21 Magical Pretend Play Sets, Toys, and Games For The Littlest Loves on Your List

The littlest loves on your list crave imaginative play, so gifting them with pretend play sets will make the sugar plums dancing in their heads do a leap of joy. Allowing children to explore imaginative play creates healthy patterns in all aspects of life, so these pretend playsets are gifts that present life-long benefits. Keep reading to find all the play sets you’ll need to make your gift recipients’ Christmas morning one for the books.


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Help the young (and young at heart) on your nice list to enjoy all the things we love about a pool – inside! Minnidip creates inflatable ball pits that can be enjoyed by everyone this season and beyond.

The DiPP!T Ball Pit in Blush Sherbet Velvet is a rose-colored playground! This inflatable ball pit is one of the pretend play sets of their dreams and features ultra-soft velvet vinyl that can withstand even the most excited players. With approximately 500 3″ crush-proof balls, the fun is unlimited. Feel like changing up the color scheme? No problem! Minnidip considers everyone’s tastes and offers ball-only add ons in a variety of colors and combinations. Everyone will enjoy this pool party-no water required!

The DiPP!T Ball Pit in Blush Sherbet Velvet
Minnidip | Facebook | Instagram

Red Toolbox’s Stanley Jr.

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Give your little creators and inventors the tools they need to make whatever their imaginations want to create with Red Toolbox’s tools and pretend playsets. These tools are specifically designed for the budding creator in your life, so they deserve to own an authentic 10 Piece Toolset from the company that keeps working for the grownup creators that inspire them.

Made with real metal, this 10 Piece Toolset includes a hammer, phillips head screwdriver, flat screwdriver, tool belt, ruler, file, a handsaw, bar clamp, safety goggles, and a 10-inch tape measure. Each of these tools has a rubber grip and has been ergonomically designed for smaller hands. When they’re finished, they can simply stow them in their tool belt or their work bench.

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Take it to the next level for your older builders with the Stanley Jr. Battery Operated Power Tool Set. This tool set includes a toolbox for all their gear as well as a tool belt. Also included are a pair of safety goggles, an operated drill with additional bits, a pair of pliers, a handsaw, hammer, open wrench, bolts and washers, and a tape measure. Help them to learn the important parts of building, like measure twice and cut once, and always take care of your tools by putting them away right after you use them. Not only will they learn creativity and tool safety, they’ll learn to take responsibility for the things they love.

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Finally, no workshop is complete without the Kid’s Workbench. This bench is made for kids who use kid-size tools. This double-tier platform is perfect for when they need to lay out all of their components for building, whether they’re working on a playhouse with Mom or building a birdhouse with Dad, this bench is instrumental in creating the things that will build skills and relationships. This hands-on gift is the best option when it comes to finding a present that will give so much more than a short afternoon of fun. This workbench will bring families closer together and create memories that last.

10 PC Toolset Stanley Jr. | Kid’s Workbench Stanley Jr. | Stanley Jr Battery Operated Power Tool Set
Red Toolbox’s Stanley Jr.| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Looking for a “wow” toy this holiday? Follies has just what you are looking for. The Bauhaus Set is perfect for the little architect in your life. Including 40 pieces that feature prints inspired by the patterns and colors of the Bauhaus architectural movement, these pretend play sets let your kids create elaborate structures like towers, spaceships, playhouses, and mazes. However, chances are you will want to get in on the action too. These giant building pieces are too fun to leave just to the kids.

The Bauhaus Set is so beautiful it can double as part of your home decor. Use it to build a reading nook or play space in the corner of your living room, play room, or your kiddo’s bedroom. However, if you need to pack it up, the pieces pack flat in their box for easy storage. Nominated for Toy of the Year, Follies will keep the kids busy and engaged all winter long.

The Bauhaus Set
Follies | Instagram

Far Out Toys

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Many of us strive to give gifts that will educate and last more than a few days. But let’s be honest – our kids couldn’t care less about whether or not they learn anything on Christmas morning. Our kids will be looking for toys. Toys that go fast. Toys that sparkle. Toys that surprise them and entertain. No one knows how to give the kids what they want this holiday season better than Far Out Toys!

For starters, if your kid loves Nascar, then bring the excitement of NASCAR home with the one-of-a-kind NASCAR Crash Circuit Short Track Speedway for hectic, high-velocity racing action all in one of these pretend play sets. With their patented Blue-Groove track system and triple-wide banking turns, this track is made for insane speed and colossal collisions. Your kids can Race, Wreck and Rebuild!

Start your engines by flash charging vehicles in 10 seconds or less. The hood, doors, and roof fly apart upon impact! Cars easily snap back together for continuous racing action. Only Crash Circuit lets you race like a pro! Compatible with other Crash Circuit and Crash Racers track sets and vehicles.

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Next, join in on the fabulous and fun world of Diana, the star of one of YouTube’s most popular kids’ channels, the Kids Diana Show. The Love, Diana Fashion Fabulous Doll Line has 10 different dolls to collect, each one has its own unique mash-up theme. Each set includes one 3.5” scented collectible Diana Doll in ice cream cone packaging you can decorate with an included glitter putty and one scented Diana Pet. The Diana Doll comes with 8 different accessories including clothes, shoes, stickers, and more! Meanwhile, the Diana Pet comes with a pet carrier, shoes, and a fashion accessory. Collect all 10 Diana Dolls and 4 Diana Pets for the ultimate playset.

What kid doesn’t love Ryan’s World?! If your kids love Ryan as much as ours do, then they’ll love one of his fun games this Christmas. We particularly love the Road Trip Board Game and Boneless Chicken Launch!

For kids who love board games, they’ll love hitting the road with Ryan and the Combo Crew and visiting all the states and regions of the USA, including Washington DC with the Road Trip Board Game. They can practice taking turns moving their van across the board and collect stars along the way! When the road trip ends, the player with the most stars wins.

Along the way, they’ll learn about state capitals and flags, state flowers, and what makes each state unique! With collectible Micro Figures, Cards, Surprise Suitcases, and more, your road trip is full of surprises. Each game comes with 2 collectible Micro Figures. Collect all 53! Each figure celebrates something signature to each state and DC. Look out for the additional two rare figures too!

Ryan’s World Boneless Chicken Launch is a little less educational but has all the elements of fun your kids are looking for on Christmas morning. This absolutely hilarious game will have your tiny tots launching, squawking and landing chickens onto the fence for endless play. Simply place a bean bag chicken onto the launcher and push the back of the launcher to send your chicken soaring.

The launcher makes a squawking sound! Land the chickens on the rungs for points! The higher the rung, the higher the points. Launch all 5 chickens and add up your score. Challenge a friend to see who can be the chicken launching champion! Super fun!

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Finally, if your kids are into fashion dolls, they’ll love GLO-UP GIRLS! Glo-Up Girls are the fashion doll brand inspired by the massive #GlowUp movement with 30+ billion TikTok views. With exciting fashions, makeup and manicure transformations, the brand empowers girls to celebrate who they are today and who they are becoming. The dolls feature elevated styling and offer the full “GLO-Up” experience including spa, nails, hair, makeup and fashion choices.

Each doll comes in stylish pajamas and more than 25 surprises to give your doll a total GLO-Up. In addition, each doll comes with a real beauty mask for the girl!

NASCAR Crash Circuit Short Track Speedway | The Love, Diana Fashion Fabulous Doll Line | Ryan’s World Road Trip Board Game | Ryan’s World Boneless Chicken Launch | Glo-Up Girls

Far Out Toys | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


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Do you have a dinosaur lover in the family? It’s not an easy task to find beautiful toys that have been carefully designed to keep your little one’s imagination in the late-Jurassic period, but Schleich has risen to the task! Their beautiful dinosaur toys have been individually crafted with careful details. Starting with the friendly Brachiosaurus, we love the attention to detail with the colors and textures. Your little one will feel like they’ve just pulled a real dinosaur from under the tree.

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Fast-forward a few million years to the cretaceous period with the vicious Spinosaurus. Once again, the detail involved in creating this toy boasts such a realistic quality that the herbivores in the toy chest may just run in the other direction. Weighing in at just over a pound and just under a foot long, this toy will rule the playroom floor for hours on end and last for years.

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

While prehistoric animals are an absolute dream to play with, it’s always fun to land back in the “present”. The Trip To The Horse Paddock is one of the beautiful pretend play sets for the equestrian in the family. These horse figurines are beautifully and carefully created to look authentic and last for years.

Time for the baby foal to be introduced to the rest of the gang! Between the veterinarian and the stable boy, this little one can be introduced to the Appaloosa and the Frisian and learn the ropes in no time at all. She won’t need to fear getting lost, though. The farm dog Ruby will help her find her way! Creating beautiful stories with these figurines will fill her afternoon with all sorts of horse fun without coming home with hay in her boots.

Brachiosaurus | Spinosaurus | Trip To The Horse Paddock
Schleich | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

With the holidays approaching, every kid has dreams of the coolest toys under the tree! Fun.com is one of the largest online retailers of exclusive clothing, unique collectibles, toys, Care Bear bedroom decor, and fun gifts you won’t find anywhere else, making it the perfect place to start your holiday shopping for children and adults.

If your little princess is a fan of Barbie, then you should definitely get her the beautiful 3 in 1 Barbie Dreamcamper Vehicle. Pretend play sets like this camper are quite the treat! This camper is Pink, has Barbie logos, stripes, and silver accents. The dream camper comes with five living spaces, 50 accessories, and three vehicles. This includes a bathroom, a bedroom on the roof, a pool, a patio, a kitchen, a boat, a pickup truck, a fire pit, a loft bed, fishing gear, a picnic table, bathroom accessories, a sleeping bag, blankets, and smores! Your child will be overjoyed to receive such a fun, creative and interactive gift for the holidays.

This 3 in 1 Barbie Dreamcamper Vehicle will take your kids on an unforgettable, magical adventure for hours and is the perfect holiday gift for any child that loves Barbie.

3 in 1 Barbie Dreamcamper Vehicle and Accessories
Fun.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Mack Trucks

daily mom parent portal pretend play toys mack truck

It really doesn’t matter what your age is, but toy trucks…tend to be a favorite amongst little boys and girls. For the lil one who vrooms and beeps all over the house, the toys from Mack Trucks are the pretend play toys for toddlers to have this year! The wide selection of toy trucks is perfect for gifting or as collectibles for the big boys in your life.

Mack Granite Dump Truck with Lights & Sounds embodies the actual Mack dump truck and is the perfect toy for the kids who love to play with the lights and sounds and movable components. Made of durable plastic, there are three light-up display panels and real-life engine sounds.

For the toddler who wants more interaction with their toys, the Wooded Ride-on Toy Truck makes the perfect pretend play for toddlers… as long as they have a license, of course! This new MACK-licensed ride-on truck, from Moover Toys’ original, is one of the best lines of high-quality wooden mobility toys on the market. This sturdy toy promotes refining motor skills while learning to drive and steer as they cruise around the house on Christmas morning.

Mack Granite Dump Truck with Lights & Sounds | Wooded Ride-on Toy Truck
Mack Trucks | Facebook | Youtube

Red & Olive

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

You can’t help but fall in love with each and every detail of the handmade Nikki Bunny no matter how old you are. The timeless knitted stuffed bunny, from her hand-stitched green eyes and black eyelashes to the little knit flowers on her dress and her large pompon tail, will be a forever friend for your child. Nikki Bunny will help you create an instant photo-worthy moment when you place the 22-inch-long floppy-eared bunny next to your sleeping child.

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As your little one grows, the nature-loving Nikki Bunny will tag along on a variety of adventures and snuggle with your child for many nights. The elegant Nikki Bunny (Bunny Rabbit) and Headband Set is made by artisans in Peru by the Fair Trade company, Red & Olive. Red & Olive, owned by a Peruvian and American blended family, provides fair wages and flexible schedules for female artisans in Peru. The headband matches Nikki Bunny’s outfit and headband. It fits most children age 1 to 10.

Nikki Bunny (Bunny Rabbit) & Headband Set
Red & Olive | Facebook | Instagram |Pinterest

Alpha Toys

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Are your kid’s huge fans of Chuggington? If so, then the Chuggington – Safari Track Set with Motion Control and the Brewster and Koko Chugger Motorized Trains by Alpha Toys would make the perfect holiday gift for your little one. The super fun Safari Track Set will send your child on an adventure when they get the chance to go on a safari with Mtambo, the safari guide. Take Mtambo to the Safari Park’s track, load him into the moving elevator, and enjoy the journey!

Thanks to his motorized vehicle, Mtambo is ready to go on a safari adventure with just a tap on his roof. This colorful set also includes Chuggington’s iconic opening park entrance doors, activated railroad crossings, one trailer, 18 pieces of track, four connector pieces, three animal figures, and a moving Chugger elevator. Non-stop excitement is guaranteed when you become the conductor on this train set!

Add the Brewster and Koko Chugger Motorized Trains to double the fun! These touch-activated trains are compatible with Chuggington track sets and most other train track systems. So don’t miss the train during the holidays and get your little one of the pretend play sets like the amazing Chuggington – Safari Track Set!

Chuggington – Safari Track Set with Motion Control | Chuggington – Brewster and Koko Chugger Motorized Trains
Alpha Toys| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Lulla Doll

Coralcropped Large 1200x

Give the gift of soothing sleep to your littlest loves this holiday season with Lulla Doll. Every child loves a plushie gift they can cuddle with each night as they drift off into dreamland and with Lulla Doll. This soother and sleep companion will help babies, toddlers, and little ones sleep and sleep soundly with its soft feel and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Inspired by scientific research on the benefits of cuddly closeness, the Lulla Doll will play for 12 hours and is machine washable.

Lulla Doll
Lulla Doll | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


F1 2

Hip hop, it’s time to snuggle with Frankie Frog Mochi Plush from Smoko. This 12″ plush is 100% polyester and super-soft fleece. It’s extra cushy and the perfect size for snuggles. Bright green material is oh-so-soft to the touch and his friendly face will absolutely help you relax with his sweet pink cheeks and adorable smile. Start the new year off right with Frankie. He’s the best buddy to snuggle this holiday season and beyond!

Frankie Frog Mochi Plush
Smoko | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Bunnies by the Bay

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Every toddler needs stuffed animals! When it comes to pretend play sets, nothing screams fun more than having your bunnies and bears hop from room to room. Bunnies by the Bay has an abundance of stuffed animals to choose from for your little ones this holiday season! The Snowdrop Nibble Fur Bunny With Gray Scarf is a perfect winter friend for your kids!

This 12-inch stuffed bunny has an adorable grey scarf that will encourage your kids to dress warmly as they take their bunny on a snow adventure in the yard! Looking for a unique stuffed animal? The ultra adorable Blink the Owl is perfect for newborns to older kids! With hand-applied blush and big embroidered eyes, this little woodland friend will become an instant favorite during pretend play! No matter what stuffed animal your kids have been begging you for, Bunnies by the Bay has you covered this holiday season!

Snowdrop Nibble Fur Bunny With Gray Scarf | Blink the Owl
Bunnies by the Bay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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If your kids love dinosaurs, they will be ecstatic to see the Orboot Dinos Interactive AR Globe on Christmas morning. This educational gift is so much more than just a toy. Using this interactive globe and a tablet, you can travel back to the time dinosaurs roamed the earth 60 million years ago. With over 400 rare and interesting facts about dinos, your child will be engaged with the voiceovers, games, and dinosaur characters to learn all about and this type of pretend play sets them ahead of the game not only with knowledge but technology.

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The Orboot Dinos Interactive AR Globe is easy to use and is a perfect gift for children aged 4 to 8. By scanning the glove with your tablet, you will see the dinosaurs pop up in 3D and you can tap on that dino to learn more about it and then play a variety of engaging games to sharpen cognitive skills. Other Orboot globes include Orboot Earth and Orboot Mars.

Orboot Dinos Interactive AR Globe
Playshifu | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Baby Einstein

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Baby Einstein just launched the perfect toy collection for your little musicians this holiday. The Together in Tune Guitar has magic touch technology, meaning no buttons are needed for your rock star to think and act creatively. The gentlest tap on the full octave of colorfully painted frets makes real guitar sounds. Pretend play sets the house rocking with Baby Einstein!

Featuring four modes – discover, perform, playful, and band – and 10 popular melodies, the Together in Tune Guitar gives your kiddo the freedom to create their own beats, layer riffs and silly sounds, and master their favorite songs. The Together in Tune Guitar also wirelessly connects to other Together in Tune instruments within range and harmonizes automatically, creating beautiful music that Mom and Dad will enjoy as much as their kiddos do.

Together in Tune Guitar
Baby Einstein | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Milton & Goose

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Pretend play sets don’t have to be full of plastic and take away from the decor of your home. In fact, there are beautiful pretend play sets that can benefit your child’s development while keeping your home looking chic! The AB&J Play Food Set from Milton & Goose is a perfect addition to your little one’s kitchen set, Your kids will love serving you sandwiches with strawberry jam (no sugar added!) and asking whether you prefer almond butter or sunflower seed butter!

The AB&J Play Food Set gives your kids a realistic connection to your own kitchen, with beautiful wooden toys. Milton & Goose has an abundance of beautiful pretend play sets for your kids this holiday season.

AB&J Play Food Set
Milton & Goose | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Modi Toys

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

One of the largest gift-giving holidays for many South Asians is the Hindu Festival of Lights, known as Diwali. Modi Toys is a family-owned business that creates Hindu deity plush toys that sing Hindu mantras (prayers) when pressed. The divine plush can be personalized with a name or word in any language, and personalized audio can be purchased with books that help explore Hindu culture and tradition. Pretend play sets your children on a path to goodness with these beautiful toys.

The Omni Bundle contains everything you would need to complete your holiday. This beautiful bundle features three medium-sized plush, baby Hanuman, baby Ganesh, and baby Krishna, which can be personalized. Three small-sized plushes are also included, with a baby Hanuman, baby Ganesh, and baby Krishna. In addition, three beautiful books inspired by Hindu theology are also part of the buddle, with titles such as “How Ganesh Broke His Tusk”, “Hauman and His Hidden Powers”, and “The Curious Case of Krishna”.

Each of the plushes plays the respective mantras that child artists sing from India. This year, give the gift of knowledge about the Hindu culture and tradition with Modi Toys extra special products that can be personalized exclusively for your little ones.

Omni Bundle
Modi Toys| Facebook | Instagram

Hess Toy Truck

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Toy trucks are every little boy’s favorite and Hess Toy Truck has made the best combination of toys and creativity for the youngsters this Christmas. The wide selection of holiday-themed trucks, plush trucks, and mini trucks, and even a 2021 Cargo Plane and Jet with a push-button cargo bay release door, make this the ultimate stop-and-shop center for this holiday season.

Not only does Hess Toy Truck have a wide selection of trucks (and more pretend play sets), they also have trucks from different decades. The styles of the past are remade in shiny, beautiful toys for your little one. Get yours fast, because these collectibles are certainly one-of-a-kind!

2021 Cargo Plane and Jet
Hess Toy Truck | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Power Your Fun

daily mom parent portal pretend play sets

Does your kiddo want a new pet, but you don’t want to clean up the mess? Give your child the gift of their first “robot pet.” The Robo Pets Toy Dinosaur is a fun remote control toy robot that shakes, slides, dances to the beat, performs tricks, chomps, walks around the room, and more. Your child will love guiding this TRex dinosaur around with simple hand motions in Gesture Mode, feed their robot dinosaur with the included food cards in Feed Mode, or play with a friend for some Interactive Mode dino chomping game. Such a fun toy with so many playful options to explore.

Robo Pets Toy Dinosaur

Power Your Fun | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Ryan’s World

daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

Does your child love to help you clean up around the house? Then they’ll really love the new Ryan’s World Children’s Working Vacuum this Christmas. This “toy vacuum” is not only a fun toy, but it ACTUALLY has real suction power to help kids feel like grown-ups and learn chores around the house! This completely screen-free toy (with an adjustable handle to grow with your child) is perfect for families and Ryan’s World fans that are interested in keeping children entertained while instilling the importance of chores and good habits. This pretend play sets house cleaning into motion and fun!

It also offers an excellent opportunity to develop hand-to-eye coordination, problem-solving and motor skills, and encourages exploration and discovery! Of course, safety is key, which is why this vacuum is chord-free and has a 90-minute battery life ensuring parents don’t have to keep finding a plug. Your child will truly want to help clean up after playtime with this fun-filled vacuum as Ryan’s World Characters and music follow them around the house.

Ryan’s World Children’s Toy Vacuum Cleaner with Real Suction Power
Pocket-Watch | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


daily mom parent portal Pretend Play Sets

For the child who wants to be just like mom and dad, we have the perfect gift to put under the tree this year. This Ergobaby Doll Carrier will allow her to carry her doll or favorite stuffed animals around where ever she goes, hands-free with front or back carry! A great gift for the little girl who loves playing mommy or is about to become a big sister this pretend play set puts her in charge of all her dollies and comes in 10 adorable prints from neutral florals to even a Harry Potter-inspired carrier for the HP fans.

Ergobaby Doll Carrier
Ergobaby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube| Pinterest

Bright Stripes

The iHeart Art Mash-Up Art Pack Glitter FX is perfect for the young artist on the go. You can paint and draw right in the fold-out portfolio that is filled with a 20-page art pad (8 by 10 inches), 6 glitter gel pens, 6 glitter markers, 12 metallic watercolors, and a paintbrush. Both the glitter gel pens and glitter markers provide a smooth sparkle touch as you create magical drawings.

The deluxe art kit also comes with a technique guidebook to learn how to create multi-media art. iHeartArt donates 5 percent of profits to the Art Feeds International Program. The non-profit organization provides art lessons, training, and art supplies to children in need.

Looking for a stocking stuffer for the young art lover in your life? Look no further than the iHeart Art Travel Art Pack Gel Pens. The small portfolio contains a 5.8 by 8.3-inch 20-page art pad, 10 gel pens, and a techniques guide. The iHeart Travel Art Pack Gel Pens is the perfect size to toss in a backpack for road trips and airplane flights.

iHeart Art Mash-Up Art Pack Glitter FX | iHeart Art Travel Art Pack Gel Pens
Bright Stripes | Facebook | Instagram

Pretend play sets and toys that spark the imagination rouse the child in all of us to keep playing. When participating in imaginative play with your children, you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime-far exceeding the life of a toy-and perhaps that’s why these pretend play sets and toys leave us so excited. This holiday season, let your imaginations take control of play time and go make some priceless memories.

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