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On warm summer nights, dressing your little ones for bed becomes a choice between putting them in just a diaper, or trying to find pjs that are comfortable for them without being too warm. Thin knit, snug fitting, and organic Skylar Luna pajamas are one of our absolute favorites and perfectly fit the bill!

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The soft knit cotton of Skylar Luna pajamas is so comfy, smooth and breathable. The seams are all serged flat to lay comfortably against the skin. Even babies that don’t like wearing clothes are happy to wear these pjs! The tagless design is an added comfort bonus we can’t ignore.

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Designed for ease of movement, Skylar Luna pajamas fit snugly (but not tight!) to little bodies. They can toss and turn and tumble and the pjs fit nicely, like a second skin. Some pajamas with a looser fit can get pulled down over their feet, arms can go into sleeves, and other tricky fit issues, when they toss and turn at night! These pjs are fit to perfection. The double-knit cuffs keep sleeves and pant legs where they belong!

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Something so close to baby’s skin all night should be as natural as possible. Skylar Luna uses all 100% Organic Cotton for a chemical free pajama experience that is best for baby and best for the environment as well.

For the health of little ones, no flame retardants are used on Skylar Luna pajamas!

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Forget silly characters and clashing colors. Skylar Luna pajamas are designed to be beautiful and sophisticated, in muted colors that look both rich and soft. The prints for girls are delicate and feminine, taking inspiration from laceflowers and bubbles. The prints for boys are cool and playful graphic prints like fish and cars. Always a classic, Skylar Luna pajamas have a variety of beautiful, soft, yarn-dye stripes to choose from! We love the Maroon/Violet and the Green/Grey.

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You will love how cute and cozy your little one looks in their soft, organic Skylar Luna pajamas. Pick some out in short sleeves and shorts for summer, and long sleeves with pants for the cooler months!

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Photo Credits: Lilac Saloon and The Art of Making a Baby


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