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 Do you have a nasty odor, stuck on grease, or just an all-around seemingly impossible cleaning job that you have been dreading to begin? Stress no more with a fun (and natural!) way to clean all that gunk, in no time!

Using Baking Soda Paste On Tough Cleaning Jobs 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal

While the many uses of cleaning with baking soda  was eloquently described a while back, sometimes, certain jobs require you to get down and dirty. Pull out the “big guns,” per say. For us at Daily Mom, that means using baking soda as a paste!

What makes it different? 

Allowing the paste to dry on the stain (or odor) neutralizes it and permeates deep into it while you wait. An added bonus? It’s a fun “science experiment” to share with your kids, too!

How To:

  • Mix baking soda with water to form a paste
  • Spread the paste on your stain and allow to fully dry.
  • Spray the dry baking soda with vinegar (it will sizzle)
  • Use a natural sponge or steel wool to scrub the stain, until it comes off.
  • Wipe clean with plenty of water with a natural fiber towel.

Here are some ideas on where you can use baking soda paste:

Using Baking Soda Paste On Tough Cleaning Jobs 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Around the kitty litter box: Have you noticed that there is a weird odor on the floor around the litter box? If your litter box is located on tile, or linoleum, use this paste around the box to neutralize the odor. Cat urine has a very strong ammonia smell, and using this trick regularly can really help cut back on the prevalence of the odor.

Using Baking Soda Paste On Tough Cleaning Jobs 3 Daily Mom Parents Portal

 Around the base of the toilet: Do you share a household with a boy who may not always have the best aim? Try using this paste around the base of the toilet. It will be sparkling clean, and any stinky smells will be flushed away!

Using Baking Soda Paste On Tough Cleaning Jobs 4 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Your dirty stove: Let’s face it, commercial chemical oven cleaners are undeniably toxic. If you don’t feel like dressing yourself in HAZMAT gear to clean your oven, consider giving this paste a whirl. It actually works! You will want to scrape off any “solid” food, or stuck on gunk with an old spatula and then apply the paste generously. Wait for it to dry, and then use steel wool, or the rough side of a sponge, and start scrubbing in circular motions after spritzing with vinegar.

What are some problem areas in your home that you foresee being able to use this paste on? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section!
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Using Baking Soda Paste On Tough Cleaning Jobs 5 Daily Mom Parents Portal

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