NurturMe: The Alternative To Traditional Baby Food

Jars of baby food take up far too much precious pantry space. Or even worse, you need to go on an all day outing that requires packing all that food in your already over-packed bag. Save space and add flavor and nutrient diversity with the alternative to traditional baby food, NurturMe.

What It Is

NurturMe products are freeze/drum dried packets of food that just require water or breast milk mixed in.

NurturMe is designed for infants just starting on solids and toddlers that need an extra nutrition boost. The packet sizes, 4 ounces, are great for children just starting out on solids.  If you have an older child simply mix together two packets for a larger portion and create your own flavor combinations.

NurturMe is also great for keeping back-up food in the diaper bag because the packets are so compact. These convenient packets are perfect for when your toddler is going through a picky period and doesn’t want to eat his vegetables. Add a pack to a serving of mac ‘n cheese or yogurt for some added nutritional value and flavor.

Variety Of Selection

NurturMe has a wide variety of expected and unexpected flavor options. We love the offering of raisins, kale, and quinoa while still having the reliable peas or apples available.

The packs of quinoa are the perfect alternative to traditional rice cereal to which most babies are accustomed. The quinoa packs contain a much higher nutritional value than rice cereal, and is a great protein source for your little eater.

One constant with this wide selection is that all of the available options are:

  • Kosher
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • Made In The USA
  • Contain no added preservatives, salts, or sugars
  • Almost all of the products are gluten-free

Healthy Alternative To Traditional Snacks

NurturMe offers a freeze dried snack food, Yum-A-Roos. Yum-A-Roos are a healthy alternative to puffs. They contain no additional ingredients aside from the whole peas, pineapple, bananas chunks. That’s right, a sugar free snack for children that tastes good!

Read The Great Puff Debate for more information on why traditional puffs should be avoided.

From One Mom To Another: The freeze dried Yum-A-Roo snacks got us through a 3 hour flight. My son had a fun time sorting through the different shapes, flavors, and colors, carefully choosing his next bite. The packets also made security and space limitation issues nonexistent.

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Amanda lives in Ohio with her fiancé and one year old son. She enjoys spending her days listening to amazing music while teaching her son awesomely bad dance moves. Her hobbies change monthly, but she stays constantly focused on clean eating, being green and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

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