6 Ideas for Moms Night Out

Let’s be real, moms love being with their children but we all need a break sometimes. However, our sleep deprived brains might just need some help coming up with fun ideas for moms night out. We need it and we deserve it! It is a good thing to recharge yourself, have some laughs with friends, and come back to your family refreshed and renewed. We are moms, but we are real people too. We need social interaction with adults, and time to decompress from the stresses of mom life. When you get a chance to have a mom’s night out, don’t pass it up! Check out our list of ideas for mom’s night out to get you moving and out the door.

Before we dive into the list, let’s talk quickly about the back-out plan. You read that right, back-out plan, not back-up plan. If you are like most moms, you will try to back out on mom’s night out at the last minute. You will plan with excitement, talk to your friends about how badly you need this, and then when the day finally comes you will think of countless excuses. You will pick up your phone to let your friends know why you just cannot make it this time and how bummed you are about it. Do not let the mom guilt overtake you! You are not only doing this for you, but your family will appreciate when you are more relaxed, happier and less stressed.

You are not a bad mom if you take a break sometimes. In fact, it will make you a better mom. Being on and ready at all times, taking care of others, can cause burnout and make things that you would normally do with ease feel like daunting chores. Arm yourself with this list of ideas for mom’s night out and actually go!

Ideas for Moms Night Out

Craft Workshop

6 Ideas For Moms Night Out

Find a local craft shop in your area and book a table for you and your friends. These craft nights are so fun and you will get to learn new skills, laugh over using power tools, get creative, and vent about mom life in between. Most places also let you bring your own wine and snacks. If you have been wanting a specific piece for your house or need a gift for someone in the near future, this is also a great time to get that done. See, mom’s night out can be productive, too!

Blow Out Bar

6 Ideas For Moms Night Out

Find a local Blow Out Bar, book appointments for your group, and make dinner reservations for afterwards. This is the mom’s night out that keeps on giving. Not only will you feel pampered and confident when you grab dinner afterwards, but you won’t have to wash your hair for the next few days. Mom win!

Escape Room

6 Ideas For Moms Night Out

Escape Rooms are super popular, and for good reason. They are really fun, and the perfect outing for a group of friends. Look up your local escape rooms and book a room to break out of with your mom friends. You will follow clues, work together, laugh hysterically, and try to break out of the room before time runs out. Then you can head out for dinner or appetizers to relive all the funniest parts of your experience.

Bunco Night

6 Ideas For Moms Night Out

Getting together for Bunco is fun. If you have never played, you have to give it a chance. You do not have to do it at home either. Rent out a clubhouse in your community so you can all get out, and invite all the moms you know. This is a great way to get to know new moms, as Bunco has you rotate tables frequently. It is great for a lot of laughs. If everyone brings an appetizer you will have a good spread and an awesome mom’s night out.

Go Bowling

6 Ideas For Moms Night Out

Because it is something we normally would not think to get together with our girlfriends to do, bowling is a great option for a lot of laughs. Chances are, you and your mom friends have not been bowling since you were kids. You may have that one friend who is a pro, which makes it even more fun. Order all the snacks and drinks and see who needs the bumpers up on their bowling lane.

Take a Cooking Class

6 Ideas For Moms Night Out

Check your local restaurants and markets for cooking classes. These are not only fun, but you will feel like you are sharpening your domestic skills at the same time! Most cooking classes also let you bring wine, or they supply it, and offer samples of what you are making that night. Learn new cooking skills and have some laughs with your friends, then treat yourself to a dinner you don’t have to cook yourselves afterwards.

When it comes to mom’s night out ideas, you really can’t go wrong! Even if you just grab dinner with a few good friends and head back home, it is worth it. Unique experiences are always great for good laughs and making memories, but low key hangouts are just as good. Mom’s night out ideas do not have to be expensive, fancy, or elaborate to be great.

Start a group message with your crew of mom friends and setup a rotation of planning. You can each take turns planning the monthly mom’s night out. If you need to, set a specific max budget that works for everyone, and encourage creativity. Don’t forget to pin and share this list of mom’s night out ideas so you can use them as inspiration!

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