25 Underrated Disney Names For Dogs You’ll Definitely Want to Use

A list of Disney Names For Dogs probably has you thinking it’s chock-full of popular princess names. We know you’ve heard those before. This list of Disney Names For Dogs is full of choices you probably didn’t think of but will definitely want to use! There are so many perfect Disney names for dogs that are not commonly heard, used, or even remembered! We are bringing these awesome names to the light to help you give your fur baby an adorable name that has that special touch of Disney magic. This list definitely roots for “the underdog.”

25 Underrated Disney Names For Dogs You’Ll Definitely Want To Use

Underrated Disney Names For Dogs

Raja: Who could forget Princess Jasmine’s loyal tiger Raja in the movie Aladdin? This name would be perfect for any dog who is fierce, has an orange or red color, or has an exotic look. While we can’t guarantee your Raja will chase away any unwanted suitors, we can say with confidence that their name will be fun to say!

Philippe: This one may take some time to remember because it’s the name of Belle’s father’s horse in Beauty and the Beast. Pronounced fill-eep, this french name means lover of horses and would make a perfect Disney name for dogs who live on farms with horses or just have a fancy feel to them. French Bulldogs, French Terriers, and the like, would be a great fit for this wonderful name!

Duchess: Don’t deny it, you treat your dog like a princess. Why not give her a name that says royalty without feeling too common? We all remember Duchess the cat from The Aristocats, and boy was she ever proper and ladylike! A truly posh addition to our Disney names for dogs list.

Jock: Does your puppy have a bit of a spark and a touch of peppery attitude? This pleasing name has it all! It’s simple, elegant, and would be the namesake of a very protective Scottish Terrier from Lady and the Tramp. Pronounced j-AA-k, this name made our Disney names for dogs list because it’s simple, with a hint of Scottish roots and that’s a mix we can get on board with.

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25 Underrated Disney Names For Dogs You’Ll Definitely Want To Use

Rafiki: If you don’t get a little pep in your step saying this delightful name we don’t know what will. This fun-loving character in The Lion King is first seen as a little loopy but in truth, he is extremely wise. When it comes to Disney names for dogs we think this would be perfect for a fun-loving, goofy little fellow with a wild side.

Ariel: We had to put at least ONE princess name in here or our Disney Names for Dogs list wouldn’t be valid, right? With so many options for nicknames, the main mermaid in The Little Mermaid holds so much potential. Call her Ari, Relly, or even Ri Ri. Whatever you chose, I’m sure the princess would be honored.

Scuttle: He may not have been able to sing well and he wasn’t the most factual of characters, but Skuttle from The Little Mermaid definitely guaranteed a fun time! Ariel was always absolutely delighted to see him and though he was a bit wacky, he was always someone she could count on for help.

Nana: Does your dog have a maternal instinct like no other? This sweet addition to our Disney names for dogs comes from the 1953 movie Peter Pan. In it, we instantly fall in love with sweet Nana, the nursemaid or nanny to the Darling children. Disney names for dogs don’t fit every dog but if you have a saint bernard or a dog who is full of softhearted goodness, this is a great choice.

Baloo: Just try to say this jovial name out loud without smiling. The loveable Baloo from The Jungle Book is the perfect blend of “The Dude,” and Nana. Extremely outgoing and relaxed while still managing to have some “mama bear” behaviors, this name would be a fun pick for any dog with a playful, yet gentle, disposition.

Figaro: An oldie but a goodie. Sweet little Figaro is Gepetto’s cat in the classic film, Pinocchio. Definitely one with a mischievous side, but still cute as a button, this sweet selection of Disney names for dogs wouldn’t be complete without him. While true, his character is a cat, his personality speaks to animals of all shapes and sizes.

Mufasa: Long live the king! Simba’s father in The Lion King was such a strong and steadfast character we had to add his name to the list. Have a major alpha dog? A bigger dog with lots of hair? Or maybe you’re like Shenzi and you just like the way it sounds! Either way, it’s a solid name for a dog.

Bruce: The hilarity of a fierce, tooth filled, swimming in the ocean shark with such a common, run of the mill name such as Bruce was not lost on us. This hysterical character in Finding Nemo is the perfect example of the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Donning your dog with this amiable moniker would be a fun reminder that what’s on the inside is what really counts.

Meeko: Oh, the loveable Meeko from Pocahontas! We definitely could not have left this out of our Disney names for dogs list! This sly little rascal had us rolling with all his mischievous antics and general likeabilities. Perfect for a curious little pup who always keeps you on your toes!

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25 Underrated Disney Names For Dogs You’Ll Definitely Want To Use

Mushu: Don’t worry. Your Mushu won’t place dishonor on you or your cow. The fast-talking, wise-cracking, Mushu from Mulan may have been rough around the edges at first but he definitely found a way to sneak into your heart by the end. If you have a dog that’s a “talker,” or just an all-around sassy personality, this may just be the ideal name.

Hakuna: Okay, it’s not an actual name but we’re going to make an exception on our Disney Names for Dogs list because the message it sends is one we can all relate to. Hakuna of the phrase, Hakuna Matata was taught to us in The Lion King reminded us not to worry about things we couldn’t control. Live in the moment and appreciate what you have. Aren’t dogs the perfect symbol to relay this message? We think so.

Naveen: While true, in the movie The Princess and the Frog the name represents a Prince, we believe it’s pretty enough for a male or a female. Either way, it rolls off the tongue and has the sweet tone of royalty from a faraway land making it a perfect inclusion for our Disney names for dogs.

Gaston: We couldn’t help ourselves. This name is just too good. Obviously, the famous Gaston from Beauty and the Beast wasn’t meant to be a favorite character but his overall commitment to something he wanted was something, right? Perfect for a dog you’re likely to take out running, working, or training with. It would be a great name for a workout buddy.

Copper: Do you have a dog that can befriend anyone? Then Copper may be the ultimate dog name for you! In the movie, The Fox and the Hound, Copper befriends a fox with who he is meant to be natural enemies. Isn’t it the most beautiful story and expression of universal love?

Desoto: Okay, hear us out. We know technically Desoto is one of the “bad guys” in Oliver & Company, but admit it, it’s a cool name. He may have been less than ideal character-wise but maybe naming your dog Desoto will show that Dobermanns aren’t all bullies like the movie portrays.

Wiggins: Remember the assistant and caretaker of Ratcliffe’s dog Percy in Pocahontas? Even in ugly situations he always tried to make things more positive and never had a bad word to say about anyone. For Disney names for dogs who always aim to please and uplift, this name seems like a shoo-in.

Sultan: Need a more alluring name that means ruler? Your dog may not rule your household but your heart may be another story. Christening your dog with this admirable name would be a nice nod to the story of Aladdin without being overly obvious.

Zero: Looking for more unconventional Disney names for dogs? Look no further than Zero, Jack Skellington’s ghost pet dog in The Nightmare Before Christmas. A fantastic blend of unexpected but wonderfully playful, the name Zero is an ideal name for any dog with an innocent and devoted temperament.

Gus Gus: Who could forget little Gus Gus? Basically, everything he did in the movie Cinderella was downright adorable. Does your furry little friend remind you of him? Honor your new pup by donning them with a name that basically oozes with the adorable factor. You could even take a hint from Cinderella herself and officially named him Ogtavious but call him “Gus” for short.

25 Underrated Disney Names For Dogs You’Ll Definitely Want To Use

Nigel: Animals with quirky obsessions with random things? That definitely feels suitable for Disney Names for Dogs. In Finding Nemo, Nigel is a pelican who is intrigued by the happenings at the dental office and therefore becomes friends with all the folk in the fish tank. A cheerful and curious dog would be a perfect match for this name.

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Sully: Another name that we really feel could be female, male, or anything in between! Sully (or James P. Sullivan, officially) from Monsters, Inc. was the epitome of a giant teddy bear. Does your dog give you the same feelings of comfortable and snuggles? Sully would fit them completely.

Naming your pet has all kinds of challenges. Using Disney names for dogs can be even harder! Armed with this wonderful list though, we are confident you’ll choose the best, most fitting name for your pup! A tiny dash of pixie dust on a name never hurt anyone, did it?


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25 Underrated Disney Names For Dogs You’Ll Definitely Want To Use



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