Summer Camp for Kids in Santa Monica

Any working mom knows that it can be difficult to find child care, especially during the summer time when kids are off from school. Whether a mom decides on traditional childcare like a babysitter or nanny, something more unique like summer camps, or a mix of both one thing is for sure- it can be expensive. Even though the school year seemingly just got started, summertime childcare is something that is always on the back of a mom’s mind. If you are in the Santa Monica, California or surrounding areas, however, there is a special program that can help you pay for summer camp for kids in Santa Monica.

Summer Camp For Kids In Santa Monica

Recruiting for Good is a staffing agency based in Santa Monica that knows what it is like to be working parents trying to find the best for their kids even when they can’t be there. “Our Moms Work,” is a program and initiative to hire working moms and support start-ups by mothers. With this program, Recruiting for Good is able to donate a portion of their finder’s fee to help fund specialty camps when working moms refer hiring companies to their agency. “Our Moms Work” is also a mentoring and support group that helps working moms love life and love their work through marketing, branding, and social media consultations.

Their invite-only co-op, “Celebrating Women,” is open to both moms and dads in Santa Monica and the surrounding Los Angeles areas. By joining the co-op, parents are given the opportunity to be involved in mentoring services, community support for working parents, network through sponsored parties, and are able to receive funding for a specialty summer camp for kids in Santa Monica.

Summer Camp For Kids In Santa Monica

Together with their program “Our Moms Work” and their co-op “Celebrating Women” Recruiting for Good will be able to donate up to $5,000 for a specialty summer camp for kids in Santa Monica. They know that education is important to all parents, and working parents want to ensure that their child’s time off from school is fun but still educational. The summer camps they are looking to support include camps for STEAM-related activities, arts, and music. Some of the camps they are going to be able to help fund this summer include: 

  • Planet Bravo– Techno-tainment Summer camp is designed to teach kids how to code and create their own digital projects. With a small teacher-to-student ratio and both indoor and outdoor play time, this campis educational and fun for kids in grades kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • Summer at Crossroads– This is a place that has it all: music, art, sports, theater, and even film-making. For grades kindergarten through 12th grade, your child can be educated and have fun no matter their age.
  • Lavner Camps at UCLA– Kids ages 7 to 14 can enjoy a summer tech camp filled with STEM activities like robotics, coding, graphic design, and laboratory science at UCLA’s campus.
  • Code Rev– Code Rev is a summer camp designed for kids who love programming, video game building, robotics engineering, and all things coding. They have a 1-1 student-to-tech ratio, small class sizes, and indoor and outdoor activities for kids.
  • Total Music Immersion– This week-long camp lets your child experience what it’s like to be surrounded by music all day, every day. Camp takes place at MI College of Contemporary Music.
  • Girls Rock Santa Barbara– This sleep-away camp is a place where your girls can totally rock out. They have camp for photography, journalism, music production, and filmmaking. You can register for 1 to 6 weeks.

Recruiting for Good and their programs “Our Moms Work” and “Celebrating Women” want to support working moms everywhere. Whether you hold a regular 9 to 5 or you’re starting up your own company, raising kids and running a business is no joke. They understand that you need support, and they are there to help whether you’re looking to hire new professionals, you are looking for some mentoring, or you just want to join a community of like-minded individuals.

To learn more about these programs, check them out at the links below:


Our Moms Work | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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