24 Unique Baby Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are so much brighter when you’re celebrating them with your new bundle of joy! Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, finding unique gifts can be a bit difficult. We’ve got you covered with these unique baby gift ideas that your whole family will enjoy!

From wagons to clothes and toys, these baby gift ideas are ones that your older kids will love showing off to your new baby. Whether you are looking for a little something to fit under the tree to a gift the whole family will love, these baby gift ideas will make this Christmas all the more merry and bright!

Gladly Family

Daily Mom Parent Portal Family Gladly Dm Export2 5 baby gift ideas

Family road trips visiting the family over the holidays do not have to stop after four kids, instead, they can get even more exciting with Gladly Family in your trunk. Gladly Family’s Anthem4™ 4-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller is the stylish, rugged wagon every family with four or more kids needs. This portable, durable wagon is an all-terrain stroller for any vacation or outdoor excursion. This wagon is easy to use and assemble without the clumsiness of many larger strollers.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Family Gladly Dm Export2 6

The Anthem4™ 4-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller is easy to maneuver regardless of whether you are pushing or pulling. The wagon is equipped with an easy-to-use brake so you can park with no worries of a runaway stroller. Baby gift ideas that encourage baby safety are wonderful for new parents!

Not only is this beautiful, hardy wagon easy to use for the parents, it is also super comfortable for the kids. The roomy interior can hold four kids up to 50 pounds each. Each seat is equipped with a three-point safety harness for a secure and comfortable ride. Use all four seats or the inside wagon area for additional storage for your diaper bag or shopping bags.

A stow-away mattress is also included for your little ones if they decide they need to lie down across the benches. Along with the interior of the Anthem4™ 4-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller are mesh storage pockets for snacks, water, diapers, or whatever else you may need while on the go.

The versatility of the Anthem4™ 4-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller will make your next trip a hundred times easier and far more fun. Sun, wind, or rain, this wagon is equipped with all you need, extra-large canopies, all-terrain sturdy suspension, and a comfortable interior for your kiddoes while on the go. For those “large” families on the go, put Gladly Family on your radar for gift-giving ideas!

Anthem4™ 4-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller
Gladly Family | Facebook | Instagram


Daily Mom Parent Portal Storkcraft 5

If you’re looking for baby gift ideas that will truly make an impact in the child’s life, then look no further than Storkcraft! Storkcraft offers high-quality furniture that truly grows with your children. Each piece of furniture they make can fit into whatever aesthetic your household has. One of the best baby gift ideas this holiday season is the Moss 6 Drawer Universal Double Dresser!

The Moss 6 Drawer Universal Double Dresser is a beautiful farmhouse-style dresser that is the perfect addition to any nursery. Made of high-quality wood and composites, this dresser can take the wear and tear of your little one as they throw everything they own into each drawer. The Moss 6 Drawer Universal Double Dresser has 6 deep and spacious drawers, perfect for the early days where parents need to store diapers and additional sizes of clothing as their baby grows.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Storkcraft 1

Worried about the safety of this dresser? Don’t stress! The Moss 6 Drawer Universal Double Dresser is non-toxic and meets all applicable federal safety standards and even has a 1-year warranty with supportive customer care! As your baby grows into a toddler and eventually into a big kid, this dresser will be in their room to help store their items each step of the way. When you’re looking at baby gift ideas that will last for years to come, the Moss 6 Drawer Universal Double Dresser is one of the top picks!

Moss 6 Drawer Universal Double Dresser
Storkcraft | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Pnw 4841 2

Baby gift ideas that will grow with your kids are such important gifts! Car seats may be for your child, but you want the best possible car seat for your peace of mind as well as one that can grow with your child. That is why we love the Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat because it is designed to be comfortable for your little one from toddler years and beyond as they go from rear-facing to forward-facing. With easy installation and simple touchpoints, this car seat is designed to make your life easier with your family on the go.

As a busy parent, you need the reinsurance that safety is a top priority no matter where you are or where you are headed. Chicco knows this and created the NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat with a SuperCinch® that cinches upon force and a LockSure® system to make it easy to achieve a snug fit in your car regardless if you are using a latch system or the seatbelt.

Plus this makes it that much easier for vehicle-to-vehicle transitions! You will feel confident that your child’s safety is a top priority wherever you go. This year baby gift ideas can be practical as well as convenient!

The padded nine-position headrest will grow with your child, for comfort on the road.  As the NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat can accommodate children 12-40 pounds and up to 43 inches tall in a rear-facing position and 22-65 pounds and up to 49 inches tall in a forward-facing position.  We all know spills happen and don’t worry, you can easily throw the fabric in the washing machine and cupholder in the dishwasher to make your life even easier! 

NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat
Chicco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Daily Mom Parent Portal Dockatot 4

Whether you’re celebrating the season away or at home, the DockATot is a definite must-have when it comes to baby gift ideas. With all the hustle and bustle around the holidays, the DockATot Deluxe+ dock is ideal for travel, lounging, and gives your little one the utmost safety and security.

The DockATot isn’t a multiple award-winning station for no reason. It’s specifically made to cradle your baby in a way that will remind them of being nestled in the womb. It can be used for playing, cuddling, diaper changing, and even tummy time. This ingenious dock can easily be taken all throughout the house, on road trips, or anywhere else you want to go with your bundle of joy! The best part? DockATot goes through rigorous testing to make sure that your little one is in a safe environment when using their product. This extra care makes DockATot a superior product.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Dockatot 7

But don’t stop there! Pair your new DockATot Deluxe+ with their best-selling mobile toy bundle! Your baby will be overjoyed to reach and play with these dangling sensory toys, and you, in turn, will love seeing them learn to play!

The Cheeky Chums Toy Set is not your average baby toy. This toy arch gives babies a chance to strengthen their muscles, tap into their fine motor skills, and bring about stimulation to their growing imaginations. A sweet collaboration with New York artist Matthew Langille, this quirky addition to your DockATot will become a favorite in an instant!

DockATot Deluxe+ | Cheeky Chums Toy Set
Dokatot | Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok

Totter And Tumble

Daily Mom Parent Portal Totter Tumble 8

Your home should serve you, not the other way around. When choosing a gift of home items for parents, finding an item that is safe and easy to care for makes the best gift. This season, Totter And Tumble excitedly share their new Trailblazer Playmat.

The Trailblazer Playmat is unique because it’s beautiful enough to use in any home-not just the children’s room. Parents and children alike can enjoy this mat. It is so simple to care for (roll it up and wipe it down) and it’s reversible, so you can switch up the look of each room as you see fit. The supportive 1/2 inch thick memory foam will cushion even the littlest bodies but will also help playtime feel a bit more comfortable for the adults.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Totter Tumble 3 2

This beautiful playmat by Totter And Tumble will not only bring the room together but will also bring the family together for years to come.

The Trailblazer Playmat
Totter And Tumble | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Little Unicorn

Daily Mom Parent Portal Lu 2

Designed by parents for parents, the creative minds behind Little Unicorn, have a passion when it comes to the blankets your babies are wrapped in. All of their products have met rigorous global safety standards and are free of harmful chemicals. For new babies and older children, Little Unicorn offers something for everyone to curl up and snuggle with.

Don’t let the name fool you! The bison on this blanket might be little but overall, the Little Unicorn Bison Quilt is supersized. Measuring 60” x 72” this blanket is perfect for naptime, playtime, and even building forts. Made with 100%, cotton muslin this fabric will get softer and softer every time you wash it. Our favorite feature of this blanket is its four breathable layers, perfect for keeping your little one warm but not overheated. Similarly, the Planetary Quilt may not be quite a large as the universe but will help your little astronaut drift off to dreamland with its cozy comfort and cool planetary pattern.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Lu

Picnic playdates at the park have never been more inviting thanks to Midnight Poppy. This outdoor blanket is 100% Polyester, water-resistant, and easy to clean. Our favorite feature of the Midnight Poppy blanket is that it folds up into a compact shape and has a carrying handle, making it ideal for travel outside the home. The Midnight Poppy is the ideal grab n’ go gift for parents of littles this holiday season.

Little Unicorn Bison Quilt | Little Unicorn Planetary Quilt | Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket Midnight Poppy
Little Unicorn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Morphee Daily Mom Parent Portal 3

Baby gift ideas that help all of us sleep? Sign us up! Families are busier than ever, and with that busyness comes stress, fatigue, and even insomnia. This holiday season, we are saying “Bienvenue” to Morphée, a France-based company bringing the benefits of meditation and relaxation to sleep cycles all over the world.

Each of these sessions can last either 8 or 20 minutes, and listeners can relax through the built-in speaker or through their own headphones. My Little Morphée will help children learn their body’s rhythms and allow them to naturally relax with all the calming benefits experienced by Mom and Dad. Giving the gift of relaxation and restful sleep is perhaps one of the best gifts we can give our loved ones this season, and Morphée is so small and portable that rest can happen anywhere and any time.

Morphee Daily Mom Parent Portal 9

Morphée creates small but powerful machines that rest on your bedside table. Resting inside a beautiful wooden shell are gears that you can customize to create your resting experience. Geared towards adults, you can choose from 8 relaxation and sleep techniques that feature sessions focused on a body scan, breathing, movement, visualization, cardiac coherence, and napping accompanied by relaxing music and nature sounds.

Morphée | My Little Morphée
Morphée | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Wander & Roam

Daily Mom Parent Portal 1314

It may be your baby’s first Christmas, and that means they’re likely crawling all around your tree! While it’s a beautiful and magical sight to see, your little one crawling around all over the house can cause a bit of panic for parents. While you can find any playmat for your kids, some are made with harmful/flammable materials, and they may not blend in with your decor. Wander & Roam has given us a safe and chic place for our kids to crawl all season long!

Daily Mom Parent Portal 1292

Baby gift ideas don’t have to be bright and colorful things, and honestly some of us can’t stand the bright neon colors that most kids’ toys are these days. The tribal + mecca reversible playmat is perfect for parents who want to add a little pop to their living room. The designs on each side of the tribal + mecca will go with any decor, and when your guests walk in they may even mistake it for a rug! Unlike rugs, this playmat is so easy to wipe clean, whether you’re wiping up spit up or apple juice! It’s a mom’s dream come true!

The tribal + mecca reversible playmat is made completely of non-toxic foam, and is BPA and latex-free! Not only is this playmat free of harmful chemicals, but it’s also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Instead of crawling around on the carpet full of pet dander, you and your little one will breathe easier knowing that they have a safe space to call their own.

tribal + mecca
Wander & Roam | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Haba 3 1

Haba has perfect baby gift ideas for kids and parents who love everything farm-related! From horses to pigs, there are so many things that your babies will love at every age! For the kids who are full of energy and love to bounce all day, the Horse Baby Swing will have them imaging that they’re riding their own pony with each hop. This swing has a padded back to ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe as they rock to and fro all day long. With adjustable straps and for weight and height, this swing will last you more than a couple of months. In fact, you’ll love watching your little one grow with it!

For more farm baby gift ideas, the On the Farm Water Play Mat Tummy Time Activity is perfect for your babies development and entertainment! This water mat is colorful and full of different items to entertain your baby. From the farmer rattle, to the squeaking pig, your little explorer will be encouraged to develop those fine motor skills as they play “on the farm” all day!

Horse Baby Swing | On the Farm Water Play Mat Tummy Time Activity
Haba | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portao Oribel

The holidays can be more fun when you’re searching for baby gift ideas for your new bundle of joy. While you may feel like you want to buy every single thing for your baby, finding something they will actually enjoy (and help develop motor skills), is key this holiday season! The PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center is the perfect “first Christmas gift” for your baby that will grow with them!

The PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center is a multi-stage activity center that starts as early as 5 months old and can stretch to 5 years old! With early development toys that include music, graphic cards, teethers, and more, your baby will love exploring all of their senses and developing those fine motor skills!

Daily Mom Parent Portao Oribel 2

As opposed to other baby toys, the PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center is made to grow along with your little one. When your baby has mastered (or become bored with) a certain toy, you can easily swap them out for a more advanced activity. They’ll love spinning around in a 360 swivel action, bouncing from toy to toy. When they’ve finally outgrown each section and begin walking, you can transform the PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center into a table and chairs! This is such a perfect first Christmas present that will continue to spoil your child for years!

PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center 
Oribel | Facebook | Instagram| Youtube | Pinterest

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P3050 Peapodprestige Hero Scaled 1

Traveling for the holidays with a baby? Turn sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house into a Christmas adventure with the KidCo Peapod Prestige. Ideal for children ages 1-4 years old, this lightweight travel bed has many features including fully meshed side walls, an easy to pack carry bag, sewn in toy loops, internal storage pockets, and UV protection.

Perfect for on-the-go naps while they’re little or letting their imaginations go wild as they build their own fort, the Peapod Prestige can be used indoors or out.

P3051 Car 0034

Peapod Prestige

KidCo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest 

Habbi Habbi

Daily Mom Parent Portal Habbi

Learning the languages of the world can be a great learning experience for your little one. Sure, toys and new digital games are all the rave, but for those parents who want to rip open a new world of possibilities, Habbi Habbi equips your future bilinguist. Baby gift ideas don’t have to start when they’re newborns, it can be something for them to have as they grow older. Gifting the Starter Set (Wand + 5 Books) is the perfect entry-level book set for the littles to start learning about a new language and culture.

Every book in this set is tappable, colorful, and interactive to bring the pages to life – as if it was a digital game! Learning a new language suddenly becomes far more amusing than parents or children ever expected. Along with five books to learn easy, fun phrases, this Starter Set comes with a wand to keep your child engaged as they follow along with the words. 

Starter Set (Wand + 5 Books)
Habbi Habbi | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

The Tot

Daily Mom Parent Portal Thetot 5

New babies can be so much fun to shop for around the holidays! From toys to clothes, there are so many things to choose from. But not all products are created equally, and not all clothes are safe for kids. When you’re looking for safe and cute clothes for your little one, The Tot has it all!

The Tot has a wide selection of clothes that are high quality and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for your little one to play in every day! The Organic Ribbed Henley is hands down one of the cutest shirts you’ll see on your newborn, toddler, or big kid! This shirt comes in multiple sizes and colors, making it perfect for anyone on your list this year. Pair it with the Organic Ribbed Jogger and you have a cute set of clothes that are made of 97% organic cotton and 3% elastane.

Wanting a little more pizzaz for your baby’s clothes? Then the Bamboo Long Sleeve Lap Shoulder Bodysuit- Hot Air Balloons paired with the Bamboo Legging- Hot Air Balloons is perfect for you! The hot air balloons that are printed on this onesie and leggings are made with non-toxic dyes and inks. Not only are they safe for your kids to wear, but they are whimsical and magical, encouraging your little one to keep reaching for the sky.

Organic Ribbed Henley | Organic Ribbed Jogger | Bamboo Long Sleeve Lap Shoulder Bodysuit- Hot Air Balloons| Bamboo Legging- Hot Air Balloons
The Tot | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


5nt Charcoalgoldquiltedelephantluxepillowdadbottlefeedingjoe0715aw C2020 Psfrom2018

The Luxe Feeding & Infant Support Pillow is a favorite of new parents everywhere and this holiday season if you are looking for a gift for a baby or a new mama look no further. This ergonomically designed pillow is ideal for breast or bottle-feeding babies! Perfect for supporting little heads and tiny bodies while feeding, this versatile pillow will also last well into toddlerhood as the Luxe Feeding & Infant Support Pillow is also a great option to support little ones during tummy time when learning to sit up, and more! With so many options for cozy, comfy support, the Boppy Nursing Pillow is a must for new parents and babies everywhere!

Luxe Feeding & Infant Support Pillow
Boppy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Ububba Avocado

Looking for more baby gift ideas that are clothing? Finding cute clothes for your little ones is a must. Avocados are trendy in food, clothing, and in art. So, why not dress your little cutie-patootie in the Baby Avocado Sweatshirt Onesie. Your little darling will look delightful in the olive green outfit. They will be the most on-trend baby on the block.

Ububba Deer

The whimsical Deer Onesie makes the most adorable holiday gift for the little one in your family. It’s perfect for an aunt to get for her dear little niece. The ribbed deer hoodie boasts easy snaps for dressing and diaper changing. This is a must-have outfit for your little one for the most adorable holiday photos.

The elegant yet ever so comfortable Baby Knit Onesie with a Daisy Embroidered Tulle Skirt will have your little princess looking elegant for her first winter ball. The tulle skirt flows over the soft onesie. It has the look of a fluffy dress but the comfort and ease of a onesie.

Baby Avocado Sweatshirt Onesie | Deer Onesie | Daisy Embroidered Tulle Skirt
ububba | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Moon-Babe Blankets

Moon Babe 2

The Moon-Babe Make Magic Blanket welcomes sweet dreams from the night sky. The fun design in colors of sapphire, ochre, ocean, and fire opens the doors of imagination. Moon-Babe blankets are created with the goal for parents to transfer their positive intentions and energy to their little ones. Wrap your little one not just in warmth with a Moon-Babe blanket, but also in love, comfort, protection, and patience.

Moon-Babe blankets are made of 75 percent recycled cotton for comfort and 25 percent recycled polyester for durability. They are knit in the United States at a family-owned and family-operated mill. The soft, snuggly durable blankets measure 30 by 40 inches. Tuck your little one in for a goodnight’s sleep or use Moon-Babe as a lap blanket to snuggle by a campfire. Moon-Babe blankets come in several, creative designs, including one for each astrological sign.

Make Magic Blanket |
Moon-Babe Blankets | Facebook | Instagram


Daily Mom Parent Portal Keababies 3

The holidays look a little different when you’re a mom. While you’ll want to be showered with gifts for yourself, sometimes those gifts include your little one! Some of the best baby gift ideas are ones that make mom’s life a bit easier. The Play Diaper Bag is the perfect gift for moms who are always on the go. Its unique duo-tone PU leather design gives you a way to stand out and compliment any and every outfit. This diaper bag is spacious and has enough pockets for everything!

The main central compartment has 4 elastic pockets for organizing along with one zipper pocket to hold wallets, keys, and more! Need a bottle on go? The Play Diaper Bag has two large insulated bottle pockets for quick access feedings. This diaper bag even has a pacifier pod attached to it with a waterproof interior, no more having to search the whole bag for a pacifier!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Keababies 1 1

But there are some essentials that Mom will need for the diaper bag as well, and thinking ahead this holiday season will make her whole life easier! The Urban Organic Burp Cloths are perfect for any mess, whether you’re at home or on the go. These burp cloths have a wide shoulder, perfect for mom or dad when they’re burping the little one. The Urban Organic Burp Cloths are made of 100% organic cotton which is made for sensitive skin. Having the ability to clean your baby and their mess, without worrying about scratching their face is wonderful!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Keababies 2

While every new mom feels prepared, none of us can be 100% prepped for when our little ones start teething. The drool can feel endless, and we’re constantly wiping their face. The Organic Bandana Bibs are perfect for your teething bib, and fold up small enough to fit in their first stocking! These bibs are made of soft 100% organic cotton and backed with soft polyester. With three adjustable snaps, these bibs will grow with your little one! There are so many cute and unique styles of these Organic Bandana Bibs, so whatever outfit you put your baby in they will have a bib to compliment it!

Play Diaper Bag | Urban Organic Burp Cloths | Organic Bandana Bibs
Keababies | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Kudos

It can be easy to forget about the simple things in life, like the ingredients in your baby’s diapers. While enjoying the holidays, keeping your baby’s bum-free and clear of man-made undesirables will make baby (and you) much happier! Kudos may be a parent’s saving grace with their monthly gift Diaper Box of high-quality diapers. Kudos design disposable diapers that contain four times the plant-based materials than the leading diaper brand making these diapers far more earth-friendly. Along with being earth-friendly, these diapers have twice as many layers so your baby’s cheeks can stay dry throughout those long winter nights.

For those expectant parents, the Diaper Box contains hypoallergenic, breathable diapers for little ones of all sizes from size 1 to size 6. Enjoy the customizable patterns, convenient delivery times, and get ready to wrap the ultra-softness around your precious baby for the utmost comfort, all year long!

Diaper Box
Kudos | Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Pinterest

Sew Sweet

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Sew Sweet makes the softest, most cuddly blankets you will ever feel. Each of their hand-sewn Infant Minky Blankets is designed to provide just the right amount of comfort to soothe your baby. They also have children and adult-sized blankets, so you can get one for everyone on your list! These affordable blankets feel like the most luxe blanket you have ever cuddled up in and their selection features a variety of patterns and colors in each size, so you can find the right blanket to fit everyone’s personality. When it comes to baby gift ideas, blankets that they can snuggle with are a great choice!

Infant Minky Blanket
Sew Sweet | Facebook | Instagram

The Ollie World

Daily Mom Parent Portal The Ollie World

It’s the season for all the cozy feelings! What better baby gift ideas than that wonderful feeling of snuggles with The Ollie World Swaddle! The Ollie World Swaddle isn’t just an ordinary blanket. Its moisture-wicking fabric ensures that your baby won’t be overheating, and the opening at the bottom makes for the easiest nighttime diaper changes you’ll ever experience. Not only is this swaddle convenient, but it actually grows with your child.

No need to stash some away for when they grow into it or buy a new one when they grow out of it. Their specially designed fabric allows them to transition from newborn to toddler and all the sleep stages in between with incredible ease. Don’t let your baby miss out on all the bundled-up joy of Autumn! Grab a swaddle or a bundle of swaddles from The Ollie World to keep the smallest of the bunch cozier and more comfortable than ever!

The Ollie Swaddle
The Ollie World | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Screen Shot 2021 01 12 At 9 03 18 Am

Shopping for a new baby or baby-on-the-way this holiday season? Then give the gift of a Woombie Swaddle! The Woombie has now made over a million parents and babies extremely happy by providing them with much-needed sleep. Woombie swaddles are recognized as one of the top baby swaddles in the world, using a “hands over hearts” arm position that requires no wrapping. It simply zips up, and is safer and more effective than traditional swaddle blankets.

This year, we’re particularly excited about the Grow With Me Swaddle. Available in a variety of patterns, this swaddle and wearable blanket grows with your baby from 0-18 months by transforming from a cozy self-soothing swaddle to a comfortable arms-free wearable blanket. Perfect for the holidays or any time of year, every new mom needs a Woombie.

Grow With Me Swaddle

Woombie | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Youtube


Daily Mom Parent Portal Ergobaby

While you’re a go-go-go this holiday season, the most magical thing would be a good night’s sleep. Let’s face it if your baby does not get a good night’s sleep, neither will you. A sleep bag is a perfect addition to your little one’s nightly routine to help keep them comfortable and cozy all night long. But who says we can’t have a sleep bag that matches the magic we love every day? Calling all Harry Potter fans, you’re going to absolutely love Lumos Maxima On The Move Sleep Bag!

Whether you’re a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, the Lumos Maxima On The Move Sleep Bag will make your heart sore every time to pick your little one up from their nap. This sleep bag details the Deathly Hallows symbol, little lightning bolts, Harry Potter’s glasses, and wands that are sure to put your little one in a sleep spell. The Lumos Maxima On The Move Sleep Bag grows as your little witch or wizard grows too! With the ability to adjust the shoulder straps as well as the length, your little one can run around or sleep comfortably all night long, a wish come true this holiday season!

Lumos Maxima On The Move Sleep Bag
ErgoBaby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Bathorium 1

If you’re looking to brighten up your baby’s bathtime, or shopping around for cute baby gift ideas for a mom-to-be, then Bathorium is right up your alley! The Little Charlie Bath Soak is perfect for making a hydrating bubble bath for your little one before bedtime. With a combination of lavender, chamomile, and oat, mixed with plant milk, your baby will be playing in a bath full of non-toxic and soothing bubbles!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bathorium 2

If you’re looking for something less bubbly but still soothing for your kids, the Little Charlie Bubble Bath Milk is for you! A mixture of coconut milk and oat proteins allows your precious ones to have a fun and luxurious bath. These bathtime goodies make perfect stocking stuffers and will make any mom-to-be smile when she opens them for the first time

Little Charlie Bath Soak | Little Charlie Bubble Bath Milk
Bathorium | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Sleepsack Swaddle Tech Heather Grey 3

Looking for baby gift ideas for a new baby (or the mom of the new baby)? You can’t go wrong with a new sleep sack from HALO, especially one that is designed to regulate a baby’s temperature. Known for their award-winning BassiNest, HALO has recently released a brand-new addition to their SleepSack swaddle collection – the HALO SleepSack Ideal Temp with IntelliThread that helps to regulate baby’s temperature and release heat to ensure that baby is perfectly safe and comfortable.

The SleepSack Ideal Temp also includes HALO’s signature 3-way swaddle design that adjusts to fit the baby’s sleep style: arms in, hands-to-face, or one or both arms out. Halo’s signature “Back is Best” embroidery is a gentle reminder to place the baby in the recommended sleep position. Available in three different colorways and featuring an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes and scratch-free zipper covers, this roomy sack design is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as promoting healthy hip development.

HALO SleepSack Ideal Temp with IntelliThread

HALO | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

Baby gift ideas for the holidays are so much fun to search for! Whether you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep or have a toy that your little one can play with all year long, these are the best you’ll find this year!


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