Starting Montessori Education Young with Monti Kids Subscription

An internationally recognized curriculum for children from infancy on, the gift of a Montessori Education is one of the best things a parent can give their child. Becoming a parent comes with a lifelong set of challenges – breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, organic or local – the decisions are endless and can get a bit overwhelming, but the choice for your child’s education doesn’t have to be difficult. The benefits of a Montessori education last a lifetime regardless of whether your child spends 6 months or 18 years inside a Montessori classroom. With the Monti Kids subscription box the ability to start your little one’s education on the right track begins at birth.

What is the Montessori Method?

Montessori is an educational curriculum that allows children to develop their natural interests and abilities through self-paced, yet guided activities and lessons within the classroom. Montessori allows children to participate in self-directed, hands-on activities, and collaborative play. Children in a Montessori classroom are not taught in the strict sense of the word, but rather guided by their teachers, often learning through trial and error, the leadership of their peers, and a serene, nurturing environment free of distractions.

In a multi-age Montessori classroom, children will be given the time and consideration to delve deeper into each of their lessons at their own pace and to the extent they desire giving them the opportunity to learn and grow. Children in this setting can work individually or collaboratively, allowing them to think critically, fully explore different concepts and pace themselves accordingly without comparison to their peers. Children are able to develop as an individual, rather being forced to move at the pace of a group where they are more likely to either be held back by others or left behind if struggling with a lesson or concept.

Starting Montessori Education Young With Montessori Toys From Monti Kids

A true Montessori work cycle is an uninterrupted 3-hour block of time intended to give the child sufficient time to choose their work, complete their work (including the trial and error of discovery or even taking their learning to the next level), clean up, and finally experience a sense of accomplishment in themselves.

Children in early childhood Montessori classrooms are usually divided into the following age groupings:

  • Birth – Mobility (12/15 months)
  • 12/15 months – 3 years of age
  • 3 years of age – 6 years of age

Why Montessori

Montessori is a child-centered approach to education. A Montessori education allows children the freedom of choice to decide what they will work on or learn, and the extent of time they will spend with their work. Allowing children to have a choice while also allowing them to pace themselves develops self-sufficient, self- directed adults. While some may question this method, what must be understood is that children have a natural inclination to learn, explore, and fulfill their curiosity. A Montessori classroom simply gives them a safe space to learn with gentle guidance and direction, free from fear or harm.

Children raised in a Montessori classroom are given the tools they need to develop into capable, responsible adults. Children learn self-control and self-motivation in this setting at an early age because they are not constantly told what to do, but rather are aware of their expectations and readily fulfill them.

A Montessori classroom enhances children’s emotional and social development by allowing them the opportunity to work with and learn from their peers. Peer-to-peer learning, group lessons, or teamwork are always allowed in a Montessori setting.

Children tend to learn from their observations of, and interactions with their peers. From academic concepts to behavior modeling, children learning from one another is a key concept in this setting. While younger children may find an older child to assist them with a lesson, older children learn responsibility, patience and kindness. Further, as the older child “teaches” or assists a younger child with a lesson, he or she really learns additional concepts and information related to the very work they may have previously thought they’d mastered.

Montessori education fosters an entrepreneurial or growth mind-set. Children in a Montessori classroom learn self-direction early on which leads to enhanced self-control, independence and self-confidence. This allows them to more effectively manage themselves, regulate their own behaviors, and think independently later on in life. The foundation of a Montessori education is that learning how to learn benefits our children more than any other academic concept.

Starting Montessori Education Young With Montessori Toys From Monti Kids

Montessori teaches children to love education. It inspires children’s natural instincts and curiosities allowing them to explore the world around them through things that interest them most. With this foundation these children are able to go out into the world with an inclination to learn from everything around them, rather than to see education as a chore or a burden.

Montessori Toys for Infant Toddler Education

Birth to age 6 is the most critical time in a child’s education. Even as new parents we all know how quickly babies brains develop just within the first year. From cooing to crawling, walking to talking, the early development of our baby’s brains is truly an amazing thing happing at breakneck speed. During this developmental time, our little ones need to be appropriately stimulated to build a base for future educational growth.

From sensory and gross motor skills to early language concepts, shapes, patterning and early math skills, at home educational play using a true Montessori inspired program starts your child on the path to future success. With research showing that early brain development lays the foundation for all future learning and behavior, there is no better time than those early years at home to begin cultivating your child’s love of learning. Playtime can be both fun and educational with a subscription to Monti Kids.

  • Learning through play enhances language development, executive function, and brain growth.
  • When learning incorporates movement, children better retain the concepts themselves.
  • Creativity and concentration are key.
  • Independent children exhibit more confidence, self-esteem, work harder, perform better, and are generally happier.
  • Montessori toys that present a challenge teach children to practice and encourage new skills.

About Monti Kids

Monti Kids is an at-home subscription service of Montessori toys and materials delivered directly to your door. Every 3 months, you will receive a box of educational materials that are yours to keep. These authentic Montessori toys are being used in early education classrooms around the world. Intended to be introduced to your child over a period of 3 months, a the Monti Kids Montessori toys are high-quality, durable, and engaging lessons that will continue to be used over time.

Starting Montessori Education Young With Montessori Toys From Monti Kids

There is no need to be a trained Montessori directress in order to work with your child and create an inspired Montessori environment right in your own home. With guides and short videos available to parents, you will receive everything you need to know to competently and thoroughly introduce each new activity or toy to your child. Further, with access to personalized support and classes moderated by internationally-certified Montessori experts, you can ask all the questions you have about your child’s learning and development and implementing the Montessori Method at home. With 8 levels of learning from birth through 36 months, your child will be given the foundation for success with a subscription to Monti Kids.

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Investing in your child’s education is something no parent will ever regret. From early childhood education to advanced skills later on in life, a Montessori education creates inspired, creative, self-confident learners who tackle life with the growth mindset ideal for success. There is no greater joy as a parent than watching one’s child master a difficult task, encourage a younger sibling, or exhibit a peaceful persona in the face of adversity. All of these skills are introduced and developed through a Montessori education so start early, practice patience, and give your child the gift of a lifelong love of learning.

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Starting Montessori Education Young With Montessori Toys From Monti Kids



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