183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self in 6 Months

Daily affirmations are a trendy tool right now that anyone can use! Saying positive words to yourself can improve self-esteem and mental health. 

According to Psychology Today, “Affirmations are simply statements that are designed to create self-change in the individual using them. They can serve as inspiration, as well as simple reminders. They also can serve to focus attention on goals throughout the day, which, in and of itself, has the potential to promote positive and sustained self-change.

This list, divided by topics, includes 183 daily affirmations, one for each day of a six-month period. Read them in order or them at random – the choice is up to you! 

So, whether you close your eyes and whisper under your breath or give yourself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror, take a few seconds each day for a little self-improvement. In half a year, you might just feel happier and healthier. 

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183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. I am grateful for the people in my life who love me and respect me.
  2. I am grateful for the easy times and the hard times in my life, as they both teach me valuable lessons.
  3. I am grateful for the things I am able to accomplish, the experiences I am able to have, and the people I am able to interact with.
  4. I can express gratitude for small moments of joy by being aware of my surroundings and living in the moment.
  5. I am grateful to simply be living today, taking in air and existing as myself.
  6. I am grateful for opportunities to learn from errors and grow as a person.
  7. By showing gratitude to others, I can help them feel loved and valued.
  8. I am grateful for the broad range of emotions and feelings I have that help me experience all there is in the human experience.
  9. I am grateful for the body I have.
  10. I am grateful for the natural beauty of the world.
  11. I am grateful for relationships and friendships that enrich my life.
  12. I am grateful for opportunities to be a better person.
  13. I am grateful for art, poetry, theater, and other works that broaden my mind and my heart.
  14. I am grateful for others who share their thoughts with me and teach me important and valuable lessons.
  15. I am grateful for professionals like doctors, firefighters, officers, teachers and others who make sacrifices for me.
  16. I am grateful for five senses that help me explore the world around me in many ways.
  17. I am grateful for myself and the depths and nuances of my personality.
  18. I am grateful for the opportunity to be myself and live my life as I see fit.
  19. I will notice people and things around me today and express thanks when I can.
  20. Showing gratitude does not invalidate my trials; instead, it helps me have a healthy, balanced mindset.
  21. By counting my blessings, I am better able to find ways to bless others.


183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. I will stay true to loved ones whose care for me has been unconditional.
  2. I will prioritize my friends and family above money and material possessions.
  3. I will thank those who have helped me in my low points.
  4. I will be the kind of friend who cheers on others’ victories and helps them when they are down.
  5. I will never intentionally hurt someone I love.
  6. I will always want the best for my loved ones and have their best interests at heart.
  7. I will not take for granted those who have been loyal to me over the years.
  8. Highs and lows happen to everyone – I am grateful for those who have stuck with me during different phases of my life.
  9. Different people will come into my life at different seasons; even if they do not stay, I can be loyal to the lessons and gifts they’ve given me.
  10. I will give my friends and family the benefit of the doubt when they make a mistake.
  11. I will rally around my loved ones when they need my support.
  12. I will be loyal to myself and my needs and goals.
  13. When I cannot understand or relate to a friend’s choices, I can reassure this person that I am supportive of his or her happiness.
  14. Loyalty does not mean I condone every action of a friend or family member, but it does mean that I will offer love and support no matter the circumstances.
  15. I will not expect my friends to be perfect to maintain my friendship; I will be loyal to them despite their flaws.


183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. I can prioritize progress over idealized perfection.
  2. I can make small changes to improve myself over time
  3. My progress may not be linear, but it is real.
  4. I can allow myself to work when I need to work and rest when I need to rest.
  5. I can work to improve myself without feeling overwhelmed by perfectionism.
  6. When I slip up or make a mistake, I can look back to see the progress I have made over time.
  7. My potential is unlimited if I do my best work.
  8. My talents and skills can grow as my interests change throughout life.
  9. I am not afraid to try new things.
  10. My journey through life and bettering myself does not have to look like others’.
  11. I will not compare my weaknesses to others’ strengths.
  12. I will not let others dictate or undermine my personal goals in life.
  13. Setbacks are not failures, and I will not let them halt my personal progress.
  14. I can take pride in my self-improvement while also remaining humble.
  15. I will not let comparison ruin my progress or get me down.
  16. I will remain humble in my accomplishments and thank those who have helped me along my journey.
  17. I will not allow my desire to please others impede my own self-improvements and progress.
  18. I can honor my friends and family in their goals and cheer them on in their progress.
  19. I am not afraid to ask for help to achieve my goals.
  20. I do not have to be perfect to deserve happiness.
  21. I can reassure others that they do not need to be perfect to be worthy of love and respect.
  22. Changing my mind can be a valid form of progress and does not make me wishy-washy.
  23. I will honor my potential by taking advantage of opportunities to learn and grow.
  24. I am in charge of my growth.
  25. Personal growth is personal; I don’t have to answer to others’ expectations.
  26. I am not afraid to fail.
  27. Choosing a new course of action does not mean the original course was a failure.
  28. Change is not inherently bad.
  29. I will not shy away from hard work to achieve my goals.
  30. I am not afraid of dreaming big dreams and having big goals.
  31. Rest, rejuvenation, and reflection are needed to avoid burnout and achieve big things.
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183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. I can show respect to myself and others, and I can expect that same respect to be reciprocated.
  2. I can show respect to myself by avoiding negative self-talk and disrupting intrusive thoughts.
  3. I will respect my emotions, no matter their complexity.
  4. I can show respect for the planet by doing my part to take care of it.
  5. When I maintain my boundaries, I am respecting myself; when others uphold my boundaries, they are showing respect to me.
  6. I can show respect by accepting my loved ones’ privacy and boundaries.
  7. I can be respectful to those I disagree with by being polite and courteous.
  8. I can show respect to others by treating them how I’d like to be treated.
  9. I will not spend my time or resources on those who cannot respect me, my body, my goals, my wishes, my identity, my wishes, and my loved ones.
  10. I can respect my living space by keeping it clean and orderly, a haven from the outside world.
  11. I will respect my hunger and thirst cues and will not deprive myself of nutritious foods.
  12. I can respect others’ life choices even if I do not fully understand them.
  13. I can show respect by asking questions and learning from those who have knowledge, skills, and wisdom I do not yet have.
  14. I will expect unconditional respect from others; they do not have to like or understand me to respect me.
  15. I can separate respect from like; I can respect others without liking them
  16. I will not be manipulated to stay in relationships where respect is not present.
  17. My feelings and emotions matter, and I will not let anyone diminish them.
  18. Demanding respect from peers does not make me a demanding person.
  19. When I am respected, I feel loved, validated, and treated as an equal.
  20. I will respect myself and my potential by not being afraid to learn, grow, apologize, and change over time.
  21. Sincere apologies are a form of respectful expression.
  22. I will choose my words carefully and communicate respectfully.
  23. Respectful communication is about both listening carefully and speaking clearly.
  24. To show respect to others in my speech, I will use respectful tones and words without offensive connotations.


183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. I will seek out and cherish peace in my life.
  2. I will not allow the drama of others into my life.
  3. I will not add to the contention, turmoil, and anger in the world.
  4. I will do my part to act as a peacemaker.
  5. I will protect my home as a safe, peaceful space for myself and my family.
  6. I will encourage others to avoid contention and drama so that they can experience peace.
  7. I feel at peace with myself, where I come from, where I’m going, and who I am as a person.
  8. There is no better feeling than internal peace and contentment.
  9. I am at peace with the things I cannot control in my life.
  10. The world is not always a peaceful place, but I can keep peace in my heart.
  11. I will not glorify violence or degradation in my choices of media.
  12. I can find peace by sitting quietly for a moment and tuning out noise.
  13. Practicing self-care can help me create peaceful moments.
  14. Taking time for myself can bring me peace, and is not a selfish act.
  15. I find peace in accepting things that I cannot change.
  16. When I am upset, I do not have to lash out; instead, I can find peace inwardly and react in healthy ways.
  17. I will not sacrifice my mental health and inner peace for the convenience of others.
  18. When my brain and my heart are in conflict, I will take time to reflect and meditate until I feel peace.
  19. I will think peaceful thoughts when I begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed.
  20. I am not afraid of the mental work required to find internal peace.
  21. My mental health is just as important as my physical health.
  22. I will show compassion to those who are lacking external or internal peace and try to help them.
  23. I will not let someone’s lack of peace ruin my internal peace.


183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. I can be an example of kindness to a younger generation.
  2. When I am kind to myself, I am setting a foundation for a healthy self-esteem.
  3. I believe that small acts of kindness can make big impacts.
  4. I believe that kindness is one of my strengths.
  5. I am a kind person with a big heart.
  6. I want to show compassion and love to those around me and I will look for opportunities to do that.
  7. I will go out of my way to be kind to someone today.
  8. I will be more present and see others for who they are.
  9. I will share my resources, whether that be money, time, or skills, with others in need.
  10. My kindness and compassion are not restricted to those of a certain color, race, ethnicity, religion, or identity.
  11. My potential to be kind is unlimited.
  12. I will not let a kind deed go unnoticed.
  13. I will avoid gossip and speaking unkindly of others.
  14. I can be kind to myself in thoughts and actions.
  15. Acts of kindness can bring people together in profound ways.
  16. I can help a stranger today.
  17. I cannot help everyone, but I can help someone.
  18. Kindness is free to give and receive.
  19. I will be kind to others without requiring compensation or reciprocation.
  20. I will offer thanks when someone shows kindness to me.
  21. I will treat others with kindness even when I don’t feel that they deserve it.
  22. I will be an example of kindness, even to those who are not my friends.
  23. I may not be able to solve all of the problems in the world, but I can be kind.
  24. Kindness can change the hearts of individuals, and ultimately society.
  25. I can serve friends and strangers alike; I do not have to know someone to be kind to him or her.
  26. When I feel prompted to serve someone else, I will not hesitate or second-guess that feeling, but will act and follow-through promptly.
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183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. My faith is an important part of my identity that I embrace without shame.
  2. Believing in something bigger than myself gives me hope and purpose.
  3. Having faith does not make me stupid; it adds dimension and depth to my identity and my life.
  4. I can respect all faiths that teach compassion and peace.
  5. I can work with others who do not believe the same things I do.
  6. I can encourage others to explore their beliefs and ask questions and create a safe space for open dialogue.
  7. I can open my heart to share my beliefs with others.
  8. I can embrace my faith without feeling embarrassed by lingering doubts or unanswered questions.
  9. I do not owe anyone an explanation for my faith; I can be open and vulnerable at my own choosing.
  10. My faith helps me get through hard times.
  11. My faith brings meaning to my life.
  12. My faith makes me a better person.
  13. I can lean on my faith in times of trouble for support and comfort.
  14. I am proud of my faith tradition.
  15. No one has to understand my personal relationship with the deity; it is a real relationship regardless of others’ opinions.
  16. My relationship with the deity is personal, private, unique, and special to me.
  17. I can accept the ebbs and flows of my faith over time.
  18. Faith is one tool that helps shape my choices, opinions, and perspectives in life.
  19. No one has to understand my faith for it to be true in my heart.
  20. My faith is a valid and valuable part of me.


183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
  1. I am worthy of love because I am a human with innate goodness and potential.
  2. When I show love to myself, I am setting an example to others that they can love themselves, too.
  3. I will not allow anyone to tell me I am not worthy of love.
  4. I can show and share my emotions for others without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.
  5. I can learn to love my laughter and my tears and all of the emotions I feel.
  6. I can practice loving myself by giving myself a compliment and shutting down hateful self-talk when it enters my brain.
  7. I can love myself by accepting my flaws and cherishing my strengths.
  8. I can show love to myself by taking care of my body through good nutrition and healthy exercise.
  9. I love my body and all it does for me, and I can avoid comparing it to others’ bodies.
  10. My love is not finite; it can always grow to allow room for more people.
  11. I can learn about love by seeking out examples of healthy relationships in families, friends, and romantic partners.
  12. I will cherish love in my life and not use it as leverage or a weapon against another person.
  13. I will hold tightly to all forms of love in my life, including romantic, familial, and platonic.
  14. I am learning to love myself, my body, my personality, my identity, and all facets of me.
  15. I will show love to my friends and let them know how much they mean to me.
  16. I will accept love from others.
  17. I will not deflect compliments; I will graciously accept them.
  18. I will communicate my preferred love languages in my relationships, and I will also honor my partner’s preferred love language.
  19. I believe in love and its power, even amidst heartbreak.
  20. I will not blur the lines between love, passion, tenderness, and goodness on the one hand and violence, vulgarity, degradation, and hurt on the other hand.
  21. I will practice loving my enemies.
  22. Loving others can break down barriers and bring unity to people everywhere.
  23. I will do my best to love everyone and treat them as I would like to be treated.

Worth It

183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months

Take a few moments to reflect and love yourself. You are unique and special, and you have a journey unlike anyone else. Remember, you are worth it! Use these daily affirmations to remind yourself of all that you are and all that you can become.

And, if you want to learn about the science behind daily affirmations, check out Psychology Today!




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183 Daily Affirmations: Becoming Your Best Self In 6 Months
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