Kids Fishing: 5 Good Reasons To Take Them Today

The quarantine of 2020 has been long. Really long. It has been full of arts and crafts, sprinklers in the yard, chalk on the sidewalks, and online learning. If we are honest, it has been full of screen time. If you’re not quite ready to surround yourself with people and it’s time to cut the technology cord, then it’s time to take your kids fishing in the great outdoors. There are countless reasons to take your kids fishing, but here are 5 really good ones.

Take Your Kids Fishing To Get Them Outdoors

Kids Fishing: 5 Good Reasons To Take Them Today

Dress those youngsters of yours in their cutest outdoorsy digs and head outside. Fresh air, babbling brooks, and a little vitamin D are sure to be a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take a break from the rat race and enjoy the tranquility of Mother Nature with your child. Being outdoors allows children to ditch their inside voices and social etiquette. It allows them to be kids! Loud, messy, energetic, imaginative kids. Mother Nature provides the best classroom with the coolest hands-on manipulatives. You will be pleasantly surprised at everything they learn. As an added bonus, kids will learn the importance of taking care of the environment and respect for all living creatures.

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Take Your Kids Fishing To Teach Them Patience

Kids Fishing: 5 Good Reasons To Take Them Today

Your kids are bound to be chomping at the bit to get to go fishing. After all, it’s not typically an everyday occurrence. You’ll pack everything up, pick the perfect fishing hole, put something squirmy or colorful on the hook, and cast it out expecting something to bite right away. But then you wait. And wait, and wait, and wait. And just when you didn’t think you could wait anymore. Guess what? You wait. This concept is probably going to drive your kids mad. In a world filled with instant gratification, it is beneficial to teach children patience. After all, it’s a virtue. Allowing children to learn patience will help them feel less frustrated, maintain self-control, and make any future Disney trips a lot more enjoyable.

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Take Your Kids Fishing To Teach Them About Water Safety

Kids Fishing: 5 Good Reasons To Take Them Today

Safety first. Always. Anytime and any situation is the best for teaching kids about safety. Taking your kids fishing is a great opportunity to teach them about water safety. You might have covered some of the basics in the bathtub or the swimming pool, but not all bodies of water are the same. Whether it’s the river with a strong current, a lake with underwater debris, or a pond with a steep drop-off, one thing is the same: water can be dangerous and must be respected at all times. Taking your kids fishing in various bodies of water allows you to educate them about the dangers of each and how to be safe around water. A couple more safety tips: Don’t forget the sunscreen, insect repellant, and a first aid kit. Band-aids are always a safe bet!

Take Your Kids Fishing To Bond With Them

Kids Fishing: 5 Good Reasons To Take Them Today

You have what you have always wanted when you take your kids fishing: Their undivided attention. Leave the iPad at home and the cellphones on silent. It’s time to make some memories! Fully immerse yourself in the serene surroundings and take the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your child. Now, find something better than the weather to talk about. Showing interest in their lives and providing them with your undivided attention will help them understand that they are a priority to you. You may be surprised at what you learn about your child when all the other distractions are removed. Hopefully, you are surprised for the better. If not, at least you know what you didn’t know.

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Take Your Kids Fishing To Help Them Problem-Solve

Kids Fishing: 5 Good Reasons To Take Them Today

There is nothing like having to figure out how to get your line out of the tree to spark problem-solving in your child. Or how about untangling the spaghetti of fishing line. Warning: You may spend more time helping your child problem-solve than you will with your line in the water. The opportunities for problem-solving while fishing with your kids is endless. Stay cool, calm, and collected. Squirrel fishing is not how you plan to spend your day but it is without a doubt going to give you a few laughs and the undeniable urge to drop the F-bomb. Don’t swoop in and be a fix-it-all. There is no better place to allow kids to learn how to fix problems than in wide-open spaces. At first, they may appear to be a fish out of water. However, allowing them the time and space to learn on their own through trial and error will challenge them to use critical thinking skills and perseverance.

In a fast-paced, technology-driven, instant gratification society, it is nice to slow down and appreciate nature. There is no better way to spend time with your child than in the great outdoors. Taking your kids fishing will provide you with the opportunity to take them outside, bond with them, and teach them lifelong skills such as problem-solving, patience, and water safety. As an added bonus they will know how to feed themselves in case of a zombie apocalypse or Hunger Games situation.


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Kids Fishing: 5 Good Reasons To Take Them Today

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Amanda Armstrong
Amanda Armstrong
Amanda resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband and two children. She has taken a break from being a pediatric/NICU nurse to be a stay-at-home mom and personal chauffeur to her rambunctious daughter and playful son. Amanda enjoys learning photography, antiquing, trout fishing, and decorating.

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