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If you’re one of the unfortunate ones that suffer from debilitating morning sickness, know that you are not alone. One must also snicker at the term “morning sickness” because, as most of us know, it hits you all day long. If ONLY it lasted just in the morning.

Below are some items that may help bring some relief to your sickness:{Photo Courtesy: The Art of Making a Baby}

1. Seabands:

  • These wrist bands have a little nub of plastic, and, if placed in the correct spot on your wrists, help trigger a pressure point. The pressure point is also associated with relief from motion sickness, but has also been known to make the constant nausea feeling of pregnancy morning sickness decrease. You can buy them here.

2. Ginger Pills

  • Many people do not like the taste of ginger, and finding soda that actually has ginger in it and not just ginger flavoring is becoming a bit harder. That’s why ginger supplement pills are a natural solution to many.

3. Check your prenatal pills for iron.

  • During your first trimester, having iron in your prenatal vitamins is not necessary. Iron tends to make some people feel more sick and may be a nausea trigger for many in their first trimester, so look for a prenatal without it listed, like this one, here. If you must take iron, make sure to never take it on empty stomach.

4. Try some preggo pop drops

  • The reason behind preggo pop drops is simply that they make you salivate. Because the hard candies are sour, sometimes they work to take your mind off your nausea, and put a different taste in your mouth. Many people will suggest sucking on hard candies, however, these drops have less sugar in them and have provided relief for many women. As a bonus, these also have ginger as an ingredient.

5. When all else fails, remember that your doctor can prescribe morning sickness medicine.

  • When your health and well being are in jeopardy, sometimes it’s helpful to know that there is an option for prescription medicinal relief. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or midwife and tell them your concerns. Make sure to speak up and tell them if you are worried that you are not able to maintain the nutrients your body needs. Taking care of yourself, at this point, means taking excellent care of your baby inside you.
Every woman is different. These solutions may bring comfort to some woman, or they may not. Before taking any form of supplements, or decreasing iron in your prenatal vitamins, check with your healthcare provider.