Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

Imagine a world where magical creatures like fairies live. A fairy garden captures some of that magic and imagination in a miniature garden. With tiny houses made from tree stumps surrounded by succulents and tiny flowers, with mushrooms as tables and little rock pathways, a fairy garden is a miniature wonderland. You can bring this magic to your yard or home with these magical homemade fairy garden ideas.

Getting Started on Your Journey to Fairy Land

Before starting your fairy garden adventure, there are a few things to consider and some materials to gather. First, you need to decide whether you want to build your garden indoors or outdoors (or maybe one of both!). That’s right. You can have an indoor fairy garden if you choose the right type of plants and find a place for it where it will get the right amount of sunlight. 

Once you have decided where to build your fairy garden, you need to gather some materials. An indoor fairy garden can be built in a cute flower pot or even a teacup if you want to go extremely miniature. An outdoor fairy garden can be a decorative aspect of a larger garden, in a large flower pot on your deck, or centered around a stump in your backyard because it looks like it could make the perfect little fairy house. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making fairy gardens. The only limit to a magical garden fit for fairies is your imagination. 

Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy gardens commonly include succulents, cacti, and moss since they are all tiny plants. There is something magical about succulents and little cacti with all their unique shapes and interesting varieties. Some of them really look like they are straight out of a fairytale. Just be sure to choose the right varieties of plants based on whether your garden will be indoors or outdoors.

The other cute thing about a fairy garden is the tiny houses, roads, and other structures that make these cute little gardens look like they are inhabited by fairies. You can buy little houses and other tiny dollhouse-sized items at a craft store. Pieces from ever-popular Christmas villages can also make nice magical additions to your miniature garden.

You can also do it yourself and gather things from around the house to make your own fairy items. Make a tiny swing out of some sticks or metal straws, some twine and thin rope, and a piece of craft stick for the seat. Craft some chairs out of thin wire. Turn a birdhouse, stump, or large rock into a fairy house with some paint, moss, and craft sticks. 

Ideas for your Homemade Fairy Garden

Woodland Fairy Garden

Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

Create a magical woodland fairy garden with a wooden birdhouse, twigs, moss, a tiny terra cotta pot, some pebbles, and whatever beautiful little flowers and plants you love.

Using a plain wooden birdhouse as the base, decorate it with moss, stones, and dried pods that you can purchase at any craft store, or decorate it with paint and some twigs or other things you already have around the house. Make a tiny fairy-sized birdbath out of a miniature terra cotta pot. A fairy garden is all about magic and the magic is in the details. So add some cute tiny birds to the birdbath. Create a tiny ladder by gluing some twigs together. Make a path with shiny, colorful pebbles. 

For step by step directions for a miniature woodland garden, visit Crafts by Amanda.

Broken Pots and Fairy Castles

Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

If you have old or broken pots lying around, this is the perfect way to put them to use. Stack and arrange your broken pot pieces to create a tired garden. Then fill your arrangement with succulents and plants and top it with a beautiful castle. It will look like it is hidden in an enchanted fairyland. 

Check out Soy Carmin for inspiration on how to arrange your broken pots.

Multi-Planter Fairy Garden

Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

Using two, three, or four flower pots create a multi-planter fairy garden that would look great on an outside patio or as part of a larger garden. Your pots can all be different shapes, styles, and sizes. Make a walkway between each pot with some sticks bound together with wire. Add plants, rocks, and some fun accessories like miniature gazing balls and benches for a perfect magical garden. 

Bonsai Tree Fairy Garden

Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

Almost any tree can be made into a bonsai tree. All you have to do is trim it periodically to keep it small. Using a wide-mouthed pot, add your bonsai tree and a few other plants. Include a small wooden birdhouse turned fairy house, a stone walkway, and some other magical details like a miniature mailbox, toadstools, maybe even a duck pond, and you have yourself the perfect zen fairy garden. 

For detailed instructions on how to turn your tree into a bonsai tree and for ideas to inspire some of the magical details of your bonsai garden, visit Lil Blue Boo.

Teacup Fairy Garden

Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

If you want to make an adorable miniature fairy garden that you can enjoy all year long, a teacup fairy garden is just the thing. This is the perfect use for a chipped teacup or for a pretty teacup that you found at a thrift store or yard sale. Include a few pretty succulents or cacti and one or two small details like a little bench and ladder perfect for a fairy. Voila! You have a perfectly magically little fairy garden that you can enjoy in your home all year long.

Find the instructions for how to assemble a cute teacup garden at Little Things.

A tiny, mystical garden is the perfect way to spruce up that little spot in the yard that you have not been sure what to do with or to brighten up your desk and make you smile each morning when you see it. Plus, everyone needs a little magic in their lives. Creating a magical fairy garden in your home or yard is sure to make you and your little ones smile whenever you see it. And who knows. Maybe you will get a glimpse of a fairy from time to time.

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Magical Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas

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