Rainy Day Activity: Playroom Floor Hopscotch


Are you trapped indoors because of rainy weather, or are your kids simply bored with their vast selection of playroom toys? Luckily, an easy and fun activity is doable, with materials that are probably lurking in your junk drawer as we speak!


One item is all it takes to make this indoor game – painters tape!

You’d be surprised to know that the game of hopscotch is disappearing with the new technologically savvy youth of today, but do your part to bring this fun game back to life. The idea is simple, make boxes out of painter’s tape on the floor. If you have carpet, masking tape is also fine, however, on wood or laminate flooring, it’s best to play it safe and use painter’s tape that can be removed easily without any glue residue left behind.

You’ll want to make your box sides around 10-12 inches long. You can either “eyeball it” or measure your boxes with a tape measure to make sure they line up correctly. Use a toy or beanbag to throw into the boxes. The box with the toy in it gets skipped, and picked up on the way back to the start.

The great thing about making your own is that you can taper it to your child, and make the pattern either easier, or more difficult. Remember, this game is built vastly on the foundation of children learning coordination and patterns. Preschool aged children may need assistance to learn how to hop on one foot- whereas kindergarten aged kids will soon become old pros, and love seeing how quickly they can get through the game when being timed.


So go ahead, slap a game of hopscotch on the floor the next time you feel like looking like supermom without too much effort. This game also works great as a rainy day activity for preschool teachers, daycare providers, and school aged teachers, alike!

Tell us, what are your go-to rainy day activities?

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Photo Credits: The Memoirs of Megan

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