26 Best New Baby Gifts That Every Parent Will Love

New baby gifts are meant to help those brand new parents welcome their newest bundle of joy into the world! It is wonderful to give new baby gifts to expectant parents in anticipation of the arrival of their new child; having these tried and true items on hand helps the transition home with baby simple and stress-free.  The items you need as a parent to celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy are here! This guide will assist parents in coming up with practical baby gifts that they can use immediately. We have found strollers, innovative baby monitors, sleep machines, breast pumps, premium diapers, activity chairs, adorable bows, and high chairs that make great new baby gifts for all parents and families.

This Year’s Must-Have New Baby Gifts


Doona 1

If you’re expecting your first child, chances are that you’re starting to look for new baby gifts, such as an infant car seat and stroller. In the world of baby gear, there’s a lot to choose from. We’ve seen just about everything, but our favorite car seat and stroller combo are the Doona – Midnight Edition. Doona’s innovative approach to the infant car seat allows parents to go from car to sidewalk (and everywhere else) with incredible ease. Doona is the world’s first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution designed for infants 4-34 lbs.

Doona 15

Weighing in at about 16.5 lbs., Doona isn’t exactly the lightest car seat on the market (so you wouldn’t want to tote it around on your arm for very long). Still, it does transform so easily from an infant car seat to a simple stroller that it makes it simple to transport from one place to another. No more dragging your baby’s car seat around. No more sore arms or backs. No more leaving the car seat in the car because it’s just too much of a hassle to bring along. And, no need to waste valuable trunk space with an additional frame or stroller.

Doona 12

Doona has 3 use positions: Car Seat Mode, Pull-Along (Resting) Mode, and On-the-Go Mode. Doona is suitable for travel in a private vehicle, taxi, or airplane when in car seat mode. Furthermore, it can be installed with or without a base. Unlike typical car seats, Doona’s unique structure enables positioning the handlebar against the back of the seat of the car, thus providing the baby with exceptional Anti-Rebound protection. In case of a collision, the Anti-Rebound handle absorbs the impact and prevents Doona from rotating quickly toward the back of the seat, dramatically reducing rebound injuries.

With the handlebar in the middle position, you can maneuver Doona easily while walking or sitting next to it. However, you must have Doona’s handlebar in this middle position to move from car seat to stroller. This is a built-in safety feature to prevent unintentional folding or an unintentional extension of the Doona handlebar while in carry mode.

Then once you’re ready to go, push the handlebar forward into push mode (as it won’t extend in the center position). The low setting is perfect for an older sibling, while the extended position is just right for mom and dad. Doona is designed such that you always maintain eye contact with your baby.

Doona 2

Folding Doona back into a seated position is not necessarily easy, on purpose. To fold up the Doona, adjust the handlebar to the center position, press down the red brake button to lock the wheels, and move the seat forward in a rocking motion as you press down on the back button. We find it takes a little bit of practice, but once you’ve done it a few times, you can quickly switch from car seat to stroller within seconds.

The Doona is truly a complete car seat system. In addition to the car seat and stroller combination, the Midnight edition includes the LATCH base, a vehicle seat protector that fits perfectly under the car seat to prevent spills from reaching the actual seats of the car, a black canopy with faux-leather detailing, a black bamboo-fiber infant insert and head support, and a faux leather removable handlebar cover.

7F1A5353 Edit 1200X800

The Doona Midnight Edition also includes the Essentials Bag. This compact, luxe, lightweight bag fits on the handle of your Doona with unique quick-release Doona connectors. While maintaining Doona’s stability and preventing entanglement hazards, the Essentials Bag allows you to be hands-free all day long. It also features a changing mat, and bottle holders on each side, while the top and side zippered openings provide quick and easy access to all your essentials.

Other accessories that can be purchased from Doona’s website include an insect net, rain cover, and a few other bags, including a snap-on storage bag that makes up for the lack of storage. However, all accessories must be removed before the car seat is installed back in the car.

Doona – Midnight Edition
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Eufy Baby Monitor 1

If you’re expecting, chances are that you’re also shopping for new baby gifts, like the perfect baby monitor. Considering how many options are available these days (from sound to video to movement), there’s a lot to think about when it comes to protecting your baby’s health while they sleep, and we’ve tried many of them. eufy’s Baby S340 Smart Sock Monitor has everything you need to insure that your baby is sleeping well. Not only can you visually lay eyes on your babe with the 2K camera featuring a 330° pan, 110° tilt, and 4× zoom features so you can see every detail, but you can easily track your baby’s real-time sleep data right from your phone.

Eufy Baby Monitor 4

eufy’s Smart Sock is comfortable, washable, and easy to wear. Made from a dirt-resistant, flexible, and washable material that is gentle on your baby’s skin, there are three sizes to choose from that will fit on either foot. From birth to 18 months, the Smart Sock is not only cozy, but it’s also fully capable of receiving strong data signals even when you’re not in the same room as your baby. Using a Fresnel lens, the Smart Sock can detect and read your baby’s vitals more accurately than other models.

Furthermore, the Smart Sock Baby monitor can keep track of your baby’s real-time sleep data, monitor heart rate and provide daily sleep reports that can help you determine how your baby’s sleep patterns are changing over time. You are also instantly notified from the smart base as well as your phone if your baby is awake, fussy, or they need attention.

The base glows green when your baby is well, while a sound and a red light from the base will tell you that you should check on your baby. The base also serves as a charging pad for the Smart Sock. Strong magnets hold the sensor on the sock in place while it charges, so you can drop it and go until the next sleep.

Eufy Baby Monitor 2

As if the Smart Sock wasn’t enough, we love that eufy also includes a 2K Camera. We have been using eufy’s cameras around the house for security purposes for years, and love that this one can capture delicate details with 2K crystal-clear clarity and see everything happening in your baby’s room. This camera also includes non-invasive night vision that lets you monitor closely, even in the dark. Never miss a beat with new baby gifts like eufy’s Baby S340 Smart Sock Monitor and 2K Camera.

Baby S340 Smart Sock Monitor
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You’ll find all the best brands for babies and kids on the Maisonette website! This expertly-curated marketplace has everything you need for your little ones, from clothing and bedding to nursery decorations and toys!

Just check out the butterfly mobile! It’s delicate and whimsical, perfect for entertaining and soothing a newborn. Better yet, it’s completely handcrafted and hand-painted in Philadelphia! The high-quality materials glimmer in the light and provide a dreamy visual experience for your little one. It’s so special you’ll want to pass it down as a family heirloom! If you want something more hands-on for your baby, try the undersea sensory ball. Your son or daughter can enjoy a variety of textures, colors, and sounds as they touch, throw, and shake this fun toy. It’s safe for your child to play with (even if that involves biting), and it can help their development! It’s also easy to clean!

If you want an upgraded piece in your nursery or play area, consider this activity chair. This sweet chair is comfy and soft, and it has restraints to help hold your baby in place until he or she can sit up safely and independently. The tray features adorable embroidery and fabric swatches – plus a mirror – to interest your little one’s senses. The chair is made with polyester and cotton and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Trust the two moms who founded Maisonette – they have the best new baby gifts from around the world all in one place. It’s your one-stop shop for nursery items, baby bathroom supplies, maternity gear, and more.

Butterfly Garden Mobile, White/Gold Floral | Sensorial Reef | Baby Activity Square Chair
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Baby Buddha

The BabyBuddha® Single or Double Portable Breast Pump is the perfect solution for busy moms who need to pump on the go! This breast pumping machine has a sufficiently quiet mechanism and a unique suction pattern in stimulation mode that mimics a baby’s natural suction pattern —  boosting breast milk production in moms struggling with low milk supply. 

Furthermore, Babybuddha’s automatic Pump lets you multitask; it offers hands-free, quick, and painless pumping that doesn’t bind in any way. Besides, Double Portable Breast Pumps are an excellent choice for new baby gifts for baby showers – allowing the new mom to produce more milk quickly! How does it operate? Simply charge the BabyBuddha’s automatic pump and use the trackball to go through the 14 different modes/settings to suit your needs. 

BabyBuddha® Single or Double Portable Breast Pump
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Stokke Clik Highchair 3

Looking for new baby gifts like a high chair that checks all the boxes for your growing family? Let us introduce you to STOKKE’s Clikk High Chair. The Clikk High Chair Travel Bundle is absolutely necessary for families on the go.

JPMA-certified for children from 6 months to 3 years, the Clikk was specially designed to address the needs of every parent with a quick, tool-free assembly high chair that can be ready to go in about a minute. Lightweight, travel-friendly, and easy to wipe clean with smooth surfaces from top to bottom, the Clikk also features a five-point harness, detachable and dishwasher-safe tray, and adjustable footrest.

Stokke Clik Highchair 4

Simple and sweet, not only is it easy to use at home, but it also doubles as a portable high chair when you pack it into the STOKKE Clikk Travel Bag. Perfect for any family that likes to explore, the travel bag’s robust fabric ensures that your high chair is protected for your journey.

Clikk High Chair Travel Bundle
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Momcozy 1

If you’re anything like us, you’re finding it more and more difficult to keep an eye on your baby. Many of us are working from home, which may seem like an ideal scenario for young parents, but that hybrid model paired with complicated routines and increased daycare expenses make it a challenge. As such, we find that new baby gifts such as a high-quality baby monitor is the best solution to give parents peace of mind when they can’t be with their child. With Momcozy’s Video Baby Monitor, parents can sleep comfortably and get things done around the house without feeling the overwhelming anxiety we often feel when we can’t see our baby.

Momcozy 3

Momcozy’s Video Baby Monitor keeps you connected with your baby like never before. Featuring a 1080p full HD camera, 5” large clear display, 2x and 4x zoom, and 360° all-round field of view, and a long battery life of 11.5 hours with display on (or 22 hours with display off) you’ll always have a clear and detailed view of your baby no matter where they are in their crib. Conversely, with a wireless range of up to 960ft, you can keep tabs on your child anywhere in the home. It can also alert parents when the temperature falls outside the preset range so your baby sleeps at the most comfortable temperature.

Note that the privacy of your family matters, and Momcozy’s new baby monitor utilizes a non-wifi monitoring system with a frequency-hopping spectrum (FHSS) that prevents hackers from remotely accessing the camera or microphone. This is always one of our biggest concerns with baby monitors, and Momycozy addresses the concern head-on.

Momcozy 2

Smart without being overly complicated, Momcozy’s video baby monitor is a perfect blend of the latest smart technology and simplicity, making them perfect new baby gifts. Setup is a breeze, and the monitor can be used in two convenient ways – wall-mounted or stand-alone. This baby monitor gives a little extra reassurance to you and your baby, featuring two-way communication so parents can soothe their little ones with their voice when they’re not around, as well as including six onboard lullabies to help lull babies to sleep and a VOX voice control trigger system for real-time feedback. Plus, the monitor is small enough to fit in your pocket, which is perfect for busy parents.

Video Baby Monitor
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Parenting isn’t something most people know innately. It’s a skill that you learn — once you become one yourself. Orbiel can help you with the beautiful experience of raising your little one by giving them their space and taking them off your hip! The PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity Center by Orbiel is an interactive play station for your toddler that serves as both entertainment and an introduction to something other than mom or dad. It is one of the best new baby gifts available.

It includes a variety of captivating toys for your little angel’s various growth phases, assisting them in developing their motor and cognitive abilities. It’s a terrific method to keep your babe occupied and give mom some peace while she works. Besides, its solid construction ensures your baby’s safety, so you don’t need to worry about it toppling over.

Another great thing about PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity – Monsterland Adventures Center is that it keeps being advantageous to you in the coming years as your little one grows. With the Stools Combo, this play table can be converted into a useful learning/eating table. How functional and convenient is that as a multipurpose toy!?

PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity Center – Monsterland Adventures + Stools Combo
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Yoto 1

When it comes to parenting a new baby, you may spend a lot of your time thinking about sleep. How to get more sleep, keep your baby asleep in their crib, create the perfect ambiance for a restful night’s sleep, and more! Most parents end up purchasing some white sound machine, and while that can solve many problems, we hate the idea of spending money on something capable of performing only one function.

As such, if you’re looking for new baby gifts that will not only create the perfect sounds for sleeping but can also serve as a screen-free device as your child gets older, look no further than the Yoto Player!

Yoto 2

The Yoto Player is a screen-free device that offers a platform for listening to books, soundscapes, music, podcasts, and the radio – with no screen or ads! In those early days of parenthood, Yoto can serve as your baby’s nursery sound machine. As your child grows up, they can grab a card and plop it into their own Yoto Player any time they want to listen to a good story! Yoto also acts as a clock and nightlight, allowing your kids can customize the face in the front to their liking!

While we particularly love Yoto’s Peaceful Baby Bundle, Yoto has a huge library of book cards, with books ranging from age 0 to age 12+. You can even make your own cards from home-recorded songs and stories. We also love that once you have a Yoto, you have access to their app, which means taking your sounds, songs, and stories on the road with you, all from your smartphone. Additionally, there is free content available via the Yoto app, so this player is truly a gift that can continue growing with your kids!

Yoto Player | Peaceful Baby Bundle | Adventure Jacket
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Holding, cuddling, and talking to babies have a long-term effect on their brain development. That’s why it’s essential to bond with your little one — doing things that make them feel safe and comforted. Moms and dads (and anyone who babysits) will love the Kahlmi Baby Massager – it is a must-have if you’re looking for new baby gifts because babies love massages! The first of its kind — this Baby Massager helps relax agitated infants who are teething, constipated, or experiencing gas. Moreover, the edible silicone and non-toxic material used to create this anti-bacterial massager makes it perfectly safe and ideal for your baby.

Babies will feel soothed with the gentle, adjustable vibration with a three-level setting option. Calm your infant, help alleviate excessive screaming, and induce a peaceful state and sleep for you and your precious babe. With three different massage heads, you can switch them depending on your little one’s mood and playfulness. Besides, it is rechargeable, allowing you to take it everywhere with the included handy travel bag.

Kahlmi Baby Massager
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293096385 1261414821295734 650135513401950346 N

This is the only baby carrier you will ever need! The Baby Carrier from Colugo is designed to hold your baby in three positions (inward, outward, and back carry) from newborn up to 33 pounds. It will last you a long time! It is adjustable, and the fabric is lightweight and breathable, enhancing comfort for you and your little one. It’s made with 100% polyester plus 100% nylon for the belt and straps. It’s also machine washable and comes in various colors and patterns.

It’s nice to know that, as your baby grows, you still have a convenient device to help you go hands-free while still holding your kiddo. Most importantly, this carrier has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association.

Parents everywhere love Colugo products like The Baby Carrier! Colugo wants to build parents’ confidence by providing high-quality items that are easy to use and priced fairly. They spend hours researching solutions to common pain points that parents experience, and they use real-life parents on their Customer Service team to ensure customers get help from people who understand their needs and relate to their situations. The people of Colugo believe that the right new baby gifts can make parenting just a little easier.

The Baby Carrier
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Baby’s Brew

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This is the gadget every mama needs when she gets her new baby gifts! Babies often turn up their cute little noses at cold milk. This portable bottle warmer ensures you’ll have nice warm bottles for your little one no matter where you are! It comes with adapters for four of the top bottle brands on the market, so you can use it for more than one type of bottle.

This bottle warmer holds a charge of 8 to 12 hours and works with breastmilk and most formulas. Most importantly, it has uses slow, safe-heating technology to prevent hot spots that could burn your little one. So, order this nifty tool for yourself to make parenting just a smidge easier, or get it for a new mom friend! These make truly wonderful new baby gifts!

Portable Bottle Warmer and Adapter Set
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Milky Mama

Becoming a mother is certainly not an easy experience—it’s emotionally charging, physically demanding, and requires a lot of patience. It’s for the little souls a mother is ready to do all that, and Milky Mama aims to ease this journey a little with its extraordinary lactation supplements. From LeMOOnade to Melons, Lactation Drink Mixes are a blend of organic herbs to aid your lactation journey along with tremendous other benefits. It stimulates milk flow and production while also protecting your baby’s delicate tummy by minimizing flatulence. This package of goodness and advantages is necessary for all lactating women, not to mention how delicious it tastes.

Milky Maiden, in addition to stimulating the mammary gland to produce more milk, significantly improves the quality of breast milk. With two bulb squeezes of Milky Maden daily, your milk will taste delicious, creamy, and nutritionally fortified. Furthermore, it facilitates milk flow resulting in quicker filling and storing. If you feel like your breasts aren’t producing regularly, or your baby isn’t getting enough, Milky Mama’s Pumping Queen will efficiently help you with that. The Shatavari root, Moringa leaf, and Ashwagandha in this supplement help to enhance mammary glands to their fullest potential, resulting in increased milk production and flow. Heck, you may need to start storing some if you get this product with your new baby gifts!

Lactation Drink Mixes | Pumping Queen | Milky Maiden
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Davin & Adley

Davinandadley 1

If you plan to breastfeed or pump with your new baby, you absolutely need maternity and nursing garments that are designed to support wearable breast pumps and collection cups. Davin & Adley’s collection of maternity, nursing, and pumping bras and tanks are not only functional, but they’re designed to make you feel beautiful.

We particularly love the Logan Maternity and Nursing Bralette, which is now available in a new color with convertible back straps! This bra is perfect if your normal cup size is between an A-E (although if you’re beyond these cup sizes, don’t fret – a busty version is also available) and is so comfortable that you’ll want to keep in on while nursing, lounging, doing yoga or even for a date night! Whether you pull up or down, this is a must-have for all your breastfeeding needs, and makes great new baby gifts during a baby shower.

Davinandadley 2

Another must-have is the Amelia Hands-free Pumping and Nursing Crop Cami! Voted the best bra to wear with Elvie Pump, Willow Go, Legendairy Milk Collection Cups, Lacteck Flanges, and Pumpables Liquid Flanges, the Amelia is the perfect cami to wear if you’re a pumping mama. Available in several different colors, we find that the Amelia does run a little tighter than some of their other bras. However, their new 2.0 design overlaps flange slits on the lining for coverage when not pumping.

Logan Maternity and Nursing Bralette | Amelia Hands-free Pumping and Nursing Crop Cami
Davin & Adley | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Dreamland Baby

Sleep sacks have become the go-to hack for many parents who need their little ones to sleep! Because of their zippered design, they are safer for sleep than lose blankets that can cause suffocation. There are thousands of sleep sack options on the market, but Dreamland Baby has some special options and makes great new baby gifts!

The Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle for babies in sizes 0-6 months comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s made with 100% cotton that is soft on your child’s skin and machine-washable. The design includes the company’s exclusive CoverCalm® Technology, evenly distributing weight from the shoulders to the toes. This reduces stress and increases relaxation, helping your little one fall asleep and stay asleep without fuss. The deep pressure stimulation of the weighted blanket doesn’t make it extra hot, though; it’s lightweight to prevent overheating.

The built-in swaddle band makes this sleep sack work double duty! As your child grows and develops, you can adjust how you swaddle with three different options – both arms in, one arm in, or both arms out. Then, as your baby grows out of the swaddling stage, you can shift to the Dream Weighted Sleep Sack. It has all the features of the other option, minus the swaddle, and comes in sizes as large as 36 months.

Dreamland Baby’s website includes all the information to help you feel confident in your purchase; they also offer matching pajamas for moms for the perfect new baby gifts! Designed to feel like a hug, sleep sacks, and swaddles help your infant feel calm, comfy, and secure!

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months | Dream Weighted Sleep Sack
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Hubble Connected


When looking for the best new baby gifts, the Hubble Eclipse+ Smart Soother and Wi-Fi audio monitor should be at the top of your list. The Eclipse+ is equipped with a multicolor night light and has an elegant circular design, making it a great addition to the baby’s room.

With the HubbleClub app, you can access hundreds of lullabies, soothing sounds, and bedtime stories preloaded on this multiple-award-winning monitor. As an additional feature, ConnectChat allows two-way communication between the child and parent. A voice message is sent to the HubbleClub app when the child presses the button on the device’s base and can start talking into the speaker. Using its rechargeable battery, you can also play your favorite music via Bluetooth speaker while moving it around your home.

Every parent can agree that HubbleClub’s Smart Sleep Trainer is one of the best features. Parents can set a pattern for “time to sleep” and “time to rise” and associate different light and sound effects with each. This allows your baby to develop healthy sleep patterns. So give your little one sweet dreams and the promise of a good night’s sleep with new baby gifts like the Hubble Eclipse+. 

Eclipse+ Smart Soother
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The teething phase can take a toll on your infant. It makes them irritable, brings discomfort, distorts sleep, and is an overall unpleasant experience. However, teethers from Douglas can make this growing phase a little easier on both you and your little one. Douglas offers a wide range of adorable, eye-catching Teethers featuring the cutest toy shapes. Every Teether is lightweight and has a perfect ring size to fit easily in your baby’s small, chubby fists.

Moreover, the silicone used in its manufacturing is safe and soft — so your little one can gnaw on it without hurting their gums. You can get the teethers in unicorn, doll, dragon, and pony toy-shape. Plus, it makes great springtime new baby gifts for a baby shower!

Douglas Teethers
Douglas | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Busy Baby

Busy Baby 1

When shopping for new baby gifts, we often forget how quickly babies move from cuddly to “busy” within a few short months. Eating, chewing, crawling, and everything in between, babies between the ages of 4 and 18 months are ready to explore the world. As such, when it’s time for babies to sit in one place, it’s important that all of their favorite toys, teethers, sippy cups, and utensils are within reach. Busy Baby exceeded those expectations by creating the Original Busy Baby Silicone Placement that suctions to smooth surfaces and allows you to hook up your baby’s favorite things, so you don’t have to pick them up off the ground every other minute.

Free from toxins, the Busy Baby Bundle includes the original baby mat with 4 tethers, a Busy Baby Mini Mat, a teether and training spoon, a bottle bungee, and a toy bungee. Not only are these great for keeping your child busy while they hang with you in the kitchen, but they’re also great for mealtime and art projects! Even better, the mat and toy straps roll up into a convenient travel sleeve that fits in all diaper bags and most purses, making Busy Baby a must-have for your new baby gifts.

Busy Baby Bundle
Busy Baby | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Halo Sleep

Halo Sleep 1

If you’re anything like us, you struggle with a hospital-tight swaddle. Rather than toss out the concept of swaddling entirely, check out Halo’s 100% Cotton Swaddles. The only 3-way swaddle that adjusts to fit baby’s sleep style, Halo’s cotton swaddle’s unique design allows you to keep baby’s arms in, hands-to-face, or with one or both arms out to ensure baby’s (and parent’s) best sleep. With adjustable fasteners for a perfect fit, this swaddle nestles baby like a soft blanket without the risk of sleep-related dangers. And, with signature “Back is Best” embroidery, you’re gently reminded to place your baby in the recommended sleep position.

Halo Sleep 2

But what about when your baby “outgrows” swaddling? Parents often wonder how they’ll keep their baby warm at night once their baby becomes “Houdini” and escapes their swaddle since they aren’t able to put a blanket in the crib. Our answer: the SleepSack! Halo created the first SleepSack over 20 years ago with both safety and comfort in mind.

Featuring an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes and a roomy sack design that’s recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as promoting healthy hip development, Halo’s SleepSack is available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and sizes. We particularly love the 100% Cotton Muslin SleepSacks for warmer months. You’ll want to give these out as new baby gifts to all expectant mothers.

100% Cotton Swaddle | 100% Cotton Muslin SleepSack
HALO | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Lil Nipper

If you dread clipping baby fingernails as much as we do, check out Lil Nipper. This battery-operated, automatic nail trimmer is designed to safely clip fingernails without harming surrounding skin, so these are the perfect new baby gifts to give to expectant mothers. Designed for delicate nails, a safety shield helps protect infants’ fingers, and an LED light shines over the nail slot. Nail clippings are captured in a hidden compartment for a mess-free solution, and the product is antimicrobial to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Lil Nipper
Lil Nipper | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube

buybuy Baby

When you need new baby gifts, get everything right at buybuy Baby! They have everything you need, from nursery decorations and furniture to feeding and bathing necessities.

Consider these hooded animal bath towels, for instance. They are 100 percent machine-washable terry cotton fabric and feature fun designs like dinosaurs, sharks, elephants, and more! They are soft, absorbent, affordable (all the things you like), and fun and whimsical, too (which the kiddos love). They make bath time easier for everyone! You can also find bigger items at buybuy Baby like the beautiful rope hamper!

It’s made with polyester and cotton, so it wipes clean easily, and the simple stripe design is classy and understated without being dull. It also has helpful side handles for easy carrying. Use it as a bin for your new baby gifts or a basket for laundry – either way, it’s a great find from buybuy Baby!

ever & ever™ Dinosaur Hooded Bath Towel in Green | ever & ever™ Striped Rope Hamper in Dusk Blue/Coconut Milk
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Rascal + Friends

Nurture your little watering can with top-of-the-line diapers! We know that parenting isn’t easy, and those ever-active kiddos make it even harder. But Rascal + Friends has you covered with their premium diapers that are designed to provide the optimum combination of comfort and durability. Not only are they a perfect fit for wriggly worms, but they take protection to the next level too! Nighttime won’t be an issue as these babies are made to power through without leaking a drop—talk about off to dreamland in no time. And don’t worry about nasty chemicals either, as they’ve taken extra steps so that these diapers are free from phthalates, latex, and any other nasties known to man (or toddler).

Rascal + Friends Premium Diapers
Rascal + Friends | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Pinterest

Tubby Todd

We’re all looking forward to sunnier days, but let’s make sure our little ones are protected from harmful rays from the sun! Luckily, Tubby Todd has just the right products you protect little kids’ skin. The Mineral Sunscreen is a great choice for those looking for natural and gentle yet effective coverage. This mineral-based formula is perfect for sensitive skin and helps provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection that lasts up to 80 minutes in water. If you’re looking for new baby gifts, be sure to include this one on your list.

It uses a non-nano zinc oxide base that naturally reflects both UVB and UVA rays from the skin surface, all without harsh chemicals or fragrances. Similarly, the (S)undercover product is also a great option that includes the special non-nano zinc oxide formula. This high-performance sunscreen lotion is designed specifically for babies and kids, and it gives broad-spectrum protection without any of the heavy, greasy feels of traditional sunscreens. Not all sunblocks are created equally, but items like this from Tubby Todd really stand out as winners!

Mineral Sunscreen | (S)undercover SPF 50
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Dingle Dangle

Dingle1 1

Interact with your baby while taking the stress out of diaper changing time by wearing the Dingle Dangle on your head. That’s right, a mobile dangles from your head so the baby will not be so squirmy during changing times. Created by Dads for babies from birth to 18 months old, the Dingle Dangle brings loads of smiles and laughs as new baby gifts, but more importantly, it’s the innovative baby hack that makes diaper changing a breeze.

Mobiles help develop a baby’s eyesight, focus, and head and neck muscles. The Dingle Dangle New Parent Gift Set includes not only the headband mobile but can transform into a portable octopus mobile for a crib or stroller, as well as a pufferfish rattle and sensory rod. Simply put, the unique Dingle Dangle is super fun for parents and babies, as well as a useful tool to entertain babies while changing diapers!

Dingle Dangle New Parent Gift Set
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Mommy’s Bliss

Mommys Bliss

New parents are up against a lot. Help your favorite new parent get their happy baby back with Mommy’s Bliss’s Newborn Essentials Gift Set containing four of our favorite products that will inevitably be needed in those first few weeks of a baby’s life. The Gripe Water and Gas Relief Drops are a lifesaver when it comes to helping calm tummy troubles, while the Vitamin D Drops are at the top of most pediatricians’ lists for promoting healthy growth. Also included are Saline Drops/Spray to help with sniffles.

Mommy’s Bliss Newborn Essentials Gift Set
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My Mommy Wisdom

Florida-based My Mommy Wisdom is a certified cruelty-free product line focusing on holistic healing and wellness. They have many products to help your child stay active, healthy, safe, and comfortable.

First, take a look at these skincare items. The bug spray is a repellent that naturally keeps bugs away while alleviating the irritation of existing bug bites. The ingredients – copaiba essential oil, citronella, and lemongrass – reduce overall itchiness and swelling with just a few spritzes on the arms and legs! The bath bombs, made with oatmeal, honey, shea butter, baking soda, and citric acid, are calming for all your senses. Kids will enjoy the fun fizzing action in the bathtub while also benefitting from the moisturizing, calming effects and sweet, subtle fragrances of oatmeal and honey.

If you need extra relief for particularly dry patches of skin or flair-ups of eczema, try the Everyday Relief Moisturizer. It’s made with cocoa butter for moisture and geranium essential oils for sweetness. With the twice daily application on affected areas, you will notice extra hydration and less irritation. This multipurpose moisturizer works for people of all ages with a variety of skin conditions.

If your little one has a bit of a cold, My Mommy Wisdom has a few products you can try. The Congestion Bombs are made up of similar ingredients as the Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bath Bombs, but the essential oil used in this particular product is from eucalyptus. Just add this bath bomb to your kiddo’s bath water and let the soothing vapors gently reduce congestion. Then, for additional help, use the menthol-free chest rub after the bath to further help your child breathe more easily.

This rub contains a mix of oils – extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oils from lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. Just massage it into the skin in a circular motion on the chest and on the soles of the feet, and behind the ears. This will ease a lot of suffering caused by common colds, coughs, congestion, allergies, and general stuffy noses.

My Mommy Wisdom is an award-winning company that offers support through affordable, effective products aimed at all sides of the motherhood journey. Give their website a browse, and you’ll be blown away by how much help they can give you!

Don’t Bug Me Spray | Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bath Bombs | Everyday Relief Moisturizer | Congestion Bombs | Chest Rub
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Tiny Knot Co.

Bring on all the big, bold bows for your baby girl! Headbands and headwraps are so much for accessorizing your daughter; there are so many to choose from! Tiny Knot Co. has some good options using a patent-pending design that lays flat against your little one’s head to avoid imprints or marks and keep your baby comfortable. They are made from high-quality bamboo fabric – perfect for sensitive skin! They come in a variety of fun colors, making them great new baby gifts.

Want someone a little funkier? Try the Lola design! It uses the same fabric and technology, but instead of a bowed headband, it is actually a knotted headwrap. Enjoy a beautiful round knot and a fashionable leopard print!

Ember – Bamboo Baby Bow Headwrap | Goldie – Bamboo Baby Bow Headwrap | Ocean – Bamboo Baby Bow Headwrap | Lola, Black – Bamboo Baby Knotted Headwrap | Lola, Blush – Bamboo Baby Knotted Headwrap
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