Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid in 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

If you are a new momma, it’s no surprise that according to recent statistics, more than 70% of women need additional income and are looking for an interesting occupation while on maternity leave. Maternity leave pay isn’t as difficult as you think to achieve. However, whatever the reason may be, a new mom may not know where or how to start generating some maternity leave pay – while also enjoying her new baby. The biggest question is…What exactly can a young mother do in order to make her maternity leave pay her an income while combining work and childcare? Here are a few ideas!

6 Ideas To Make Your Maternity Leave Pay You Some Extra Cash

Here are some examples of simple maternity leave pay ideas for mothers while they are home with a newborn (who happens to sleep a lot!), enjoying their time off, and possibly bringing in some additional income. Who knows, you may find your dream occupation that is both gratifying and profitable!

Run A Blog About Being A Young Mother

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be complicated when starting up a maternity leave pay kind of business during your 4th trimester. You have the advantage of being in a community with other young mothers who may be interested in earning some maternity leave pay as well. You can exchange experiences and share those secret hacks of effective childcare and upbringing in the first few months of having a new baby. This is one of those profitable ways to run a blog – you’d be covering all the important topics and answering all the painful questions that some young mothers may have. You can easily monetize the project through advertising and as your blog grows in popularity, the more willing other bloggers and brands will be to advertise with you. In addition, “popular mothers with a child” can produce their own products, offer some services, etc.


  • If your blog is at the top, you can actually earn thousands of dollars a month.
  • You write about something that you know and love, which means it will be a pleasure for you.
  • You can run a blog and make new posts at any time that is convenient for you.


  • The blog will require a lot of attention as you build up income and maternity leave pay.
  • You need to post on a regular schedule, which may include new photos, organizing polls, contests, and joint ventures with other bloggers.
  • There are many blogs about children and motherhood, so there may some tough competition to outrank.
Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Of course, running a blog is not as easy as many imagine. However, if you plan your scheduling in advance, you can create a quality product that your audience will love and share over and over again with their friends.

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Create A Children’s YouTube Channel

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Video content is still king and trending heavily. If you ask people what they would prefer – a long read or a video – a majority will vote for the second option. So if you are aimed at making money during your maternity leave, then creating a YouTube channel will surely help you meet your maternity leave pay goals. Most children enjoy watching videos about the life of other babies. Many adults are also attracted to these funny clips as well, it’s a fun hobby-turn-to-business venture to explore while your baby is still very young. To run your own YouTube channel for kids, you will need to perform the following:

  • Register on YouTube and start a channel (do not forget to connect an affiliate program to monetize views)
  • Film the daily life of your baby
  • Master the skills of video editing and processing
  • Plan regular content updates on your channel

It can be easy to generate maternity leave pay with your YouTube channel when you start it right at the beginning of your maternity leave. To do this, after meeting the minimum requirements (build up your subscribers and attain a minimum number of views on your videos) you’ll begin to earn money for ads shown to your audience which are placed before, during, or after your videos. The arithmetic is simple here: the more subscribers you have – the more views you get – and the more money you can pocket. Payment starts from 1000 views, and its cost ranges from $0.2 to $5 on those views.


  • The parents are filming videos, so you basically don’t have to outsource, use your phone .
  • Just keep doing what you do, recording your baby’s growth and activities, and upload the videos to YouTube.
  • Work your channel at any time of the day or night.
  • Regularly uploading content, you will spend no more than an hour working with the platform once you are comfortable with a routine.
  • Passive maternity leave pay (income).


  • To interest your audience, your videos must be interesting. You will have to work on creating your own style, interesting stories, & showcasing your unique personality.
  • It takes a long time to get a lot of views to start making maternity leave pay. In most cases, only commercial views (when the viewer has watched the ad to the end) or clicks (when the viewer clicked on the advertising link) qualify for ad payments.
Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

You may want to consider having a professional video editing tool once you are gaining the momentum you desire. It will help you continue to produce high-quality, authentic, and interesting video content. Check out Movavi, it’s a great tool to get you started. With this intuitive video editing software, you’ll bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world! No matter if you need to add special effects or keyframe animation to your video clips, it will be an easy thing to do with the app at your fingertips.

The best thing about the solution is that you do not have to be a tech-savvy pro. The program is highly intuitive and super easy to use. Since you may have a bit of the mom-brain going on, this app keeps you sane while you focus on increasing your maternity leave pay one video at a time.

Become A Digital Writer

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Producing a digital copy asset or copywriting for businesses is becoming one of the most popular freelance occupations for moms to start optimizing their maternity leave pay. If you have a writing talent and can convey ideas succinctly and easily on paper, then feel free to try your hand in copywriting. Of course, being a writing guru is not enough; you need to find customers who will pay for your talents. You can search for clients on specialized freelance platforms, forums, or on sites like FIVERR.

It would be a great idea to get started before your baby is born or right at the beginning of your maternity leave because you’ll need a couple of weeks to find your first customer. In order to speed up the process, we highly recommend that you make a portfolio or a simple 1-page website introducing you and your writing services while providing access to your best copywriting examples.


  • Your potential customers are people who create or want to create their own website/page on social networks or online stores.
  • People are looking for copywriters.
  • You can work at any convenient time for you.
  • If you are asked to produce content on the topics you have a solid knowledge of, the work would be easy and fun.


  • An aspiring copywriter works for a very modest fee.
  • Freelance platforms take a percentage of the earnings for their services.
  • Finding great, well-paying customers to beef up your maternity leave pay can take several months.

Test Your Cooking Talents

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Do you like to cook? Do you bake with pleasure and know how to create not only delicious but also beautiful cakes, entries, or specialty foods? Then try to make a business out of it (while baby-wearing!) and make your maternity leave pay even more delicious! You can search for clients through social networks or acquaintances, or through online social groups who would love to know more about cooking in your area of expertise. Getting your first orders won’t be a problem if you are a pro and cook well and people talk about it all the time.


  • The start-up business does not require large investments. Use the money to buy products.
  • There is no need for special education. On the internet, there are many videos that teach how to bake cakes and cupcakes as well as decorate them.
  • People are ready to pay for beautiful and delicious pastries. If you do it well, you can earn a lot.


  • If your child is super active, then you will hardly have time to spend hours working your magic with a complex cake.
  • Professional equipment for pastry chefs is quite expensive.
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Try Yourself In Outsourcing

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

If an entrepreneur needs an accountant, they do not have to hire an employee. It is way more profitable to pay a freelancer for the work that needs to be done. One can order the services from a mother and support their maternity leave pay without overpaying a dime, which means that outsourcing is just a great employment opportunity for busy moms.


  • No start-up investment is needed – if you are a qualified and professional specialist, then you just do the job that you know well.
  • This kind of work is simple maternity leave pay if you prove to be a professional specialist.


  • Not all specialties allow for outsourcing.
  • It is difficult to control the amount of work and time you spend on it.

Alternative Options

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Freelance employment opportunities for busy moms are not limited to the above options. There are way more professional opportunities to choose from, including:

  • Online consultations – online consultations are suitable for lawyers, HR specialists, economists, doctors, designers, and real estate agents
  • Managers (administrators) of social networks – all you need is to maintain social media pages of a fitness club, beauty salon, children’s toys store, etc.
  • Tutors/ trainers/coaches – in recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of fitness and yoga trainers who provide consultations remotely for maternity leave pay while at home
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How To Become A Successful Working Mom

Many young mothers wonder how to combine everything with so much going on with a newborn. So, here is some good news…there is always a way out. You can work remotely during the day when the baby is sleeping or while the toddler is busy with games. In some cases, you can delegate some of the responsibilities to your husband or ask your relatives/friends for help.

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Home businesses for women seeking out maternity leave pay has many advantages:

  • Independent planning of the day without outside interference
  • The absence of bosses or a large team to adapt to
  • The opportunity to save money on public transportation services and lunch
  • Financial independence from your spouse and relatives
  • Self-development, training, and personal improvement

Before starting your own business, it is important to determine your field of activity. To make the right decisions, it is worth answering two pertinent questions:

  1. What can I do?
  2. How much free time do I have?

By understanding the answers to the above, you’ll be able to understand whether or not you are truly ready for additional training and how much maternity leave pay you would like to earn. Before starting a new business, it will be useful for mom to remember the work she does best, the main area of expertise she has already done, and the activities that she likes most of all that would bring her pleasure.

Keep Up With Everything As A Working Mom

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

In order to keep up with everything without suffering from constant fatigue, follow a few simple recommendations:

  • Plan your day in detail. It is important to clearly identify the time intervals when the business mom will work.
  • Create a convenient work schedule. Tune in to work without being distracted by everyday issues. Stick to the sleep-and-rest regimen while building up your maternity leave pay day-to-day activities.
  • Do not blame the household for being tired and weak. Remember, you are the one who decides how to run your business, when to do tasks, and how much time to spend on it. It is important that you plan your effort smartly without overestimating your energy levels. Distribute household chores among family members and share with them your maternity leave pay plan so they can chip in and support you. Do not hesitate to ask relatives to spend time with the children while you are working.
  • Prioritize your list. If a working mom doesn’t know how to start her day, it’s best to write a to-do list. This will allow her to see the scope of work as a whole and select the priority tasks that need to be done first. A clear understanding of daily tasks will allow you to use your time efficiently and achieve your maternity leave pay goals.
  • Eliminate the “time killers.” Reduce the time you spend on social networks and phone conversations. Unnecessary activities that steal your time unknowingly are called “time killers.” These can be phone calls, social media check-ups, non-stop chat with friends, etc. How can you keep up with everything if you are constantly distracted by unnecessary activities? It is better to turn off the distractions altogether, but if it is difficult to do so, then combine it with some other useful activities that won’t hinder your maternity leave pay goals.
  • Take care of time management. An effective time management approach offers to divide one big task into several smaller ones, which will allow you to complete those tasks in stages. As a result, the number of tasks will gradually decrease, and you will reach the target result much more easily.
Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

A working mother in pursuit of maternity leave pay should understand that no matter how many urgent things she needs to do, she should always make time to rest. Only then can a new momma stay in good health and grow her business with her new baby. The times when a woman is forced to stay at home when on maternity leave are a thing of the past.

It’s very good that young mothers want to strive for self-development and want to realize who they are and what they are capable of while not getting bogged down with everyday problems. Starting your own business for maternity leave pay is not so unusual in modern society. Your business success directly depends on your skills and ability to adapt to the needs of consumers and market trends while enjoying your new baby in the comfort of your home.

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Go Build Your Successful Career

Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn

Thanks to the flexibility of modern business relations between employers and specialists, it has become quite possible for a woman to combine a career and raising a family. At the same time, there are opportunities to continue in your field of expertise, get a promotion, or build a fundamentally new career – all the while at home enjoying your maternity leave pay. All you need to do is to pick the direction to follow, test it out, and stick to a well-defined plan. Then sit back when it’s time to rest and watch how your consistent actions turn into amazing results as you achieve all the goals you set forth for yourself!


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Maternity Leave Pay: Attention New Moms, Get Paid In 2021 & Beyond With A Newborn
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