Everything You Need to Know about Taking an Iron Supplement

There are several different reasons a person may need an iron supplement. There are hundreds of different brands of iron supplements, so it is imperative that you do your research to find the one that best works for you.

What are the Symptoms of Low Iron Levels?

Everything You Need To Know About Taking An Iron Supplement

Iron is a mineral in your body that is found in outside sources such as animal protein and some other foods. If your iron levels are low, your body cannot make hemoglobin, a necessary component of your red blood cells that helps carry oxygen throughout your body. Low iron levels can cause symptoms such as:

  • Feeling tired
  • Paleness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Feeling cold (including the sensation that your hands or feet are colder than usual)
  • Infections (caused by problems with the immune system)

You may experience some or all of these symptoms if you have low iron in your blood. If these symptoms increase in frequency and intensity please consult your Physician as you may be at risk of developing iron deficiency anemia.

Who Might be at Risk for Low Iron Levels?

  • Vegetarians A significant portion of your daily iron comes from animal protein. If you don’t eat meat, you may have to supplement your iron intake with a supplement.
  • Those with intestinal disorders- Intestinal disorders like Crohn’s and celiac can put you at higher risk for iron deficiencies.
  • Menstruation- Heavy bleeding during menstruation can cause acute iron deficiency.
  • Pregnancy- If you’re pregnant and aren’t taking a multivitamin with folic acid, you’re at an increased risk of anemia.
  • Age- People over age 65 are at increased risk of low iron levels and made need to add a daily supplement.

Luckily, low iron levels are easily treated with iron supplements. There are countless brands and variations, so it is important to find a supplement that is safe, efficient, and easily absorbed. Many people, even those with a well-balanced diet, can be at risk of low iron intake as we absorb as little as 10% of the iron from our food. Since it is difficult to absorb through most foods, many people may find that they want to add an iron supplement to their routine to ensure that they are getting what their body needs to be healthy.

There are two types of iron found in the diet: non-heme and heme. Non-heme iron is found in plants, nuts, and legumes. Is is absorbed at a much lower rate than heme iron, which is found in animal products such as meat. Red meat is especially high in iron. However, red meat should be eaten sparingly, which means you are may not be getting the proper amount of iron even if you are consuming animal protein on a regular basis.

Everything You Need To Know About Taking An Iron Supplement

Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body’s blood volume increases by 40-50%. This, thereby, increases iron especially in the second and third trimesters.

Everything You Need To Know About Taking An Iron Supplement

During pregnancy, you may need as much as 30mg of additional iron per day and just one of Active Iron’s supplement pills has 25mg of iron. It also absorbs quickly and easily so that you can get the nutrients your body needs to carry healthy oxygen to you and your growing baby.

Best Iron Supplement for Vegetarians

Since much of a person’s iron intake comes from animal protein, vegetarians may find themselves deficient in iron and needing to add an additional iron supplement to their diet. Even a plant-based diet rich in iron fortified foods like legumes, leafy greens, and nuts does not make the cut for your daily iron needs. These foods, although high in iron, have non-heme iron which is harder to absorb in the body than animal protein-based iron. This coupled with other potential absorption obstacles such as whole-grains, tea, and coffee which have vitamins and minerals that can block the absorption of iron can cause a deficiency.

Everything You Need To Know About Taking An Iron Supplement

Therefore, most vegetarians will find that they need an iron supplement to ensure that they are getting the necessary amount of iron daily. Active Iron has 25mg of easy-to-absorb iron which is 138% of your daily needs. It is also gluten-free, sugar-free, and made without any artificial preservatives.

Best Iron Supplement for Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and trainers know that extensive workouts can cause your body to become deficient in many different vitamins and minerals. When you exert increased effort, your body will use those vitamins and minerals more rapidly in order to help your body maintain throughout the workout and recover afterwards.

Everything You Need To Know About Taking An Iron Supplement

Iron can easily be lost through increased sweat and damage to red blood cells during strenuous activities. Taking a supplement like Active Iron can help to replenish any iron that you are losing during your workout. Since it helps to maintain increased oxygen in your red blood cells it can also help with better performance as well as faster recovery for your muscles.

Side Effects of Taking an Iron Supplement

Many iron supplements currently on the market do not absorb within the body efficiently. They can cause stomach cramps, nausea, headaches, inflammation, gas, and constipation.

Active Iron is also made without gluten, sugar, or preservatives so you know it is healthy and safe for you to take. Active Iron contains 25mg of active iron which is 138% of your daily needed value, giving you more than you need each day, quickly and without hurting your stomach.

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Everything You Need To Know About Taking An Iron Supplement



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