The Best Last Minute Dad Presents For Father’s Day That Will Make Him Happy

Looking for late last-minute dad presents for Father’s Day? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered and will help you find the perfect gift! There are plenty of great gift options available that may offer same day delivery even if you’ve left your shopping to the eleventh hour. Whether your dad is a tech enthusiast, a grilling aficionado, or a movie fanatic, there are perfect gifts out there that will make him feel appreciated and loved on his special day. When it comes to last-minute dad presents, think about his hobbies and interests. 

For the tech-savvy dad, consider gadgets like digital picture frames and home theatre systems. If your dad enjoys spending time in the kitchen, personalized charcuterie boards and grilling tools could make thoughtful gifts. For the movie-loving dad, there are memorabilia that are sure to put a smile on his face. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can find your dad a gift to show him how much he means to you.

Last Minute Dad Presents 2024 by Aura

The Aura Frame is a modern digital picture frame that makes an excellent gift for Father’s Day. It is designed to showcase your favorite photos with clarity and style. Among the various models available, the Aura Carver Mat and the Aura Walden Ink Mat stand out due to their unique designs and features.

The Aura Carver Mat is known for its sleek and contemporary design. It features a high-resolution screen that displays photos in vivid detail, ensuring that every image looks sharp and vibrant. Its minimalist design, characterized by a clean mat finish, complements any decor and is available in neutral tones, making it a versatile piece for various interior styles.

The frame is designed to sit comfortably on a mantle, desk, or shelf, striking a balance that fits most spaces without being too bulky or too small. Integrated with smart technology, the Carver Mat connects to Wi-Fi, allowing users to upload photos directly from their phones, social media, or email. It supports photo-sharing with family and friends, making it a communal experience. The user-friendly interface simplifies the setup and management of the frame, with the Aura app providing an easy way to curate photos and control the frame remotely.

The Aura Walden Ink Mat offers a more traditional aesthetic with modern functionality, making it a thoughtful gift for dads who appreciate timeless design. It boasts a high-resolution screen, ensuring that photos are displayed with impressive clarity and color accuracy. The Walden Ink Mat features a classic design with a rich, ink-black finish, giving it a timeless appeal suitable for both modern and traditional home decor.

Slightly larger in size, it provides a more prominent display for photos, making it ideal for spaces where the frame should stand out as a centerpiece. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, the Walden Ink Mat supports the seamless transfer of photos from various devices and platforms. It also allows for collaborative photo-sharing, perfect for families and social groups. The setup and operation are made simple through the Aura app, which provides an intuitive interface for managing the photo display, and the frame’s touch bar allows for easy navigation and control.

Both the Aura Carver Mat and the Walden Ink Mat have several shared features that enhance their functionality and make them ideal Father’s Day gifts. They offer unlimited cloud storage, allowing users to upload countless photos without worrying about space limitations.

The auto-dimming display adjusts brightness based on ambient light, ensuring photos are always displayed optimally without being too harsh on the eyes. Using advanced algorithms, these frames can curate photos, highlight the best shots, and avoid duplicates, ensuring a dynamic and engaging photo display. With the accompanying app, users can manage the frame remotely, making it easy to add, remove, or rearrange photos from anywhere in the world.

The Aura Carver Mat and the Aura Walden Ink Mat are stylish and functional ways to display cherished memories, making them perfect Father’s Day gifts. The Carver Mat appeals with its sleek, modern look, while the Walden Ink Mat offers a classic, timeless design. Both frames are equipped with smart features, making photo-sharing and management a breeze, ensuring that your dad can enjoy his favorite memories every day.

Carver Mat | Walden Ink Mat
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RTIC Cooler For The Outdoor Adventure Dad

Dad carries a lot of weight throughout the year. Whether he’s carrying sleeping kids to bed after a long summer day or carrying the cooler to the spot on the seashore, Dad has his arms full. This Father’s Day, take the weight off his shoulders and keep his refreshments cold for hours with RTIC.

The combination of functionality, durability, and style make the 72 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler a top option for this Father’s Day. With its large capacity, it can hold up to 96 cans and lock in the cold for up to 6 days. Whether Dad is hiking with friends or hosting a barbecue, he will have the tool he needs to keep things cool.

Additionally, the features of this cooler make it even more attractive. Not only does the black and white design offer a clean and chic appearance, but the secure lid latch helps him keep everything in place as the heavy-duty wheels help take the load off and get him where he needs to be. The powder-coated aluminum handle boasts a pair of non-slip silicone covers to make towing more comfortable. Plus, once he’s reached his destination, the handle will gently fall back into place without slamming.

The small details of this rugged design make it one of our top choices for Father’s Day gifts this year. RTIC includes strong wheels that are custom-designed to prevent puncture or impact damage, as well as secure t-latches, a built-in bottle opener, a silicone cargo net, and no-skid rubber feet. RTIC has really thought of everything!

The Best Last Minute Dad Presents For Father'S Day That Will Make Him Happy 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

For shorter excursions that don’t require as much baggage, the new 2-in-1 Chillout Bag is the perfect day-trip companion. In the top compartment, he can put everything he needs for a day at the beach or on a picnic with the kids while the fully-insulated lower compartment keeps his snacks and drinks cool for hours on end.

No matter what Dad needs, he will be able to take it along. Bring a change of clothes or dry snacks in the dry top and even roll up his towel and stow it on the outside of the bag. Thanks to the seam-sealed, antimicrobial liner, this bag is a breeze to clean at the end of a beach day. The interior includes mesh pockets and a water-repellent zippered pocket, and the exterior features a large zippered pocket, a tethered bottle opener, and a mesh pocket that quickly and easily shakes off sand and water. External clip straps can carry his towel, blanket, or any other gear he can roll up and carry along.

This Father’s Day, do your best to help Dad take a load-off and really stay cool with RTIC.

2-in-1 Chillout Bag| 72 Qt. Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler
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Hydro Flask Essentials

This Father’s Day, show your dad how much you appreciate him with high-quality, practical gifts from Hydro Flask. Known for their exceptional insulation and stylish designs, Hydro Flask products are perfect for dads who love outdoor adventures, staying hydrated, and enjoying their meals on the go. Whether he’s hiking, camping, or simply enjoying a day out, these Hydro Flask essentials will keep his beverages and meals at the perfect temperature.

Bowled Over Bundle

The Hydro Flask Bowled Over Bundle is a fantastic gift set that combines functionality with style. This bundle includes two versatile and durable bowls designed to keep your dad’s meals hot or cold for hours, making it perfect for outdoor dining or meal prep.

What You’ll Love:

  • Insulated Design: Keeps food hot or cold for extended periods.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality stainless steel for long-lasting use.
  • Leakproof Lids: Secure lids to prevent spills and maintain freshness.
  • Easy to Clean: Smooth interior surfaces for effortless cleaning.
  • Stylish and Functional: Sleek design that looks great and performs even better.

24 oz Mug

The 24 oz Mug from Hydro Flask is an excellent choice for dads who enjoy their coffee or tea on the go. Available in Lupine, Trillium, and Agave colors, this mug combines elegance with practicality, ensuring your dad’s favorite drink stays at the perfect temperature.

What You’ll Love:

  • Large Capacity: Holds 24 ounces, perfect for generous servings.
  • TempShield™ Insulation: Keeps beverages hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.
  • Durable and Stylish: Made from high-quality stainless steel with a powder-coated finish.
  • Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic handle for a secure and comfortable hold.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for coffee, tea, or any hot or cold beverage.

28 oz Food Jar

The Hydro Flask 28 oz Food Jar is a must-have for dads who love to carry their meals with them. Available in a stylish Cascade color, this food jar is designed to keep food hot or cold for hours, making it perfect for picnics, camping trips, or everyday use.

What You’ll Love:

  • Generous Capacity: 28 ounces, ideal for soups, stews, salads, and more.
  • Superior Insulation: TempShield™ technology keeps food hot or cold for hours.
  • Leakproof Lid: Secure lid to prevent leaks and spills.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-grade stainless steel for durability and long-term use.
  • Easy to Clean: Wide mouth design for easy filling, eating, and cleaning.

With Hydro Flask’s top-tier products, your dad will enjoy both functionality and style. These gifts are perfect for keeping his drinks and meals at the ideal temperature, whether he’s at work, out on an adventure, or simply relaxing at home. Celebrate Father’s Day by giving him high-quality gear that supports his active lifestyle and keeps him refreshed all day long.

Bowled Over Bundle | 24 oz Mug | 28 oz Food Jar
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Last Minute Gifts for Dad by Veer

Transform your beach outings with the Beach Wheel Kit to navigate super soft sand effortlessly. It’s time to easily replace your standard all-terrain wheels and enjoy smooth rides on the beach! Why Beach Wheel Kit?

  • Inflatable tires for maximum performance
  • Works for both push and pull modes
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum forks
  • Push-button wheel replacement
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Wear Resistant
  • Includes Storage Bag
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Hose Washable

The Beach Wheel Kit ensures hassle-free trips to the beach, boardwalk, or any rugged trail, making it the must-have accessory for family outings and explorations. Make your summer enjoyable and comfortable for the littles with the unmatched cooling of Veer’s Flex Fan, designed to deliver maximum wind speed and versatility. The best thing about this powerful fan is that it’s safe for infants and solid enough for adults.

  •  4 Wind Speed Options
  • Turbo speed for maximum cooling
  • 12-Hour Battery Life
  • 20% smaller comparable fans.
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible, Grippy Legs
  • Full directional airflow.
  • Removable front grill for easy cleaning.
  • Low hum at high speed (65 dB).
  • Finger-safe design with no small removable parts.

Stay organized on the go with Veer’s Parent Organizer. Attaching securely to any Cruiser, Switchback Seat, or Roll and Jog frame, this organizer keeps all your essentials within reach. Store bottles, cups, wipes, diapers, phones, keys, and more easily.

  • Easy access lid
  • Front zippered phone pocket
  • Insulated bottle holders
  • Water-resistant fabrics
  • Easy to clean
  • Swing Stopping Strap
  • Integrated Hooks & Loops
  • Stand-Alone Design
  • Elastic mesh pockets for extra storage
  • Adjustable Straps for secure attachment

With the Parent Organizer, everything you need is at your fingertips, making outings with your little super simple. Be sure not to let the weather ruin your outdoor plans with kiddos.

The Weather Cover for Cruiser is here to keep your little one warm and dry in rain, snow, and wind. Its three-in-one design provides comprehensive coverage, featuring:

  • Customizable coverage for baby and storage
  • Transparent panels for maximum visibility
  • Durable, high-quality material
  • Integrated vents for proper ventilation
  • Attachable storage pouch for easy access
  • Quick deployment and storage
  • Compatible with All-Terrain Cruiser and Cruiser City models
  • Ideal for various weather conditions

This weather cover is perfect for all outdoor adventures, providing peace of mind and protection against the elements. Go Veer and venture with Dad!

Flex Fan | Parent Organizer | Weather Cover for Cruiser | Beach Wheel Kit
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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad by Vinotemp

For the wine-loving dads in your life, surprise them on Father’s Day with the 2-bottle Thermoelectric Open Wine Cooler from Vinotemp. With this innovative wine cooler, dads can achieve the perfect temperature for their bottles of vino. Sleek and modern, the Romanzo Cooler chills two bottles of wine in an upright position, taking up minimal space on your counter or bar area in your home. This technology is ideal when having parties or wine nights at home. Some features that make this the best wine accessory for fathers who enjoy a good bottle of wine include:

  • Free-standing installation only
  • All black cabinet
  • Thermoelectric technology
  • Touch screen digital temperature control
  • Open cubby for quick access

The open-top system prevents wine from spilling out of open bottles, while the cooler operates quietly with little vibration and noise. The Romanzo Wine Cooler is also available in a 4-bottle wine option for larger entertaining.

2-Bottle Thermoelectric Open Wine Cooler
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Dragon Alliance

Get ready to make a statement with the Remix LL Polar sunglasses. These shades are all about bold, retro-inspired design, offering a unique look that will have you standing out from the crowd. With their polarized lenses, these sunglasses provide unparalleled protection and clarity, reducing glare and enhancing your vision wherever your adventures take you.

Are you ready to make a splash? It’s time to elevate your adventures with the Vantage LL H20 Polar sunglasses. These shades are specifically designed for those who thrive on the water, offering unparalleled performance and style. With their sleek, sporty design, the Vantage LL H20 Polar provides a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring they stay put through all your aquatic exploits. The polarized lenses are the star of the show, delivering exceptional clarity and protection. Glare from the water is a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on the moment and take in every detail.

Step into the sunshine with confidence, knowing you’re not just wearing any old shades. With shades from Dragon Alliance, you’re making a choice that elevates your style and performance. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Grab your pair today and let the world see you in a whole new light.

Remix LL Polar | Vantage LL H20 Polar
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Peak Design Mobile Accessories

This Father’s Day, surprise your dad with innovative and stylish mobile accessories from Peak Design. Renowned for their premium quality and functional design, Peak Design offers products that make everyday life more convenient and enjoyable. These accessories are perfect for tech-savvy dads who appreciate both aesthetics and utility.

Wireless Charging Stand

The Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand is a versatile and sleek accessory for any modern dad. This stand is designed to provide fast and efficient wireless charging while maintaining a minimalist and elegant appearance.

What You’ll Love:

  • Fast Charging: Delivers up to 15W of power for rapid charging.
  • Adjustable Angles: Customizable viewing angles for convenience.
  • Slim Design: Minimalist and stylish, fits seamlessly into any space.
  • Magnetic Alignment: Ensures perfect alignment for optimal charging efficiency.

Mobile Tripod

For dads who love capturing moments on the go, the Peak Design Mobile Tripod is an essential accessory. This compact tripod is perfect for photography enthusiasts who need a reliable and portable solution for steady shots.

What You’ll Love:

  • Compact and Portable: Ultra-slim design that easily fits into a pocket or bag.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from durable materials for long-lasting use.
  • Versatile Mounting: Compatible with a wide range of devices, thanks to the universal mount.
  • Flexible Positioning: Adjustable legs for stable positioning on various surfaces.

Leash Camera Strap

The Peak Design Leash Camera Strap is a perfect gift for dads who are passionate about photography. This versatile strap offers a blend of comfort, durability, and style, making it a must-have accessory for any photographer.

What You’ll Love:

  • Quick-Adjust Mechanism: Allows easy length adjustments for different shooting styles.
  • Strong and Durable: Made from high-quality materials for reliability and longevity.
  • Comfortable Design: Lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with a wide range of cameras and gear.

Peak Design’s mobile accessories are not only practical but also stylish, making them ideal gifts for Father’s Day. Whether your dad is into photography, needs a reliable charging solution, or loves innovative tech gadgets, these accessories will enhance his everyday experience. Celebrate his passions and hobbies with these thoughtfully designed products that offer both form and function.

Wireless Charging Stand | Mobile Tripod | Leash Camera Strap
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Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Lantern

Light up your outdoor adventures with the Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Lantern. This powerful and versatile lantern is a must-have for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity. With three light settings, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs, providing up to 2000 lumens of intense light. The long-lasting LED bulbs ensure you’ll have reliable illumination for up to 65 hours on low mode, while the impact-resistant construction makes it durable enough for any environment. The lantern is also water-resistant, making it perfect for rainy days or outdoor excursions.

Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Lantern
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ohsnap! Phone Accessories

Daily Mom Parent Portal

Dad has made an investment to have a high-quality phone. Make sure he has accessories that match it’s look and feel with ohsnap! The Snap 4 Luxe is the newest and thinnest holder that can also be mounted to most surfaces.

Dad will love the features of The Snap 4 Luxe:

  • Sleek aluminum trim
  • Thinner than his camera bumps (no snagging on his pockets!)
  • Magnetic
  • One-hand opening/closing
  • Compatible with wireless charge through

Help Dad keep on-the-go looking and feeling fashionable with the new Snap 4 Luxe.

Dad can also enjoy everything he loves about the Snap 4 Luxe while he’s on the road. The Snapcar isn’t like other car phone holders, it’s better. This simple, easy-to-use car mount boasts qualities like:

  • High-bond adhesive
  • Auto Alignment
  • Easy to set up/use
  • Compatible with Snapcharge for wireless charging

Thanks to the new ball grip mount, he can enjoy full angle control. Smooth rotation, a sturdy hold, and the perfect angle will make Dad’s summer that much more enjoyable!

Finally, the Snapcharge will complete Dad’s phone accessory needs for his upcoming summer activities. The Snapcharge is a magnetic, auto-aligning wireless charger that will work with any phone. With Snapcharge, Dad can:

  • Enjoy fast charging thanks to the 15 watt charge.
  • Automatically align his gear thanks to the premium steel frame
  • Charge his phone in the car with his Snapcar mount
  • Stay connected and stay powered-up.

This Father’s Day, ohsnap! is making Dad’s phone care a breeze. Make sure you get Dad everything he wants (and more) from ohsnap! and help him prepare for his most connected summer yet!

Snapcharge | Snapcar | Snap 4 Luxe
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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Men by Dumbgood

Dad will look great in the short-sleeved, ribbed crew neck Jurassic Park is Open Pepper Tee and Jurassic Park Logo Teal Shorts. The front of the soft, pepper-gray T-shirt features a pocket-sized logo of the outline of Isla Nublar and the “phone number” to schedule a tour of Jurassic Park: “Book Now: Call 1-800-Dino-Saur.” The back of the shirt boasts a triceratops and tropical scene and the words “The Park is Open.”

The mesh-lined Jurassic Park Logo Teal Shorts can be worn as swim trunks. They have side pockets and a back pocket. A Jurassic Park patch is stitched on the left leg of the comfortable shorts.

  • Dad can proudly show that he is the No. 1 fan of the 1993 hit film.
  • Officially licensed Jurassic Park merchandise.
  • 65 years in the making.

The trendy Jurassic Park Logo Teal Trucker Hat with adjustable snapback will keep Dad shaded from the sun. The hat has a structured pre-curved fit and mesh back panels so Dad stays cool. That’s right – Cool in his Jurassic Park logo wear from Dumbgood.

Complete the look with Jurassic Park Camo Velcro Slides or the colorful Jurassic Park Logo Velcro Slides. The comfortable, beige Camo Velcro Slides have faux fur sides. “Jurassic Park” is subtly written across the front strap. For the fan who wants to boldly show off his love for the Steven Spielberg movie, the Logo Velcro Slides feature the Jurassic Park logo front and center on the top of the brightly colored orange and teal slides. The slides have a PVC sole and neoprene lining.

Jurassic Park “The Park is Open” Pepper Tee | Jurassic Park Logo Tee Shorts | Jurassic Park Camo Velcro Slides | Jurassic Park Logo Velcro Slides | Jurassic Park Logo Teal Trucker Hat |
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Great New Dad Gifts by Public Rec

We can’t help but notice all the Dads at the airport with backpacks that look like they’ve seen better days. That’s why we’re loving this Public Rec backpack as this year’s must-have Father’s Day Gift.

Sometimes, we watch our husbands pack for a trip and wonder—how on earth is he packing so lightly? Even chronic overpackers can fit everything they need for a two-night trip in this spacious backpack. The front pocket comfortably fits clothes, shoes, or even gym must-haves if he wants to double the use of this bag from a travel accessory to an everyday essential.

But the spaciousness is not the only reason why we love this one. The front compartment’s double-zippered design allows for easy access during travels while the back compartment keeps his most important things (think his Passport and laptop) closest to him.

And as if that weren’t enough to make Dad smile, here are some other reasons why the Pro Pack Plus has our hearts:

  • It’s ultra-lightweight at 2.7 pounds.
  • There is a passport back-zipper pocket for international travelers.
  • It has a convenient bottom zipper section.
  • Dad’s laptop will stay put in the separate 15″ laptop compartment.
  • The padded back with center airflow ventilation keeps Dad’s back cool.
  • The luggage strap handle easily attaches to his suitcase for a no-hassle airport experience.

Whether Dad travels for work or vacation, this spacious and thoughtful design will keep his things organized.

Another major win for the Pro Pack Plus is the intricate and thoughtfully designed fabric. Made with 100% Polyester and the lining 100% Nylon, this bag is ready to handle anything Dad’s travel day might throw his way. Not to mention, this special design helps keep this backpack durable for years to come and is highly water-resistant so Dad doesn’t have to worry about a little rain.

Pro Pack Plus
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CAT Footwear Work Boots

This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of durability, comfort, and style with CAT Footwear’s top-notch work boots. CAT Footwear is synonymous with rugged, reliable, and high-performance footwear designed for hardworking individuals. Whether your dad is on a job site or tackling home projects, these boots will ensure he does so with utmost comfort and safety.

Second Shift Waterproof Work Boot

The Second Shift Waterproof Work Boot is perfect for dads who face unpredictable weather conditions. These boots are built to withstand the elements, providing reliable waterproof protection without compromising on comfort.

What You’ll Love:

  • Waterproof Protection: Keeps feet dry in wet conditions, ensuring comfort all day long.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality leather upper and slip-resistant rubber outsole for longevity and safety.
  • Comfort: Padded collar and Climasphere™ insole provide exceptional comfort and support.
  • Safety Features: Steel shank for added stability and electrical hazard protection.

Second Shift Work Boot

For a classic work boot that combines durability with all-day comfort, the Second Shift Work Boot is an excellent choice. These boots are designed to handle tough environments while keeping feet comfortable and secure.

What You’ll Love:

  • Sturdy Leather Upper: Provides long-lasting durability and a professional appearance.
  • Slip-Resistant Sole: Ensures stability on various surfaces, enhancing safety.
  • Comfortable Fit: Climasphere™ insole and padded collar for all-day comfort.
  • Safety Assurance: Steel shank for added support and electrical hazard protection.

With these CAT Footwear work boots, your dad will be equipped with the best footwear to tackle any job. The combination of waterproof protection, durability, and comfort makes these boots an ideal gift for any hardworking dad. Celebrate Father’s Day by gifting him reliable footwear that matches his hardworking spirit and provides the support he deserves.

Second Shift Waterproof Work Boot | Second Shift Work Boot
CAT Footwear | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Last-Minute Personalized Gifts for Your Father by Personalization Mall

Does Dad partake in a little charcuterie action now and then? If your man loves to cook and host, the luxurious Acacia Wood Round Serving Tray from Personalization Mall is a must-have for this Father’s Day.

This bad boy is the definition of the ideal appetizer tray. It’s made with thoughtfully-designed features such as:

  • Convenient cutout carrying handles
  • Rubber stoppers across the bottom to prevent scratching
  • Solid acacia wood construction (need we say more?)
  • Personalized initial and name design
  • A large size which makes it perfect for sharing (18″D overall, 16.5″D inside, 2″H)

Plus, the customization aspect is not only perfect to show Dad how much you love being a part of his family, but it doubles as a perfect anniversary or wedding gift if you’re taking notes.

Does Dad love spending time in the backyard during a barbecue with a beer in hand? The Patriotic Plaid Personalized Galvanized Beverage Tub lets him gather with the men while keeping their drinks on ice. The star-spangled last-name etching is not only patriotic, but it also elevates Dad’s hosting game to the next level.

With all these included features, it’s hard not to make this Dad’s big Father’s Day gift this year. Here’s what we love about it:

  • It has two convenient handles that make carrying from the grill to the table easy
  • The galvanized iron design is not only masculine but also trendy as a Southern home staple
  • It’s large enough to help him host at 21″ Width x 12″ Depth x 8.5″ Height
  • It can be used indoors for game nights or outdoors for barbecues!

Talk about backyard barbecue envy – this simple piece will catch the eye of the whole neighborhood. Plus, with so much versatility, it’s perfect to use over and over every time you host!

If Dad takes pride in his family name, giving Dad the Laurel Initial Personalized Coir Doormat is the perfect way for him to represent the family. We love that you can personalize this one with a large initial and a name (double the customization!), and it has some great features, like:

  • The option to pick between eight different colors
  • It’s large size, making it perfect for greeting guests
  • The durable, non-skid recycled rubber backing
  • The design, printed with state-of-the-art dye-print technology

This customized Father’s Day gift also has a second bonus benefit! There’s nothing more thoughtful than making sure your guests know they arrived at the right place – your welcoming abode!

Lavish Last Name Engraved Acacia Wood Round Serving Tray | Laurel Initial Personalized Synthetic Coir Doormat | Patriotic Plaid Personalized Galvanized Beverage Tub
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Best Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts 2024 by Splitflask

The SplitFlask Tumbler is an innovative beverage container designed to hold and keep two different liquids at distinct temperatures within a single vessel and will blow Dad away this Father’s Day. This dual-chambered tumbler is perfect for those who wish to enjoy two separate drinks without the inconvenience of carrying multiple containers. This tumbler would make a great gift for a dad on your list who is always on the go.

The SplitFlask Tumbler features a unique design that incorporates two separate compartments within a single, sleek exterior. The interior is divided by a leak-proof partition, ensuring that the liquids do not mix. Each compartment has its own lid, allowing for easy access to either beverage without affecting the other. The exterior is often made of stainless steel, providing a robust and stylish look, while the interior is lined with food-grade materials that ensure the taste and quality of the beverages remain unaltered. Whether he is heading to the office or the gym, gift your Dad the Splitflask, which will go with him on a daily basis.

Splitflask | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube | Pinterest

Last Minute Gift Sets for The Best Dad Ever by Natterjack

For the dad who enjoys his whiskey and is always up for trying something new, look no further than Natterjack. This Irish Whiskey Duo set is Irish Whiskey with an American twist, dad will love this great gift box because:

  • A unique blend of triple-distilled whiskey using both Irish and American techniques
  • Made from 20% malted barley and 80% corn for a sweet and smooth taste
  • Aged in former bourbon barrels for depth
  • Two bottles in the set mean you don’t have to pick just one

Enjoy the cask strength on the rocks or straight up, and use the other one to make your favorite cocktails. No matter how Dad enjoys this duo, it is sure to be a hit!

Irish Whiskey Duo Set
Natterjack | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Best Dad Gift by Keeper’s Heart Whiskey 

Celebrate Father’s Day with the exquisite Keeper’s Heart 10 Year Old Irish Single Malt, crowned ‘World’s Best Irish Whiskey’ at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This expression embodies the complexity of malt whiskey, made from malted barley, distilled in copper pot stills, and matured for a decade in Bourbon barrels. A unique finish in Malaga wine casks imparts stone fruits and marzipan notes, complementing its rich, malty taste.

Dad will love: 

  • The delightful cereal biscuity nose with hints of apricots, honey, and almond 
  • There is a harmonious blend of honey sweetness, texture, and fruity, nutty, and cereal notes on the palate
  • There are subtle undertones of toasted oak and malt cereal in the finish

This award-winning whiskey is a superb choice for Father’s Day, offering a luxurious and flavorful experience that any whiskey-loving dad will appreciate. Cheers to unforgettable moments shared over a glass of Keeper’s Heart 10 Year Old Irish Single Malt.

10 Year Old Irish Single Malt
Keeper’s Heart Whiskey | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Clever Gifts That He’ll Love by Dink Buddy

The Best Last Minute Dad Presents For Father'S Day That Will Make Him Happy 64 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Introduce Dad to the world of Pickleball with the innovative Dink Buddy! This summer sensation boasts a 6-foot width and regulation height, allowing for dinking and volleying wherever you please. What sets the Dink Buddy apart is its user-friendly practice net that effortlessly adjusts to regulation height and, when necessary, collapses into a compact, lightweight form that can slide into your backpack alongside your essentials.

Weighing just 3.1 lbs and measuring 19 inches in length, this portable net in its convenient carrying case lets you bring the excitement of pickleball on the go or straight to your doorstep. Engineered for durability without sacrificing portability, the robust frame is crafted from hard-anodized aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, reinforced with high-strength injection molded joints, and secured with a thick shock cord. The net itself features a specially designed mesh with a ripstop border for added resilience. Elevate your game and elevate your enjoyment with this innovative net system. Let the games begin!

Dink Buddy
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Benji Sleep Essentials

This Father’s Day, treat your dad to the ultimate in comfort and luxury with Benji Sleep’s premium bedding. Renowned for their softness, breathability, and stylish designs, Benji Sleep products are perfect for ensuring your dad gets the restful sleep he deserves. Whether he’s a light sleeper or someone who enjoys the feel of high-quality fabrics, these bedding essentials will elevate his sleep experience.

Bed Sheets Set

The Benji Sleep Bed Sheets Set is crafted to provide unparalleled softness and comfort. Made from high-quality microfiber, these sheets are designed to keep your dad cool and comfortable throughout the night.

What You’ll Love:

  • Ultra-Soft Fabric: Made from premium microfiber for a silky-smooth feel.
  • Breathable and Cool: Designed to wick away moisture and regulate temperature.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: High-quality construction ensures these sheets withstand regular use and washing.
  • Easy Care: Wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Stylish Design: Available in a range of elegant colors to complement any bedroom decor.

Duvet Cover Set

Complete your dad’s bedding upgrade with the Benji Sleep Duvet Cover Set. This set offers the same luxurious feel as the bed sheets and adds an extra layer of comfort and style to his bedroom.

What You’ll Love:

  • Premium Quality: Made from the same ultra-soft microfiber as the bed sheets for a cohesive and comfortable sleep environment.
  • Hypoallergenic: Ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Secure Fit: Includes corner ties and a zipper closure to keep the duvet in place.
  • Easy to Clean: Machine washable and quick-drying for convenience.
  • Elegant Look: Adds a touch of sophistication to any bed, with a range of colors to choose from.

With Benji Sleep’s luxurious bed sheets and duvet cover set, your dad will enjoy a sleep experience like no other. These bedding essentials combine comfort, style, and practicality, making them an ideal gift for Father’s Day. Show your appreciation by giving him the gift of better sleep and the relaxation he deserves.

Bed Sheets Set | Duvet Cover Set
Benji Sleep | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Fathers Day Gifts from Daughter by Watex

The Best Last Minute Dad Presents For Father'S Day That Will Make Him Happy 73 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Watex Indoor Mobile Green Wall is a versatile and easy-to-use indoor vertical garden that enhances any space with natural beauty and greenery. Designed with individual, stackable, self-watering planters, this system requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for busy lifestyles. Its mobility allows for effortless repositioning, perfect for those who enjoy frequently changing their decor. Made from durable, high-quality plastic, the planters are available in various colors and sizes to fit your aesthetic needs. With its ability to improve air quality and create a serene environment, the Watex Indoor Mobile Green Wall is a superb addition to any home, office, or commercial setting.

Indoor Mobile Green Wall
Watex | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Gadget Gifts for Dad by Zima Dental

The Dental Pod is an advanced cleaning device that ensures your dental appliances remain hygienic and clear. Utilizing high-frequency 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves, it creates millions of nano-scale bubbles that effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and plaque through a process called cavitation. This powerful yet non-abrasive cleaning method ensures all surfaces and gaps of your appliance are thoroughly cleaned, maintaining their shape and structure.

The Dental Pod is equipped with a dynamic feedback feature that optimizes cleaning efficiency based on the contents, making it suitable for aligners, retainers, mouth guards, dentures, and more. Engineered by UK scientists, it harnesses trusted ultrasonic technology, widely acknowledged by dentists for over 70 years, ensuring a safe and reliable clean.

While the Dental Pod functions like a superpowered toothbrush, the cleaning tablets act as toothpaste, enhancing the cleaning process by killing 99.9% of bacteria. These tablets use cutting-edge chemical technology to amplify the Dental Pod’s effectiveness, ensuring your dental appliances are not only spotless but also thoroughly sterilized. By eliminating bacteria and pathogens, the tablets provide extra peace of mind. Additionally, they leave a refreshing mint taste and smell, addressing any unpleasant odors that the Dental Pod alone might not remove, making them the perfect partner for your Dental Pod.

Dental Pod | Sterilizing Tablets
Zima Dental | Facebook | Instagram

Easy Father’s Day Presents by &Collar

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to show appreciation for all the dads out there, and what better way to do that than by enhancing their wardrobe with a stylish and practical gift? The Atlantic Tall Shirt from &Collar is an exceptional choice, combining elegance with functionality, making it the perfect gift for dad who values style and comfort.

The Atlantic Tall Shirt is tailored for taller frames, offering a perfect fit with exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Dad will stay comfortable all day, whether he’s at work or enjoying a family gathering. Not only that, but he will appreciate the low-maintenance nature of the Atlantic Tall Shirt. Its wrinkle-resistant fabric means less time spent ironing and more time enjoying the day.

This shirt boasts a timeless design that transitions easily from casual to formal settings. Its clean aesthetic makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, quickly becoming a staple in Dad’s wardrobe. From durable stitching to a modern cut, the Atlantic Tall Shirt features convenient details like a front pocket and high-quality buttons, making it a standout piece Dad will love.

Give your Dad the Atlantic Tall Shirt from &Collar. It provides a blend of comfort, style, and eco-consciousness that any dad will appreciate. Celebrate Dad on his special day with a gift that truly stands out.

Range Shirt
&Collar | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Plain Dad Gifts for Fathers by Life is Good

Gone are the old times when Dad would receive a new tie for Father’s Day. These days, a cozy new t-shirt would undoubtedly bring more joy to Dad, especially if it features Big Foot or his favorite pastime. Life is Good’s Crusher Tees are not only witty but offer a perfect blend of softness, comfort, and durability, designed to provide all-day ease with a timeless fit. Whether opting for the original heavyweight Crusher Tee or the latest lightweight and versatile Crusher-Lite, Dad is sure to appreciate the upgrade.

Don’t forget to check out the timeless favorites while you browse for that ideal tee. If your dad is a fan of KFC, a shirt bearing the slogan “Life is Finger Lickin’ good” will definitely make his day. This classic fit shirt, laundered for ultimate softness, gently hugs the body, reflecting a laid-back style that matches his easygoing nature. So, this Father’s Day, you can find the perfect present that Dad will be pleased with at Life is Good.

Big Foot Dad | Baseball Dad | Vintage KFC Keep It Simple
Life Is Good | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts for Dad by Lifestyle Brushes

Surprise your dad with a gift of effortless grilling with Ultimate Grill Brush 2.0 this Father’s Day! Designed for porcelain, stainless, and cast iron grill grates – this commercial-grade brush ensures clean and flavorful cooking every time. It will celebrate his love for grilling by keeping his grill grates spotless and prolonging life.

  • High-grade quality
  • Crimped brass bristles to suit grill types
  • Staggered brush pattern for optimal cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Grill Grate Scraper
  • Reaches those tough, hard-to-clean areas
  • 11″ Leather Strap for hanging and storage
  • Wood Handle for a sturdy grip
  • Durable and stylish

You can’t skip the Junior Grill Brush—the handheld companion for his grilling adventures. This 14-carbon steel brush makes cleaning tasks quick, ensuring that Dad can spend more time doing what he loves—grilling!

  • Reach between grate scraper
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas
  • Durable construction
  • Built to last
  • Compact Size
  • Efficient Design

Show your Dad how much he means to you with these thoughtful and practical gifts that show you care about his passion and interests on this special day.

The Ultimate Grill Brush 2.0 | Junior Grill Brush
Lifestyle Bushes | Facebook | Instagram

Lotus Linen Robes

Lotus Linen’s Men’s Plush Robe is an excellent choice for Father’s Day, offering both luxury and comfort in one package. The robe’s plush and soft fabric makes it a delight to wear, providing warmth on chilly evenings and a cozy feel after a shower or bath. 

Dad will love this robe because: 

  • The plush fabric feels incredibly soft against the skin, offering a luxurious experience.
  • With its lightweight material, moisture-wicking properties, and breathability, this full-length robe is suitable all year round.
  • It’s well-constructed with double stitching for durability and features a large hood, belt, and patch pockets for added convenience.

The Lotus Linen Men’s Plush Robe is a thoughtful and practical gift for any father. Its high-quality construction and luxurious feel make it a gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed for years.

Lotus Linen Mens Plush Robe
Lotus Linen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok

Everything Done To a T: Personalized Gear for Dad

If you’re looking for personalized and unique Father’s Day gifts, Everything Done To a T is the perfect place to shop. This New Jersey-based small business specializes in helping busy shoppers discover the most thoughtful and customized gifts for their loved ones. A dress sock and tumbler are an excellent gift for Dad, and here are some of the features he’ll enjoy:

Kid’s Artwork Dress Socks:

  • You can transform your child’s handwriting or drawing into a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that Dad will cherish.
  • With a polyester outer and a cotton interior, these socks offer both comfort and excellent printability. 
  • The one-size-fits-most socks feature a black heel and toe, and their polyester, cotton, elastane/spandex composition ensures clear printing of the drawings.

Basketball Tumbler:

  • This 20oz basketball tumbler is a fantastic customizable gift.
  • Personalize it with your name along the bottom in any team color, and enjoy the benefits of its beautiful stainless steel double-wall thermos drink tumbler, which keeps hot and cold beverages at the right temperature. 
  • The tumbler, with its clear lid and metal straw, is a practical and stylish gift for basketball fans. 

Finding memorable and unique gifts for Father’s Day can be a challenge, but these personalized items from Everything Done To a T are bound to make this day extra special for the dads and granddads in your life.

Kid’s Artwork Dress Socks | Basketball Tumbler
Everything Done To a T | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Pinterest

Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2024 by Sonos

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat Dad to something special, and what better way to enhance his entertainment experience than with the Sonos Surround Set with Beam (Gen 2) and Era 100 speakers? This high-quality audio system is the perfect gift for any dad who loves movies, music, and exceptional sound quality. The Sonos Surround Set delivers a rich, immersive audio experience.

The Beam (Gen 2) soundbar provides clear dialogue and impressive bass, while the Era 100 speakers offer dynamic surround sound, creating a cinema-like atmosphere right in the living room. This set integrates effortlessly with existing Sonos products and smart home systems. Whether Dad uses Alexa or Google Assistant, he can control the system with voice commands, making it easy to adjust settings or play his favorite tunes. The sleek, black design of the Sonos Surround Set complements any decor. Its compact size means it fits neatly into any space, enhancing the room without overwhelming it.

Gifting the Sonos Surround Set with Beam (Gen 2) and Era 100 speakers is more than just giving an audio system; it’s enhancing Dad’s entire entertainment experience. This Father’s Day, let Dad know how much he means to you give him the gift that brings unparalleled sound quality and modern convenience into his home.

Sonos Surround Set
Sonos | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

With these last minute dad presents, you can still make Father’s Day unforgettable for your dad. It’s the thought and effort that counts the most, so choose a gift that reflects your dad’s personality and interests. Whether it’s a small token of appreciation or a grand gesture, the most important thing is to let your Dad know how much he is loved and valued. Cheers to all the amazing dads out there!

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