20 Best Accessories & Jewelry for Mom This Mother’s Day

Jewelry for mom is definitely a way to her heart this Mother’s Day. Moms want downtime and cute items for Mother’s Day, basically all stuff that they wouldn’t normally get for themselves. Jewelry for mom is most likely something that moms do not buy for themselves. We have the best of best for the moms on your list, from jewelry for mom to the organizer they desire, this is the list for you!

Groove Life

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Some moms just feel at home outdoors. Maybe she is into fishing, kayaking, or paddleboarding, or enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden. If that’s the case, a silicone wedding ring from Groove Life is sure to make her smile this Mother’s Day. Especially when it’s the tie-dye Thin Aspire Wild Thing. This groovy ring is great for those adventurous occasions when she still wants to make a statement, but it makes more sense to leave the fancy jewels at home.

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Need jewelry for mom that is slightly more understated than tie-dye? No problem. The Stackable Air Mineral is the perfect simple, yet sophisticated, silicone ring set. She can choose the one that works best for the occasion or wear all three at once. You can’t go wrong with the intricate stamped details, plus a little bit of shimmer. She’ll fall in love with these breathable, tough, and safe wedding rings from Groove Life this Mother’s Day! 

Thin Aspire Wild Thing | Stackable Air Mineral
Groove Life | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Keysmart™ Pro with Tile

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Does Mom have a lot of keys or have a tendency to lose her keys? Then give her the gift of KeySmart™ Pro with Tile. Perfect for busy moms, teachers, or anyone who likes to hoard keys, KeySmart offers an easy and convenient way to store, organize and locate your keys.

Similar to a Swiss Army Knife in design, KeySmart uses a patented S-shape that allows you to store up to 10 keys, includes a built-in LED light, bottle opener and a loop piece to attach your car key fob. Additionally, KeySmart Pro includes a Tile smart locator so you can track your missing keys using the free Tile app on your phone OR find your phone by pressing the Tile tracker on your keys. Total game changer!

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With a wide array of optional accessories, KeySmart is the perfect multitool for any Mom!

KeySmart™ Pro with Tile
KeySmart | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  | Pinterest

ili New York

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Whether you are going to a party or relaxing at a waterfront cafe, prepare to make a grand entrance with ili New York luxury handbags. The stylish 6112 Black handbag is roomy enough to keep all your essentials safely on hand. The functional bag features a wide doctor frame opening, an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, interior zip, and slip pockets. The simple yet sophisticated design of this bag would add elegance to anyone’s wardrobe. The ili New York bags are always a step ahead in practical and sophisticated handbags.

6112 Black
ili New York| Facebook | Instagram

Love + One

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Giving back to society enhances your life and can also improve the lives of others. Sometimes giving back to those in need is simpler than you think. Just check out Love + One!

Love + One is a company that offers premium quality products, which include apparel, lip balm, hats, and much more. Each item purchased will help provide life-saving medical care for critically ill children. Founded by mother-daughter duo Suzanne and Grace Mayernick, Love + One International is a non-profit organization that transforms the lives of children and families in Uganda through life-saving medical care, family preservation, and sharing the love of Jesus. Many critically ill children in Uganda don’t have easy access to medical care, so Love + One ensures they receive the services they need. 

The beautiful Love One Sky Blue Crew Sweatshirt is super comfy and stylish. The vintage-soft jersey is a blend of cotton and polyester and would look lovely in every setting. Giving back to honor and support families in need is easy with Love + One.

Love One Sky Blue Crew Sweatshirt
Love + One | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Spring is sprung and now you need the sunnies to go along with all your outdoor plans. The Gracie Sunglasses chunky rectangular shaped glasses offer extra coverage on your face, perfect for round or oval-shaped faces. The classic, yet always trendy tortoiseshell works well with any hair color and will never go out of style. So grab your new pair of glasses which are basically face jewelry for mom that is guaranteed to hide any dark circles from the night before.

Gracie Sunglasses
Velvet | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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Jewelry for mom can add that final touch to any outfit. It can also send a bold statement of confidence, pride, and high class. Nakamol jewelry is well known for its beautiful, distinct jewelry collections, handcrafted with intention and love. 

Nakamol believes all women are beautiful. Their mission is to create affordable, stylish, unique, and well-made jewelry for mom out of genuine stones to showcase this beauty and femininity. Nakamol is inspired by women worldwide and wants to promote an appreciation and pride that arises from wearing a well-made, handcrafted item from natural materials.

The beautiful handcrafted Rosalyn Double-Layer Necklace exudes elegance with feminine clear rhodonite beads, pink and black jasper gems spruced with a gorgeous 14k gold plated chain. The chain measures 13” and 15” with a 3” extension and has a beautiful Czech crystal teardrop. You will never be disappointed with the fabulous innovative designs from Nakamol.

Rosalyn Double-Layer Necklace
Nakamol | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Made By Mary

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Just as much as the outfit you wear, and maybe even more so, jewelry for mom is all about personal expression. Every woman is valuable and unique and has an individual story, and Made By Mary jewelry can help you tell your story. Each piece is lovingly handmade and personalized, making it simple and beautiful and keeping it unique and close to your heart. From top-quality materials to talented artisans and a customer-centric focus, Made By Mary stands by their work and cares about your satisfaction.  

The Moonstone Necklace is hexagon-shaped, representing hard work, collaboration, family, and the sweetness of life. Moonstones are a powerful symbol of feminine energy and have a gorgeous blue sheen when the light catches them. Each stone is unique and has slight variations due to the natural elements inside. The gold-filled piece is hand-cut with love, stamped, shaped, assembled, and packaged in Utah. The Moonstone Necklace is perfect for everyday wear and makes a great gift!

Whatever your style, whatever your story, their beautiful pieces convey your sweetest relationships and memories with simple and elegant beauty. The perfect jewelry for mom is that which will be the perfect addition to any outfit she wears.

Moonstone Necklace
Made By Mary | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Keva Style

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If you’re shopping for a mom who loves to support ethical production in her apparel and jewelry for mom, then Keva Style needs to be on your list! Their FanFare CACTUS Earrings in Black are the first vegan earrings made from cactus, a sustainable source that can be harvested for 8 years requiring zero harmful chemicals. These black earrings are subtly sultry, with hand-cut fringe adorning each of these earrings. These handmade earrings are stamped with the CACTUS emblem which represents that the most beautiful things can grow from even the harshest of environments. This sentiment seems fitting on a day to celebrate the strongest among us: Mothers.

FanFare CACTUS Earrings in Black
Keva Style | Facebook | Instagram

Inspired Indigo

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The beautiful, hand-made Head Of Dreams Walnut Hardwood Journal is a thoughtfully designed piece of heirloom artwork to be cherished for many generations to come! The unique journal covers are crafted from laser-cut, 1/8” walnut hardwood and are treated with an all-natural, environmentally friendly oil for luster, protection, and endurance. The binding is constructed from cork fabric, which is a material that is distinctive, sustainable, and durable!

A standard A6 Paper Refill Packs allows for paper refills, making the journal usable over and over again.

No matter how regularly you choose to write, the benefits of writing in a journal are many. Keeping up a consistent journaling practice with Inspired Indigo can help you improve your writing and potentially change your life!

Head Of Dreams Walnut Hardwood Journal |A6 Paper Refill Packs
Inspired Indigo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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Jewelry for mom can add that final touch to any outfit. It can also send a bold statement of confidence, pride, and high class. HEYMAEVE was started by its Asian American Founder, Alicia, during the pandemic. Alicia, a sexual assault survivor, and mom to two young girls started the brand to empower women and give back to the community. HEYMAEVE is currently partnered with i=change, which donates $1 from each sale to the shopper’s selection of women-focused charities. The brand is best known for its wide array of affordable 18k gold plated jewelry and carries other fun home beauty and lifestyle products.

The luxurious Monaco Earrings are classic earrings that make a bold statement with any outfit. The cubic zirconia is encased in a gorgeous 18k gold-plated setting. These beauties are water-resistant, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and available in ruby red, smokey quartz, blue hyacinth, or peony pink. 

You will never be disappointed with the fabulous and glamourous products and designs from HEYMAEVE, and you will be helping women in need at the same time!

Monaco Earrings
HEYMAEVE | Instagram

Crystal Clear Memories

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Crystals are everlasting memories of the important people, pets, and events in your life. Engraving a crystal with personal messages is the perfect gift to capture incredible memories, with beauty and classic elegance, for years to come.

Bring a smile to your loved one’s face when they receive that perfect gift from Crystal Clear Memories. They keep adding exciting new products and services with the same core goal: putting your memories front and center, with the best buying experience possible. 

The beautiful Just Because Tower Crystal, 3D Engraved displays your precious memories in exquisite style. Using the HD Edge™ 3D engraving process, you will ensure your photo and personalized message will shine. The crystal sits on a lighted LED base (optional)  to complement your or your loved ones’ precious moments. Impress your family and friends with this beautiful and stylish gift that will leave everyone amazed and ready to order their own!

Just Because Tower Crystal, 3D Engraved
Crystal Clear Memories | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Meghan Bo Designs

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These earrings literally are the perfect hoops and the perfect jewelry for mom! Lightweight brushed gold, that are beautiful on, and timeless yet fun for any occasion. Whether you are getting dressed for a date night up or just want to jazz up your regular jeans and t-shirt look, these earrings from Meghan Bo Designs are exactly what you are looking for. A small gift for yourself this Mother’s Day or for any woman in your life, these earrings will be the new go-to pair and the perfect jewelry for mom.

Perfect Hoops
Meghan Bo Designs | Facebook | Instagram

The Comfy

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Wearable blankets are soft and cozy and a simple way to stay warm inside the house or even outdoors. The Comfy is a family-run business that creates products to keep you warm in the home or on the go. They have been featured on Good Morning America, The View, POPSUGAR, The Huffington Post, Bustle & more. It’s no surprise why Comfy has the world excited!

The Comfy Dream is the lightest, one-size-fits-all wearable blanket that keeps you warm and cozy while you lounge at home, watch Netflix, play video games, work on your laptop, or go camping. The huge hood and pocket keep your head and hands toasty warm. Keep what you need in arms reach in the pocket. 

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-The Best Accessories & Jewelry for Mom

The luxurious design has a layer of luscious microfiber that’s exceptionally soft. The beautiful wearable blanket makes you think a cuddly teddy bear is hugging you. 

The versatile Comfy Dream comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can pick your favorite. Whether you want to relax in the garden, out by the pool, at a campsite, or by the lake, The Comfy has got what you need and more. No household is complete without The Comfy for all your lounging needs.

The Comfy Dream
The Comfy| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Denise Albright

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Having a keepsake binder helps to organize and store your precious keepsakes and memorabilia. The keepsake binder is the kind of archival-safe product that should give you peace of mind.

Denise Albright produces a line of organizational products that include planners, calendars, weekly pads, budget, meal planners, school keepsake binders, accessories, and a few other goodies. Every spread, feature, and tool was thoughtfully designed to help you manage your wonderfully busy lives.  All of the products are designed by a team of women whose mission is to help you crush your daily goals (big & small) and find more time to spend with loved ones. 

The Class Keeper® School Keepsake Binders helps to capture your child’s school milestones with the templatized pages. A school memory keepsake with features that help parents manage the mountains of memorabilia and school papers in a compact, attractive keepsake box. This “First and Last Day of School” Memory Book Keepsake album/binder is 110-pages (includes 16 full-size pockets) for school grade levels Preschool to College, and the easy-to-remove pages are perfect for grades you don’t use! Other sections include your child’s writing evolution, Halloween costumes, pockets for every grade, and photo pages, including a photo page large enough for the 8×10 class photo.  

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-The Best Accessories & Jewelry for Mom

Denise Albright products are thoughtfully designed products that will keep your life organized.

Class Keeper® School Keepsake Binder
Denise Albright| Facebook | Instagram |Youtube | Pinterest

Hollywood Sensation® 

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Whether you’re going to a friend’s party in posh Beverly Hills or in a small town, beautiful earrings will always make a statement! Put on a strapless black dress, add large diamond chandelier earrings and pair it with bold lipstick. You will catch everyone’s attention with this jewelry for mom! 

Hollywood Sensation®, Jewelry, and accessories offer cutting-edge style from current indie chic, contemporary to fun summer vibes with a boho style. Each “Signature Line” is delicately handcrafted and designed with vibrant semi-precious gemstones or AAA+ Cubic Zirconia stones and enhanced with Platinum, 18k Gold or 925 Sterling Silver finishes. They carry tennis bracelets, dainty necklaces, Crystal Drop Earrings pendant necklaces, and statement necklaces. Hollywood Sensation’s jewelry serves more than one purpose, with a portion of all proceeds assigned to the Elton John Aids Foundation. 

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-The Best Accessories & Jewelry for Mom

The gorgeous Crystal Drop Earrings channel old Hollywood glam with this vintage-inspired pair. These beauties are 1” in length and feature dazzling cubic zirconia with a timeless 18k white gold finish.

The Crystal Drop Earrings can be the key to rounding out your look, especially when an outfit feels bare or incomplete. Glamorous pieces of jewelry from Hollywood Sensation® will draw favorable attention and spice up any outfit, giving you a classy yet beautiful look for any party.

Crystal Drop Earrings
Hollywood Sensation® | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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VITACLEAN, founded by two women passionate about beauty and wellness, helps consumers rethink their daily showers. The women have been sharing information on shower water quality and raising awareness on the importance of water conservation. They emphasize the long-term economic benefits of using less water and hair care products by highlighting the difference non-chlorinated shower water can make. Vitaclean supplies affordable showerheads to purify your water and infuse your shower with vitamin C and essential oils to restore your hair and skin to their natural luster.

After you bathe with Vitaclean showerheads, slip into the cozy Skin, Hair & Body Goals Bathrobe, which is a blend of cotton and polyester, making it super soft and comfortable. The one size fits all bathrobe is perfect for wrapping yourself for cocooning moments at home. Wear this luxurious bathrobe first thing in the morning, before bed, or after hopping out of the shower. It provides all the cozy vibes to relax you.

Each purchase of  VITACLEAN products results in a donation to the Foundation Solyna and Drop4Drop. The foundation provides clean water to communities without support and empowerment to female victims of sex trafficking and abuse. VITACLEAN products will give you the perfect gift for any occasion, and you will feel happy knowing you are helping others in need at the same time!

Skin, Hair & Body Goals Bathrobe
VITACLEAN | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Fountain pens are classy, and they make a bold statement. At Ooly, their vision is a world where everyone is free to live a creative and expressive life. They promise to stand up against inequality, injustice, and systemic racism. They design creative, colorful rainbow art and office supplies.

If you’re a fan of colors and writing in style, then Color Write Fountain Pens are perfect pens for you! Express your thoughts and creative penmanship with eight bright colors and enjoy the feel of the soft matte finish on the barrels, which lets you hold them without slipping. 

The Fab Fountain Pen set is just what you need if you want to write fabulously. Each of the four Fab fountains pens comes with different color caps and barrels, letting you mix up colors to match other stationery. Their fine tips also allow you to create precise linework and writing that will make your work stand out like never before. 

Ooly makes an excellent gift for any child or adult. Gift a young artist for hours of creative fun—this is a must-have for any treasure box, classroom, or treat bags.

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-The Best Accessories & Jewelry for Mom

Color gel pens offer a mess-free transfer of vibrant colors to the pages of your most imaginative artistic endeavors. Color gel pens provide a viable option for coloring, journaling, crafting, sketching, scrapbooking, and other creative DIY projects.

At Ooly, their vision is a world where everyone is free to live a creative, colorful, and expressive life. They promise to stand up against inequality, injustice, and systemic racism. 

The sparkly Oh My Glitter! Gel Pens make every day a bit brighter. They come in a set of 12 vibrant colors of glittery ink in a retractable barrel. With the soft comfort grip plus the “pocket” clip, you have the perfect set of glitter ink gel pens. Ooly helps people of all ages explore their imagination and create new adventures with their colorful stationery. 

Oh My Glitter! Gel Pens | Color Write Fountain Pens  |  Fab Fountain Pen
Ooly | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Routine And Things

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-The Best Accessories & Jewelry for Mom

Journal writing is a creative form of recording your feelings free from the fear of judgment or criticism. Writing in a journal can allow you to work through complex issues in your life, exploring them thoroughly and candidly. It can also be a way of relieving stress.

Routine and Things strongly believe routines are a form of wellness. Their cheerfully simplistic products are intentionally designed to help you start, maintain, and enjoy routines because they recognize the significant impact small consistencies have on moving you towards a happier life!

The beautiful Write and Recite Journal uses silky smooth paper for a luxurious experience. Use this lovely journal in your morning and bedtime to reflect and unpack your day.   Enjoy having a few moments of serenity to collect your thoughts and express your creativity. The journal is 5” x 8”, which is ideal for placing on top or inside your bedside table. It has 46 single pages for journaling and also has wire binding to make writing comfy. The Write and Recite Journal makes an excellent gift for the journal lover in your life.

Write and Recite Journal
Routine And Things | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest



In a world of convenience, the problem with current re-usable cups and bottles is carrying them around 99% of the time you aren’t using them. The cups and bottles get inevitably left behind because they don’t fit in a pocket or bag. Then, you end up resorting back to picking up your coffee in a paper cup. HUNU has fixed this problem with its reusable, collapsible pocket cups.

The HUNU Pocket Cup is the first genuinely convenient reusable cup. It folds down to 2cm, making it small enough to fit into even the tightest pockets. The practical cup uses durable food-grade silicone for the cup and bamboo fiber for the lid. The compact cup has a heat band to prevent burnt fingers from hot drinks and a built-in plug to make it leakproof when folded down. The cup is an easy way to reduce your environmental footprint. The HUNU Pocket Cup is easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to clean! It’s the best investment you will ever make!

HUNU Pocket Cup
HUNU  | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


Sb Group 03 0723 Opt02

Give Mom the gift of her signature scent of top-notch designer fragrances without the designer price tag. With a try-before-you-commit alternative, Scentbird has made it super easy (and uber affordable) to create a Designer Scents Subscription for Mom. Just give her a quick quiz and make her “think” you are comparing her likes with your likes, then like a ninja-gifter, have her perfected (and practical) fragrance sent right to her. No more hassles or “hoping” she loves something only to have it collect dust on her dresser. These convenient 8 mL bottles hold roughly 140 sprays each – which is about 4 sprays a day for a month where she’ll be smelling absolutely lovely.

Designer Scents Subscription
Scentbird | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Jewelry for mom that she will adore and all the accessories that she wants but won’t actually buy herself are right in this guide. Make this Mother’s Day extra special by giving mom the gifts she really wants and even needs. With budget-friendly items, your gift is sure to make mom and your bank account happy this year! Or treat yourself this Mother’s Day by snagging those cute sunglasses or necklace you have been eyeing but haven’t had a good enough excuse to buy yet. Happy Shopping!


Looking for the perfect cocktail to serve for brunch this Mother’s Day? Check out Mother’s Day Spritzers for the win!

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