Enhance Your TBR List with 19 Great New Book Releases This Spring

When searching for the best books for your TBR list this spring, check out this selection of the newest releases for kids and adults. What is a TBR list, you may ask? It is the titles you are chomping at the bit “to be read.” Whether for yourself or a youngster in your household, this TBR list of books can move from the article to your bookshelf in just a few clicks!

19 Books For Your TBR List

Bunny vs. Monkey and the Human Invasion


Do you have a middle-grade reader who prefers graphic novels? Your kiddo will jump at the chance to add Bunny vs. Monkey and the Human Invasion to his or her TBR list. Union Square Kids published this fun and colorful sequel to Bunny vs. Monkey for kids looking to get a humor fix from the newest book releases.

Monkey is not from planet Earth. Since crash-landing his rocket, Monkey has been going bananas, trying to adapt with Bunny and the rest of the forest friends. But the Earthlings have had enough and are trying their hardest to rid Monkey of his world-domination delusions. Your child will laugh out loud at this graphic novel, perfect for fans of Dog Man.

Lost & Found: Based on a True Story


Most adults have been the “new kid” in some situation or another throughout life. What better way to introduce this to your child than through the eyes of a character in a book? Ideal for second through fifth graders, Lost & Found: Based on a True Story tells the tale of Mei Yu, a new kid to school and the country.

Mei’s family relocated from China to Canada, and this story tells of her heartwarming experiences while moving across the world. If your child thinks making friends is difficult, imagine making friends without knowing the language! Based on the author’s real-life experiences, this story will quickly become a favorite in your household.

Are You Big?


The New York Times bestselling author of the Elephant & Piggie series is back with his newest concept: Are You Big? Your child has most likely read at least one of Mo Willems’s adorably illustrated books—or has one of his books on a TBR list!

In Are You Big?, Willems teaches your little ones STEM-based learning concepts by comparing the size of a child to the size of the universe. Starting with an average-sized kid, the story uses simple concepts, expressive art, and bold text to showcase how large the world is. This educational and bright book is essential for your spring TBR list books.

Miss Austen Investigates: The Hapless Milliner


Fans of Jane Austen will love this mystery novel, which features all your favorite things about Miss Austen. Cleverness, insight, wit—it’s all there. In this novel, the beloved author has turned sleuth as she tries to solve a murder and prove her brother’s innocence. After all, a classy lady like Jane would never let her family face injustices and wouldn’t let propriety stop her.

You’ll never read another mystery like this, so it is a must-add to your TBR list. Author Jessica Bull is an Englishwoman with an education in English Literature from Bristol University. Her incredible debut book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the author’s website.

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DeadEndia: The Divine Order


New to shelves on April 23rd, the young adult graphic novel DeadEndia: The Divine Order is the third in the DeadEndia trilogy. This is a must-add to the TBR list, especially if your high schooler is a fan of the first two books in this series published by Union Square & Co.

The third and concluding book of this series has Barney, Norma, and friends fighting for the fate of the universe and the added pressure of their love lives. The demons and angels hone their martial arts skills for this epic and final battle. Don’t miss the trilogy’s conclusion, and add The Divine Order to your older teen’s reading list.

Hannah Tate, Beyond Repair


Looking for the perfect romance to add to your TBR list this summer? Hannah Tate, Beyond Repair is ideal for a quick romance read with depth and insight. After having her first child, Hannah is over the moon when she finds an engagement ring hidden by her boyfriend. Unfortunately for Hannah, her boyfriend dumps her rather than propose to her.

Hannah takes her baby and moves to Georgia to live with her mom and stepfather. Luck is on her side because her mom has a vacation property with the prospect of being a massive moneymaker for Hannah. The only hitch: the house requires a LOT of work. As in all small-town romances, a hot carpenter lives in a treehouse next door and is hired to fix up the property. Full of everything you want in a romance for your TBR list books this spring, don’t miss out on this new release.

Would You Dare Put a Diaper on a Bear?


In this delightful tale for your TBR list, author Lillias Kinsman-Chauvet invites young readers to explore a playful scenario where anything is possible—even putting diapers on unexpected animals! Ever wonder what it would be like to see a crocodile sporting a diaper? How about a giraffe? Well, wonder no more! Your child will go on a hilarious adventure of imagination, where the mere thought of a diaper on a giraffe sets off a cascade of laughter and giggles.

Through the magic of storytelling, children are invited to explore the idea of using a potty in a fun and child-friendly way, making the transition from diapers to “big kid” underwear a little less daunting. So, if you’re ready for a laugh-out-loud adventure that’s as heartwarming as it is entertaining, grab a copy of Would You Dare Put a Diaper on a Bear? and let your imagination run wild. Who knows – you might see the world in a whole new way.

Emmer’s Screen Time


If you’re looking to strike a healthy balance with screen time for your child, Emmer’s Screen Time is a fantastic resource to add to your TBR list this spring. This book showcases relatable characters and situations that demonstrate to your child how putting down the screen can lead to even more fun and exciting opportunities. The realistic images in the book help children grasp the concept and see the benefits of finding a balance.

Emmer’s Screen Time also provides a QR code on the back that parents can scan to access extra resources and expert advice on managing screen time effectively. So, if you’re ready to help your child enjoy screen-based activities and off-screen adventures, grab a copy of Emmer’s Screen Time and discover the perfect balance together!

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Felix Goes to Preschool


If your little one is gearing up for their first day at preschool, Felix Goes to Preschool by Lovevery is the perfect book to add to your TBR list to help them feel ready and excited. This book contains relatable characters and situations that guide your child through managing those first-day jitters and embracing the thrill of starting something new. The realistic images in the book make it easy for kids to connect with the story and understand what to expect.

Felix Goes to Preschool also features an interactive song that your child can participate in, empowering them to take charge of their preschool adventure. You can also scan the QR code on the back of the book to unlock additional resources and expert tips for supporting your child’s transition into preschool. Get ready for an exciting new chapter with Felix Goes to Preschool!

Goodbye Paci


If you’re navigating the pacifier weaning stage with your little one, you’ll want to check out Goodbye, Paci by Lovevery. This excellent book for your TBR list is designed to help your child transition from pacifier reliance to finding comfort in other ways, all through a gentle and gradual process.

Featuring relatable characters and situations, Goodbye, Paci uses realistic images that connect with kids and help them understand what’s happening. Plus, an interactive song is included that engages your child and encourages them to take the lead in this big step. Additionally, scan a QR code on the back of the book to unlock even more expert-developed resources and approaches to support you through this journey. Say hello to a pacifier-free future with Goodbye, Paci!

In My Own Bed


If you’re getting ready for that significant milestone of transitioning your child from the crib to their first bed, In My Own Bed by Lovevery is here to help make it smooth sailing. This book, ideal for your TBR list, is packed with relatable characters and situations that show your child an easy-to-follow approach to staying in bed until morning light. The realistic images in the book connect with kids, making it easier for them to understand what’s happening.

In My Own Bed also includes an interactive lullaby that your child can join, empowering them to take charge of this exciting change. Plus, you can scan the QR code on the back of the book to unlock additional resources and expert tips to support your family through this transition. Get ready for cozy nights in your child’s bed with In My Own Bed!

Something’s Wrong with George


If your child is grappling with loss and you’re looking for a gentle way to help them understand and process their emotions, Something’s Wrong with George is a beautiful book to add to your child’s TBR list. This book presents relatable characters and situations that offer your child an easy-to-follow example of navigating feelings of loss and finding closure. The realistic images in the book make it easier for children to relate to the story and connect with the portrayed emotions.

Like the other Lovevery books, this one includes a QR code that parents can scan to access additional resources and expert approaches to supporting children during loss. If you want to empower your child with tools to understand and cope with emotions, Something’s Wrong with George is a thoughtful choice for your family’s bookshelf.

The Cinderella Monologues


Every girl loves Cinderella, right? We dream of castles, dresses, princes, ballrooms, and adventure. But what if we had real women with real stories to look up to like we do Cinderella? That’s what you get when reading The Cinderella Monologues. This book is full of short stories by real women who have overcome massive obstacles to find happiness. Some survive abuse and illness to come out stronger on the other side, while others find passion and meaning in new roles and varying stages of life. These women are heroes in their own stories.

The second edition of The Cinderella Monologues contains more stories of courageous, successful women and is a must-add to your TBR list. These women help families, animals, and communities through their research, music, volunteerism, kitchen prowess, writing skills, and many other talents. Give these unique books a read and share them with other ladies who need encouragement and empowerment. We can all find something to learn as we connect with these modern-day princesses.

My Weirdtastic School #4: Miss Nichol Is in a Pickle!

Enhance Your Tbr List With 19 Great New Book Releases This Spring 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The next book in the My Weirdtastic School series by Dan Gutman is the 100th book featuring A.J. and his friends in the My Weird School universe. Your first through fourth-grade children will love this discombobulated look at constructing a vegetable garden, the newest Ella Mentry School project.

A.J. (who hates school) and his friends hilariously argue with their principal that the garden should only include junk food. Because who eats vegetables? When Miss Nichol joins the staff, the plotting and planning of the garden only get wackier. Your kiddo will love this goofy story and make sure it jumps to the top of their TBR list because the fourth book in this series only gets weirder and weirder!

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My Weird School #1: Miss Daisy is Crazy!

Enhance Your Tbr List With 19 Great New Book Releases This Spring 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Twenty years ago, the world was introduced to the first My Weird School book, Miss Daisy is Crazy! Dan Gutman’s world of A.J. and his school, Ella Mentary School, is perfect for young readers who are hesitant to dip into chapter books. The silly language and goofy characters make reading about the misadventures fun.

If your child has never read one of these books, it’s best to start at the beginning and add Miss Daisy is Crazy to their TBR list. The story quickly illuminates a disturbing fact: Miss Daisy does not know what she’s doing. She can’t even add or subtract! You will quickly get sucked into A.J.’s world with this first book…and there are 100 more for you to read!

Dictionary of Fine Distinctions


Get ready to explore common phrases and terms we often misuse or misunderstand. Burnstein’s wit and charm illuminate the subtle nuances that enrich our communication with the Dictionary of Fine Distinctions, a great addition to your TBR list this spring.

  • Unravel the differences between easily confusable words, such as:
    • Swamp vs. bog
    • Envy vs. jealousy
    • Couch vs. sofa
  • Express yourself with greater clarity and precision.
  • Enjoy the beautifully illustrated pages
  • Perfect for hairsplitters and language enthusiasts alike

Whether you’re a writer, a speaker, or someone who loves the art of communication, this indispensable guide will help you navigate the complexities of language with confidence and flair. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of linguistic magic to your bookshelf!

Pup Detectives: A Royal Fishing Scam


Ideal for children aged five to nine, Pup Detectives is a graphic novel series perfect for a TBR list this spring. The ninth book in the series, A Royal Fishing Scam, introduces its readers to a guest of Pawston Elementary School: Prince Bubbles from New Sealand.

The Pup Detectives suspect something fishy is happening with Bubbles, and they begin an investigation that could anger the royal swimmer. Is the team justified in their actions? Or are they suspicious for no good reason? Follow this fun and adorable illustrated adventure as the Pup Detectives solve the case.

Mommies Work


As moms, we do it all! A new children’s book, Mommies Work, is about moms’ valuable contribution to society and families. Mommies Work describes how some mothers stay at home while others go to an office, and some work with kids while others have a desk. All moms are essential, and all moms love their kids. That’s the message behind this book.

This book for your TBR list is a good reminder not to judge ourselves or others for differences. It sets an excellent example for kids to let them know that variances in families and occupations are good things. Moms can have dreams outside of the home while being the best mom possible at home. Read Mommies Work with your kids and set the tone for your little ones to aspire to do whatever their hearts desire!

Big Book of Activities for Little Kids


If you’re searching for the ultimate boredom-busting activity book, look no further than the Big Book of Activities for Little Kids from Highlights. This gem is a treasure trove of over 200 screen-free activities specially designed for ages 3-6, guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. It’s a must-have for your TBR list this spring.

Developed by early childhood experts and inspired by the beloved High Five magazine, this book has fun and educational activities to engage your child’s curiosity and spark their imagination. From games and crafts to recipes and puzzles, there’s something for every little adventurer to explore. Plus, with handy Mess Alerts included for projects requiring some cleanup, you can rest assured that the fun won’t lead to chaos.

From becoming a spy to exploring how vegetables grow, this book’s activities are entertaining and educational, helping your child learn and grow while having a blast. So gather your supplies, round up your little ones, and prepare for hours of hands-on fun with the Highlights Big Book of Activities for Little Kids.

Now that the summer is nearing don’t get behind in creating your TBR list for yourself and your kids. Having the newest releases is fun for every age, and now that the days are longer, there is more daylight to sit and read in the sunshine. Make sure to bookmark this article so that you can check each title off your TBR list!

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