Stylish Chicken Coops for Backyard Chickens

Raising backyard chickens is becoming increasingly popular and stylish chicken coops are all the rage. All over the country families are discovering the benefits and joys of raising chickens whether for pleasure, profit or both. Many years ago chickens were not viewed as pets, they served a specific purpose and keeping them safe from predators was the main goal of the farmer. The coops were built for safety and not much thought was given to aesthetics.

Today’s coops are a bit different from those of earlier days, many backyard chickens today are loved and treated as a part of the family regardless of their intended purpose.

Stylish Chicken Coops Buy, Build or Convert

There are a few options when it comes to housing your chickens. If you are just getting started and you find yourself in the right place at the right time face to face with cute little baby chicks, you may choose to buy a coop so that you aren’t suddenly faced with the dilemma of finding temporary housing.

There are many stylish chicken coops available for purchase and by going with this option you can get started on your journey much quicker than building your own. You can buy coops for a smaller flock that house up to 8 chickens to larger coops that house up to 40 chickens. These stylish Chicken coops range from classic to modern and can provide a great living space for your feathered friends.

Chicken Coops to Buy

My Pet Chicken Coop with Hardware Cloth Floor

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

This stylish chicken coop is a great option for those wanting to keep a small flock. The coops impressive design includes a garden area over the run and outside access to the nesting boxes making it both stylish and convenient.

ZooVilla Country Style Chicken Coop

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens
zoovilla Country Style Chicken Coop

Another adorable coop that is both stylish and convenient, this ZooVilla coop is also a good option for those wanting to keep a smaller flock.

Pets Imperial Dorchester Chicken Coop

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens
Dorchester Chicken Coop Hen House

This cute coop is modern and chic. The ark shape run provides extra room and ventilation which is important for a happy, healthy flock.

The Henhouse Collection

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens
The Henhouse Collection

This much larger coop has 12 nesting boxes and will house a large flock and is stylish indeed.

The Eglu Cube

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens
The Eglu Coop

This fantastic modern coop can be moved around the yard to give your small flock fresh ground to forage and comes in great colors.

Chicken Coops to Build

There is also the option to build your stylish chicken coop or have one custom built for you. This takes longer and requires a little more patience, but by choosing this route you can customize your coop to your specifications.

There is a treasure trove of chicken coop plans available online. You will also want to keep in mind when building, buying or converting how you want to raise your chickens. Will they free range during the day and be cooped in the evenings? Will you need a run attached if you are not able to free-range?

These are things you will want to plan for when thinking about which coop is right for you.

Tilly’s Nest

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens
Tilly’s Nest

This coop from Tillys Nest Is the epitome of style. These chickens are living the life of luxury.


Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

This great little coop is from Trevormade and the plans are available on the website.

Wild Feather Farm

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

Now, here is a coop that has it all. Style, comfort, charm, you name it and this coop more than likely has it. Caroline from Wild Feather Farm has created this amazing space for your flock that is nothing short of chicken paradise. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells beautiful custom stamps. Talent runs wild at this farm.

Convert Existing Structures Into Chicken Coops

Another option is to convert an existing building such as a storage shed or playhouse, this option renders very stylish chicken coops and can add a lot of charm to your yard. 

Fallen Tree Acres

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

This great little coop belongs to Andrea from Fallen Tree Acres. Andrea is a hobby farmer who consistently works to provide her feathered family protection from the elements in style. You can keep up with Andrea on Instagram as well. She is sure to be an inspiration to anyone wanting to raise chickens.

The Little White Coop In The Country.

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens
The Little White Coop in the Country

This playhouse turned stylish chicken coop belongs to the author and is home to fifteen happy, healthy and very pampered chickens. You can see more of this farm here.

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Stylish Chickens Coops: Inside

Once the coop is ready, there are some things that will be needed to ensure the chickens have a place to lay their eggs, to sleep and to have a comfortable, relaxing, clean space. This coop from House & Homestead is a great example of a happy chicken home.

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

Nesting boxes

Nesting boxes are another thing that can be purchased or made of just about anything. The hens like a small space where they can be comfortable and out of the way so they can lay their eggs in peace.  They can be made from anything from crates to tires to buckets. The main goal here is to make mama hen as comfortable and inconspicuous as possible.

This ten-hole nest is a great choice for nesting. It’s easy and attractive to add to your coop.

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

This adorable option from Fresh Eggs Daily will surely add style to any coop.

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

Many stylish chicken coops have repurposed furniture to give it that extra pop of charm, like this one from The Homesteading Boards.

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens

Stylish chicken coops are beautiful as well as functional. Here old wooden crates are used as nesting boxes for the author’s flock.

Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens


Chickens like to sleep off the ground. When Chickens are in the wild they roost in trees naturally. Roosts can be made from tree limbs or made of wood. Roosting ladders can also be purchased.

There is a pecking order with chickens and the higher they are in the pecking order, the higher they can roost. Each chicken will need about 6 inches for roosting. Each roosting bar should be 14 inches apart to provide adequate room.

A good example of an adequate roost is shown here.

Floor Covering

This is an ongoing dispute between some chicken farmers. Some say pine shavings are the best way to go and others are sold on sand. Not just any sand, it is very important that you don’t use play sand as it can cause respiratory problems in chickens.

Washed construction sand would be the safe choice should one decide to go that route. The sand also provides the chickens with an accessible dust bath when needed and can easily be cleaned with a litter scoop.

How to keep chicken coops smelling fresh

Keeping your coop smelling fresh is an important part of raising chickens and will keep the neighbors from nagging about odor. A fresh coop equals happy chickens!

  • Barn lime is a great way to keep odor under control and it also repels insects.
  • Dried herbs sprinkled in your coop is also a natural bug repellant and smells wonderful. Sprinkled in nesting boxes will also encourage the hens to lay and will relax them. The more peaceful the hen is, the better she will lay. Stressed hens often have reduced egg production.
  • Nesting herbs are easily found online such as these from The Chicken Chick. Another great choice is the Nesting Box Blend.
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Now for the Chickens!

Once the stylish Chicken coops are built, bought or converted, the inside is good to go and the coop is adorned in decorations it’s time for chickens! Keep in mind when choosing your chickens that each breed has a personality trait, certain breeds do better in certain climates and certain breeds lay colored eggs. You heard that right, colored eggs!

So, there you have it. Goodbye to the days of boring chicken enclosures, hello to the charm and tranquility of today’s stylish chicken coops! Happy farming!


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Stylish Chicken Coops For Backyard Chickens



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Michelle Bradford
Michelle Bradford
Michelle is a wife and mother of three, She is a child advocate and former foster mother who works as a Para Educator and Photographer. Michelle and her family also have a hobby farm where they raise chickens.

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