Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle with Pizzazz on April 9

Fill National Unicorn Day with magic, surprises, and new traditions. Wait! You didn’t know National Unicorn Day is celebrated on April 9? That’s OK. The magical celebration just started in 2015 and the founder and its beginnings are a bit obscure, like not really known. But websites like National Day Calendar and Happy Days 365 declare April 9th the annual day to celebrate the mythical creatures. So, be it.

Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9

It’s so fun to find a reason for a surprise celebration. Your kiddos will enjoy a new tradition. And, when it’s a reason to have Rainbow Sprinkle Pancakes or Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcakes, most kids – even teens will embrace the fun. So, how do you celebrate National Unicorn Day? Whip up some magic, set up surprises, and make memories as you start new traditions as you delve into the world of unicorns.

Festive Food for National Unicorn Day

Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9

Any good celebration seems to center around food, National Unicorn Day is no different. Look for ways to transform tasty treats into pinks and shades of blue with lots of sprinkles and sparkles. Start the day with your favorite pancake recipe. Cover the pancakes with whip cream and rainbow sprinkles. Topping your favorite cupcakes with Unicorn Sprinkles is a simple way to stay on theme for National Unicorn Day. Of course, if you are willing to break out your magic wand in the kitchen you can whip up some unique unicorn treats.

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Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9
Homemade Rainbow Cake with Buttercream Frosting by Sugar Geek Show

The Homemade Rainbow Cake with Buttercream Frosting by Sugar Geek Show will have your children believing that you tamed the wild unicorns yourself. The cake boasts six vibrant layers of moist cake ranging from electric pink and electric purple to electric blue and electric yellow. Of course, you will use some rainbow sprinkles to garnish your elegant cake.

Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9
Unicorn Poop Meringue Cookies by Dovie Scott

What could be a better treat for National Unicorn Day than delicious Unicorn Poop Meringue Cookies by Dovie Scott? The colorful, sweet airy droplets will delight everyone. Meringue cookies are low-calorie and crunchy. Meringues can be enjoyed for just about every holiday but when you add pastel food coloring to the mix and dub it “Unicorn Pop” – it becomes magical.

Of course, a hands-on treat brings the sparkle to life on National Unicorn Day. Everyone can make her own Unicorn Horn by A baJillian Recipes. The tasty treat is made with pretzels, caramel, white chocolate chips, food coloring, and sprinkles. Everyone can create her own unique, scrumptious Unicorn Horn. You could even make them ahead of National Unicorn Day and share them at work or school so you can spread awareness about the fantastical, mythical creatures.

National Unicorn Day Activities to Do with Children

Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9

You can go all out and host a National Unicorn Day Party with a unicorn pinata and the tasty treats you’ve whipped up in the kitchen. Of course, you can serve your tasty unicorn treats, pizza, or a regular dinner on Unicorn Plates. There are several sets of unicorn-themed partywear (plates, cups, balloons, straws, etc…) available that do not declare “happy birthday,” which makes them perfect for National Unicorn Day. Again, if you are going all out, you can order a unicorn T-shirt for everyone. There are silly and beautiful unicorn T-shirts for moms, dads, brothers, and sisters.

Unicorn crafts can be done with toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, string, paper plates, and pipe cleaners. Be creative or just do a quick online search. You can make headbands and tutus and more. But finding a craft that your littles and your tweens or teens will all enjoy on National Unicorn Day can be a challenge. Until now. Everyone seems to love the Unicorn Planter by Best Friends for Frosting.

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A perfect activity for National Unicorn Day is to snuggle up and watch a unicorn movie. “Wish Upon a Unicorn” on Netflix is rated PG. It’s a journey of two sisters who move to their grandmother’s farm from the city. They end up saving a unicorn from cowboys who want the unicorn powers for themselves. “The Last Unicorn,” rated G, is available on Amazon Prime. The 1982 animated movie stars Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, and Angela Lansbury. The fantasy film is based on a 1968 hit novel by Peter S. Beagle. The unicorn realizes she is the last of her species and goes on a quest to discover what happened to all the other unicorns.

Learn Unicorn Facts on National Unicorn Day

Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9

You can enjoy National Unicorn Day by reading storybooks about unicorns or you can learn unicorn facts. Yes, facts about unicorns. Did you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? According to the National Trust for Scotland, the unicorn was added to the royal coat of arms of Scotland in the mid-1500s. Unicorns are a symbol of purity and power in Celtic mythology. The beautiful white horse-like animals with their single spiraling horn are known to be tough to capture because of their strong magic.

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Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9

When you visit Edinburgh, Scotland, today, you can find unicorns in the architecture of the gates to the Palace of Holyroodhouse (the official residence of the Queen of Scotland), in the Victorian woodcarvings at St. Giles’ Cathedral, and many more. The unicorn in Scotland in the coat of arms is bound in gold chains. The unicorn was believed to be the strongest animal that could only be tamed by a virgin maiden. It is believed that the gold chains symbolized the power of the early Scottish kings to show they were strong enough to “tame a unicorn.”

Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9

According to Visit Scotland, they have been celebrating National Unicorn Day for quite some time. So it appears that the fun only recently traveled across the pond; or that websites like National Day Calendar and Happy Days 365 only added it to days to celebrate in recent years. No matter what the beginnings, National Unicorn Day is a day for you to embrace fun, magic, and whimsy. Sometimes it’s easier to be spontaneous and silly as a parent if there is a spark to fuel the creativity. So grab onto the magic of the unicorn and make memories. Enjoy the moment.

Sources: National Trust of Scotland, Visit Scotland, Happy Days 365, National Day Calendar

Photo Credits: Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash.

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Make National Unicorn Day Sparkle With Pizzazz On April 9



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