Women’s Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways to Prioritize Yourself

Let’s face it, sometimes moms get so busy taking care of everyone else that they overlook their own women’s health needs. Well ladies, May is Women’s Health Awareness Month, so it’s our time to shine! We’re talking about stress relief, physical fitness, vision health, dental care, posture correction, and more. So grab your mom, daughter, aunt, or bestie – it’s time to make women’s health a priority. What steps will you take this month to create a healthier you? Following are some great ideas to help get you started!

Here’s to Women’s Health!


Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Stress can be that silent killer, slowly eating away at a woman’s health, sleep, focus, patience, and peace of mind. This month, we want to change that for good with Apollo. Their Apollo Neuro is scientifically validated technology that uses gentle vibrations to improve a woman’s resilience to stress. The gentle vibrations restore balance to the nervous system, which allows her mind to focus. She’ll definitely appreciate that!

It’s not often that we think about a woman’s mental health during the everyday grind and routine. We want to bring to light a device that helps to calm a woman’s racing mind to prepare for any type of busy day at home or work, or just to give her a chance to relax and unwind. The Apollo Neuro is designed to work with a woman’s day-to-day routine so that she can conquer each day just as easily as a delicious (guilt-free) pie. Her new stress-reducing friend will last 6-8 hours, has Bluetooth capability, is capable of operating during airplane mode, and is conveniently made in the USA.

So, how exactly does this work and why are we loving it during Women’s Health Awareness month? To put it simply, the Apollo Neuro harnesses the body’s natural response to touch to naturally alter mood and calm the mind. Sometimes, a woman can’t always get the hug she needs, so that’s when the Apollo is designed to stimulate her nervous system and help her focus while feeling calmer – just as if she got that much-needed hug in the midst of a chaotic moment. Stress doesn’t have to control a woman’s day anymore, reacting to every little tension. Now, she can respond appropriately and with a clear head. 

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

If you are looking to improve sleep, the Apollo Neuro is definitely there for your nighttime slumber after any type of stressful day. With the app, customize how you want to feel and unwind – without the racing mind keeping you listless. Choose the duration that works best and adjust the intensity of your session. Apollo makes it easy this Women’s Health Awareness Month to breathe, rejuvenate, and reevaluate a woman’s day-to-day practices. Whether on your wrist or ankle, it’s there for the hug you need, anytime you desire.

Apollo Neuro
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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

When is the last time you thoroughly checked your overall health, dear lady? When the doctor’s offices are overflowing with appointments and they are few and far between as far as availability, sometimes you need other options. Despite COVID putting a halt on almost everything, you don’t have to sacrifice checking up on yourself to see how your body is fairing. With the Women’s Health Test by Everlywell, you’ll have the most comprehensive hormone panel for women, no matter what stage of life you are in.

During Women’s Health Awareness month, make sure you know that your hormones are balanced and within their normal ranges. If any imbalances are noted, the Women’s Health Test may be the answer you’ve been looking for, as to what’s causing unexplained symptoms that are keeping you from feeling happy-go-lucky all the time. With eleven biomarkers measured with each test (ten hormones and one antibody), you’ll have the clarity you’ve been wondering about if you haven’t been feeling yourself or you just want to keep feeling amazing!

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

If you are feeling sluggish and are thinking about revving up your metabolism, first, it’s probably a great idea to do a Metabolism Test. This convenient, at-home test evaluates the key hormones that assist your body with maintaining a healthy, fully functioning metabolism rate. If it’s “off,” it may explain any weight gain issues, problems with losing weight, and your energy levels.

Once you have your personal levels of TSH, Cortisol, and Testosterone, you’ll know what range you are in and if there are any abnormalities that need further testing of the specific endocrine gland function. You don’t have to guess why you feel the way you do. Be aware so you fully understand what you may be experiencing with your weight and energy levels with the Metabolism Test.

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

If your period has been a bit unusual lately and you are reaching your upper thirties to mid-forties, consider the Perimenopause Test as well. There are no symptomatic changes that affect women at precisely the same time to indicate if your body is getting ready to start menopause. If you suspect your menstrual cycle is playing games on you, this is the test that reveals whether or not you are in a transition stage towards menopause. With detailed results on the three key hormones from your Perimenopause Test, it can aid you with any hormone replacement therapy options you may want to consider, if they are not within an established, normal range.

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Everlywell has made it so easy to stay conscious and aware of women’s health, anytime, all the time. These convenient at-home tests are simple to complete, free to mail in, and your results come fast! So, stay aware, no guessing games needed, and get the answers you seek!

Perimenopause Test | Women’s Health Test | Metabolism Test
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Lifepro Fitness

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Working out at home? If not, you should be! Physical fitness and strength training are an important part of women’s health. But, do you have space in your house or garage to accommodate all the different weights and fitness tools you’ll need for a great, full-body workout? Unlikely. Well, now you will, with Lifepro Fitness!

With PowerUp Dumbbells, an adjustable weight dumbbell set, you get the equivalent of six sets of dumbells. They range in weight from 2.5 to 15 pounds, but in a package that takes up as little space as a shoebox. Effortlessly increase or decrease the resistance during your workout with the movement of the two small red tabs on each. The comfortably designed handles keep the dumbells nestled in your hand and allow you to focus on your form. With the lifetime warranty, this just might be the last set of dumbells you’ll ever need to buy.

Maybe you’re looking to add something new to your at-home fitness routine, and really take your workouts to the next level. Want to recover faster from your muscle building and fat burning routines? If you answered “yes,” then the Waver Vibration Plate is for you. 

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

When added to your current routine, the Waver Vibration Plate brings your stabilizing muscles into the workout like you won’t believe. Squats are great leg builders and booty sculptors already, but when you kick it up a notch by adding a gentle vibration, you’ll feel them like never before! This is true for every part of the body you’re ready to work out.

You can even use your vibration plate on recovery day, which is as important as the workout itself. Shake out any soreness after a tough workout and get the blood flowing. 

With the Waver Vibration Plate, you get strength bands, hand or foot placement guides, 99 levels of intensity, preprogrammed routines, and a remote. And another plus – all of this easily stores away conveniently under your bed.

With the full suite of exercises readily available online and Lifepro’s online community by your side supporting you, you’ll get tons of exercise ideas and won’t feel lost for what to do next. 

The PowerUp Dumbbells and Waver Vibration Plate are must-have fitness devices that will enhance almost all your workouts. It’s no wonder that Lifepro Fitness is a world leader in fitness and recovery. Why not see what they can do for your fitness goals this Women’s Health Awareness Month?

PowerUp Dumbbells | Waver Vibration Plate
Lifepro Fitness | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Are you trying to get your blood pressure or weight under control, or helping a loved one manage theirs? Let Withings help this Women’s Health Awareness Month!

The BPM Connect allows you to take effortless blood pressure readings without wires or tubes, as well as keep track of the results on a convenient app. With the push of a button, you can do a quick check, or with a slightly longer press, you’ll get a triple read. The instant results are medically accurate and can easily be shared with your doctor right from the app. The app can also accommodate multiple users, so if you are monitoring your own women’s health and someone else’s, the BPM Connect is definitely the blood pressure device for you. 

Next, let’s talk about that previously dreaded task of stepping on a scale. (Not anymore!) We had grown accustomed to getting that one “magic” number, and being disappointed if we didn’t quite get there. Most people are taught early on that the number on the scale is what matters. But the truth is, that number is only a fraction of what you need to know. Get the complete picture with the Withings Body+ digital Wi-Fi smart scale.

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

With the Body+, you’ll get a much better look at what really makes up that one main number. With added body composition information such as bone mass, muscle mass, body fat, and water percentages, you can see the true impacts of your workouts. The Body+ uses bioelectrical impedance to gather all of this information, sending it straight to your phone or tablet. It also graphs improvement for you, so you can view trends over time and stay on track.

Like the BPM Connect, the Body+ is simple to use and adaptable to multiple users. If you or a loved one are ready to put in some effort on the road to better health, reward yourself with smart progress-tracking devices from Withings to stay inspired on your journey!

BPM Connect | Body+
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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Never again will you dread going to the gym (or avoiding it altogether) while having your monthly flow. If you are like some women, that flow feels constant and uncontrollable for four or five straight days. And heavy periods, forget about it! Thankfully, Modibodi thinks about our health and our period around the clock. Introducing their newest innovation for women’s health, comfort, and monthly cycle – the Recycled Active Legging. It is your solo-use period legging for every mile, squat, back-row, and group exercise class, protecting you from embarrassing leaks.

The Recycled Active Legging is super stretchy, snug in all the right places, and super supportive for all our womanly curves. It’s just like the above-average legging you’d normally wear to the gym or around the house, but they stay up, no rolling down on your waist uncomfortably. They also hold your phone in place perfectly (yes, hello pockets!). The underwear on the inside that is keeping you dry and contained are comfortably supportive without being suffocating, and you definitely want that.

We’re celebrating women this month – and your period shouldn’t ever keep you from avoiding a great workout because you feel like you won’t have the proper protection. Modibodi supports and understands women’s health needs, every single month.

If your current Recycled Active Leggings are in the wash, then grab a pair of the new and improved Recycled Seamfree Period Panties. Choose your best fit, absorption needs, and wear your other favorite leggings without worrying about those unattractive underwear lines giving you the quad-butt look. They offer a snug and comfortable fit that keeps you dry from monthly flow or unexpected leakage.

For those light to medium flow days, take yourself back to the classics. The Classic Bikini is easy to wear and it’s super cute! The comfort level is always on point, the reliability for dryness is unmatched, and it pretty much feels just like your regular underwear, except you aren’t worrying about your next pad or tampon change. Since this does have a higher leg cut, you’ll feel the snugness on your hip, ensuring everything that needs to be covered, certainly is.

For those women who like a little daintiness and prettiness in their panties, you’re going to love the Sensual High-Waist Bikini. It’s a sustainable panty that is easy to wear while protecting your sheets overnight during your cycle or for any incontinence needs. The snug fit ensures everything is right where it needs to be while keeping your women’s health intact with their breathable fabrics.

Modibodi has gone the distance and we want to celebrate them for celebrating women’s health, while also being conscious of the world they live in by eliminating the use of one-time period products. Their effective, sustainable, and multiple period-panty options make this Women’s Health Awareness Month purchase an easy choice.

Recycled Active Legging | Recycled Seamfree Period Panties | Classic Bikini | Sensual High-Waist Bikini
Modibodi | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Women’s Health Awareness includes the use of sustainable, healthy products that are friendly to both our bodies and our environment, and Intimina knows this. Revolutionizing the way we see and treat our monthly flow, Intimina, the creator of the original Lily Cup, knows we are busy and that life doesn’t stop because of our periods. Designing menstrual cups to fit seamlessly into our everyday lives, Intimina now has a line of menstrual cups ideal for every flow and everybody. Once you switch to a menstrual cup, you will never go back!

The Intimina Mama’s Assistant Bundle has everything mama’s need after giving birth, whether they’ve had one child or four. This bundle includes a Lily Cup as a reliable monthly period solution, the KegelSmart for strengthening the pelvic floor, feminine moisturizer, and intimate accessory cleaner to keep everything smooth and sanitary. Whether you are shopping for yourself, your sister, your daughter, or your friend, do the ladies in your life a favor, ditch the tampons and pads clogging landfills, and introduce them to this life-changing, sustainable, long-lasting period solution from Intimina.

Mama’s Assistant Bundle | Soothing Bath Petals
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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Thinx are the revolutionary period panties that stop leaks, reduce the need for tampons, pads, or even menstrual cups, and allow you to move and live freely no matter what day of the month! Once you switch to Thinx you will never go back! From light to heavy flow, there is a pair of Thinx for every day of your period. These period-absorbing underwear are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and truly amazing at what they do. With full leak protection, a moisture-wicking interior, and variable absorbency depending on your flow that day, Thinx will keep you comfortable and confident from the office to a night on the town, and everything in between.

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

With Thinx you can choose a pair of underwear or a set that meets your needs based on your cycle. The All Cycle Long Set is a favorite because it includes 1 super hip hugger for those heavy days, 1 hip hugger for the moderate days, and 1 hip hugger air for lighter days. The After Dark Set is another favorite, including 3 pairs of sexy hip huggers with the ability to hold 3 regular tampons worth. If this is your first time purchasing Thinx, each pair has a rating that tells you how many tampons it is the equivalent of so you can decide which pair to order based on your personal period needs. It is time to forget your old period stained granny panties, quit clogging the landfills with tampons or pads, and switch to Thinx now, you won’t regret it!

All Cycle Long Set | After Dark Set
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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

As women our health and wellness are always important; FitTrack knows this and has created a scale perfect for moms, moms-to-be, and their entire family. Keeping our bodies fit, strong, and in shape for chasing after kids, running a household, and even working in the professional world is integral to our very being. From pregnancy to lifestyle changes, infant health to even your spouse’s weight and wellness, FitTrack has created a smart Scale for the whole family!

The Beebo Family Smart Scale allows you to tune in, track, and trend your health throughout your pregnancy, along with your baby and up to 8 total family member’s health and wellness. This body composition scale, which delivers data directly to your phone, using health measurement to keep you on track and where you want to be on your pregnancy and/or wellness journey. For expecting mamas, the Beebo tracks your weekly progress throughout your trimesters, while the infant health scale allows you to keep an accurate chart of your baby’s growth during those important first few months. The Beebo also tracks fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, weight, hydration, and more!

Additionally, in these uncertain times, all families need a state of the art thermometer to keep in their medicine cabinet. Whether you are just bringing home baby or simply need a thermometer on hand for all of those pesky childhood sniffles, the FitTrack Tempo is an infrared, contactless thermometer. Simple to use, even if the baby is sleeping, the FitTrack Tempo is a sanitary, easy to read thermometer offering clinical accuracy right in the comfort of your own home. As a parent, we all know how scary little one’s with high fevers can be, so give your self some peace of mind and take a step toward keeping your family safe and healthy with the FitTrack Tempo.

Beebo | Tempo
FitTrack | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

The Healing Rose

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

When one considers women’s health, rest and relaxation cannot be left behind, as they play a huge role in the mental and physical wellbeing of women everywhere. Women are strong and spend each day in the service of others, so when it’s time to take care of ourselves, The Healing Rose is an obvious choice. This company always puts out the best and most creative CBD-infused products on the market, but this season they have gone above and beyond with their Pamper Yourself Mother’s Day Bundle.

The Healing Rose is a woman-led company that believes in only using 100 percent natural ingredients that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and GMO-free. They also feature a wide array of CBD-infused products with different strengths, scents, and uses, so no matter what your need is, it will be met with The Healing Rose.

If you are interested in a bundle of products to see which one will become your absolute favorite, the Pamper Yourself Mother’s Day Bundle is the choice for you. This bundle has everything you could want and more, and each product is perfectly sized for your enjoyment and sampling pleasure! This bundle includes:

  • Salve Sampler Pack (4 Mini Salves)
  • Massage Oil Sampler Pack (4 Mini Massage Oils)
  • 4 Pack of Lip Balms
  • Caught in the Rain Limited Edition Bath Soak
  • Relax & Unwind Bath Soak
  • Goddess Revival Bath Soak
  • Unscented Bath Soak
  • Relax Roll-On

For a natural approach to alleviating the stresses of every day, reach for The Healing Rose and get ready to enjoy the women’s health and relaxation of which you are so deserving.

Mother’s Day Bundle
The Healing Rose | Facebook | Instagram

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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

As we’ve all been spending more and more time at home, you’re likely sitting in front of a screen more, too. If you are working from home, it’s your computer. When it’s time to unwind, it’s your TV. In between keeping up with the kids, it may be your phone. With your mind on other things, your posture can really suffer, and poor posture leads to all kinds of women’s health problems, like neck and back pain. Start creating healthier posture habits naturally today, with UPRIGHT.  

The UPRIGHT GO 2 is a simple way to train yourself to better posture while handling all of your other tasks. A simple, small device is placed just between the shoulder blades and gives you a gentle vibration to remind you to sit – you guessed it – upright! Affix your UPRIGHT GO 2 directly to your back with the included reusable silicon adhesives, or add a matching Necklace to hold the device comfortably in place.

With the help of training and tracking modes, you’ll teach your body to stay in optimal alignment for more and more time each day. The multi-sensors talk to an app that tracks your posture in real-time and also creates a log of your progress throughout the day, enabling you to see the times that affect your posture the most.

When you’re ready to log off for the day, just toss your UPRIGHT GO 2 in its charging case and attach the USB cord. Your device will be fully charged and ready to greet you again in the morning. Do yourself and your posture a favor and check out UPRIGHT today!

UPRIGHT GO 2 | Necklace
UPRIGHT | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Moms are always taking care of everyone else before themselves. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize women’s health, especially when it comes to vision. Luckily, Lensabl makes ordering some new frames almost effortless! 

Renew an existing prescription, or if it’s been a while, just head to your local optometrist or ophthalmologist for a quick eye exam. Send your prescription and pupillary distance on over to Lensabl. Virtually “try on“ frames online, with the help of their nifty, online Find My Size tool. It uses your phone or computer camera and places images of the glasses on your face. So cool, right?

You’ll find the glasses that are just right for you, such as the Marina in clear pink. Within about two weeks, you’ll receive your new frames by mail – easy peasy, and absolutely perfect for busy mamas everywhere.

As part of your Women’s Health Awareness Month plans, be sure to prioritize vision exams and eye health – then rock some great new specs from Lensabl.

Lensabl | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Let’s face it, ladies. Menstrual care is a far-from-glamorous – yet unavoidable – part of women’s health. Why not turn to a convenient and healthy alternative to pads and tampons with Lena?

This bell-shaped silicone cup is inserted like a tampon and collects your monthly menstrual flow. When you’re ready to remove it, just give it a gentle squeeze to release the seal, empty it, rinse well, and do it all over again. If you’re used to tampons or pads, you’ll love this new clean feeling – seriously, it’s life-changing! Plus, you’re reducing your impact on the environment when you ditch the disposable period care products.

Available in Lena Small and Lena Large (and in a variety of colors, too!), our favorite is the Lena 2-Pack, which enables you to try each and pick your perfect size. Up to 12 hours of period protection – yes, please! So what are you waiting for? This Women’s Health Awareness Month, make the switch to Lena!

Lena 2-Pack
Lena | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

By now it’s the norm to wear a “natural” deodorant and use body products with the least amount of carcinogens. Native was one of the first companies to come out with a natural deodorant that actually works. With over 15,000 5-star reviews, you know you are among friends with the best of the best women’s health products here.

If you are looking to try more than just their deodorant, this 5-Piece Native Set comes with two deodorants, a full-size one and a mini (that is perfect for travel), body wash, and two bar soaps, available in six different scents or unscented, if you prefer. Don’t forget to check out Native Toothpaste made without sulfates or triclosan, plus no animal testing ever is a huge plus for these super-clean products that will make your body smell good and your mouth as fresh as you want it.

5-Piece Native Set | Native Toothpaste
Native | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Luster Premium White

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

When it comes to women’s health, sparkling white teeth are definitely something to smile about! In addition to your regular dental care routine, consider Luster Premium White an important part of your beauty toolkit.

If your smile could use a brightening boost, give the Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System a try. After all, it was developed by dentists to give you professional results – and fast! This kit includes the Pro Light, Serum, Rinse, and Pearl Infused Mint Whitening Toothpaste. The magic is in the Xenon teeth whitening light, which uses both light and heat to activate the serum, for quicker and more effective results.

With the clinically proven Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System, you can have whiter teeth for any occasion, even on short notice. In fact, you’ll notice a whiter, brighter smile after only one use. After using this product for just three days, you should see an impressive difference of about six shades of brightness. Say cheese confidently with Luster Premium White!

Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System
Luster Premium White | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Kind Laundry

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Switching to a green laundry detergent is an easy way to be gentler on both the environment and your skin. Kind Laundry believes in eliminating one plastic detergent jug at a time and educating people about the products they use. They can help protect, sustain and support the incredible planet we live on and the other animal friends we share it with. Let’s be kind to our laundry this Women’s Health Awareness Month, and let’s be kind to our planet!

The Laundry Detergent Sheets are a zero-waste and safer laundry alternative to your traditional laundry detergents that come in heavy, bulky plastic jugs and contain up to 20+ toxic ingredients. The packaging for these sheets is 100% recyclable as well.

The pre-measured scented sheets are made with only five simple ingredients but still pack strong cleaning power. Simply throw in the desired amount of sheets and experience a super clean, soft, and fresh load of laundry. The eco-friendly sheets are non-toxic, safe for delicates, biodegradable, and allergen-free. The sheets are free of petroleum, parabens, phosphate, phthalates, dyes, artificial color, and optical brighteners. They dissolve immediately in all water temperatures and work in front-loading, top-loading, standard, and HE washing machines. Kind Laundry is the best laundry detergent on the market for both the environment and your clothes!

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Kind Laundry | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

rykr roll

Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself

Sore muscles don’t just massage themselves at the end of the day. Sure, maybe you can try to rub out a sore shoulder or leg muscle, but you probably tire quickly. Rykr roll has the product every woman needs to have on hand that’s also convenient enough to fit in your purse or gym bag.

The MYO rykr roll is a handheld self-massage roller to help relieve your aches, stiff muscles, promote circulation and get those hard-to-reach knots. Feel better and recover faster with this roller. From workouts to everyday life, your body will thank you for this easy-to-use product. You may not be able to have a masseuse on call, but this is the next best thing and at a price tag that will make your pocketbook happy.

MYO rykr roll
rykr roll | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

It’s not always easy for women to think of themselves first, but this May, for Women’s Health Awareness Month, we encourage you to try. Things like mental wellness, stress relief, getting fit, and more convenient menstrual care aren’t splurges, they are necessities! No one can pour from an empty cup. When you take the time to care for your body and mind, you’ll feel better about yourself, and the whole family will benefit. So let’s honor Women’s Health Awareness Month ladies. We’re looking forward to hearing how you choose to celebrate!


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Women’S Health Awareness Month: 16 Practical Ways To Prioritize Yourself



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