26 of the Best Kids Books For Children of All Ages

As the weather cools down and the sun sets earlier, are you looking for ways to cozy up and hibernate? If so, the following includes the best kids books for all of your kiddos. So keep reading and choose your favorites to hunker down and spend some quality time with your nose in a book alongside your child!

The Best Kids Books

Pizazz Vs. The New Kid

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

The second book in the Pizazz series from Simon and Schuster, Pizazz Vs. The New Kid is one of the best kids books for its colorful and fun story. Pizazz, a superhero, is used to being the only super kid in town. That is until Jett shows up at school. Jett becomes the new “it” kid in school who is not only good at everything but also SUPER cool.

Not only does Jett seem to be the better super kid, but Jett becomes Pizazz’s partner in saving the world. Life couldn’t get much worse for Pizazz. How is she supposed to work in tandem with her new nemesis?


26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

CHIRP! is one of the best kids books for the younger kiddos because it uses pictures to help tell a story. With art by New York Times bestselling illustrator Scott Magoon, the book takes the reader on Chipmunk’s journey as she seeks someone who will sing with her.

Finding a friend who will sing along with her becomes a daunting task as Chipmunk starts her search. She seeks high, low, up, and down for friends to harmonize and finds friendship in the most unlikely of places. Don’t miss this story for its beautiful message and illustrations.

Pup Detectives Series

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

The Pet Detective series is a graphic novel series for kids ages 5-9 and some of the best kids books you can get for your child. The Soccer Mystery and Ghosts, Goblins, and Ninjas! are the third and fourth installments from the Pet Detectives. Similar to the first two stories, the main character, Rider Woofson, leads his fellow pup detectives to solve the case.

Your child will not only fall in love with the characters at Pawston Elementary School but also have fun reading about the clues that help to solve the mysteries in each book. The pups don’t give up until they crack the case keeping your child’s attention through until the end. What kiddo doesn’t appreciate a good graphic novel? Put this series on the top of your list!

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Angelina’s Baby Sister

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

The first book in the Angelina Ballerina series was published nearly 40 years ago. Little Simon Publishing is bringing back a classic in a refreshed hardcover edition of Angelina’s Baby Sister. One of the best kids books, Angelina’s story stands the test of time – especially this sweet tale about her baby sister entering the world.

Angelina is so incredibly excited to be a big sister. But once sweet Polly arrives, Angelina realizes that having a baby around isn’t the fun and games she imagined. It takes some time, but as the book progresses, Angelina realizes the importance of the role she plays as a big sister…a role that she was created to play!

Nugget and Dog All Ketchup No Mustard

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

This Level 2 Ready-to-Read Graphics book about a hot dog named Dog and a chicken nugget named Nugget, Nugget and Dog All Ketchup No Mustard is one of the best kids books for you to read along with your 5 – 7-year-old. Dog and Nugget both like ketchup. DUH. And everything is super great. Until Dijon Mustard shows up in Gastropolis.

Full of silliness, humor, and a misunderstood monster, this book will have both you and your child laughing out loud. With easy-to-follow panels and sequential storytelling, this is a perfect intro to reading for your beginning reader. And who doesn’t love a story about ketchup, the favorite condiment?

SuperTurbo 3

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

In the third book of the Super Turbo chapter book series, Turbo, Captain Awesome’s hamster sidekick, meets the evilest villain ever to see a classroom…Pencil Pointers! SuperTurbo 3 will have your 5 to 9-year-olds smiling and reading in this light and easy-to-read illustrated comic.

Not only is this new bad buy big and shiny, but his face is fixed in a stare directed at Turbo AND he spews pencil shavings. Could he be any worse?? The Superhero Superpet League bans together to battle the Pencil Pointers and to rid the classroom world of this evil. Help your emerging reader build confidence and a love for reading with this fun sequel which is one of the best kids books.

Deep in the Sea

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Reading to your child is a wonderful experience. Reading a pop-up, a play-on-words book about the creatures of the sea makes for the best kids books! Immerse your child in the wonderful, expansive world of the sea with Deep in the Sea. Perfectly crafted pop-ups show the differences between land and sea animals, drawing your child into how amazing our world is.

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26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Perfect for kids in first through sixth grade, Illuminightmare takes your child to the most haunted places on Earth. Included in the book is a magic three-color lens to help your child explore the location, the history, and the supernatural secrets that hide around the world.

One of the best books for kids who enjoy learning about history and culture – and also don’t mind being spooked. Designed by Carnovsky, this interactive, illustrated book is a fun and fact pact read. Sure to keep your child entertained and filled with facts to share!

A World Full of Spooky Stories: 50 Tales to Make Your Spine Tingle

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Another terrifying tale, A World Full of Spooky Stories: 50 Tales to Make Your Spine Tingle will help your younger children ages 5 – 8 years old get their haunted fix. Filled with 50 stories from around the world, this is one of the best kids books built around different cultures and tales from around the world. Spine chills aren’t only for Halloween and this book is perfect to read as a family all year round!

Strange but True: 10 of the World’s Greatest Mysteries Explained

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

This book is not for the faint at heart. If you have a fifth through ninth grader who loves unsolved mysteries, Strange but True: 10 of the World’s Greatest Mysteries Explained will be one of their new favorite best kids books. Full of UFO encounters, haunted houses, and alien abductions, this book walks through historical real-life claims and how these phenomenons have been explained. Decide for yourself what is read with this beautifully illustrated book that will teach your child how to use critical thinking skills to separate fact from fiction.

If I Ran Your School

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Everyone wants the FUN teacher. What if The Cat in the Hat showed up at school to show how a fun school should be done? If I Ran Your School is a silly and imaginative trip full of two-headed class pets and plungers in art class. And who needs show-and-tell when you can have smell-and-tell? This is one of the best kids books for beginner readers that will have both you and your child laughing and coming up with hilarious ways to alter the school day.

Scaredy Squirrel In a Nutshell

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Another fun graphic novel series that includes the best kids books for children 6 – 9 years old is Scaredy Squirrel In a Nutshell. The first in the series, this title introduces the reader to Scaredy Squirrel, the anxious squirrel who is a ‘fraidy cat over just about everything. And what better way to combat this nervousness than to remain in a nut tree for the remainder of his life?

Scaredy is just fine and dandy until he is forced to leave his tree and face the elements. A fluffy bunny is just the beginning of a myriad of stressors once Scaredy leaves his safety tree. But as Scaredy soon learns, taking risks can lead to rewards – like friendships! So put on your bravest face and read up on Scaredy’s first illustrated adventure.

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Marcus Makes A Movie

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Written by Kevin Hart, Marcus Makes A Movie is a heartwarming, illustrated story about Marcus, a boy who decides to make a movie. Full of lighthearted comedy, this is one of the best kids books because it explores how it sometimes takes a village to accomplish a dream.

Marcus sets to turn a self-created cartoon superhero into a movie and enlists the help of his classmates, friends, and teacher. This is no easy feat…especially when Marcus realizes that everyone has their own agenda for the movie. In compilation with author Geoff Rodkey and illustrator David Cooper, Kevin Hart brings Marcus to life in this fun and inspiring book.

Magnificent Makers #1: How to Test A Friendship

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Looking for a book for your 7 – 10 year old that includes an interactive S.T.E.M. component? Magnificent Makers #1: How to Test A Friendship includes two science activities for your child to do at home while also teaching your child basic science concepts.

The main characters, Violet and Pablo, love science and discover a magic portal in the Science Space at school. This is one of the best kids books for its off-the-wall adventures and introduction to age-appropriate human biology and ecology. Let your child indulge the creative and analytical parts of his or her brain with this hilarious and educational story.

Junie B. Jones: Boo…and I Mean It

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Everyone’s favorite Kindergartener is back in Junie B. Jones: Boo…and I Mean It. Junie B. Jones is a scary cat on Halloween. Why on Earth would someone want to go trick-or-treating if witches and monsters exist? How can you enjoy a holiday that is based on scaring your pants off?

Random House Books for Young Readers hits this one out of the park with one of the best kids books. With more than twenty-five years in existence, the Junie B. Jones series has sold more than 65 million copies. Don’t miss out on this hilarious and relatable Junie B. Jones story.

What Was I Scared Of

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Complete with over 50 glow-in-the-dark stickers, Dr. Seuss’s story What Was I Scared Of is perfect for your children who are 5 to 9 years old. Fun words and phrases in typical Seuss fashion teach the reader a heartwarming message about fear and tolerance. Originating from The Sneetches and Other Stories, this is one of the best kids books for its silliness and bonus glow-in-the-dark cover.

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Potty Train with Pinky Bear

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Keep Pinky Bear a surprise as you read Potty Train with Pinky Bear to your toddler when searching for the best kids books on how to potty train. The board book by Toni Roberts lets your little ones know Pinky Bear will visit when they use the potty.

The Pinky Bear kit, which comes with a book and the stuffed bear, is a unique “magical” incentive parents can use to reward positive behavior as toddlers learn to use the potty. Have small prizes ready so Pinky Bear can appear with surprises tucked into his pouch after your little ones use the potty. Pinky Bear is the winner of the National Parenting Center seal of approval and the Mom’s Choice Award, which honors excellence.

Cuento de LuzFor You & Juanita

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Two family-oriented books by Cuento de Luz allow children to see the love of family and the imagination of others. For You is one of the best kids books to teach children about parenting from the perspective of a parent. It’s about the love, nurturing, teaching, helping, and securing a loving home so that children feel safe and loved. But not only that, what about mom and dad’s feelings? Do they worry or feel sad? Anything they do, it’s meant For You.

For one of the best kids books to take your imagination to the village of Santa Catarina Palopó, follow Juanita as she’s surrounded by a lake and three massive volcanoes as women from the village help all the families who live there. Juanita is an intelligent little helper during the day but once nightfall descends upon the village, find out the first place she goes for her nighttime routine unlike anyone else in the village!

OwlCrate Jr

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Is your child a big reader and likes to bring the best kids books to life with imagination and creativity? Then, make sure you check out OwlCrate Jr.! OwlCrate Jr is a monthly book subscription box that is an excellent gift for children and young adults whose parents are looking for ways to encourage a positive reading habit.

Each box comes equipped with 4-6 goodies related to the book. The OwlCrate Jr. subscription box is designed for kids ages 8-12, and the books are published within 45 days of the ship date. The read-and-play OwlCrate Jr subscription box will encourage your kids to explore their imaginations and inspire a love of reading.

Parky Pigeon

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Teach your child about the world from the world’s craziest pigeon, Parky in one of the best kids books. Parky Pigeon is an adventurous bird that travels around the world, meeting new people and discovering the mysteries our planet holds. Parky accidentally flies in a jet from New Jersey all the way to Scotland in one of the most imaginative and best kids books. Parky makes friends and together with your child, learns about how big and amazing the world is.

A Goat Called Magic

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Reading is important in your child’s development, but it doesn’t have to be boring. A Goat Called Magic and other short stories are based on true stories to inspire children’s love for animals and adventures. Go on a literary journey in one of the best kids books and learn about Magic, a goat who seemed to have magic powers and helped many people. Learn about Doro the Border Collie and two boys from two different parts of the world who are pen pals.

Good Housekeeping Amazing Science

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Good Housekeeping’s Amazing Science book turns quality family time into science night. Each of the 83 hands-on S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) experiments features gorgeous photos in an easy-to-read magazine-style format in one of the best kids books available.

The experiments, which use easy-to-find materials, are geared toward young scientists ages 7 to 12. Learn about the states of matter, force, motion, simple machines, and more. Learn how science is everywhere – in the kitchen, in sports, and in everyday life. Conduct experiments with food, flowers, slime, and outdoors. Learn to cook with the sun and make s’mores. Create a rain cloud in a jar. See how static electricity can power a light bulb or use the air to “puff paint.”

Good Housekeeping’s Amazing Science book by Aubre Andrus with Rachel Rothman, chief technologist and engineering director for the Good Housekeeping Institute, provides a hands-on playlist for edutainment with your children or grandchildren.

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Book of Lost Secrets

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

The best kids books are doorways to other worlds and adventures, as well as priceless teaching tools for our young children. The Book of Lost Secrets is a story about twins Tom and Lily and their adventure as they uncover mysteries. Join your child on an adventure into a world of mystery and excitement as they begin to discover themselves once more. All books don’t have to be boring and studious, sometimes, they can hold a fun, mysterious adventure.


26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Fantastical books about life and death situations make for exciting novels, and Loteria is no exception! This coming-of-age tale and one of the best kids books by Karla Arenas Valenti is about an 11-year-old girl named Clara who is searching for her younger cousin, Esteban. Unaware of the consequences, Clara travels to the mythical Kingdom of Las Pozas in search of her lost cousin. Will Clara prevail and be able to save her cousin before fate decides first?

Loteria is a magical and engaging novel that will keep kids eagerly turning the page. The novel is targeted at middle-grade children but also works for any child ages 8 to 12. Illustrations are gorgeously imagined and drawn by Dana Sanmar.

The Dark Lord Clementine

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Do you like fantasy stories about the forces of good and evil? If you do, The Dark Lord Clementine is the perfect read for you. This coming-of-age fantasy book by Sarah Jean Horwitz is about an indecisive 12-year-old girl named Clementine Morcerous. She is preparing herself to become the next heir of the Dark Lord Elithor. Her personality and intentions are put to the test when her father gets cursed by a mysterious rival, and it’s up to her to break the curse.

When Clemintine becomes the dark lord and has to bring harm to the townspeople and her friends, she begins to question whether she wants to be good or evil. What if Clemintine doesn’t want to be the next Dark Lord? This is one of the best kids books to read for anyone who enjoys fantasy novels!

Woodland Dance!

26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

Sandra Boynton’s new bedtime story, Woodland Dance! will paint visions of animals dancing in the moonlit glade to the fox’s bugle call in the hearts and imaginations of your little ones. “Tonight is the night, there’s no time to rest.”

Boynton, author, and illustrator, creates another lyrical, read-aloud, and one of the best kids books that come to life in the gorgeous illustrations in this 24-page board book. Don’t worry, it is a bedtime story and is sure to be one of the best kids books. After all the animals from the raccoon to the hedgehog gather to dance and celebrate, the story ends with the animals wandering off to bed wondering when the fox will call for another magical, wonderful night of dancing and celebrating.

Whether alone or together, reading the best kids books puts a smile on everyone’s face. Whether you have a young one who just likes the pictures or an independent pre-teen, Daily Mom has you covered with this list of the best kids books. To find the perfect reading nook, curl up, and let your child’s imagination take over!



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26 Of The Best Kids Books For Children Of All Ages

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