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What Teachers Want Your Child to Know Before Kindergarten 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal

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 You may be wondering where the time has gone and how it is possible that your sweet baby is going to be attending school soon.

Does he know everything he needs to know before that emotional first day? Have you properly prepared her for the things she will encounter when she walks through that door? You may even be worried about how you will make it through that first day! Luckily, Daily Mom has done your homework for you. We have collected insight from kindergarten teachers of public, private and Montessori schools from across the country about what your child will be expected to know. Here is a list of concepts and skills that your child needs to grasp before beginning kindergarten.

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  • Covering sneezes and blowing his nose
  •  Using and flushing the toilet on her own
  •  Washing her hands
  •  Tying his shoes
  •  Dressing and fastening his own clothes
  •  Using silverware properly
  •  Knowledge of her name, address, and phone number



  • Must be able to identify each letter of the alphabet, out of order
  • Knows the sounds that each letter makes
  • Is able to follow multi-step directions
  • Uses lower case letters – only using uppercase when necessary
  • Is able to rhyme words
  • Can put pictures in a logical, sequential order
  • Can sound out CVC words (cat, gab, pan)
  • Recognizes signs from his environment


What Teachers Want Your Child to Know Before Kindergarten 3 Daily Mom Parents PortalPhoto Credit: Hinge Photography


  • Follows through with a task to completion but asks for help if needed
  •  Interacts well in group situations – contributes without dominating
  •  Follows rules and sets a good example
  •  Cooperates with routines and transitions (does not lose self-control when beginning a new task)
  •  Uses his words to resolve a conflict with a peer – does not resort to tattling or hitting



  • Is able to sort colors, sizes and shapes
  •  Can complete a simple pattern
  •  Understands positional and directional concepts (right/left, under/above, front/back)
  •  Can count to 20 and identify numerals out of order
  •  Knows the names for basic shapes: oval, square, circle, triangle, rectangle, heart and diamond
  •  Identifies coins and their values


What Teachers Want Your Child to Know Before Kindergarten 4 Daily Mom Parents PortalPhoto Credit: Hinge Photography


  • Holds pencil with a strong, steady grip
  •  Is able to write her own name: first and last
  •  Holds scissors correctly and demonstrates that he can cut out patterns on the lines
  •  Uses moderation when dispensing glue, soap, or paint
  •  Demonstrates caution and safety – aware of potential dangers


While these are recommendations from teachers on ways to prepare your child for kindergarten, it is not a checklist of accomplishments that your child must complete before the very first day of school. Each child is unique and no teacher would intend to make all children fit the same mold. This information is for aiding parents who want to give their child the best head start possible before they begin school.

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