27 Exciting Water Sports Equipment Items To Make A Splash

Many people enjoy spending time on the water, whether boating or water skiing or paddle boarding. Spending time outdoors is a refreshing activity but can be even more enjoyable with the right water sports equipment. You can look forward to hours of fun in the sun with any of these wonderful products for use on the water!

The Best Water Sports Equipment

Yamaha RDS200 Seascooter with Camera Mount


Yamaha is well known for its motorbikes and outboard marine engines. The Seascooter is the perfect vehicle for cruising through the water, rated to a depth of 65ft (20m) and a cruising speed of 2 mph / 3.2 km/h. It’s designed for recreational divers and snorkeling enthusiasts and can run-up to 1 hour with normal use. The Yamaha is affordable, making it a great starter for those buying their first sea scooter.

Flyboard Pro Series Kit


The Flyboard Pro is the newest extreme water sports equipment! It is an accessory that attaches to a PWC (Personal Watercraft) which gives the Flyboard propulsion through air and water. The propulsion is routed through the primary nozzle that attaches to the feet of the Flyboard user. Most people tend to get up on the board within 2 to 10 minutes on their first attempt at Flyboarding. It’s very natural and intuitive, just like walking!

Hoverboard With Dual Swivel System


The unique Hoverboard with Dual Swivel System by Zapata Racing enhances the hydro flight experience. Their latest model u-pipe has a swivel at its end, allowing the hose to rotate freely and avoid knots. This is particularly helpful during professional freestyle routines and for beginners who have just discovered this amazing piece of water sports equipment.



Cruise your way through those curvy waves of the sea in style with the latest hydrofoil technology. Jetfoiler is a unique motorized surfboard with an eco-friendly electric motor that glides above the waves. It keeps you afloat through a remote-controlled surfboard, easily making it one of the best water sports equipment items on the planet.

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Seabreacher Diving Machine


Step right into the most head-turning water sports equipment out there. The motorized dolphin-shaped boat can be used in fresh or saltwater and provides an excellent cruising experience every time you hit the waves. The Seabreacher Diving Machine can dive five feet deep for up to 30 seconds and launch 20 feet out of the water. This magnificent beast can go 60 mph on the water, and underwater can go 25 mph. Elevate your diving experience today with this spectacular machine!

Super Yacht Sub 3


Time to come out of the cliche segments of slow and tedious submarines. The luxury, lightweight Super Yacht Submarines can give any other underwater gadget a run for its money. This super-compact submarine can accommodate up to three people at one time and dives down to 300 meters. The groundbreaking pressure hull design provides a virtually unimpeded view! Everyone onboard can easily see the hidden secrets of the deep!

The World’s Fastest Amphibious Car


The World’s Fastest Amphibious Car. This awesome motorized water sports equipment is more than just a vehicle that can float on the water. It’s a multipurpose, manually operated car that can run on land as well as water. Speeds can reach up to 44 mph on the water and 80 mph on the road. It also features four-wheel disc brakes, lights, turn indicators, and a folding windshield.

Schiller Water Bike


The portable Schiller X1 Water Bike is the world’s most extraordinary and innovative water bike machine. Get ready to have an unparalleled cycling experience in oceans, lakes, rivers, and canals worldwide. The easy-to-store bike has a 2″ frame, supports up to 300 lbs, and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. The Water Bike is the ultimate water sports equipment that will work up a sweat.

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Awake Electric Surfboard


Try this fantastic water sports equipment named Awake that can make you feel like Aqua-man. It’s an easy-to-use Electric Surfboard that runs on a remote-controlled motor, installed on the tail of the surfboard, and can reach up to 33mph. Awake suits the rider who is looking for an intense, adrenaline-pumping experience that enables dynamic use.

Kymera Electric Jet Body Board


This electricity-driven Kymera Electric Jet Body Board is one of the most sought-after water sports equipment on the planet. It’s known for its slim shape and its low weight. This product offers a unique riding experience to its rider and can reach speeds of 20mph.

AirBuddy Tankless Diving


Get ready for a cylinder-free diving experience with this unique water sports equipment. The compact Airbuddy Tankless Diving gadget allows you to navigate your way underwater without a cylinder on your back. The ​rechargeable battery-powered air compressor provides you with fresh air from the surface – for 45 minutes (+reserve) and up to 12m (40ft) deep.

Cygnet Flying Float


A boat can fly? Sounds like something from a James Bond movie. The heavy-duty Cygnet Flying Float is one of the most exhilarating and unique water sports equipment. It weighs 73 lbs and can give any traditional kayaking boat a run for its money! This exciting product not only sails, but it FLIES as well!

Jetovator Flying Bike


The world’s first water-propelled flying bike, Jetavator, can attain forward speeds of 25mph, and riders can cruise in comfort for long distances. The production Jetovator is limited to a height of 40 feet and can also dive underwater for brief durations. The easy-to-use Jetovator provides a stable platform to train anybody to use it safely and proficiently within twenty minutes.

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Formula Fun Surfboard


Meet your new favorite Formula Fun Surfboarddesigned with all of a regular board’s stats without the weight and wax. Whether you’re beach-bound for vacation, or you’re going for a quick shred before work, these boards bring you the functionality of a wood surfboard without the hassle.

Blu3 Nemo Dive System


Nemo Dive System is a device that allows you to go up to 10 feet below the surface and breathe for up to 60 minutes on a single battery charge. Throw it in the boat, and you and your guests are ready to explore that favorite sandbar, reef, or shallow-water wreck. It’s also handy for in-water maintenance dockside or even pool maintenance at home. The coolest water sports equipment ever!

Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Bouncer


The Island Hopper Padded Bouncer was designed for hard use and longevity. The spring-less, interlaced nylon webbing “bouncer” design uses tube flex features to give the user an enjoyable “bouncer” lift with a sturdy trampoline feel. This bouncer inflates and deflates in 10 mins and is very portable.

The GoBoat


The lightweight GoBoat is portable and weighs less than carry-on luggage. It’s great for fishing, sightseeing, hunting, and the ultimate bumper boat that adults and kids will enjoy.

Goplus Watermat


The Goplus Watermat is not towable and is meant to stay stationary as you walk on water, jump off of it, do yoga, or relax on top of it. The Watermat allows up to 1323 lbs of evenly distributed weight and is suitable for 8-10 people.

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Airhead Grandstand Towable Tube


The Airhead Grandstand Towable Tubes actually bring you into the air, and if you hold on tight enough, it can balance just right to give you a spectacular ride. The heavy-duty full nylon cover flying kite tube can hold one to two riders for boating & watersports. The EVA padding provides a more comfortable ride and helps reduce chafing, and the speed safety valve is fast and easy for inflating and deflating.

Crystal Explorer Kayak


This transparent Crystal Kayak lets you see everything below you as you paddle through the water and will work best in the clean waters of the Caribbean. Perfect for spotting fish and sea life under your boat, the transparent kayak can seat up to two people and support up to 425 lbs of weight. This is one of the most unique pieces of water sports equipment on the market!

AquaSkipper Watercraft


The AquaSkipper is a human-powered watercraft that lets you skip around the water by just hopping up and down and allows you to get going at speeds of up to 17 mph. This water sports equipment is fun and acts as a great workout as you need to keep hopping to keep the watercraft going.

Mirage Eclipse Pedal Stand-Up Paddleboard


The Mirage Eclipse is another world’s-first unique watercraft from Hobie. Fly high at exceptional speed, nimbly carving turns using fingertip steering controls. There’s minimal setup. Go from the car, the dock, or your boat to the water in minutes. The board is lightweight and durable and full of features such as height-adjustable handlebars, gear tie-downs, bow handle, and a carefree kick-up rudder. You can also quickly turn your Eclipse into a traditional Stand Up Paddleboard.

Aqua Mate Mini Pedal Boat


The Aqua Mate Mini Mach 5 Pedal boat has comfortable molded seats. This boat is capable of holding five users. Ideally, the third is smaller and would sit in the center in front, and there’s room for two behind. Or you can use the back seats for cargo for anything you want to take on your adventure. The two-piece construction makes the boat light and easy to carry. A tie-down or carry handle is located at the front of the boat. This fantastic piece of water sports equipment is available in yellow, blue, red, and aqua.

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Subwing Towable Watersport Board


Time to make way for The Subwing, a fantastic water sports equipment that gives you a unique experience through its wings that operate underwater. The Subwing opens the opportunity to explore the ocean in a totally new way while simultaneously providing a thrilling ride. Glide through the water like a dolphin while performing barrel rolls and underwater acrobatics, discover the underwater marine world, or relax on the surface and enjoy the ride. As opposed to towable tubes for boating, the Subwing can be towed behind any motorized boat. Experience the incredible sensation of underwater flight!

Polar Whale Floating Ping Pong Table

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Bring the table tennis party to your pool with this piece of water sports equipment: The Polar Whale Floating Ping Pong Game Table! The premium extra thick foam table comes as a complete setup, with easy to install center net, two paddles, and three balls. The durable table won’t deflate; it’s UV-protected from sunlight and is the perfect size for extreme floating fun! 


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This one-of-a-kind Sea-Doo features adjustable steering that allows you to customize your experience to your personal riding style. The robust material reduces the watercraft’s weight to deliver peak performance and efficiency, making it easy to tow with most cars. It also allows you to exaggerate how high you can raise the nose or how deep you can bury it in the water. Pulling off tricks has never been so easy or fun with water sports equipment!

Fishing Kayak

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Brooklyn Kayak Company has a BKC TK181 Tandem Fishing Kayak with extra space to fit three people, making it ideal for paddling with kids on family adventures and can be used for epic fishing trips. The kayak has multiple fishing rod mounts that allow you to troll for fish, leaving your hands free for paddling, eating, or folding behind your head as you and the gang relax and enjoy the day.

The right water sports equipment can take a regular day on the beach and turn it into a fun-filled adventure on the water! You can look forward to making memories while enjoying yourself with any of these wonderful products. Water sports equipment can also make great gifts for special people who enjoy high adrenaline life on the open sea.

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