Potty Training Product Guide

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Potty training isn’t always the easiest process, in fact it may be one of the toughest things you’ve had to deal with in parenthood thus far! Luckily, there are a variety of awesome potty training products available to help you along the way. Here are our picks for some of the best of the best when it comes to potty training your toddler, from potty chairs to travel seats to training pants.

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Potty Chairs

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If you’re completely new to potty training, a potty chair is basically a toddler-sized toilet that you clean out each time it is “dirtied.” Some parents choose to use these while others go straight to training on the toilet. The benefit of a potty chair is that it is portable and easy for your toddler to access on their own.

  • 1. Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 Potty
    This multi-purpose potty will last through the many stages of potty use. It acts as a potty chair, a toilet trainer seat, and a step stool!
  • 2. Boon Potty Bench
    Another multi-function potty that organizes potty training supplies, converts to a step stool bench that holds up to 300 lbs, and makes clean up super simple.
  • 3. Hoppop Donut Potty
    This compact, easy-to-store potty has a sleek, modern look and is a breeze to clean.

Toilet Seats

These toilet seat toppers make your standard toilet toddler friendly! They provide a soft seat for your little one and lessen the chance of them falling into the big toilet bowl! Many times parents choose to invest in a potty chair along with one of these toilet seats.

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  • 1. Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up
    Not only is this toilet seat plush and soft for your little one’s bum, it also has a built in step stool making access to the toilet easier on both of you.
  • 2. Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer
    This sleek and simple design fits on top of any type of toilet with the help of an adjustable dial. It is easy to wipe clean and also features a built in handle to hang when not in use.
  • 3. Prince Lionheart weePOD
    This soft and cushiony toilet seat comes in three colors (berry blue, poppy pink, and ash grey) and suctions for security and comfort to your standard toilet seat.

Training Pants

While potty training, you can keep your toddler in diapers, go straight to regular underwear, or give reusable training pants a try. These options offer the comfort and feel of “big kid” underwear with added absorbency in case an accident does occur.

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  • 1. Green Sprouts Unisex Training Underwear
    With a design that is easy for even the smallest hands to pull up and down, the Green Sprouts Training Underwear are made with natural materials and feature a waterproof layer to protect from spills and messes.
  • 2. Best Bottom Training Pants
    Best Bottoms stand out with their snap-in inserts that allow one pair of pants to last through multiple accidents with just the change of the liner! Soft like real underwear, but absorbent like a cloth diaper.
  • 3. Blueberry Trainers
    Not only do these training pants come in a wide variety of adorable prints in a design that mimics real underwear, but they are also super absorbent with a hidden layer of micro-terry and PUL.

Travel Options

Venturing out and about with a toddler who is in the middle of potty training isn’t always easy. Thankfully, these products take the scare out of it just a bit.

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  • 1. Kiddopotamus Deluxe PiddlePad
    Nothing is worse than having to take the car seat out and figure out how to remove the cover so it can be washed after an accident. Thank you Kiddopotamus for creating a protective waterproof liner that can hold up to a cup of liquid!
  • 2. Kalencom 2-in1 Potette Plus
    This portable potty seat uses disposable liners that discard like a diaper when you’re on the go. It also folds up and can be used as a topper for public toilets when you’re out and about. Great for road trips!
  • 3. Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler Folding Potty Seat
    This plush toilet seat topper folds up in a nifty carrying bag, making it compact and convenient for travel.
  • 4. PottyCover – Disposable Toilet Seat Covers
    A must-have for those unsanitary bathroom trips that you can’t avoid when traveling! These disposable toilet seat covers not only cover the seat, but drape down to cover the front and sides of the toilet so that your little one doesn’t touch any of it. The ultimate protection from germs.

Potty Training Motivation

Get your toddler excited for potty training with these great products!

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  • 1. “Once Upon a Potty” by Alona Frankel
    This 1975 classic comes in both a “girl” and a “boy” version of a sweet story that your child will be able to relate to as they venture into potty training.
  • 2. “Potty” by Leslie Patricelli
    This simple, humorous book is easy for even the youngest potty trainee to understand and a great way to introduce the concept of potty training.
  • 3. Potty Monkey
    Potty Monkey is not only a fun toy, but a toilet training system, too! Created by a Pediatric Urologist, the monkey talks to your child as he “uses” his own flushable toilet and even has a 30 and 90 minute timer to remind your child to use the potty. Potty Monkey comes with books for both the parents and the child to teach about the potty training process.
  • 4. “I Can Do It” Potty Chart
    A great alternative to using candy or other sweet treats for motivation, this laminated potty chart features velcro stars that track your child’s progress. It also comes with a book of tips and tricks for potty training plus an achievement certificate for your little one.
  • 5. Once Upon a Potty Plush Doll with Potty
    The perfect accompaniment to the “Once Upon a Potty” book, these adorable plush dolls come with their own plastic potty so that your child can “train” them while they are in the process of potty training, too.
Need tips on the potty training process? Check out 6 Popular Potty Training Methods and pick one that you feel will best fit your lifestyle and your little one. Best of luck in your potty training adventure!



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