep clutter out of sight and out of mind. For example, does the dirty laundry keep finding its way into a pile on the floor? Add a hamper in the space where it falls so that dirty clothes can land in the hamper rather than the floor (clothes will likely still end up on the floor for a while, but trust the process).

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

You can also try to keep your nightstand cleared off by adding a small basket to contain the miscellaneous items (or simply store clutter in). Alternatively, we’ve seen people ditch their nightstands completely in lieu of a small shelf that can only hold a few essential items to avoid clutter collecting and improving their sleep routine.

Upgrade to a Happsy Mattress

According to the Sleep Foundation, the average mattress has a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. As such, if you’ve been sleeping on your mattress for over 10 years, it may be time for a much-needed upgrade.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

Designed for performance, the Happsy Mattress delivers the promise of “the best sleep of your life” through innovative technology, the creative use of natural materials, and an intent to make a positive impact on the environment.

Happsy Mattress features certified organic, sustainably harvested, and environmentally-friendly materials, while eliminating the harsh chemicals, foams, flame retardants, glues, and adhesives used by most conventional mattress brands. With medium-firmness (without a topper), we find that Happsy Mattress’ organic design is not only better for our planet, but it also provides excellent support by contouring to your every curve and dissipating heat for a more restful night’s sleep. These organic materials are also more biocompatible and more comfortable. So comfortable, that we’re finding it to be slightly difficult to get out of bed (minus the snap, crackle, pop sounds that our old mattress was creating).

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

Happsy Mattress manufactures its own pocketed springs to be less bouncy and more supportive than your standard spring mattress. By eliminating all the glue and adhesives from their coil units (and the entire mattress for that matter), they’ve redefined what it means to get a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, installing your new Happsy Mattress is a breeze compared to the drama you’ll experience removing your old one, especially if you have a king-sized bed. Simply unbox and carry your mattress to the bedroom, cut open the packaging and you’ll be ready for bed in under 30 minutes.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

If you were to take a look inside the Happsy Mattress, you’d find that it includes:

  • a Comfort Layer of 2″ of organic latex foam that’s aerated for increased airflow, then covered in organic wool batting,
  • a Support Layer of 8″ of pocketed coils that allow for better air circulation, additional support, durability, and isolate motion,
  • and a Foundation Layer made of organic cotton shreds that are then wrapped in a soft-to-touch Organic Cotton Cover.

The organic cotton cover is zippered on; however, it is not intended to be removed or washed. Therefore, make sure that you still cover your mattress with a mattress protector (we actually double layer our mattress covers just in case anyone has an accident). We’ll also add that the outer layer is a bit coarse (not stretchy) and has a bit of an odor, but that’s because it doesn’t include any of the “fillers” you might find on other mattresses. The smell does dissipate with time.

With the optional Mattress Topper, Happsy goes from a 10″ latex hybrid mattress to a 12″ pillowtop by adding 2″ of softer organic latex foam. We feel like the mattress topper is literally the icing on an already delicious cake, and a much healthier alternative to the typical foam toppers you might see at big-box stores.

While the latex foam layer offers pressure relief, the biggest benefit of the Happsy Mattress Topper is resilience and responsiveness. We find that without the topper, Happsy is a bit firmer than we’d prefer, but the topper gives it that springy, durable feel we love – so much so that we’ve also included them on our kids’ beds. We absolutely recommend adding it to your bed, especially if you’re already in the process of upgrading your bedroom.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

Not sure if a Happsy Mattress is for you? Try this: pay attention to the position you’re in when you wake up. It is said that the position you wake up in is likely your most comfortable sleeping position. Try getting back into this position when you’re ready to go to bed and you may find that you fall asleep faster. You can also use this information when you shop for your new Happsy mattress as certain mattresses are better suited for side sleepers versus back sleepers or tummy sleepers.

We found that Happsy is the ideal mattress for back sleepers, but can be equally satisfying for side sleepers. The latex contours gently yet moderately, so you can feel less pressure without that deep sinking feeling that some pillowtop mattresses offer. The coils provide excellent stability throughout the mattress to help maintain an even plane for your body, even in areas where you may carry extra weight such as your stomach and hips.

Swap Out Your Pillows

While you’re upgrading your mattress, go ahead and get yourself some new pillows. Unlike a mattress which should be replaced every 10 years (or less) you should be replacing your pillows every 1-2 years.

Your pillows absorb your sweat, hair, saliva, body oil, and dead skin cells (even with a pillowcase) while you sleep. Over time, these elements can cause mold, mildew, and other allergens to accumulate which can create stains and odors. While you can prolong the life of your pillow by washing it, pillows still tend to lose support around the two-year mark. If you’re already replacing your mattress, you’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping your old, worn-out pillows.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

Establish a Bedtime Routine

According to the CDC, adults should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night and anyone under the age of 18 should be getting at least 8 or more depending on their age (young children require close to 10-12 hours). But let’s be honest – are you regularly getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night? Probably not. While we’ve addressed a number of factors that may be preventing you from achieving the recommended 7 hours, one of the biggest reasons you may not be getting the best sleep of your life is that you’ve neglected your own bedtime routine for far too long.

While we whole-heartedly agree that bedtime routines are important for kids to establish their circadian rhythm, bedtime routines are equally important for adults. They help your brain separate the day from the night, clear your mind from all the stress the day brings, and relax your body into sleep. Therefore, if you want the best sleep of your life, you may need to establish a new bedtime routine that starts with an earlier bedtime.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

With that in mind, as you re-consider your bedtime routine, include your kids in the conversation! Make sure they know the value of a good night’s sleep (and why they shouldn’t fight it!). They have brains to develop and quality sleep makes all the difference to a functional, highly engaged child, rather than one that lacks energy and has plenty of moodiness to spare! Ask them if they’d do anything different with regard to their current sleep schedule. You might be surprised. We did just that and learned that one of our kids really wanted their own space including a new Happsy mattress.

We don’t have to tell you that kids love having their own space to read, nap, watch a show or feel comforted by mom when they don’t feel well. However, even if they have to share a room with a sibling, getting a good night’s rest is everything. A Happsy Mattress may be all it takes to give your child the rest they require and the comfort they absolutely need during their growing years.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

The Happsy Mattress in a twin size plus the optional Mattress Topper is perfect for kids, and a great way to start the holiday season for a full and restful night of sleep. In addition to it being the perfect size for a growing child, it’s also perfect for children with indoor allergies.

If you have asthmatic children, then you know the importance of free-breathing and getting enough oxygen. However, even if your child does not have asthma, no one should be plagued with the toxins of an old hand-me-down mattress or one that’s possibly been contaminated with dust, mites, and other undesirables that are often hidden in conventional mattresses. The last thing you want for your kids is to miss out on all the holiday festivities because they are suffering from allergens that might be residing in their mattress.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

That’s simply not something you have to worry about with the Happsy Mattress and Mattress Topper. Organic, Organic, Organic! As we discussed earlier, the materials that go into the Happsy Mattress are sustainably harvested and environmentally friendly. You can rest assured that there are zero harsh chemicals, foams, and adhesives commonly found in conventional mattress brands, anywhere near your children.

In fact, Happsy Mattress actually meets the organic and non-toxic standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which means it’s recognized as the standard for organic consumer goods by the USDA. So, by making Happsy part of your bedtime routine, you can reap the benefits of a non-toxic, organic cotton, wool, and certified latex restful night’s sleep, without all the flame retardants, glues, or adhesives that commonly irritate the lungs, nose, and bronchial passages.

Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress

Adjust the Temperature

Finally, if you’re struggling to get a good night’s rest, you may need to adjust the temperature. The temperature of the bedroom and your body are equally important when it comes to falling asleep. As such, you should target a temperature that is not too hot or too cold. Experts suggest that the ideal bedroom temperature range is somewhere between 60 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, we suggest that you wear pajamas and sleep under bedding that keeps you warm and cozy without causing you to sweat or overheat, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Happsy Organic Mattress | Mattress Topper
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You truly can experience the best sleep of your life by making a few changes to your bedroom including ditching your old mattress and upgrading to a new organic mattress. Specifically, if you’re looking for a firm, organic and affordable mattress, check out Happsy Mattress (with a mattress topper if you prefer the plushness of a pillowtop). With a 120 night trial and a 10-year warranty, what do you have to lose?

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Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life? Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With Happsy Mattress



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