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If you are choosing to feed your little one pureed foods, and you have reached an age where you, your child (and your pediatrician) are exploring mixing foods, below is a great recipe combination to try.

Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan

Spinach, Apple and Rutabaga Recipe:


  • 1 organic rutabaga
  • 3 organic apples
  • a handful of organic spinach


  • peel the apples and rutabaga with a peeler
  • core the apples
  • chop into smaller pieces (to decrease steaming time)
  • put apples and rutabaga into steamer basket and steam until soft
  • place those items in a bowl and set aside
  • steam spinach (spinach doesn’t take very long to steam. You don’t want it too mushy or else it won’t blend well.)

Place an equal amount of each item into the food processor (or bullet, or grinder) and puree it to a consistency of your choosing. If your baby doesn’t like it very much, try adding in more apples to make it sweeter. Recipe makes approximately 24 ounces.

For more ideas on mixing fruits and veggies for purees, check out the baby food isle at your local grocery store. Baby food companies have some great combinations for recipes, that can easily be made into homemade and organic purees, for a fraction of the price.


  1. The rutabagas have to cook for a long time, 30 to 40 minutes. The apples need much less time, about 10 minutes depending on volume. It helps to steam the rutabagas first until somewhat tender and then add the apples.

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