20+ of the Most Enjoyable Books to Read For an Unforgettable Summer

Summer is the perfect time for everyone in the family to find a shady spot and get lost in a book. The publishing world has released an incredible number of the most enjoyable books to read this summer, and the list below covers titles for both you and your kids. Bookmark this article so that you can keep coming back to find the newest book releases.

20 of the Most Enjoyable Books to Read This Summer

Great Battles for Boys

20+ Of The Most Enjoyable Books To Read For An Unforgettable Summer 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If your boys love war stories, thrilling adventures, or historical fiction, it’s time to dive into thrilling adventures with the Great Battles for Boys book series! This action-packed collection will transport you to the heart of history’s most epic battles, where courage, strategy, and bravery reign supreme. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you join fearless warriors on the front lines, battling it out in iconic clashes that have shaped our world. From ancient clashes to modern-day conflicts, this series has it all.

This is more than just history; it’s an exciting journey through time, where your son will discover the tactics, weapons, and legendary figures that defined these encounters. This series is a true testament to the power and intrigue of warfare, offering a unique perspective that will leave him captivated and inspired. Whether your son is an avid reader or hates to pick up a book, he is sure be utterly captivated by this series!

Virtual Kombat Series

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Chris Bradford’s “Virtual Kombat” 3 book series plunges readers into a thrilling dystopian future where reality and virtual worlds collide. The series follows Scott, a teenage boy who discovers that the popular Virtual Kombat game is more than just a high-tech sport—it’s a deadly competition with real-life consequences. As Scott battles his way through increasingly dangerous levels, he uncovers a sinister conspiracy and must fight to survive both in the game and in the real world. Packed with action, suspense, and gripping twists, Bradford’s series captivates young readers with its blend of technology, adventure, and bravery.

All the Little Liars

20+ Of The Most Enjoyable Books To Read For An Unforgettable Summer 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

In Victoria Selman’s gripping thriller, “All the Little Liars,” a seemingly perfect family is shattered by a dark secret. When a tragic accident leads to the death of a young boy, the carefully constructed facade of the Whitman family begins to crumble. As Detective Nadine Finch investigates, she uncovers a web of lies and deceit that threatens to unravel the lives of everyone involved. Selman’s masterful storytelling and psychological insights make this a compelling read that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

The Islanders: Shipwrecked


New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe is back with a third installment of The Islanders, released by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. This time, the group is Shipwrecked. Your middle-grade reader will put this on top of the most enjoyable books to read this summer for so many reasons, including:

  • One of the main characters gets a boat, something most kids would love
  • Three kids explore the ocean independently of adults
  • The children problem-solve and experience one of the biggest adventures of their lives

This fantastic narrative and the lovable characters will beg your kiddo to read the rest of the series. It is a perfect book for summer and dreaming about the high seas.

Nancy Drew Clue Book: Chimpanzee Spree


Nancy Drew fans rejoice as you can pass the tradition to your children with this clue book published by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. Follow Nancy and her friends in this interactive Nancy Drew clue book to solve the mystery. Kids six to nine years old will find this one of the most enjoyable books of the summer because:

  • Interactive and intriguing
  • Great for those who are new at chapter books
  • Captivating for a young reader

This book will delight and captivate new readers and foster a love for reading and piecing together clues. Who doesn’t love to solve a mystery?

Paige Proves It: The Curious Cove


The Curious Cove is one of the most enjoyable books to read as it follows Paige around the cove to solve the mystery of the mermaid. Both children and parents will love this book because:

  • Perfect for establishing readers new to chapter books
  • It is engaging and ideal for kids ages seven to ten years old
  • Fun for both the child and parent to read together

Follow the story one fact at a time while Paige proves whether mermaids live in the cove. Flex your child’s reading skills and deductive reasoning with this great summer read.

You Are Loved


You are Loved is a sweet read that will show your child how much they are loved by connecting the ways they are loved through nature. You and your child find this one of the most enjoyable books to read because the story is:

  • Easy to follow along
  • Includes fun, bright photos
  • Relatable for kids of all ages

This is the perfect book to read nightly with your young child. Soon enough, they will pick up on the easy language and be able to read the story back to you!

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For the Love of Renovating: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration for Creating Your Dream Home


If you dream of updating your home, For the Love of Renovating will be one of the most enjoyable books to read for you this summer. This game-changer of a book is a must-have for the fixer-upper in your life. You can expect to find:

  • Ideas relevant to budget updates all the way to full-home renovations
  • Tips from the experts Jordan and Barry—aka the Brownstone Boys—for homes that need a little love
  • What to consider from start to finish during a home renovation of any size.
  • Guidance on developing a design, a schedule, and budgeting

Find the hidden potential in your home with help from this incredible guidebook published by Union Square & Co. Why reinvent the wheel when these experts have laid out the steps to turn your current home into the house of your dreams? For the Love of Renovating is now available as your permanent book sidekick.

The Five Stages of Courting Dalisay Ramos


Summer calls for romance! For many reasons, the new release, The Five Stages of Courting Dalisay Ramos, is among the most enjoyable books to read. Not only will the romance win you over, but the comedic spin will have you hugging the pages. What to love most about the book:

  • The book is written by #1 New York Times best-selling author Melissa de la Cruz.
  • You get a sneak peek into a multicultural relationship as different cultures blend.
  • Learn about Philippino courting rituals.
  • If you found the Crazy Rich Asian series one of the most enjoyable books to read, you will LOVE this story.

A new release this summer, The Five Stages of Courting Dalisay Ramos, has “pool day” written all over it.

When Cicadas Cry


If you are looking for a page-turner this summer, don’t pass up When Cicadas Cry by debut author Caroline Cleveland, published by Union Square & Co. This thriller will be one of your most enjoyable books to read this summer because:

  • The novel is a gripping mystery/thriller whodunit with a well-developed plot
  • The story includes twists and turns that will keep you guessing
  • If you are someone who follows true crime, this book is set in the same small town as the high-profile Murdaugh murder trial

You won’t be able to put this book down because of its rich descriptions and captivating story that will have you on the edge of your seat through the exciting conclusion. Make sure to pick this one up today.

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National Geographic Here Not There: 100 Unexpected Travel Destinations


For those who love unique vacations, National Geographicís Here Not There: 100 Unexpected Travel Destinations will be one of the most enjoyable books to read this summer. Learn tips and tricks on when to visit, where to eat, what to see, and where to stay. The book by Andrew Nelson offers terrific photographs and a list of unique travel itineraries, including:

  • A trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park, California, instead of Yellowstone National Park, to see geothermic activity
  • A trip to the Mayan ruins in Choquequirao, Peru, instead of Machu Picchu
  • A trip to California’s Central Coast instead of Tuscany, Italy, for La Dolce Vita
  • A trip to Portugalís Azores instead of the Hawaiian Islands for flora, fauna, and underwater adventures

With so many adventurous options, where is one to start? Grab your copy of this National Geographic jewel and begin your trip planning!

National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel: Share the World with Your Kids on 50 Adventures of a Lifetime


Ready to plan epic vacations for the whole family? The book Bucket List Family Travel: Share the World with Your Kids on 50 Adventures of a Lifetime provides fabulous destination itineraries from around the globe. The Bucket List Family sold all their belongings in 2015 to begin the journey worldwide. Now, after more than eight years and more than 90 countries, author Jessica Gee shares tips and tricks on how to experience the world with your children.

  • How to find childcare overseas
  • How to survive plane rides and jet lag with children and toddlers
  • Learn to live like a local
  • Learn to document your travels

The National Geographic book includes terrific photos and Top-10 lists for every age. Itineraries include:

  • A trip to the Galapagos to encounter tortoises and penguins
  • A trip to the Scottish Highlands and the United Kingdom to see castles and cliffs while enjoying stew, haggis, and Scottish breakfast
  • A trip to Kyoto, Japan to see the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine and hot springs while enjoying ramen, soba, and udon noodle dishes

This is one of the most enjoyable books to read for the adventurous traveler and a tool book you’ll keep for years to come.

All The Summers In Between


All the Summers in Between is one of the most enjoyable books to read by the pool this summer. Set in two timelines, between 1967 and 1977, you will love this book because:

  • It dives into complex friendships and how they evolve throughout a decade
  • The narrative around the Hamptons makes for a perfect backdrop
  • This coming-of-age story is a powerful tale that will have you thinking about the boundaries of friendships

Not much is better than diving into the perfect summer read. All the Summers in Between will be one of your favorites this year and one you do not want to miss out on reading.

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Dad Camp


Evan S. Porter has written the perfect, heartwarming comedy of the summer in his new book, Dad Camp. One of the most enjoyable books to read, this book will have you laughing and crying for so many reasons:

  • It is a beautiful story of a father attempting to bond with his pre-teen daughter
  • Toxic dads are a real thing
  • It’s a highly unique premise of a father-daughter summer camp
  • Forced bonding activities should be illegal

Perfect for any parent, this book has so much heart and laughs. You will recommend the story to your friends for years to come.

The Hollywood Assistant


May Cobb’s newest release, The Hollywood Assistant, is one of the most enjoyable books to read because of the fun, whodunit premise. You will love this book because:

  • It is a quick and addictive read
  • Read about a Hollywood dream job as a personal assistant
  • Find out what happens when a murder occurs with a high-profile family

What would you do if you could access designer clothes, a private pool, and competitive payment? This life is a dream for Cassidy Foster…until it is not. Make sure to grab this mystery when creating your to-be-read pile for this summer.

Your Postpartum Body: The Complete Guide to Healing After Pregnancy


If you’re navigating the wild world of postpartum symptoms like pelvic floor issues, exhaustion, lactation challenges, and more, this book is your game-changer. Your Postpartum Body will be one of the most enjoyable books to read and a guidebook you’ll want to hold onto. In this book expect to find:

  • A guidebook written by a pelvic floor physical therapist who gets it.
  • Real talk on what goes down during pregnancy and childbirth,
  • The typical changes your body goes through, and—most importantly—how to bounce back and start feeling like yourself again, inside and out.
  • Practical, expert-backed advice on hydration, nutrition, lactation (and how to end it when you’re ready), pelvic floor recovery, finding your abs again, easing pain, reclaiming your sexuality, and confidently getting back to fitness.

Here’s the bottom line: Your body is incredible, and it’s been through a lot. But you don’t have to settle for discomfort, weakness, or feeding stress. This book is your ultimate toolkit to heal, nurture, and reclaim your body and mind postpartum. Consider it your go-to companion for this excellent next chapter of motherhood. You’ve got this whole postpartum thing if this book is on hand!

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Little People, BIG DREAMS: Taylor Swift


Not many people are more famous than Taylor Swift right now. For the little Swifties in your life, Little People, BIG DREAMS just released its newest book featuring the story of Taylor Swift. This is one of the most enjoyable books to read because:

  • It details Taylor’s life as a child on her family’s Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania
  • You’ll learn how Taylor scored her first record deal in Nashville
  • The fun illustrations will make you and your kiddo smile and want to listen to Taylor’s biggest hits.

Taylor’s fame started with a dream and a belief in herself and her talent. This book showcases a prime example of perseverance, passion, and drive to achieve your dreams.

Hello Bugs: A Little Guide to Nature


Hello Bugs: A Little Guide to Nature by Nina Chakrabarti lets your little ones step into the enchanting world of insects. This is one of the most enjoyable books to read for children six to eight years old this summer for so many reasons:

  • The pages include vibrant illustrations
  • Your child will learn interesting facts about butterflies, wasps, and beetles.
  • The book consists of obscure tidbits about the fascinating world of insects, including camouflage and metamorphosis.
  • The book encourages you and your little one to create a bug hotel and venture out on bug hunts to learn firsthand about nature.

You won’t regret this nature guide, especially when it encourages your kiddo to get outside and explore the world of bugs!

Whether it is just you or your entire family that is into reading this summer, make sure you don’t pass up this list of the most enjoyable books to read. Between romance, DIY, mystery, middle grade, or something appropriate for all ages, find what you’re craving in this checklist of this summer’s hottest new releases.



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