Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect for Kids and Adults

As the temperatures rise, so do the anxiety levels of parents around the globe. Anxiety to keep boredom out of the household. Whether for you or your youngins, summer reading is vital for keeping engagement levels from plummeting. The following list includes the perfect list of summer reading titles appropriate for kids and for adults.

Summer Reading List Perfect for Any Age

Signature Classics with Union Square & Co.

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

All of the most classic stories with reimagined graphics are available from Union Square & Co. making this perfect for your summer reading list. While most adults don’t have an assigned list of titles to get through this summer, re-read or pick up for the first time classics ranging from Pride and Prejudice to Wuthering Heights to The Great Gatsby.

Not all stories were created equal which is why these timeless tales continue to withstand the test of time. Add one or more of these classics to your summer reading this year.

100 Great American Parks

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

This brand new release from National Geographic titled 100 Great American Parks takes you on a beautiful photographic journey of America’s 63 national parks and 37 state parks, city parks, and green spaces. It’s a great companion book to take while traveling, perfect for summer reading.

Learn need-to-know travel information including the best scenic overlooks, hiking trails, and tips for spotting wildlife in this National Geographic book. Pick up your copy of this ideal summer reading to learn about places you want to visit like the mountain peaks of the Tetons, the crystal-clad underworld of Carlsbad Caverns, or a hidden gem tucked in New York’s Central Park.

50 States, 500 Campgrounds

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Are you ready to go camping on a road trip across the country? 50 States, 500 Campgrounds: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do will help you plan your next outdoor adventure down to the littlest details. This one-of-a-kind comprehensive summer reading campground resource by Joe Yogerst is the sequel to 50 State, 5,000 Ideas. Learn about the top tent and cabin campsites and the best RV resorts and glamping destinations in the United States and Canada.

Enjoy more than 200 beautiful photos and detailed writeups about 10 sites in each state, Western and Eastern Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. You will not only learn about exciting destinations in and around national and state parks, but receive recommendations from experts in hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking in and around each campground, too. Let’s go camping!

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DylPop’s Book Shop

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Born in 2020 from being stuck inside, DylPop’s Book Shop was created as a way for kids to escape through reading. Covering life-changing topics like becoming a big sibling and inequality and family justice, DylPop uses books to educate in an age-appropriate manner.

DylPop has cultivated a list of titles that will help generate honest conversations with your kids. Summer reading should be not only entertaining but also educational. Check out the bundles available that focus on emotions, diversity, girl power, or potty training. Whatever your family is going through, DylPop has a bundle of books perfect for your summer reading.

Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

The Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World – Recipes & Stories from The Most Magical Place on Earth honors the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. This cookbook meets Disney’s culinary history is stuffed with light-hearted stories, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, mouth-watering photos, and more than 60 delectable recipes. The recipes range from appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and even libations.

Enjoy recipes from fine dining to quick service favorites across the Disney World Resort. Bring your vacation memories to life with recipes like Breakfast Lasagna, the Frozen Pineapple Treat Inspired by DOLE WHIP®, Tonga Toast, Gobi Manchurian, and Batuuan Ronto Wrap. No one said summer reading wouldn’t make you hungry. Bon appétit.

The Ghosts of Paris

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Another thrilling book by best-selling author Tara Moss. This action-packed book perfect for summer reading is set in postwar London and Paris about former war reporter turned investigator Billie Walker.

As she sets out on her search for her client’s missing husband is is on a path straight to a secret underground network of secret Nazi criminals. The Ghosts of Paris is an intriguing story taking you from the glamorous bars of Paris to the morgue, with details that set you right in the middle of the scene.

The Travel Photography Book

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Who doesn’t want perfect pictures while on vacation? Learn how to capture your trip with professional-quality photos by using the same tricks as top photographers outlined in The Travel Photography Book.

Let your summer reading list include a book that will enhance your summer travel. The Travel Photography Book was written by Scott Kelby, a travel photographer, who shares his secrets of capturing the best possible images on your trip. Learn which shots to take, the ideal camera for travel, how to edit your images, and much more.

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Road & Track Crew’s Big & Fast Cars

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. If your kiddo is interested in cars, the history of cars, or the science behind cars, then Road & Track Crew’s Big & Fast Cars is the ideal summer reading for you. This incredible auto-related book includes facts about record-setting rides and answers to very important questions like, “How does a race car drivers pee during a race?”

Road & Track Crew’s Big & Fast Cars brings STEAM lessons to life as young readers learn about the science of how cars work to a Tesla in space. Readers ages 8-12 will learn about jobs in the auto industry and hear stories about the Hot Wheels’ designer, the inventor of the Batmobile, and the scientist who controls rovers on Mars.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Babies

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Babies combines stories with fun lessons so your little one can understand and appreciate differences. Fast AND Slow (Both Just Right!) and Me. You. Us. (Whose Turn?) are both beautifully, illustrated board books that turn summer reading with your little ones into a time for bonding and cuddles. Everyone appreciates a feel-good message; start young with Chicken Soup for the Soul: Babies!

The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

America’s Test Kitchen has a new cookbook for teens ready to make Tik Tok-worthy breakfasts and entrees. The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs includes various photo-worthy recipes like Oven-Roasted Salmon and Shakshuka (Eggs in a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce).

The recipes range from beginner and intermediate chefs to advanced chefs. And, the recipes span the globe from Easy Baked Polenta to Hung Kao Mun Gati (Thai coconut rice). The cookbook includes vegetarian recipes as well as those for meat lovers. Don’t forget dessert… Salted Butterscotch Cupcakes, S’mores Bars, and many more.

Each recipe is presented with notes for the young chef before attempting the recipe next to a beautiful photo of the finished dish. The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs is sure to give the young chef in your house some new favorite recipes while doing their summer reading.

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Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Your little one is curious about the world around them so give them something fun and interactive. NomNomNom is the perfect summer reading for chef’s-in-training, picky-eaters, and anyone who loves food. This adorable interactive book allows you and your child to choose what to feed the hungry animal.


Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

For your growing and sprouting young girl, the beautiful book Bloom teaches your daughter to love herself and appreciate the beauty of her dark skin. This joyful summer reading poetic board book delivers an ode to African American girls and their natural beauty.

ZOOM: Dinosaur Adventure

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Travel through time with your preschooler to the age of dinosaurs. ZOOM: Dinosaur Adventure follows Jamie and Jasmine as they take a journey on a time machine. Your preschooler and toddler will enjoy searching for dinosaurs with the two adventure lovers, as well as learning the names of dinosaurs like Ankylosaurus, Elasmosaurus, and Pteranodon.

There’s nothing more adorable than a preschooler confidently identifying their favorite dinosaurs with the proper scientific names. The die-cut board book by Susan Hayes and illustrated by Sam Rennocks takes your little dino-loving preschooler on a flying Pterosaur through a fun story with bright beautiful illustrations ideal for your summer reading list.

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Choose Your Story, Change Your Life

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Author Kindra Hall will help you on your journey to Choose Your Story, Change Your Life. This summer reading book challenges you to look back to understand your life. It challenges what you think about how your life has been built. Uncover steps to create the life you want, take control and become the author of your story.

The book gives you facts, examples from her own life, some humor, and the steps to discover the power of your inner voice. Learn to overcome inner fears that prevent you from moving forward. Transform from passive listener to the definitive author of who you are and who you want to be. Hall’s book takes you inside your own psychology from neuroscience to your deepest thoughts and feelings.

The Mommy Life

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Why not laugh rather than cry at the ups and downs and pure silliness of mommy life? The unique comics by author and mom, Gina McMillen, in The Mommy Life reminds you that you are not alone in the child-raising journey. The fun, fresh illustrations, and commentary will have you nodding along, as you laugh and turn page after page of this light-hearted, upbeat book chronicling mom life in the trenches.

Do you live for nap time? Can you find a sippy cup among the plastic rubble in less than ten seconds? Does your daily uniform amount to T-shirts and black leggings? If so, you might be a mother of young children, able to relate and commiserate with this humourous and fun summer reading favorite.

Scaredy Squirrel Gets a Surprise

Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults

Scaredy Squirrel is back with another one of his nutty adventures in Scaredy Squirrel Gets a Surprise. This second book in its series is ideal for summer reading – especially for those kiddos who thrive on routine.

Scaredy STRONGLY dislikes surprises. He loves anything and everything planned and predictable. So when a mysterious crate shows up (and turns out to be a pool), Scaredy needs to buckle up and be brave in order to have a little bit of fun this summer!

Whether you are looking for a classic novel, self-help, toddler board book, cookbook, or anything in between, this list has you covered for summer reading. The perfect complement to the sun shining and the birds chirping is a great book. So make sure to come prepared this season with the ideal book for you!




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Ultimate Summer Reading List 100% Perfect For Kids And Adults
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